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Big Brother 16 – Sunday Feeds


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Note – I just read a comment on the site that should be highlighted.  Golf is/was on CBS today and had a rain delay.  Be sure to check CBS around 8pm to see if there is a delay in programming for tonight.

Every morning around 7am, my cat paws at my face for me to wake up and feed him. This week, I am going to try my hardest to stay up, do my morning routine and then recap the night before.  This house is full of night owls, and that’s especially bad considering they’re 3 hours behind me.  On the bright side, if I wake up early enough, I may be able to live blog some of their overnight action.  I typically have a million things to do after I wake up, so this is the earliest I could write today (1pm est) – not good.  You guys count on this site for updates, and sleep be damned I’m going to provide them. I hope.

(note, this is not a guarantee, but at least I wrote it down so all of you can hold me accountable)

I also decided any donations I receive from here until the end of the season will go toward a family gift to my (future) wife and step-daughter. They get frustrated I’m constantly watching feeds, but it is what it is.  I’d like to surprise them with an xbox, but I know that’s a lot. We’ll see how it goes by the end of the season and I’ll post what I got them (if I receive anything at all. I’ve already received quite a few tips, and I’m extremely grateful for that. I just wish I thought of this at the beginning of the season).

To donate to my family gift – Click here send anything here!   Thanks in advance! And again, thanks to everyone who has already sent in stuff.  I love you guys!

Oh, I just realized the first two paragraphs were all about me.  Quick recap of yesterday consisted of the ‘Be Right Back’ message all day.  The veto competition was the timed long one where each member went on their own and compared times at the end. Feeds came up shortly before I went to bed, and Christine won. Early word is she doesn’t intend to use the PoV (not a shock), so Frankie will likely remain in the house this week… however, will Zach?

Feed Updates:

  • 10:15am – Feeds return from wakeup call. Everyone still sleeping. Donny is up (of course) brushing his teeth
  • 11:40am – Very slow Sunday morning.  Nicole just woke up. Most still sleeping.
  • 12:30pm – A few people up, getting ready for the day.
  • 1:05pm – Adam and Eve  (Caleb and Vic) are in the HoH bathroom getting ready for the day. They will be out of their shackles in about 6 hours I think
  • 2:00pm – Donny, Caleb and Victoria talking about other reality shows. Caleb wants to go on like every reality show out there.
  • Meanwhile I caught Hayden and Nicole in the HoH bed saying ‘No matter what, Frankie or Zach will be going home”
  • 2:40pm – I’m listening to Hayden and Nicole talk in the HoH bed. Every 5 minutes I hear “Haydeennnnn”.
  • 4:15pm – Christine and Cody are having a long conversation on the hammock. They’re talking about the idea of voting Zach out, especially since he stirs things up
  • Derrick asked Christine if they needed Zach as a number, and she doesn’t think so (she repeated her Derrick conversation to Cody)
  • Cody is tired of being linked to Zach (maybe he shouldn’t be in an alliance with him)
  • Christine and Cody are laying together clapping each others hand and it’s driving me insane.
  • 4:45pm – Not much happening on feeds, time to go watch CBS!
  • 6:45pm – Frankie and Cody on the hammock now talking about who to send home next week .Donny’s name is floating around.


Stay tuned for more updates

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  1. Comments (120)

    Yes, Zach will remain in the house this week. Derrick wants to work with Frankie/Cristine while Cody wants to work with Hayden/Nicole. Cody is the weaker of the two, so he’ll end up bowing down to Derrick, and vote Jocasta out. Caleb will still be loyal to the old BS and vote out Jocasta. Christine said she doesn’t care what Nicole thinks anymore. Even though this may be a slow week right now, the next few weeks should be fun because the line will be drawn between Nicole and Christine.

    • Comments (412)

      Christine said she doesn’t care about what Nicole thinks anymore? This should make for an interesting week. Hopefully, Christine will be blindsided at the double eviction. That would be the best outcome for me. Can’t stand Christine. I wish she could leave this week.

      • Comments (266)

        Exactly why HOHs should never count on a backdoor option. What a waste of an HOH for Nicole, getting Jocasta out of the house. Will just have to wait and see. Did Nicole ever ask Christine to use the veto?? If she didn’t test Christine by asking her to use it, Nicole is stupid!

      • Comments (130)

        Not entirely a waste. Maybe if Nicole hadn’t won HOH, she would be the one leaving this week. Another houseguest gone is one week closer to the end.

      • Comments (1288)

        The vote is not in yet. Zach may still go and until the Veto meeting there is still a chance Nicole will game Christine and get her to use the veto for backdooring Donny and then actually put Frankie up.

      • Comments (58)

        I agree, Christine is soooo annoying. I’m also ready for Jacosta to go..Every time she gets nominated she winks and goes into the tough talk telling Vic not to cry…Then EVERY time it gets down the actual vote she balls her eyes out.. Ready for them both to just go.

  2. Comments (49)

    Golf on CBS has had a rain delay today and they are at least an hour behind. Those that DVR may want to add the next couple of CBS shows in case everthing gets backed up.

  3. Comments (412)

    I would rather Jocasta leave than Zach. I wish Christine would just use the veto. Even if she used it on Zach. It would still be a more entertaining week. Christine really can suck the fun out of everything. She’s so bad.

    • Comments (25)

      I’m with you on Jocasta being evicted than Zach. Zach at least brings some life to this BB house.

    • Comments (383)

      I have tried to like Jacosta but she just annoys the crap out of me. I am not a Christian but I think she’s a serious hypocrite and doesn’t even know it. God doesn’t care who gets voted out. Jesus isn’t worried about whether you win a comp. I respect how Donny talks about his religious beliefs. He strikes me as very sincere in wanting to be the best person he can be. Jacosta is all about Jacosta. Zach is growing on me. Sure, he’s annoying, but he’s fun to watch, and he’s really playing this game. Kind of wonder if the whole bromance with Frankie is just a savvy move. Frankie is everyone’s friend … who better to attach yourself to in the BB house?

      • Comments (22)

        Jenny I don’t agree with your interpretation of what a christian is since your not a Christian there by noting your ability to tell people your interpretation of what a christian is or isn’t. Shame!Shame! you should like or dislike someone for what they do not for who they are

      • Comments (58)

        Well I am a christian and I agree with Jenny, God doesn’t care about this game and Jacosta really takes it just too far, I pity her to a point. I for one am tired of the stupid bow ties.

  4. Comments (1)

    Did anyone notice last nite on BBAD that Donny was talking and said aren’t and then quickly corrected himself to say ain’t. Is is playing the hick? It was before the veto ended.

    • Comments (2826)

      Nah, assuming that was his family as portrayed by BB, he is a hick. A nice hick that I like, but a hick nonetheless.

    • Comments (528)

      “Ain’t” can also be used in place of “aren’t” to emphasize a point. Plus it can be used where the latter cannot.

      “He ain’t going on the block.”
      “He aren’t going on the block”

    • Comments (383)

      I think he’s mostly genuine, but I have the feeling they told him to exaggerate his hick-ness. I think he grew his beard out for the show to look like someone from Duck Dynasty. If someone knows otherwise feel free to set me straight on that one. The things he says spontaneously are very much in character of the Donny I think is real. Did you hear his reaction to the fake snake? I heard Dadgum come out of his mouth… I forget what else he said but it was adorable.

  5. Comments (628)

    I would be so pleased to see Christine voted out on the second eviction Thursday night. She wouldn’t knew what hit her.

  6. Comments (644)

    Well, because of Derrick’s complete undercover fiasco in the house (by believing Nicole and Hayden are against him and Cody), Jocasta will be evicted. How annoying. I feel bad for Nicole and Hayden they really want to work with Derrick and Cody. Another week of dumb play. Before I liked Derrick and Cody. But because of this I like Derrick less and eventhough Cody is smarter than Derrick because he still thinks Frankie has to leave, Cody will do whatever Derrick tells him, so Cody is a weakling. Now my favorites are Donny, Nicole and Hayden. And if none of those 3 win, then Jocasta, yes Jocasta!!!

    • Comments (682)

      I hope Derrick snaps out of it and sides with Nicole and Hayden. If not I know we will see an interview with Derrick saying this was his big mistake in the game.

    • Comments (1288)

      Actually the jury is not in on how Derrick will play this yet. During BBAD he had an extended conversation with Victoria and she told him that Frankie lied about Amber starting a Girls alliance and Frankie lied about what Nicole said about Amber/Girls alliance. This information may push him into trusting Nicole/Hayden more than Frankie/Zach.

  7. Comments (2826)

    Well, I guess we can say ‘buh bye’ to the Quad Squad.

  8. Comments (76)

    This was posted on Cody’s face book page . I can’t understand why his family hasn’t taken his FB page down

    • Comments (383)

      Wow I am totally immature, because that totally cracked me up. Yes it’s in poor taste. It’s stupid. And I’m ashamed to admit I am still laughing. My inner 12-year-old thanks you for sharing.

    • Comments (528)

      I don’t like being a stick-in-the-mud but it super irks me when something typically associated with women is used as an insult to men. Stuff like, “Durr, your vagina is showing!” You know what? Women’s vaginas go through more than a penis will ever have to and having to go through what tampons are used for EVERY MONTH should make women badasses, not used to make men look pathetic.

      /end rant

      • Comments (7)

        Feminists make me laugh so hard I need one of those manpons

      • Comments (426)

        Sadie, you must be young if you think a monthly period is the worst thing a woman’s vijayjay ever goes through. Please don’t ever have a baby.
        Realize that, while it is tacky, distasteful, and disrespectful, many men are pigs. But strait men realize that vijayjay’s totally control their mind and actions and they joke about it to make them feel macho. Some of them grow up and some don’t.

      • Comments (528)

        I’m 35 and have a child, thank you very much. I simply don’t appreciate m gender being the butt of a joke to insult a man. And here’s a moment of education for you: a feminist is just a person, make or female, who believes in equality of the sexes. If you’re not a feminist, you’re a sexist. So congratulations.

    • Comments (76)

      Really , I got a thumbs down on my link to what’s posted on his Face Book .get a sense of humor .I didn’t post it on his page …What people are calling him on sites is far worse

  9. Comments (383)

    A few days back I said I didn’t think Amber was all that pretty. I totally take that back. When I wrote that, I was watching her on her “date” with Caleb, and she was not smiling and looked very uncomfortable. When I watched her talking with Julie after eviction, she was happy, and relaxed, and totally gorgeous. I feel so bad for her that Caleb’s psycho behavior ruined her game. So impressed with her reaction to eviction — she wasn’t mad, she wasn’t petty, she was so dang classy. Wonder how she feels about Dipwad Cowboy now that she is able to see all the stalker stuff he was doing.

    • Comments (2826)

      Yeah, I didn’t care for Amber at first, but she grew on me over time. A shame she left last week.

    • Comments (49)

      Seriously, my opinion early on was she may be the most naturally beautiful houseguest ever……especially with her hair straight. As the season went on, I think through the magic of High Def, I reinforced my opinion…..and when she exited…I was further impressed. I hope this stay on Big Brother helps further her modeling career. She is a very rare blend of beauty and class…..even if she didn’t 100% grasp the surroundings in the house :).

    • Comments (528)

      I think she’s gorgeous. Those eyes! I could get lost in those eyes…

  10. Comments (49)

    Steve… definitely going past the 7:00 hour….east coast time. 60 Minutes surely starting late! Guess is somewhere in the 10 minute range. Not terrible, but thse with DVRs set may miss BOB results.

  11. Comments (2826)

    Yeah, I didn’t care for Amber at first, but she grew on me over time. A shame she left last week.

  12. Comments (19)

    Really, the next person to go SHOULD be Christine, she is horrible. The way she has two-faced poor Nicole. I really resent her. I can’t wait till someone takes her down and Nicole finds out the whole truth about her ‘dear friend’.

  13. Comments (644)

    Amber is a class act. Hopefully she’ll get a lot of modeling offers and make a lot of money, much more than the people who made fun of her and used her for making them food, cleaning, and washing their clothes.
    Amber is #1!!!

    • Comments (130)

      At least make enough to go buy some new rabbit slippers

      • Comments (383)

        BAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA that was great, Smouse! I loved how they replayed Whackadoodle Caleb in his onesie throwing her bunny slippers across the room. Amber, I wish you all the best, you’re awesome. And I sincerely hope Caleb doesn’t continue to stalk you outside the house.

      • Comments (426)

        I agree she handled it all with class. I hope she gets a restraining order against him effective the day he gets out of BB so he can’t (or shouldn’t) stalk her. There is certainly enough documented evidence before and since she left the house to warrant one.

    • Comments (469)

      I think under the circumstances it would not be suprising to see her as a returning HG in a future season – to many fans liked her and are not happy the way Caleb derailed her season – and BB will likely ask her back.

  14. Comments (92)

    Hopefully the un-American Donny will follow American instructions. My Jewish Princess Victoria was great in the BOB. My Jewish Prince Zach is not going anywhere. Sorry Jocasta you are going home even though I really like you. Nicole you will be going home after Jocasta followed by Christine because you were a coward and Zach will make sure you will go.

    • Comments (528)

      You’re creepier than Caleb dude

    • Comments (843)

      Maybe you should pay better attention when you watch. Donny never turned down the mission. He just said it would jeopardize their game. Derrick is the one who made the decision not to do it. Try bashing Frankie. He didn’t do anything in the first mission and wouldn’t have had to do anything on this mission, yet he received the $5K

  15. Comments (92)

    I think Cody is Homophobic. Did anyone see his face when Zach and Frankie were talking about how bad they need it. Cody is against Gay people. I hope he goes soon.

    • Comments (2)

      buffalobill: Using the gay card doesn’t work. And Cody has a right to believe what he wants, especially if it’s against his religion, and even if that’s just what he thinks, nothing wrong with that.

    • Comments (383)

      No way to tell if he was even in the room at the same time as that conversation between Zach and Frankie. It was EDITED to make him look like he was freaked out by it. Who knows what really happened.

    • Comments (3)

      I don’t see that at all. In a BBAD episode awhile back, Cody was in the hammock talking to the guys, and Frankie came and snuggled up in the hammock with his head testing on Cody’s shoulder. They laid in the hammock “cuddling” for quite awhile. Also, didn’t Cody let him massage his rear after he had the butt-kicking punishment? I don’t see that happening if Cody was homophobic.

      To me, the reaction is more about his dislike for Zach than anything. Plus, it looked liked he was sleeping in there when everything went down. I’d look pissed too if someone woke me up talking about stupid crap and tossing a pillow around.

      I’m not a huge fan of Cody, but I don’t think he is a homophobe.

      • Comments (692)

        I think Cody is curious. I don’t see him as homophobic at all. maybe he wishes he was the one in bed with Frankie.

  16. Comments (76)

    Mad because they don’t want his action Cody is Derricks B*itch Boy ..he should be concerned with his own manhood or lack of it

  17. Comments (332)

    Jacosta needed the veto to stay, she is really lame at the games. They can’t keep helping her she has to step up her game.

    • Comments (2)

      I really don’t think they are helping Jocasta (except when Donny used the veto on her because she was sick and couldn’t play for veto). They always evict someone else because it’s what’s best for their game. They shouldn’t be afraid of her at all.

      • Comments (426)

        I don’t think anyone is afraid of her. You are right that they are just using her (and Victoria) and will throw her away when the can’t use her anymore, or will just be collateral damage to get them further in the game.
        But personally, I am really sick of her crying all the time.

      • Comments (58)

        AMEN CODY~~~~~~ No pun intended.. lol

    • Comments (1288)

      I had Victoria pegged as the best F2 partner because of her ineptitude but she really surprised me and did contribute to this BoB win. So now she has one point more than Jocasta and so Jocasta would be the better F2 partner. That might begin to dawn on the rest of the house.

    • Comments (875)

      No one really played in the Veto Comp that could help Jocasta, but Nicole…Caleb, Victoria, Zack, and Christine all were not going to help Jocasta.

  18. Comments (103)

    I’m actually starting to dislike Donny.

    • Comments (426)

      Why? Because he is having to start to do some of the things that they all have to do to better their game, and that the others have done all along? Or are you buying into all the things that others have lied about and said he has done that he hasn’t?

  19. Comments (692)

    I have a question that I hope someone can answer. With double elimination coming up Thursday, how in the world can they play a weeks worth of big brother if they still have 2 people as hoh?? does anybody think that maybe having two people be hoh will come to an end?

  20. Comments (120)

    Right now, Derrick just told Cody that they need to vote Zach out this week. Derrick said that Zach is bad for his and Cody’s games. They both said during the DE they will be targeting Donny.

  21. Comments (266)

    Do producers tell the Houseguests to YELL IN THE DIARY ROOM or something? Every season… Every diary session… Yelling and unnatural talking. Just my random observation after tonights episode.

    • Comments (1288)

      Yes, producers go so far as to egg them on. Zach has said they wanted him to be meaner in some of his video sessions. They need entertaining TV for those who only watch CBS’s three hours a week.

      Donny has said in the house that he only watched the three hours a week. I wonder if that is disinformation considering his knowledge of the game.

  22. Comments (383)

    Anybody else notice Caleb’s man boobs are starting to sag? I really think he’s losing muscle in the house.

  23. Comments (83)

    Now that Amber has left, I am really starting to enjoy Caleb.
    He’s being seen in a different light and I like him. However, if
    He goes after Donny, then I want him gone lol

  24. Comments (469)

    Dandaman brought up a very interesting scenario in the previous update – (and it is even more relavent since we see Derrick and Cody already betraying the QuadSquad allience) – if Nicole (and Hayden in the background) could convince Christine that she really wants to backdoor Donny – Christine of course would dash to tell the “guys” – Nicole would obviously get visits from the “guys” – and if she can successfully convince them of this it would be -possible- to pull Zach off the block and have Donny put up as replacement – this would kick the door down to backdoor Frankie -WOW- the move of the season by the 2 lovebirds – now the question is —–what would the vote count look like to evict Frankie??? People help me out here – need your input – there will be 8 people voting so they need 4 to make a tie and Nicole casting the tie breaker and Frankie is gone – I see -Hayden – Donny for sure – since Cody still wants Frankie out, wants to work with Hay. and Nic. and he and Hay. are buddies he could flop – that would be 3 – if this group could get to Vic early they may be able to swing her (they’ve got lots of ammo to present to her) – that would be 4 – those voting to keep Frankie – Zach for sure – initially Derrick unless he sees the death of the Dets and flops – this would leave 2 more – Caleb and Christine – If Cody has the grapes to tell Caleb EVERYTHING he would most likely vote to evict Frankie – and that leaves the resident rodent Christine – Nicole could talk to her and tell her all is forgiven if she votes to evict Frankie – this would be a risky move but it would be the right move — please give your input – want to hear your ideas

  25. Comments (469)

    Then a follow up to this – with DE Thursday – if the new group could win single head of household – (Hayden winning is a huge possibility – Caleb with blood in his eyes is another – If it is memory – Donny and Nicole would be strong) – it would be possible to put Zach and Derrick on the block – immediate POV – then immediate vote -and on to eviction – another DET. bites the dust. – well I can dream can’t I.

  26. Comments (469)

    One correction – Nicole can’t play – oops

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