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Big Brother 16 – Seriously, What Is Your Name? Nomination Spoilers


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The viewers voted for Team America to try and nominate a strong physical competitor, and with Frankie (one of the members of TA) as HoH, that should be an easy challenge for them this week, right?  I suppose when your sister is a millionaire and you are not big fans of the other two members of your alliance, you’re not going to sacrifice your game for $5k. That appears to be the case as we head into the nominations today as only one remotely strong player was considered – Amber. That’s right, instead of nominating the guy who can bench press Amber, they’re going to go with 4 girls (unless things change).  When the feeds return, we’ll see who the real nominees are, but I expect to see Amber, Jocasta, Brittany and umm, what’s her name again(?) on the block.


Here are the updates….

  • 11:25am – Feeds have been down for about 10 minutes now. Could be quick, could be a long time (last week was 3 hours).
  • 12:00pm – Feeds still down
  • 12:15pm – Nominations are in!

Frankie nominated: Amber and Jocasta
Cody nominated: Victoria (who?) and Brittany

  • 12:20pm – Amber is complaining to Christine about being on the block.  She is tired of it and doesn’t understand the nominations.
  • 12:25pm – Jocasta and Brittany have joined in the bathroom and Britt is not taking it well either.  I have a feeling the 12 hour Devin honeymoon is over.
  • 12:45pm – Victoria is walking around like nothing happened. I’m not even sure she realizes she’s in a game. Probably thinks she’s a finalist for a beauty pageant.
  • 1:45pm – Brittany and Amber are bonding over their time on the block. Maybe nominating 4 girls will be a wake-up call to the floaters that they’re just going to be picked off one by one unless they do something (they could have done something last night, but chose not to).
  • 5:45pm – A little delay, but the feeds were down and they’ve been up for an hour or so. Battle of the block is complete..  Winners are:  Amber and Jocasta.  This means Cody remains HoH and Brittany/Victoria remain on the block.
  • Also, Caleb is in the beehive with Amber giving her a long, long chat about how much he supports her.
  • 6:14pm – Amber is still talking with Caleb in the beehive. Caleb is bashing Jocasta’s gameplay how she doesn’t talk game with anyone, and then tells Amber how she was caught talking to Brittany.
  • 6:30pm – Conversation is finally over. Caleb remains in the beehive room to contemplate just how amazing he is.
  • 6:40pm – Caleb is being completely creepy in the kitchen. Amber saying how she does meal prep for the week, and now Caleb is saying how girls who go to the gym, meal prep and go to church are for him.
  • 6:57pm – Victoria is already waving the white flag. She’s laying in bed talking to Brittany about how she won’t mind going home because if Brittany goes home she’ll just be next anyway.  It’s great we have a cast with such fight.

Check back for more updates!

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  1. Comments (58)

    Ok.. they got 4 girls up… could it be maybe Frankie and Brittany will try and through another comp to back door a real threat in the house…Victoria is just a waste of air time..I haven’t heard her even discuss any game strategy or game play at all..The only real recognition I saw her get is when she walked to the pool in her swim suit and 6 inch stripper heels LMBO…Who does that?? Anyways she had the guys at the pool table hoopin and hollerin but they couldnt remember her name..LMBO.

  2. Comments (68)

    Amber, Jocasta, Brittany and Victoria are without a doubt the 4 biggest floaters in the house. Christine and Nicole have made some game moves and the remaining guys have been running the show so far.

    I am really happy with the nominations and I hope they stay like that until next Thursday. I really want to see a season where the floaters and evicted early on and not the strong players. That way in the end you are left with strong players fighting it out instead of a few strong players controlling the floaters, and then when a floater gets nominated they try some weird trick but it doesn’t work.

    • Comments (1288)

      Zach is a much bigger floater than Amber or Brittany and far more useless in the house.

      However I do not understand this silly desire to whittle things down to only the strongest players. This is not a head to head elimination tournament. The Big Brother game is the whole season and the only goal is to be the last standing. Leaving people in who threaten your chances of winning more than they help your chances of staying is shear stupidity.

      I think it is perpetuated by those who fear their social game would not measure up so they create this false standard to dissuade their elimination. The two HoH system does encourage nominating weaker players (so you stay HoH when they lose the BoB) but backdooring a strong player should be the goal every week and an opportunity missed when someone like Joey or PowPow is sent home.

  3. Comments (182)

    Like I said ‘It’s Floater elimination week’ These are the floaters, and BB was ingenious in coming up with dual HH, thus creating an incentive to eliminate right away those undeserving of 500k. It’s just so happens most floaters in both BB and Survivor are females.

  4. Comments (22)

    Its easy to figure out…………they are going to backdoor caleb not giving him a chance to save himself just like last week. Team America will do it again

    • Comments (182)

      I know I saw the secret meeting on BBAD last night about using the old backdoor trick, but I think the cowboy will wake up or be tipped off to drop this Amber obsession and kiddy up.

      • Comments (1276)

        I didn’t get to see BBAD yet, but I think, if all goes well, they will end up pulling Jacosta off the block and replacing her with Caleb. That way, he won’t even try to campaign, because if he does he won’t be protecting his “Queen”. Every single person in the house should be able to see that from a MILE away.
        All they would have to do is convince Amber to go along, and if he keeps driving her nuts, even with it being a STUPID game move for her to get rid of the one person that will throw himself on a sword for her, she’ll do it. Then she just has to suck up the constant stalker, obsessive behavior that he’s showing for the next week.
        I think the one thing will be if she can keep from pissing him off too bad, if she can keep herself from trying to hook up with Cody before he’s gone, and he and Cody don’t get into a huge blow up over her. We will see.

      • Comments (624)

        I dunno. I think the other guys see him as a power threat, and would be happy to cut one of their own for a cause like that.

  5. Comments (22)

    If these nominations stick, the odds are high that a really boring player will go home. How can that be bad?

  6. Comments (843)

    Caleb may be telling HG he is over Amber, but he isn’t. He will be gunning for Frankie now because he nominated Amber. Haven’t heard any talk about back dooring Caleb but hope they do. It’s going to be interesting to see the BotB. Both sides have one fairly strong competitor and one more than useless one, although Victoria did do well in the last one she was in.

  7. Comments (152)

    I would like to see the floaters go! Finish this season with nothing but strong players that make big moves. The first few eliminations are boring getting all the floaters out…but then. Oh my! It should get fierce!

  8. Comments (332)

    Well the girls need to wise up or they will all be gone but one according to the new alliance.

  9. Comments (135)

    Frankie is getting on my nerves. NOBODY KNOWS WHO YOUR SISTER IS, AND NOBODY CARES!!

  10. Comments (469)

    I mentioned this a day or two ago – Christine has the opportunity to make the biggest move of the season in her hands. Expose the new detonator alliance – the house would be turned on it’s ear. How you may ask – Caleb and Amber were excluded (Calebs reaction to excluding he and his Queen and being lied to by his “buddies’ (pretending that the B Squad was still in play) will create must see TV. It would expose Derrick’s lies and manipulation – expose Frankies bullsh** goody goody persona – show Cody’s using everyone. This would also put Christine in a power position and uphold her alliance with Nicole and Hayden – and draw 3 or 4 more people into an alliance that would kick the 4 detonators butts. It would be priceless to see Derrick-Frankie and Zach reaction – fear-confusion- despiration and probably turning on each other – do it Christine!!!!!

    • Comments (843)

      Christine will attempt to float to the end. She thinks by being a member of whatever guy alliance is going on at the moment and friends with Nicole, Hayden, and Donny that she’s safe. Derrick is the planner and brains. If they could get rid of him, the other guys would self-destruct.

      • Comments (469)

        My point exactly – and Christine has the power to do that right now- but sadly I also agree with you – I think she doesn’t have the guts to do it – but I will predict if she doesn’t she will self destruct and find herself on the outside looking in – when Nicole finds out (and she will) that Christine hid another alliance from her it will be her undoing. I am very disappointed in Christine- I was a fan – now not so much.

      • Comments (1276)

        I think when you get offered an alliance, it’s pretty much BB101 that you say you are a part of it. She would be crazy to tell the guys, thanks, but no thanks. HUGE target on her back.
        What she is doing wrong is not being more clear who her real alliance is. I haven’t seen her, away from either group, say I am loyal to such and such alliance. Which isn’t saying she doesn’t know who she’s loyal to, but we don’t. My guess is, she’s going to keep her status in the boys alliance, because again, crazy not to, but keep close with Nicole and Hayden too.
        She should have already told Nicole about it, should have that night, of course, that is assuming that she is loyal to Nicole.

      • Comments (624)

        Christine has the personality to get far. Just have to watch what you say to who….the hardest part of floating successfully.

  11. Comments (332)

    They want Amber and Jocasta to win and then Cody be final HOH. Frankie wants no blood on his hands so he doesn’t want HOH. I think Victoria is smarter than they think, she sits around and pretends to not be there to listen and know.

  12. Comments (43)

    Caleb better keep his mouth shut about Amber being on the block or he could be BACK DOORED. And a lot can happen by the live eviction

  13. Comments (316)

    I like Victoria. Who says that being loud and annoying is the only way to play Big Brother? Going unnoticed might just be the ticket to get to the final 2.

  14. Comments (843)

    Frankie is so off the wall with his MEitis can you imagine what it will be like if he isn’t the final HOH and gets (NOT has) to wear the unitard? He will think he is on the red carpet for the Emmy Awards, strutting, posing, and talking, talking, talking—does he ever shut up?

  15. Comments (1288)

    We need a recall vote on Team America and then kick Derrick/Frankie to the curb.

    You would think someone in the house would notice that it was Cody/Zach and Frankie/Derrick sleeping in the HoH last night. That is not exactly keeping your alliance on the downlow.

    • Comments (198)

      I agree! I think that (America)we should be the ones to decide who is the physical threat!!

      • Comments (1288)

        Perhaps they will let America give the team a “reward” and we can send them beets and Brussels sprouts over beer and bacon. Donny and Derrick would understand our displeasure but I bet Frankie would think we were just worried about their diets.

      • Comments (843)

        When they first announced this week’s TA mission, I thought they meant viewers were going to get to vote for the HG they wanted put on the block. Not this floater/threat business. They can put up anyone and give any reason for it.

    • Comments (469)

      Or including the token female in the group – wake up Christine!!!!!

  16. Comments (343)

    These dummies are finally waking up that voting out losers/hated Pao and Devin was stupid? If they were smart, they would have gathered those losers to help them overcome the alliances that Derrick, Cody, and Zach (who they stupidly left in the house) are building. Pao and Devin were desperate, and could have been used — if they were smart. They are not.

  17. Comments (110)

    The first mistake of the women was not starting their own alliance. They didn’t wise up when the first 2 out were girls. I want to see them work together, talk strategy and really play the game. It’s not being a floater that bothers me as much as I don’t understand why they can’t focus on the game and less on tanning. Casting wise they could choose stronger women who don’t come across as airheads.

    • Comments (1288)

      It did not need to be just a women’s alliance. When the BombSquad was exposed the rest of the house should have seen the chance to rally together. Instead of seeking advice and consent from Derrick on Noms, Nicole should have seen him as the representative of an active alliance that did not include her. Hayden, Donny and Brittany should have been her counsel.

      • Comments (110)

        I want an all girl alliance because they never do it. If it can happen on Survivor surely they could do it on BB. They just never do.

    • Comments (1276)

      It is the same in the BB house as it in outside. Women will always tear each other down, instead of lift each other up.
      I miss Dani D, and the way she could kill most of the boys at anything that required determination. I again, can not believe I saying this, but I miss Rachel and that go “Beastmode” on EVERY comp! But it wouldn’t do them any good to be winning the comps, if they are too scared to make a move.

      • Comments (110)

        Yeah, way too much worrying about who is the prettiest instead of supporting each other. They can be supportive in groups of 2 but that’s about it. And I agree, make a move already!

  18. Comments (1288)

    So Amber & Jocasta are safe for the week and we have Victoria and Brittany on the block and Cody as the HoH. Now we just need Donny to again play for the POV and winning it to insure his safety. Backdooring Caleb is looking good to help Cody with Amber so even if Donny doesn’t win it he may be safe.

    • Comments (1288)

      And I think TA’s plan is fooked up royally LOL. So the two physical threats left elligble to be placed on the block are Caleb and Hayden. This should have Derrick and Frankie rowing in Caleb’s direction.

  19. Comments (5)

    Well looks like Brittany needs to win POV if she wants to stay in the house. She is clearly the target. Smart move by the house considering the two on the block, but not the most exciting for entertainment value. Kind of a lame start, would like production to find some females with a stronger personality and not just good looks. Helen or Amanda would be killing it this season.

    • Comments (610)

      I think they did get some strong females in this season but for some stupid reason they are being sheep and going along with “what the house wants”. They just might find themselves on the outside, very soon, if they don’t step up their games and makes some moves. And, while I’m whining, everyone in the house needs to stop the “just let me make it to jury” crap. I got sick of hearing it last year, and I don’t want to hear it this year. Play the game all out, not just to jury. Maybe BB needs to make some changes so it’s not always about making it to jury?!

  20. Comments (628)

    Please tell me which of the 4 nominees poses a physical that TA is going to get $5, 000? What a joke.

  21. Comments (843)

    Amber and Jocasta won BotB so Cody is final HOH and Victoria/Brittany are on the block. They seem to want Brittany out right now, but that can change quickly. If the POV is won by the right person, they could get a chance to get Caleb out. Zach was pushing for that last week.

  22. Comments (83)

    I honestly dislike amber. It’s not her fault if
    She isn’t attracted to Caleb, but she continues
    To use him and on top, flirt with Cody. I mean
    I know Caleb is annoying her and being possessive,
    So why rub it in his face but hitting on another
    Guy? She just doesn’t care and is
    Not willing to show any loyalty or respect
    To Caleb.

    • Comments (110)

      why does she owe loyalty to Caleb? If she likes Cody then she does. She didn’t ask Caleb to act like this and when I have seen her she tells him no and/or pretty much ignores him. She’s not in the house for him. I don’t watch the feeds so maybe I miss stuff but I am not seeing her use him.He does stuff and then tries to use it to his advantage to get a date or make points with her and that’s pretty creepy and even more so when she can’t really get away from him.

    • Comments (138)

      Every time he makes a comment she ignores him or tells him she only sees him as a brother. How can she be any more clear that she doesn’t like him without hurting his pride and possibly having him target her in retaliation?

    • Comments (624)

      She doesn’t have that “total” personality, but I’d do her. just sayin lol

  23. Comments (832)

    With as many “super fans” in the house, I would have thought we’d be seeing some better play. If they’d form a Super Fan alliance, we might see some interesting play.

  24. Comments (83)

    Doesn’t Caleb look like a buff version of the actor
    Toby McGuire from Spider-Man???

  25. Comments (83)

    Tobey maguire.

  26. Comments (1799)

    This is why people must throw votes to split the house Look at last year how many unanimous votes there were last year With people being afraid to go against the “house” How well did that work? The only intrigue will be when will Derick,Zach,Cole,and Calcb turn on each other With Frankie keeping his head down hoping to last to the end like Andy That’s why now Nichole Hyden Donny or Christine have a chance to drive a wedge with a vote against the house

  27. Comments (624)

    Get Jokecasta and the kosher queen out of here too!

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