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Big Brother 16 – Thursday Afternoon Scrambling



The weirdest part about this season – We’ve seen two last minute scrambles, one with Zach and one now with Donny.  However, both of the times, the person nominated wasn’t doing the scrambling.  Donny did approach Derrick last night and asked why he would be going home, but other than that it’s been Frankie leading the keep-Donny campaign, and it’s still going on this afternoon.

Let me jump right in…

  • 1:40pm – Frankie is in the pantry with Cody working him some more. He is trying to convince Cody that if Nicole won the HoH, she wasn’t going to put up two girls. She would put up one of them, guaranteed.  At least with Donny they’d have a chance, plus he’s weaker in comps.
  • Caleb enters to express his opinion. He told them Donny guaranteed he would put the two girls on the block should he remain. Caleb will prove it by having a 3-2 vote and the 2 votes will be the girls.
  • Caleb – “We can go with one and see what happens, or we can go with the other and see what happens”…. words of wisdom.
  • Cody is still super worried Donny is going to turn on them if they keep him.  I’m kind of shocked listening to Cody’s reasoning at times. If he wants to keep Nicole, he needs to put up a better argument.
  • Cody – Donny lied to our face!
  • Caleb – Would you rather someone lie to your face, or lie behind your back….  Calebism
  • Caleb is super worried about the girls and wants Nicole gone. He thinks (knows) they’re coming after the guys. Cody doesn’t see that
  • Caleb compares Derrick to Victoria regarding competitions.
  • Cody is silently listening while Caleb is hammering home that Donny is a man of his word
  • Frankie – “Why do we have to run around this house sucking on Nicole’s tits just in case she wins HoH. We have the numbers”
  • Cody – “What is stopping Christine from winning the HoH and going after us for keeping Donny”  .. Frankie – “Because she loves you more than her husband”
  • 2:12pm – The talk is still going on.  Caleb thinks Donny has an IQ of 190
  • Caleb – “You need to look at it like a globe. You can’t look at from one side because you won’t see the whole thing. You need to back up, get outside the box and look in to see what you’re looking at”… brilliant. #calebism
  • 2:18pm – Talk finally breaks up.  Cody is going to talk to Donny in the beehive
  • Donny to Cody – “You were never a target. You were part of a scenario. How many scenario’s have you heard”
  • Caleb is guaranteeing Donny 3 votes
  • Caleb leaves and Donny once again tells Cody he was not after him and will be pulling for him if he’s out first  (from the HoH competition), but he’s pulling for Nicole if he gets booted.
  • 2:38pm – The talk finally ends. No guarantee but it’s looking better for Donny
  • Cody is in the room breaking the news to Nicole. She is upset because she was told she was safe, so she didn’t campaign.
  • Nicole has quickly changed Cody back into Nicole-land. This is why she’s more dangerous than Donny and why they should vote her out, but I don’t mind either way. I like them both (Donny and Nicole)
  • Cody said he’s going to approach Caleb and tell him not to keep Donny
  • 3:00pm – The keep Donny plan has fallen apart after a brief meeting in the beehive room with everyone.
  • 3:03pm – Frankie pulls Nicole into the fire room to clear the air now that she’s staying.



Feeds down, that was a wild afternoon.  Live eviction thread in an hour or two.


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  1. If Donny can stay another week, amazing. Maybe by then the alliance will crack and all of his waiting will finally pay off. Of course, IF he wins the new HOH, he can then do whatever he wants and have followers ready to jump on the plan to backstab the other side of the alliance. IF he doesn’t win HOH, then this whole week of excitement is for nothing.

  2. Jannie

    I guess, even thought I do like Donny, I don’t really care who goes tonight – the other will soon follow. Especially if it is Nicole who goes tonight. Unless Donny wins the next HOH, he is only prolonging the agony and the inevitable…
    I want Donny to have a little R & R in the jury house with people he can actually call his FRIENDS before finale night. Donny has had enough abuse in the house.

    Let’s hope Mango and Christine are soon to follow.

  3. This whole season I have been a Donny/Nicole fan – both are honest simple country folk – they both have legitimate claims for being saved and even win the game – that being said – Donny has been very methodical and wise in unraveling the power structure in the house – his problem is he has not had the inner fortitude to pull the trigger and make a bold and gutsy move – his failing is he is still worried about the other side targeting him – I want to yell through the screen – YOU ARE THE TARGET – nothing you do can make it any bigger – Nicole is much younger – less life experience – and very naive – she is a glass half full person and inherantly trusts people – this has gotten her in trouble – but – she is the one who made the first (and in my opinion the only) big-bold and gutsy move that got the house stirred up and hasn’t settled down since – she is as smart as Donny but lacks the life skills to ferrett out the deceit and cunning of the alliance – but I believe she still has the guts to make another big move – and for that reason I hope Nicole gets a pass this week and give her a chance to try to do it one more time. Who ever stays will have a huge mountain to climb – well nigh impossible.

    • Unless Nichole wins hoh tonight we will have another week just like all the others with Nichole on the block with another of the girls probably Christine. Which will not matter because all those big ol strong beast mode males are scared to death of Nichole and Donny. No way Nichole escapes the block and goes home unless she wins pov!! Same ol same ol

  4. Damn!!!!! Christine has a massive BEAK on her. Anteater like. Chrustine you are not at all attractive so stop trying for the love of BB. And side profiles are not your friend so stay away from them. The only thing I have left to say is BB 16 is the the straw that broke the BB back. BB 16= final season of BB. Thanks CBS

  5. These sheep ned to quit following derricks butt.&look up&play their game before its to late and derrick wins!!

  6. I dont care who wins anymore..

    I just want Mango and Christine out.. i want to hear the boos.

  7. On previous thread comments someone reported TA failed, true?

  8. I’m really starting to not like Derrick at all in all of this. The guys were convinced to keep Donny but he is the one who shot it down again. I wish he would stop acting like he cared about being a member of TA at all, he doesn’t.

    • He was so wishy-washy this afternoon and talking out of both sides of his mouth. First saying he will keep Donny, then he’s not, back and forth, back and forth, depending on who he was talking to. But I think his final decision was not to keep Donny. I actually think he was never going to and thought the others wouldn’t agree, but wants to be able to say he tried.

      • Plus, Caleb only went for it if Donny promised to put up 2 girls if he won HOH, and Derrick want to keep Victoria.

  9. Production needs to “suggest” everyone vote as an individual and vote out who they really think should go, (although, the only two who don’t need to go are the ones on the block). This voting together is so elementary school mentality.

  10. This is why they shouldn’t be telling the nominees how everyone is voting!! I can’t remember a season where no one was surprised every week.

    • I agree, the vote count should not be revealed to the HG. It serve no purpose but to have HG try to figure out how a HG voted. Votes should be kept secret.

      • Rita

        This crap started last season with “It’s what the house wants”. Sheeple! it’s fine for the first few weeks but nobody takes chances anymore.

        What happened to voting a different way and denying it? Blame someone else? Oh well.

  11. Hows Frankie going to feel when/if the TA Mission fails?… (evil giggle)
    If It passes, it’s only because America wanted Donny to have $$$

    • I can’t wait to see Frankie’s face and reaction when they find out it failed. Let’s see if he can pull off no reaction in front of the other hg’s. The feeds after the show should be interesting too.

  12. What’s weird is I thought that’s why votes are confidential…you vote out who is best for your game to vote out and no one else knows. I think it may be that they realize the people in the Diary Room might talk? If so this needs to be changed. It seems these reality shows were better when the writers were on strike years ago, since that’s how they came about. Keep them without so much production/scripts….

  13. OVERWHELMING NO!!!!!!!

  14. Awww… shoot.
    Oh well.. lets hear the loud cheers.

    Christine… kiss your butt goodbye.
    Nicole.. better win this one..

  15. frankie is the most annoying person in bb history.gonna be funny when he gets booted and realizes that he is not loved but despised by most people. just go away frankie and talk about your sister to the wall.

  16. Is there updates on the HOH comp. – maybe on live feeds? Would love to know who’s winning – it looked like Nicole and Caleb are doing the best job what little we saw. Most of the time slow and steady wins this type of comp.

  17. When Julie said – by an overwhelming majority – NO – it wiped the smile right off Frankie’s face – wonder what Derrick is going to tell him. He wants to blame Frankie – but he is just as responsible – he could have gone with Donny and forced Frankie’s hand – but he is too gutless – and Derrick is still trying to BS the fans – sorry bubba we ain’t buying it.

  18. So much to say – it looks like Donny is on his way – a guest spot on a soap- then maybe PopTarts spokesperson – hell he may end up – Donny the groundskeeper guy – Git er done Donny. He did an hillarious job on his Devin impression. Even Julie said not to worry – she believes he will do just fine.

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