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Big Brother 16 – Wednesday Night Feeds



I had a busy night, so watching the CBS episode and recapping it started and finished late. Thinking I was just about to head to bed, I check the feeds and see Amber chatting with Caleb in the beehive room.  This always has the chance for drama, so I had to start a Wed night thread.

Keep checking back for updates… or watch the feeds

  • 11:00pm – I’m trying to figure out what has been going on in the past hour, but right now Caleb is clearing the air with Amber.  I’m sure he’ll be in love again by the end of the night.
  • Meanwhile, Devin is talking to Donny in another room and apologizing for acting crazy and paranoid. He also told him the real reason he was nominated, and said it doesn’t matter if he (Devin) goes home because of it. Donny is not surprisingly very forgiving about the whole situation.
  • Devin plans on playing the game different the rest of the time here. (We’ll see how long that lasts)  However, he is going around to make a house meeting before he goes to bed.
  • 11:15pm – Amber still talking with Caleb and thinks Devin is stirring things up. After he said that, Devin walked in and told them he wants the house meeting and they can join.
  • House Meeting – *Devin chokes up* He wanted to come into the game and play a very honest game, but he started playing dishonest because of the feeling he got when he entered the house. It doesn’t matter how much money he makes while in the house, it’s all about honesty and integrity and how his daughter is the most important person in his life.
    He feels bad about what he did with Donny because Donny is one of the kindest people in the world. Devin forced Caleb’s hand about the nominations but wanted to clear it up with everyone.  When he walks out the door, he wants people to clap because he did the right thing.
  • House meeting over.  Donny heads to HoH room to break down while the rest of the house doesn’t really know what to think about what just happened.
  • 11:27pm – Victoria pulls Frankie into the fire room to try and figure out what the meeting was about. Frankie said he’s going to be sleeping with two eyes open tonight.  He thinks Devin has lost his mind.
  • 11:33pm – Caleb tells Amber that he was going to cut her off. Very smooth.

ok, my eyes are shutting, had to get a quick post in about Devin’s funeral.  Will post more in the AM


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  1. Avatar
    Kristin (9 comments)

    Oh my goodness! This house is so freaking emotional! I don’t like Joey but her being nominated for wanting to start an all girls alliance makes Caleb look like a bad person. I used to like him, but his whole thing with Amber and now knowing why he put Joey up, he lost me as a fan. It looks too that Devin is the house target next week, like no matter who is HOH haha

    • Avatar

      Its terrible how paranoid they are and how they sit around thinking of ridiculous conspiracies and nonsense. But it really drives me nuts that Caleb feels its ok to make a guys alliance and its not ok for Joey to do the same. Hers failed but that’s because most of the women in the house are dimwits who only care about tanning and couldn’t be strategic if their lives depended on it. I don’t like Caleb either.

  2. Avatar

    hmm, now we have some drama but I don’t think this is the kind the HG really wanted: Devin is a loose cannon & is all over the place, no wonder the girls are scared of him! How soon before he snaps? Caleb comes across like a stalker; very creepy and scary. How about a double elimination next week to get rid of both of them at once?!

  3. Avatar
    djcal (1 comments)

    Devin is nuts, something about him rubs me the wrong way. Team Donny

  4. Avatar

    I really do like Donny, he brings Chauncey Gardiner to mind.

  5. Avatar
    Bobby Joe (191 comments)

    Devin and Derrick add nothing to the show. They should go.

  6. Avatar
    bobbeluga (4 comments)

    Joey should NOT apologize to Devin/Caleb/Whoever about making an alliance. Jesus, they make it sound like how dare someone else try to create an alliance even though we’ve made about 6 ourselves. but as long as a guy creates it it’s all good. Disappointed when she said she was sorry, sorry for what? That’s how it always seems to be with women, how dare they try something for themselves they just need to wait to be invited into a boys alliance, created by a boy.

    • Avatar
      Amy (36 comments)

      I totally agree with this and if I’m not mistaken Joey didn’t actually start the all-girls alliance, didn’t she and Paola, Amber and I forget the 4th girl start El Quatro on day one? And it was pretty much Paola’s idea wasn’t it? She was the one who named it. I think all Joey tried to do was see if the that alliance was still on and see if the girls were still on board with that. Unfortunately, she didn’t handle it right at all. She should have shut up after the cold reception and if confronted she should have said it was already formed by Paola on day one and she was just seeing if it was still going thus taking heat off of her and throwing it on Paola. So maybe she does deserve to go home for lousy game play. Too bad, I thought she would be someone I liked.

  7. Avatar
    Johnny (68 comments)

    When the twist with the 2 HOH was revealed i was so happy. Last year BB destroyed the game by having the MVP and bringing in the sister of a BB fan favorite.

    That created a weird situation where the strong players were kept being put on the block for no apparent reason. This made us lose of lot of good players early on and a lot of the weirdoes were given power because of it.

    This year, having the battle of the block, the 2 HOH would most likely pick 2 weak nominees each in other to remain HOH. This means that the bomb squad won’t be nominated unless the 2 HOH know about the alliance.

    This is good because it will keep the stronger players in the game longer and it will create more dram as the game goes on, however, it pisses me off that it helps guys like Devin and Caleb when it could of helped guys like Frank (BB14) and Jeremy (BB15) a lot more.

  8. Kevin Ecker

    I called it on Reddit a couple days ago. Devin is playing like a guy that having never seen BB before, watched a BB marathon right before going into the house. He toke notes on all the “big moves” and has been using them one by one. Problem is he he’s doing them all at once without paying attention to the personalities and situational context that made those moves work.

    I joked a couple days ago that he would probably try to repeat Dan’s “funeral” after the POV ceremony when he wasn’t even on the block.

    Then this happens last night….wow. I was mostly joking when I predicted it. I didn’t think Devin was THIS clueless. Apparently he keeps grabbing that shovel and digging a bigger hole.

    Bad BB players can be cringe-worthy. Devin has moved before cringe-worthy to entertainingly bad.

    • Avatar
      Johnny (68 comments)

      Lol i know, the worst thign is that Devin actually had a pretty decent begining. Creating an alliance with the crazy 8, double ds and the bomb squad, he could of easly kept himself out of the radar. I think the worst thing he did was starting to get paranoid in DAY 3!!!!…i mean c’mon

    • Avatar

      He is scary! Trying to intimidate the girls. Production better have some big security guys because he may have to be forcibly removed from the house.

    • Avatar

      I agree. Devin could have been a force to be reckoned with, but he totally lost it & there’s no turning back now. If he should happen to recover from all of his bad moves, he might last another week, maybe two. Back door him, it’s probably the easiest way to get him out.

  9. Avatar

    OMG So sick of Caleb “She owes me an apology. It’s over. I’m done. I’m not talking about it anymore.” Then he talks of nothing BUT that to anyone in ear shot. Get over yourself. Amber owes you nothing. Sick of Caleb and Devin both. Hope they backdoor Devin.

  10. Avatar

    For once, can we get a BB season without “recruits” who have never seen or heard of BB? It would be refreshing to see what an entire cast of “real” players would do.

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  12. Avatar
    me (138 comments)

    I was so focused on Amber I almost didn’t notice creepy Caleb lurking in the background.

  13. Avatar
    Me..... (1 comments)

    Devin’s definately leaving the house really soon. I want Derrick to leave for having no attributions to the house game. Frankie, Caleb, Zach, and Cody need to make a final four alliance. 🙂

  14. Dwayne
    Dwayne (55 comments)

    Team America could be not a dead end. Anyone from Team America could come back later in the season. Just a possibility for an anything goes season.

  15. Avatar
    Jeff (2 comments)

    I’m not a BB afficianado as I think many of you are, so is there any merit in lying about your potential power as part of Team America? Has anyone done that before as the MVP or anything. I’m thinking about the survivor idols when people have faked them or faked there usefulness.

    Why I say this is because if I was Joey I might try to fake out what the Team America affiliation gets me this year. Like a ‘stay out of jail card’ with the possibility of being put back into the house by replacing someone Team America votes for… Something to drive up paranoia that might get people to vote differently. Maybe this isn’t something BB does so people wouldn’t fall for it. I don’t know as I’m not really familiar with all the history of the show and rules. I just think Joey needed to be more clever instead of having to beg for mercy. Having watched since last year it seems there is too many dead man walking episodes where you know the result and are forced to sit through all the filler.

  16. Avatar
    Charlotte (162 comments)

    I think Devin is x military.. He will let this HOH go to his head and hopefully they will put him out soon

  17. Avatar

    I have watched BB every year and have never been this avid about 1 player as I am now. CALEB – this guy needs to be removed from the house and sent for immediate couseling – he is so self absorbed he is blind to everything and everybody around him – this girl Amber is an innocent and accidental victim of a psycopath – she certainly owes him no appology, she owes him nothing – this whole mess has been a result of a lunatics aparition of what he sees as their future – and getting snubbed set off a ticking time bomb that could detonate at any moment – I said in an earlier post Caleb has all the symptoms of an obsessed stalker who won’t take no for an answer – BB should keep a very close eye on this man. And it certainly is not fair to an innocant young lady (Amber) to ruin her summer and effect her ability to play this game. In case your wondering -NO – Amber is not my choice for a winner – I am 100% a Donny fan.

  18. Avatar

    Crazy can be entertaining, but D-Bag and Cra-Ca are the wrong kind of insane for this show, and I agree, none of the young ladies should have to live with those two. I guess paranoia is so strong that no one yet has had the guts to tell the two psychos off. Hopefully the rest of the house will get rid of them both ASAP – a double elimination this coming week would be awesome! Even better would be seeing a couple of the nice guys confront them on their BS. If those 2 are for real, I actually feel sorry for them but that doesn’t mean anyone should have to be subjected to their abuse. (Caleb has classic case of very low self-esteem, while Devon suffers from delusions of grandeur. They’re both narcissistic sociopaths and need help. CBS shouldn’t have even put them on this show. Almost makes me think they’re both playing roles..??)

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