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Big Brother 16 – Tuesday Live Feeds

jocasta-layingdownIt’s been that type of week

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My girlfriend bought tickets for us to see Nick Swardson, except when she did, she forgot to check the day of the show. It is for a Thursday night, and not any Thursday night, but this Thursday night. Why is this Thursday night so important?  Well, every eviction night is important in the Big Brother house, but this has the potential to set up for a pretty epic endurance challenge – should they do it.  If and when Zach is eliminated, Frankie is going to fully realize he isn’t as secure in the house as he thought, and the dynamics of the alliances may shift. Granted, that is probably more wishful thinking than anything else, but if I can’t convince myself, how am I supposed to convince readers?

The house hasn’t had an endurance challenge since the taped competition for the 2-night premiere, and from what I hear, that was a pretty weak challenge. I’m pretty sure I heard Caleb talking about that competition when referring to endurance challenges. He wasn’t even sure he’d consider it one because I guess it was only 15 minutes long or something. Five evictions later, we’ve yet to have another and I’m not even sure we’ll have one this week. Why is an endurance challenge so important?  It’s one of the rare competitions in the game where anyone can win depending on how bad they want it.  They don’t have to putt a ball through a pinball machine and get lucky where it lands.  An endurance competition is one of the most memorable moments in Big Brother history when Dick Donato was up there for hours.

My point is, if I miss the show for an HoH competition that has no drama or excitement, I’m going to be sad! There, I had to get that out.

Edit: I just found out this week is a double eviction week. I feel like I should have known that sooner, but I missed the memo. It’s not endurance, but live eviction shows are usually good to watch, so I’ll take it. 

Ok, on to the live feed highlights:

  • 10:25am – Donny is outside doing the elliptical. Most are still sleeping. Not exactly a surprise this time of the day.
  • hayden-victoria
  • 12:10pm – Not much going on, except Victoria plucking Hayden’s eyebrows while he sings “I’m a man, doing man stuff… OWW”
  • 12:20pm – HoH picture time. Donny suggested a photo of Zach and Nicole with a box of fruit loops
  • 2:04pm – Christine asks Victoria if she knows how everyone is voting this week. This is the first time she doesn’t really have a solid vote. She said Jocasta is good to keep because she’ll always be on the block, but Zach is a big target people will always go after.  The ole pawn vs knight situation (I made that situation up, I’m not sure if it’s common in chess)
  • Victoria is worried about passing up a chance to get Zach out, while Christine said she fears going against the house. She is saying the house is voting for Zach to stay (they’re not, at least right now), so it would be funny if she voted for Jocasta to ‘stay with the house’ and was the only vote. Ideal situation but won’t happen. Would be entertaining though.
  • Victoria – Donny is for sure voting for Jocasta to stay.  Christine – I don’t think for sure, he’s told all of us he’d vote her out if he needed.  Vic – Who the heck is Donny working with?  (good question)
  • They still think there is an all-guy alliance in the house. (note – it’s weird hearing Victoria talk game)
  • Victoria said that Zach will blow up when he walks out the door.  She also admitted it would be a boring vote to get rid of Jocasta, and they’re a boring cast (they are).
  • Christine – “I hate Caleb so much. Torture. Torture. He is a horrendous human being”

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  1. Comments (692)

    Stevebeans, AGAIN, I ask the question I’ve asked before, as have others, WHY IS AMBER STILL IN COLOR??

  2. Comments (412)

    I really don’t want Zach to leave. I would rather Jocasta leave. She’s boring.

  3. Comments (83)

    It breaks my heart that derick and Frankie
    Want Donny out. But I’ll say it again, I’m really
    Starting to like Caleb’s game now. He’s really
    A nice caring person. However, I think he’s desperate
    For a girlfriend. Did you hear him saying he hadn’t
    Had sex for over a year??? I wonder if Amber gave
    Him the “ok” if he would do it with her? Just curious.

    • Comments (412)

      I know what you mean. Throughout the game this season, Caleb has seemed really crazy. But he’s been extremely loyal. I haven’t ever seen him go and tell someone what other people have been saying. He may be mentally unstable, he may be emotionally unstable, but maybe he just didn’t get enough hugs as a child.

    • Comments (1446)

      Watching BBAD last night it seems Derrick wants Donny out more than Frankie does.
      Anyone else surprised how quickly Caleb forgot about Amber? Is she still festering somewhere in the back of his head?? I saw last night where he explained how he played “knight in shining armor” to a woman whose abusive boyfriend (supposedly) forced her to take drugs and Caleb saved her. I really can’t stand the guy, everything out of his mouth is bragging.
      Likable or not, the only ones left who are really playing the game (at least right now) are Derrick, Frankie, Christine(even tho she’s just a rat), Nicole and Hayden. Jocasta, Caleb and Cody just follow orders. Victoria, well she is doing what she probably does in the real world…depend on the guys to do everything for her.

      • Comments (2826)

        Caleb is a compulsive liar; I wouldn’t believe a thing he says, including about his supposed military service.

      • Comments (11)

        I think Caleb still thinks about Amber. Last night he was wearing her bunny slippers.

        As for the ones left playing the game: you forgot Donny ~ He’s definitely in it to win it.

        I think Derrick wants Donny gone because Donny tells Derrick straight up that he’s not going to go along with whatever (at the moment) Derrick wants.

      • Comments (1288)

        Derrick has become aware that Donny knows that Derrick was behind Nicole nominating him during week 3 (I think this is why Donny is willing to work with Nicole). He also remembers how upset Donny was about being kept in the dark gamewise after they had been named to TA. Derrick knows that Donny could very well nominate Derrick/Cody for the same reason he nominated Caleb this week. He fears Donny much more than Frankie does – and should.

  4. Comments (332)

    Well Derrick will be found out soon. Donny keeps his cards to his chest and if asked gives vague answers that wont hurt his game. Derrick just gets to be a run around and then they all scamper to him and the others have to be on to his game.

  5. Comments (332)

    I just hate that Victoria mumbles in the microphone but clearly you hear her when she eats. So for fan favorite please do not vote for her. I hate that she will be carried to even the jury house to make any more money. Amber deserved that. But Amber is gone, our only hope is she will get on in another year.

    • Comments (1276)

      She actually has won a few comps, I don’t really think it’s fair to look at her like a floater. She’s done more than most of the ones in the house have.
      BTW, I don’t like Victoria, she just isn’t as bad as everyone seems to act like she is.

      • Comments (1288)

        She is starting to play but listening to her talk game is like watching a child riding a bike for the first time without training wheels. They cutely start peddling and wobbling and do OK until they run in to that tree.

  6. Comments (332)

    I am not a Caleb fan but he has aligned with Donny and therefore he may make it farther than the ones who THINK they run the house.

  7. Comments (7)

    Your girlfriend is more important. Go with her..

  8. Comments (83)

    Where did you hear Donny aligned with Caleb? Ok , can someone
    Please be kind to explain what Derrick did with Frankie
    And Cody in regards to zach being caught to
    Backstabbing those three?

  9. Comments (2)

    I generally love reading your blog, but the fact that you didn’t know it was a double eviction this week makes me wonder how close you are paying attention, if at all. Julie said it last Thursday, everyone who actually watches the show has known it since last Thursday. I understand you have a life, but if your going to blog about a tv show, try watching the show, and then don’t ask us to buy your son an xbox. ugh, if I ever was going to donate, I won’t now, in fact I think I just go on over to bigbrothernetwork.

    • Comments (407)

      Hi, thanks for the comment. The reason I missed that was due to the HoH competition going into overtime, and me rushing to my computer to watch the live feeds so I can report the winner.

      Seeing as I get 95% of my information from the feeds aside the CBS shows, I missed any mention of it because the house is unaware.

      • Comments (138)

        You shouldn’t have to explain yourself to this clown who’s getting your services for free but has the nerve to openly complain about you missing one teaser.

      • Comments (76)

        Bro you need too go to the Show ..He is a funny Dude & puts on a great show…BB16 is so lame ,not worth missing a great night

      • Comments (76)

        * to

      • Comments (76)

        Wow a few of you are just mean spirited ..

      • Comments (76)

        Really a thumbs down because I told him to go enjoy the concert …

      • Comments (224)

        Why does it bother you if someone didn’t like that comment? Some random stranger on the internet will likely never play a role in your life, so it doesn’t matter what he/she thinks of your comments. 🙂

      • Comments (332)

        I enjoy the sight and appreciate whatever and whenever you post. Usually I look in the mid morning and mid afternoon for updates. You do a wonderful job. And who cares if you knew DE was this Thursday, you would report it when it happens.

      • Comments (682)

        I’m pretty sure we can keep ourselves entertained for one night stevebeans. I have a feeling the 2nd HOH comp will be endurance so it may still be going on before you get home.
        Some of us live feeders can post updates if anything crazy happens after the show ends. Of course it will not be near as good as your posts.

      • Comments (1288)

        What Rita said, Nick Swardson is funny as hell and should not be missed. I work an overnight on-call job so I can’t commit to the time but will if I can. There are enough good-folk regular posters here to keep things updated in the comments until you get back. And you just know the second HoH has got to be endurance.

    • Comments (412)

      Wow. Stevebeans doesn’t have to do this page for us. It’s something he chooses to do. Sorry he also has a life. Maybe you should find one.
      Stevebeans. Thanks for everything you do. If I were you I’d go to see Nick Swardson with your girlfriend. (:

      • Comments (843)

        stevebeans, I agree with Queen B! Your life is more important than this blog. Thank you for spending so much of YOUR time keeping us informed, but family comes first. Go have fun with your fiancé!

      • Comments (1799)

        More drama and infighting here than in the house Chill people Stevebeans does not have much to work with this group

      • Comments (426)

        Agree. And while I have to admit I have sometimes thought that Stevebeans has been somewhat neglectful this season (because past seasons coverage have been so much better), then I have to remind myself that this season there is not really much to work with.

  10. Comments (832)

    I need to know more about the TLA alliance. It was mentioned several times on BBAD. At this point if no one figures out Derrick, he will sail through to the end. I wish there was more incentive for TA to make it to the end. If a TA player gets voted out, is that the end of their “missions?”

    • Comments (401)

      Didn’t TLA, Derrick, Cody and Zach form right in the beginning, maybe even before the Bomb Squad? It didn’t stay strong for long, I don’t think, because Derrick and Cody felt Zach was too “Zach” shall we say to help them. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

  11. Comments (332)

    I read on one of the sites that Donny and Caleb shook and said they were even now. Caleb put up Donny and Donny put him up with the advantage of Victoria to come off the block. So they agreed to work together. As far as Derrick, I saw one of the posts that said Zach was hurting their game because he cant keep secret what the alliance talks about. Zach runs to other players and either repeats or distorts what has been said. Zach is not working closely with the alliance but expects the alliance to bail him and back him.

    • Comments (843)

      I saw the ‘we are even’ part between Caleb and Donny, but I never heard them say ‘let’s work together’.

      • Comments (401)

        I agree

      • Comments (1443)

        They never said anything about working together. Just that they were even now. Caleb really doesn’t talk game with ppl. He’s kind of out of the loop. Very loyal and takes for granted his alliance is also. He’s very gullible and neive

      • Comments (1443)


      • Comments (332)

        Oh I think Caleb is onto more than you realize. He just quieted his game because Devin messed it up. He knows with Amber out that he can go anytime.

      • Comments (11)

        I saw it as well. However, they never agreed to work together.

      • Comments (11)

        I saw it as well. They did not say they would work together.

      • Comments (11)

        Is there no way to delete a post? I wound up posting the same message twice because it wasn’t placed under the post I was replying to. See above… My post should be under “mouse” or “Karen” regarding Caleb/Donny handshake.

      • Comments (426)

        I agree. From what I have seen Donnie is a little concerned about Caleb being after him, but Cody thinks he can control Caleb into going along with it.

  12. Comments (266)

    The only person I haven’t seen Frankie cuddle with is Donny,

  13. Comments (1288)

    Steve B,

    Remember there are two HoHs this week. Yes the first will be a carnival game or quiz but the second is usually an endurance that finishes after the live show and has occasionally run quite long.

  14. Comments (198)

    What I want to know is where is all the twists of the season! I thought it was to be the twistiest of the twistiest of all seasons. I have not seen any new twist in a long time…… What the he** happened!!

    • Comments (1288)

      I was thinking that myself. The 2 HoH format and adding BoB was a huge twist. All strategy that the HGs had planned before they walked in had to be thrown out the window and they had to think on the fly. That had me anticipating what the next twist would be and hoping that it was going to be as dramatic in its effect on the game. Then … nothing.

      Well almost nothing, I think they would want to count changing America’s player to a 3 person Team America as a twist, but it has been fairly unimpressive. I foresee something around a returning player popping up, perhaps they will allow America to choose. If they are starting Jury it will be interesting to see if they do send all to the jury house or if they sequester them separately to allow a return to the house/game.

  15. Comments (12)

    is the whole house voting out Zach? I really like him and don’t want him to leave.

  16. Comments (1)

    is it confirmed that its a 7-person jury this year? if Zach is evicted, i want Frankie or Christine next. I dont want 2 rats in the jury house.

  17. Comments (18)

    I honestly don’t understand how the HGs can’t see how Derrick is playing them all. He was just saying to Frankie how Team America is the strongest alliance of any alliance ever created. Then almost in the next breath said how they have to get Donny out of the house. I want to scream, ” FRANKIE……..WAKE UP!!!”
    Also, for a cop, he reads the clues completely wrong so much of he time. He picks up on some little thing someone says, reads the “hidden message” all wrong, and then clings to it. Like his whole paranoia about Nicole and Hayden “playing them”. Even Cody can see that nothing points to that loopy conclusion. I really hope Derrick is blindsided. That would make up for all of the boring evictions so far this season!

    • Comments (1288)

      I have a sneaking suspicion that if Donny wins the first HoH this week he could pull the trigger on Derrick. He might not nominate him initially but I think he might backdoor him. To continue my earlier analogy of the blind men and the elephant, Donny has been all over that elephant and he knows where the power lies.

      I think he is most upset that Derrick and Frankie did not solidify TA as a F3 alliance from the beginning. They were more interested in the Bombsquad and Detonators and froze Donny out of all game play. I still remember the Storageroom conversation where Donny pointed out to Derrick he had been in the dark about Frankie and Derricks week-to-week gameplans for 3 weeks. He didn’t raise his voice but his eyes and body posture said he was pissed.

      Derrick has made some errors in his judgment but none have been lethal yet, not pulling in Donny as TA’s mole outside the BS/Dets may just be.

      • Comments (426)

        I guess that might happen. But I think if he nominated Derrick, or even put him up as a replacement, the votes would not be there. So I think Donnie is smarter than that in a quick DE. He would need time to justify it with the other houseguests.

      • Comments (1288)

        True, he might read Frankie as more evictable since he was the backdoor plan this week.

      • Comments (18)

        Let’s hope. I was thoroughly upset with Donny’s time as HOH. He was such a wimp when it came time to get serious. He kept saying “I’ll vote them out but I won’t put them up”. Somone needs to have the cajones to put some of these guys up. I mean, come on. Frankie, Derrick and Cody have never been on the block. In years past the was reason enough to nominate someone. Nicole and Donny should have thrown them all up based on that reasoning, and added in Zach, and said “time to fight for your lives, boys”. These HGs are really dumb.

      • Comments (1288)

        I disagree. While your desired play might have sent one of them home, the remaining four would be united and ready to swing back at Donny and Nicole. Instead we have the Detonators eating themselves and Zach headed out the door, win-win.

        Donny and Nicole have finessed this week perfectly so far.

      • Comments (1276)

        I think they nominated well. Nicole, at least, had a great back door plan to put up Frankie, and you need to get out at least one of the targets, which might not work if you put them up from the start, with BOB and Veto.
        Donnie, however, wasn’t even planning on putting anyone else up, he didn’t want to make Frankie or anyone else mad.

      • Comments (224)

        I enjoy watching Donnie on TV, but if I were in the house, I probably wouldn’t consider Donnie a strong ally either. He does seem to have some very good ideas, but historically, the token “older guy” rarely ever goes far or significantly contributes to an alliance. Probably not fair, but that’s usually the way it plays out. There have been a few exceptions though, and hopefully Donnie will prove to be one.

  18. Comments (11)

    go Derrick. (little winky grin)

    Oh and when Stevebeans wrote the post about wanting to get a gift for his girlfriend and her child….I was so touched I DID donate.
    The person who came on here to make the nasty comment I suspect was just trying to drum up business for the other site he/she then mentioned.

    THIS is the only site I come to to catch up on what is happening. The posts are straightforward and the comments are not rude to each other. I for one appreciate that.

    Thanks to Stevebeans and also to all of you who regularly comment.

  19. Comments (426)

    This is absolutely the most boring season ever. And earlier I saw that Cody told Donnie that he thinks that Caleb and Victoria are making great TV? OMG. Big Brother needs to do something…..give them alcohol or something. Anybody think they maybe don’t because of all the meds the houseguests take? (or in some cases might need to take, one in particular I can think of) Whatever! Do something BB!!!

    • Comments (426)

      Maybe Zingbot could come in and stir the pot somewhat. When does Zingbot usually show up? (how many houseguests left, etc.) I don’t remember.

      • Comments (383)

        I cannot STAND the voice of that thing. It’s like nails on a chalkboard to me. Ugh.
        Maybe I can watch it with the sound off and closed captioning turned on? Because it makes my skin crawl.

  20. Comments (1)

    Can someone please make Cristine STOP laughing every second! This is a very boring cast 🙁 I thought Devin was super delusion but Caleb OMG really dude? I like Donny because I really think he’s really not that nice in real life LOL I think he just took on that role. I don’t like people like Jocasta that praise God for good things that people do for her, or blame the devil when things don’t go her way. I can’t wait when religion is officially debunked 🙂

  21. Comments (38)

    A pandora’s box is definitely needed right now!!!

    • Comments (120)

      Most likely Pandora’s Box is over with now. Considering it wasn’t in last year, and this year they have that second HOH bedroom which would have functioned as a Pandora’s Box in previous seasons.

  22. Comments (1288)

    Tomorrow’s wakeup music needs to be Click Click Boom. In Operation CYA, the Detonators are telling everyone that Zach formed them last night and nobody (Cody/Christine/Derrick/Frankie) took it seriously. So if Zach says anything on the way out, the outsiders will say “we already know” … even if what they know is wrong it will be believed over anything Zach says.

    And apparently Frankie guessed that Derrick was a cop. Derrick is misdirecting as best he can but it will be interesting if the thought sticks.

  23. Comments (1799)

    Dandaman why do you say Frankie knows that Derrick is a cop did he say something ? As was stated before CBS should be sued for misleading advertisement This is by no means the twistyest season I thought they might try what they did in BB Austailia and add 4 new house guest after 8 were eliminated Give the Canadian diary room drinking chalenge Call one house guest in every hour have them drink and see how long till some other house guest figure they are drunk Lets have some fun

    • Comments (1288)

      Actually Derrick brought it up to others to diffuse it, saying Frankie said he thought he was a cop. Derrick has been saying all season he suspects someone is not who they say. He heartily supported suspicion of Donny’s background when Caleb’s and Devin’s imagination ran wild. Tonight Derrick also kidded around that he was really a doctor. By being suspicious of others, the rest of the HGs will not consider Derrick first as one with a hidden background.

  24. Comments (1288)

    The Detonators have now fully imploded and divided into twosomes of Frankie/Christine and Derrick/Cody. The two pairs are now throwing each other under the bus to the rest of the household. Thanks to their prior talks with Nicole and Hayden, Derrick and Cody seem to be winning the disinformation war and Frankie/Christine are being pushed to the outside without even knowing it. That may change if Frankie or Christine wins the first HoH, but if they don’t one of them is my inside favorite to be going out at this time.

    All of this because Donny and Nicole made the nominations they did. Even if something happens and somehow Jocasta is voted out the dynamics in the house have been thoroughly disrupted this week. The powerhouse alliance running the house until this week is no more. All I have to say to those who disparaged their choices is :P.

  25. Comments (426)

    Ohhh! Christine just gave a shout out to Tim (her husband), saying that she’s playing to win $500,000. Christine said she wanted to be abused by Cody. Think maybe she has realized that she has crossed the line.

    • Comments (426)

      Or maybe they have some sort of sick relationship and that would be a turn on? I don’t know. In my world her behavior would earn her divorce papers.

      • Comments (46)

        Tim may be a cuckold. He may like to watch and clean up afterwards! Based on his pictures it would not surprise me. He may not give her what she craves or she may give him what he craves more.

    • Comments (1288)

      Christine may very well be in some sort of polyamorous situation.

  26. Comments (1288)

    I cannot remember who was asking about it but CBS again has 1 month passes available for 10,000 coins (it took me less than a week to earn 12k). Now they are at least posting how many are available in stock.

  27. Comments (92)

    Donny needs to go next. Hopefully Derrick, jocasta and Victoria are the last three standing with Victoria and Jocasta in the final two. I wanted Zach and Victoria but Donny did him in. I can’t stand that Un american

    • Comments (692)

      Buffalobill, Donny is far from UNamerican. People are jumping all over him for NOT doing the task last week, ITS JUST NOT FAIR! I think the challenges they are given are for the most part stupid and that is the fault of CBS who come up with them.

      • Comments (1288)

        franko please say hello to our resident troll – buffalobill. He is funny to chuckle about but please do try to avoid feeding him.

        You are however correct in Donny’s defense. He is perfectly justified in placing his BB game before the TA missions. One is worth $500k and one is worth $5k, easy to see the difference in importance.

        If the mission brief had been handled better it would probably have been completed. But instead Derrick and Frankie bungled it and alerted the house to something going on. They should have told Donny but left him in bed and said “think about it now and we will talk about it in the morning.”

        Instead they dragged him out of bed in the middle of the night. Donny made trips to the DR and HoH, people noticed the break in his routine and Frankie tried to cover with a lame excuse of wanting to give Donny one of his cream sodas … certainly something to wake him up over and do at 2 in the morning.

        Given time Donny could have seen the accusation from him that would not have been out of character(another of Donny’s issue with the mission). He could have good-naturedly said “aw Caleb, you couldn’t bring yourself to vote out that girl could you?” But Derrick and Frankie rushed things and Donny rightfully declined.

    • Comments (46)

      Here is your girl Bill with her fakies trying to jump out for you! if you go back a couple of days in the same website there is a video with her nip slip! I know John doesn’t like pics like this but others do!

  28. Comments (18)

    I hope they get Zack out i think the game will really shift ! I think Donny is my favorite ! but i think Derrick is playing the best game . he knows when to keep his mouth shut !

  29. Comments (25)

    I do think that getting rid of Zach this early will hurt Derick and Frankie’s game. They need the numbers. Why do it now? I think it is the worst idea ever and will come back to bite them. As crazy as Zach is, he is very loyal to Cody, Frankie and Derick. Whoever came up with the idea to get rid of him is crazy.

  30. Comments (332)

    Well I think the character of it’s not just about money fits. And those other two are just greedy. Donny understands to reason your influence with purpose!

  31. Comments (332)

    I agree amber should not be gone. But the guys alliance sent her packing with Zach helping a lot to influence with verbal attacks. So the others said well she has done something, send her out. So I think it is fitting if Zach leaves, even if I want him to stay.

    • Comments (1288)

      Even Caleb is down with the plan. Unless something drastic happens Julie will probably use a fake-out Thursday night -“Houseguests, by a vote of 8 to 0 Jocasta … … you are safe. Zach you have been evicted.”

  32. Comments (1799)

    I was wondering when Bill would resurface with his Victoria love So now the real game SHOULD begin much smaller alliances now lets so who truly has game Who will partner with who Caleb seems to be a free agent now So are the new alliances Donny Hayden & Nichole Next Derrick with Cody Will we need to wait till after the second HoH dust settles to see who teams up with who

  33. Comments (469)

    Zach’s eviction seems to be set in stone – but I will believe it when I see it – Derrick, with all his clever deception and maneuvering has one major flaw – his paranoia leads to quick irrational choices and it could quite easily happen before eviction – which could lead to a change of strategy at the 11th hour —- also as I have stated a number of times I admire and respect Donny for obvious reasons – but have also said he has shown a weakness in his inability to make a big move – his reasoning is – I don’t want to be targeted – he is overlooking the fact that he is a huge target (he has even eluded to this fact) whether he makes a big move or not – so it pains me to say this, but to give Donny credit for the chaos that the nominations have caused this week is wrong – he told Nicole she could nominate Zach but he would not (once again fear of being targeted) – Nicole bowed her neck and did just that – with the ultimate goal of backdooring Frankie – she did this with the sage advice and support of Hayden – they (Nic and Hay) have continued their mission even after POV was not used and have caused Derrick to go into paranoia mode – the credit belongs to gutsy Nicole and faithful Hayden. Sorry Donny bit true>

    • Comments (46)

      Johnny! Don’t click on the link I posted above! We don’t want your eyes to be offended! For those who like to see all of the summers short shorts, bikini shots, nip slips, Cody with a raging woody, Hayden’s several ass shots, this is the most complete site I have found!

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