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Big Brother 16 – Veto Competition Could Lead To Fun Week


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What a week in the Big Brother house for Caleb. He lost both the love of his life, and Amber, in a two day stretch. The battle of the block competition yesterday featured some sort of domino element where I bet many of the pieces contained punishments.  We will find out for sure tomorrow night on CBS, but after the feeds came back up, we learned Caleb and Victoria were safe – at a cost. They have to wear an Adam and Eve suit as well as being linked together for 48 hours. In addition, they’re both on slop for 2 weeks, and one of them had to shave their head (guess who did it).

Caleb walked around the house yesterday more upset about the potential loss of his hair than anything else. It was both funny and sad to see him worry about shaving his head.  Come on, bro. I’d shave my head in a second to stay in the Big Brother house, and I don’t look nearly as good as you do (Face it, he’s pretty weird, but you can’t deny he’s a good looking guy). They should have made Victoria shave her head too, but you know what?  I think she’d be one of those girls who look real good with short hair.

Enough about Q-Tip and Victoria, it’s time to talk about the power of veto and the potential it has to really shift the game this week. Nicole is not scared of making a big move (finally, we need more of that), and should Jocasta be removed from the block, that’s what could happen. The 187th alliance of the season was formed last night (flashback to around 10pm), and this one is called the ‘Quad Squad’. It features Nicole, Derrick, Cody and Hayden.  Weird name, but I love the group, so I’ll take it.  This is a final 4 I’d be happy with, but I doubt it will get that far.

This group talked about the PoV and what would happen if it was used.  One of the main things they’re aiming for is someone removing Jocasta from the block so they can re-nom Frankie and try to get him out. It would be pretty shocking to see Frankie leave before jury considering he’s been running the house all season, but that often happens to those who play too hard too soon. The biggest problem with Frankie playing the game so hard is that he’s been very good at it. He is a master manipulator and could easily win this game if he’s in the final 2. The ‘Quad Squad’ knows this, and that’s why Frankie has a possibility of chatting with Julie this Thursday.

Do I think it will happen?  No. We don’t even know who is playing for veto yet, let alone who won it or who could go off. This is just a possibility that could happen if all the pieces fall together. My early prediction is Jocasta going home, but I am only 38% confident on that.  I will tell you a better reading after the veto competition which will be held today.

Have a good Saturday!  I will post a new thread later with the PoV results.

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  1. Comments (332)

    Well it will be Nicole, Zach and Jacosta (she is due a win) and then they get a choice or pull from a sack for one a piece to play as partners. So six play and one is the master of ceremony. It would be cool to have Frankie and Zach on the block but I doubt the stars will align for such a master defeat for one of them. Luck seems to befall so to speak.

  2. Comments (332)

    Actually the shaved head and little shorts make Caleb attractive. Even Nicole had to rub his head for good luck and giggled. She is probably glad she isn’t wearing something AGAIN!

  3. Comments (1288)

    That is not a shaved head, that is a clipper cut. BB wimped out, they should have required the razor finish to remove all hair. Perhaps there is something to Caleb’s offensive tattoo claims and this is a compromise.

    • Comments (692)

      when I saw that picture of Caleb, I thought the same thing. That is not a shaved head! That is a buzz cut. There is a difference. If he was supposed to shave his head, then he should shave his head.

    • Comments (469)

      On Mortys site it shows where Caleb admitted the “tattoo” was a lie – he was trying to get Vic to volunteer to cut her hair

  4. Comments (401)

    Wouldn’t a tattoo be visible to the other house guests with a buzz cut? I’m not familiar with buzz cut vs shaved head visibility.

    • Comments (1288)

      Only from close up, in the pic the hair on top of his head {where tattoo supposedly is} appears to be a little longer than the sides but that just may be because of the angle of viewing.

  5. Comments (332)

    Well personally I think BB production went to far and to shave his head is ridiculous. Now the vine attachment and outfit is cute but I guess he wanted the win so he took the penalty. Sorta unfair, its one thing to outsmart, outwit and maneuver but this is to much!

    • Comments (1288)

      The shaved head penalty has been used on Amazing Race and includes a razor finish … one season even a woman had to do it. Hair grows back so what is the big huhu?

      • Comments (332)

        Just the whole Victoria hair issue, she is very self conscious and stated she lost all her hair and it is growing back and what she has is a long weave attached to her head that she can not take off because apparently Nicole made fun of her. She crying and telling Cody all about her hair in the hammock last week. I assumed BB Production knew she wouldn’t do it so it was an attempt to make her lose the BOB.

      • Comments (1288)

        Then perhaps Victoria should not have chosen to play a game where that is a possibility if she is so sensitive.

      • Comments (135)

        I understand not wanting to lose your hair, esp as a woman. I wouldn’t want to, but then again, I wouldn’t go on a show where this was possible.

    • Comments (198)

      How did they go to far? From what I gather it was THEIR choice. I seen a woman on Amazing Race shave her head and you did’t hear her cry about it.

  6. Comments (332)

    I am missing the food comps of them eating weird stuff like squid this group has it EASY!

  7. Comments (426)

    Since there are 11 houseguests left, and this is a DE week, it appears to me that there will be 9 jury members. Usually those evicted in DE go to jury, so everyone evicted from here on will go to jury. If they are able to pull off booting Frankie, he would still be in jury. But I’m sure he will somehow weasel his way out of it this week, just like he weaseled his way back into the HOH room. But I could be wrong on all accounts.

    • Comments (332)

      I was assuming this person was not on jury. But you may be right, they will go and shortly after the first DE person will go to the jury house. And a week later the third.

  8. Comments (1288)

    Caleb/Victoria/Christine are the additional POV players. That is good and bad – Frankie is not playing but neither is Donny so both will be available for a backdoor play.

  9. Comments (120)

    Steve – They may already be in jury – last year they had 9 jury members. I know that years previous they had 7 jury members, but has it been confirmed that this season has 7?

    • Comments (49)

      On The View last week, Julie said itvwas going to be a seven person jury. If that is true the two evicted Thursday will not be in jury. There will be nine left…..two finalists and seven jury.

  10. Comments (198)

    I must have missed the BS being outed when did this happen?

  11. Comments (25)

    Victoria claims she’s not a princess, but boy she sure acts like one. Is she playing the BB game or what.

  12. Comments (2826)

    Frankie will not be competing in the Veto competition.
    Yes, yes, yes!

  13. Comments (57)

    Quad squad… I actually think this will break Derrick and Cody’s game. One leak and everyone will know that they have their hands on everybody’s game.

  14. Comments (16)

    caleb won pov

  15. Comments (159)

    Did Donny get a punishment for being the dethroned HOH?

  16. Comments (174)

    I believe they are doing POV at this moment. Everyone had to report to HOH room. I thought in the past they had one that each person was called out of HOH did the challenge and then was made to wait in back yard.

  17. Comments (174)

    Another site says Frankie, Haydan and Cody are have nots for the week. Frankie is not going to handle it well i believe.

  18. Comments (135)

    Caleb’s face in this picture reminds me of DeNiro in Cape Fear. Scary.

    • Comments (343)

      Please. The Caleb rhetoric is over-the-top. He’s an immature dude, and jerky like most that apply for BB. Scary? whatever

      • Comments (135)

        Not knowing Caleb as a person, all that ANY of us have to go on are things like this blog, live feeds, etc. And, a picture is worth a thousand words. I said HIS FACE looked scary, not necessarily that HE HIMSELF was scary.

        However, his stalker tendencies ARE scary. Talk to most any woman, and see what she thinks about stalkers. See if SHE thinks stalking is harmless and over-the-top rhetoric. Talk to poor Amber about the subject.

  19. Comments (343)

    I think youre wrong about Frankie running the house. It has been Derrick — hands down.

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