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Big Brother 16 – Sunday Night Feeds


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It’s been quite an entertaining night in the house with the Team America mission in full swing. The house realized they had missing items, so they went on a witch hunt and narrowed it down to Zach or Victoria who is a saboteur this season.  It was extremely funny to watch the reactions, and if you want to see it all, start watching around 6:25pm.

I’m creating a new post because the Sunday afternoon thread got a bit long, and I have a feeling tonight more may happen. Zach feels he is going to go on the block and wants to talk to Frankie about it. Frankie planned on telling him about it tonight anyway, so I’m going to keep a thread open for as long as I can stay awake and wait for something to happen…

  •  9:30pm – Zach and Caleb are in the bathroom chatting about Zach potentially going up tomorrow. Zach feels he is going to because Frankie can’t really look him in the eye. Caleb has basically confirmed it but not 100%. Zach said he needs to speak to Frankie about it tonight.
  • Caleb told Zach he would vote him out over Cody. He said the reason is because Zach was part of an alliance without him with Nicole and Hayden. Zach corrected Caleb and said the alliance is with Derrick, Christine, Frankie and Cody and it’s called the detonators.  So Zach is more honest than Cody yet he’s going to go home because of it.
  • Zach – It wasn’t supposed to be Amber going home, it was supposed to be you.  Do you know who’s idea that was?  Do you care?
    Caleb – It was probably Frankie (Zach nods his head)
  • 9:44pm – Zach to Caleb – “He’s definitely told you, please don’t lie to me” – Caleb dodges the question.
  • Caleb points out from week 1 Zach has gone against the grain and he probably has $50k in the bank now from sabotages. He gives him some examples…
    – Zach went against the grain and put Christine up the only time he was HoH
    – You lie straight to Derrick’s face about the Nicole thing
    – Then all of our stuff is missing, and you were the only one who knew what Victoria’s necklace looked like
    – Then, the cue ball
  • Zach’s rebel attitude really screwed himself because of Team America.
  • Zach – “I know he’s putting me up and I have no chance against Cody. I have nothing to lose now”
  • 9:58pm – Zach – “Damn why did I steal that cue ball?  I wanted to go home with no regrets but now I have one big one. I’m never going to be able to play pool again”
  • 10:13pm – Zach pulls Frankie into the HoH room and Caleb joins and right away asks him “Why the fuck would you waste a week of HoH and get out Victoria when you can get out a stronger player. It’s coming to me, you’re going to put me up”
    Frankie – “Honestly, you gave me the idea. Your name has also been tossed to me by everyone in the house”
    Frankie – “I was going to tell you tonight”
  • 10:30pm – After a long talk, Zach is pretty calm about it. He said it’s the best move and it is what it is. He still make cause some havok this week but he’s not going to hold a grudge.
  • 10:55pm – The house has died down a bit, I am going to head to bed. Recap in the morning.


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  1. Comments (1446)

    I hope Zach takes the cue ball with him when he leaves the house Thursday.

  2. Comments (692)

    Have Frankie and Zach quit sleeping together completely? I don’t get live feeds nor do I see big brother after dark so there’s a lot I don’t know.

  3. Comments (27)

    Zach is the life of the house, if he leaves, then all we have is the floater(Victoria), Beard(Donny), Homewrecker(Christine), Butt sniffer (Frankie), robo cop (Derrick) , Beast mode cowboy ( Caleb) and Floaty (Cody) ALL they do mostly is sleep.

  4. Comments (469)

    I just got through watching last nights BBAD – the last 10 min. or so was so wonderful – Donny is explaining his brother Tommy’s handicap to Zach – the love and pride has has for his brother is so obvious – and he just gushes as he explains how his brother is able to cope with the every tasks that we all take for granted – it was a beautiful moment – something we have seen far to little of this season – and I will add – for all the crazy thing Zach does – he was truly interested – mezmerized and respectful as Donny spoke of his brother – a very nice side of Zach that he seems to hide from us.

    • Comments (832)

      I too loved that moment jr. It was so heartwarming to hear how proud he is of his brother, much moreso than hearing Frankie talk abt his sister. Donny clearly loves & is so proud of hs brother. I’m guessing that if other HG’s had a sibling who had some challenges they may be ashamed to talk about how their brother zips his pants rather than being so proud. Love Donny, these kids could learn a lot from him.

  5. Comments (426)

    I just saw on another site that Frankie and Caleb told Zach he is going up and going home, and he actually took it pretty well saying he had already figured it out. Maybe at this point he thinks he might have time to turn it around, but come on Zach, don’t go out like a lamb. You need to blow up their games. Hopefully you will when the time is closer and you realize you have no hope of staying.

  6. Comments (75)

    I think this team America thing is really funny!! I just don’t think it’s fair that Zac is gonna go home because of it.

  7. Comments (1)

    All of the other spoiler sites have said Derrick and Frankie will be the final 2 because that is what producers want

  8. Comments (1)

    There’s this whole renom rule trending…apparently you can’t tell the renom they are going up…which zach got out of frankie tonight (maybe zach knew of this???)…hoping cbs calls out on it and zach can’t go up and is safe.

  9. Comments (875)

    Steve Beans…Thank you for another great seasonal blog for BB16. Btw, what happened to the cute little Avatars that you had last year next to our handles?

  10. Comments (332)

    Yeah, I loved Zach, he tells Frankie he can put him up but in that sane sentence says Derrick is available and “no one is gonna win against him in the end” can Frankie not see or hear this move to put out Zach is not best for his game

  11. Comments (332)

    Then Derrick tells Donny, we told Zach he was going home, and Donny is so cool to say oh really. Thinking like and who decides that I have a vote.

  12. Comments (332)

    Zach has 1/2 day to change Frankie’s mind but then 3 to send Cody out instead. Let the show begin folks.

  13. Comments (332)

    Franke can’t be hoh next week. Without Zach, who will protect him, Zach needs to say, and look who votes this week, those same guys will choose each other over you next week. I want Cody or Caleb to go home. Victoria would be fantastic and if Derrick only sat in the hot seat I’m watching.

  14. Comments (13)

    What do you think about a blog site for Gotham its supposed to last a while I’m not sure where your interest lie with what you watch

  15. Comments (130)

    I’ve heard it said on this blog again and again that Donny is the only one that knows that Derrick is running the house. Here’s the follow-up question: Then why isn’t he telling anyone?! This week he is safe and the only way he can win is if he gets the team members to turn on each other. Everyone would believe Donny because of his character and honesty. Can’t he explain to Zach, Caleb, Christine, and Frankie everything that he sees and get Derrick in the spotlight?

    • Comments (13)

      I think he hasn’t said anything about Derek because he has kept his word by Donny not being voted out yet and also he has nobody to tell that will use what he says to help Donny they would use it against him that way the target would be removed that week Donny’s making the right move by saying nothing for now what he knows will be helpful to him when the evicted housemate returns then those 2 can pull together an alliance with victoria and hopefully Christine just as the guys alliance is falling apart

      • Comments (1288)

        Don’t really need Victoria with the HoH returning to just one. With a back-to-back-to-back (rare but not unprecedented) run Donny and player X could decimate the ruling alliance. As long as they don’t put each other up someone worthwhile to their game would go home. Along the way some of the rats would try jumping ship, they could pick and choose who to leave off the block. A large alliance did well with the 2 HoH format but now its vulnerability of multiple targets sets in.

    • Comments (1443)

      Donnie has told Hayden and Nichole and I think he said something to zach. It really did not matter because with the numbers there’s nothing that can be done. Think about this– when a groundskeeper is smarter than almost everyone in a house of 16 that should tell u something about their iq

  16. Comments (13)

    I’m still hoping Nicole or Hayden get back in the house since they will be going after the ones who are in position to win and it can be successful if they can flip the house by persuading Victoria,Donny and Cody and questionable Christine they could get the landlord Derek,shit stirrer Frankie and the conceited Caleb that would be in a perfect world Zack would be able to do the same I just believe he can’t do it without putting a permanent target on himself and be gone before he makes any noise would be nice if 2 evicted housemates returned

  17. Comments (13)

    Forgot to put the word OUT before landlord Derek shit stirrer Frankie and conceited Caleb meaning sorry guys

  18. Comments (1799)

    Donny is smart enough to see that the remaining players are so self obsese they all belive they are the power . All the conversation I see have the players reassuring each other that they are justified for there back stabbing Caleb talks about a cowboy code Frankie talking about how they got players out who were distraction and not adding any thing to the house . Cody now is whoring himself out to Frankie cuddling with him now in HoH room . Has he no shame ? Wouldn’t it be fun if Frankie decide to back door Derrick. Now that would be a move to remember . Can happen if he keeps Zach . Convinces Donny than flip Caleb If they can show Caleb how Derrick has been making all the eviction happen The number of times Caleb was a target How Derrick plan is to bring Cody and or Victoria to the end So with Donny,Zach,Caleb they can take Derrick out Imangen there shock to go out for the HoH comp . Only to see Nichole, Hayden,Jocasta, and Derrick ! Watch for the solid pants then

  19. Comments (1092)

    As much of a strategist Derrick is, and as much I have been convinced he will win it, he made a huge mistake in last night’s show.

    When he was in the hoh room with Frankie discussing which won of them should remain hoh, he said it should be him.

    Then in the diary room, Frankie says that is great, because it means I have a chance to be hoh NEXT WEEK.

    As much as we know Derrick has good game, clearly Frankie has a lot of game and strategy. This makes me think that he must see Derrick is closy to Cody just like Frankie has been close to Zach.

    So Frankie must suspect that Derrick has a final two with Cody.

    So, it has to be in Frankie’s best interest to split them up before it is too late.

    This could be his only chance to take Caleb off, put up Derrick, and see which one goes.

    That will give Frankie Caleb and Zach to make a final three with.

    We are finally at the point where the alluance has to be split. It is getting exciting !

    • Comments (9)

      I don’t really think it was a mistake for Derrick to want to remain HOH. They suspect that next week is endurance and Derrick knows that he wouldn’t have a chance against Caleb, but Frankie would, so that’s why they tried to get Frankie to be able to compete next wk.

    • Comments (21)

      If Caleb, Fakie and Zack were the only players left, no one would be watching anymore. No one would care anymore who won…..Who are these Zack fans anyway?…..He seems like there are a few bolts loose, and he blew up his own game, was following Fakie like a lost soul…Right now some people like watching him since the rest of the game is sooo boring compared to other BB shows, but truth be told he is just not as mean spirited as some of the others, not really such a great person.

      • Comments (1092)

        If Caleb, Frankie and Zach had a final three, they wouldn’t be worried if we were still watching. The only thing that they would care about is how close they are to the money.

  20. Comments (1288)

    I do wonder where Derrick’s true intentions are. I know the general consensus is that his DR comments about supporting Donny are false and his words in the house of wanting Donny out his true intentions. However, Derrick clearly knows how closely the game is watched and that everything he says against Donny is heard by the feedsters. What if his DR comments are true … at least to the point of risking his own game.

    Could Derrick just be saying the target Donny comments because that is what his alliance expects him to say? As has been pointed out Derrick leads others to the decisions he wants made. When someone mentions a name Derrick doesn’t want targeted he leaves the conversation flat but when they mention the name he wants he pumps it up and seals the deal.

    Donny has been in danger, and sometimes saved himself, but in the other times he has been on the block a more important target was always sitting next to him. Now that hasn’t caught up to him yet, what with this week’s “anything you can do Frankie I can do better” BotB win 1 against 3. However with that win we are left unsure of Derrick’s true intentions. If Donny had lost Derrick would have been in a position to protect him. If Frankie had then followed with his veto win, would a reason have come up to still get rid of Zach? “Donny would always be there to pick off later”. The TA missions would still have the house out for Zach’s blood.

    It will be interesting to see how it plays out. Is Derrick hoping to at some point say in DR “Got you America, I always wanted Donny out. I’ve fooled everyone in the house – I’ve fooled everyone in America!” Perhaps he wants to be this years hated player like Evil Dick, different style to get there but similar end point. I hope at some point we get a definitive moment to see where Derrick’s true loyalties lie. I think he will not risk his own game for Donny but he will use his influence to protect Donny as much as possible.

    • Comments (9)

      Derricks true intentions are just to make it to the end because he will likely win against anyone. As it stands now, if he gets rid of zach, Christine and possibly Caleb, he thinks every other person would keep him until the end.

    • Comments (224)

      I do think Derrick wants Donny out (because he’d be hard to beat), but cares too much about what America thinks of him. If he didn’t want America’s approval, he wouldn’t bother to address “America” in his diary sessions at all.

    • Comments (1443)

      He says in DR he wants to keep Donnie but that’s to make him look better to viewers. He wants Donnie gone. He has been his main target. It would be easy for him to keep Donnie safe this week but he worked hard to get him out

      • Comments (1288)

        How would it have been easy? Everyone expected Donny to go up. If he had not been nominated everyone would be expecting them to backdoor Donny. By facing it straight on they gave Donny the maximum amount of chance to become safe.

  21. Comments (469)

    I am not convinced that Donny is 100% sure Derrick is the lone master mind in the house – when he talked to Jocasta and Nicole Derrick was just one in a group that are responsible – I believe his silence is because of this uncertainty – when he is speaking just to us (I guess that is snippets from DR sessions) he often says as much —– also the idea of giving the rest of the group any credit at all for being smart game players is a contrediction – on one hand suggesting Donny should go to these people and fill them in on Derricks game play – the very people who are closest to Derrick and in on all the decision making and strategy sessions aren’t smart enough to realize they are being played – how good of game players are they — I believe right now Donny realizes he is in a catch 22 situation and he is waiting for the alliance to start falling apart- see where the chips fall – and decide who to pick up as allies – he is already working on Zach (i’ll vote to keep you and personal chit chat) and Caleb (fellow down home country boys) — it seems to me he is playing it the only way he can – and so far successfully.

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