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Big Brother 16 Nomination Episode Recap

July 7, 2014 | 19 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans



During Big Brother 14, Dan Gheesling had a house meeting that would go down in Big Brother history. He called it Dan’s funeral, and it was done so brilliantly, he ended up going to the finals where he really should have been the first two-time winner in Big Brother history. In Big Brother 16, we are just a few weeks in and already had our first house meeting, and this time with another guy starting with D, but not Dan.. It was Devin.


Devin – the player who is constantly referred to as ‘bi-polar’ because of how dramatically his mood shifts on an hour to hour basis – held a meeting what can best be described as Devin’s Funeral.  No, not in the sneaky, yet brilliant way to get sympathy, but in the ‘your game is over, buddy’ way.  The house, including his own alliance, has already been very dubious with Devin all year long. The way he talks to people, the way he intimidates some, flips back and forth on others, and says things then does the complete opposite.

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While he may be the HoH now, the house meeting did nothing but show how completely unstable both he and his alliance is right now. Devin couldn’t even understand what Caleb and Frankie told him about throwing Caleb under the bus. The first set of nominations went under the lie “the people who fell first” and “house vote”, so when Devin revealed he had influence, that sparked quite a few lightbulbs in that room.

This recap isn’t intended to bash Devin the entire time, but it’s hard not to considering he was the focal point of the episode. CBS did a pretty good job making him look as bad as he’s looked so far this season, and it’s quite sad because he’s going to be awfully disappointed when he leaves the house to read negative reactions about his gameplay. Even simple things like basically taking over Amber’s nominations was not received well, yet I’m sure he thinks he did nothing wrong with that.

As mentioned, it was the nomination episode tonight, and Devin’s nominations were not at all a surprise. He nominated Brittany and Paola for eviction, while Amber was told to nominate Hayden and Nicole. It was not by accident that Devin got to nominate the weaker Paola while Amber nominated the smart Nicole and fierce Hayden. This was all part of the plan to have his nominees lose so he can remain in power for the week, and it worked quite well for him. Devin managed to convince Paola to throw the Battle of the Block competition, and it was actually a challenge she had a legitimate shot at competing in.

The two teams had to look at flashing images on a screen and simply reveal answers based on clues given. It was so easy, Paola had a difficult time throwing the competition without making it look very obvious. Naturally, Nicole and Hayden won and took themselves off the block which means Brittany and Paola will be the nominations until the power of veto ceremony. Brittany said it will take a miracle for her to stay in the house this week, but you’re going to want to tune in on Wednesday night or keep checking this website because that miracle may come true.

Also, a few notes from the feeds:

  • The night of the cleanup argument, production squeezed in nominations and the botb competition very early in the day because it was on the 4th of July. I assume this was to give many in production a break for the holiday, but it did a number on the houseguests.
  • When Devin and Brittany got into a little argument over the hand lotion, that was late Thursday night when the house was staying up to do the nominations. While the houseguests were all dressed up like it was a normal day, that nomination ceremony actually took place in the middle of the night, only a few hours before the botb competition.

Sign up to the live feeds if you want to see little behind the scenes things like that. Click here to get a free trial!

Tune in Wed night at 8pm est for the power of veto competition and ceremony.

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