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Big Brother 16 – The Week Of Zach Attack


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One positive thing that happened last night from the HoH competition is that Zach won. Without a doubt, Zach is clearly the most entertaining person remaining in the Big Brother house, and that’s pretty much because he doesn’t care about anything.  His message to Brittany last night summarized Zach’s season when he said something like “We may not be friends out of the house, but I don’t care”. That’s so Zach it hurts. Everyone else has been dancing around trying to be nice, while Zach will slit your throat and then ask your best friend out for coffee.

Last night around 11:40pm (flashback), Zach had a long talk with Frankie about something I’ve certainly been thinking. What has Christine done for the alliance?  What has she done in the house?  According to Zach, she sits around laughing at everything (which is painful to listen to), and doesn’t have a care in the world. Frankie has blood on his hands, as does Cody, Derrick and soon to be Zach.  However, when Zach approached Christine about being nominated and throwing the BoB competition, she rejected the idea. She wanted nothing to do with it, so that set off Zach for the night.

This also boasted well for Team America as their mission this week is to get an argument going at nominations or veto, and who better to instigate into one? Zach!  Derrick and Frankie seized the opportunity throughout the night and continued egging Zach on about the situation. They want him to have a pretty Zach-like ceremony that ends up yelling and screaming (let’s hope it works!).

Despite all the Christine drama, the real target in the house is Caleb or Amber. They want to treat it like Devin and backdoor one of them, so the likely 4 nominees after today will be … Jocasta, Victoria, Christine, Nicole.

Hmmm, I notice something similar about all 4 of those people.  Nope, they don’t all wear glasses.  They’re not the same height, nor do they come from the same state.  Oh, right. They’re all girls!  What a shocker!  Even if Caleb is the main target this week, if these 4 girls are nominated and don’t get together at some point and realize they’re being pegged off one by one, they deserve to lose. I don’t know how much more obvious the guys can be with their intentions without actually telling them directly, but we will see if they actually notice this.

Nominations are today as is BoB. Hopefully this will finally spark some drama in the house, and if it does, I will be covering it in full detail!   If not, well I’m going to go back to sleep until Thursday night.

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  1. Comments (1446)

    Really? Four girls up for eviction…you are right, Stevebeans, they DO deserve to go home. America has been aware for weeks now that they are the targets and yet they continue to play right into the guys game. They had multiple opportunities to get together and they didn’t – and now it’s probably too late.
    Please Zach – do something exciting and put Christine and Nicole on the block! I would love to watch them scramble.

  2. Comments (162)

    I would love to see Christine put up , she thinks everyone likes her.. Stir up the house ZACH do what you want to do not what Derrick and Frankie wants you to. And please leave Donny alone this week.

  3. Comments (57)

    If only someone would have recommended starting an all girl alliance. Oh wait… Someone did and got ratted out and voted out by other girls.

  4. Comments (644)

    Zach should really put up Nicole and Christine. I can’t wait to see what he’s going to say to them (egged on by Team America). Also Derrick wants to keep Victoria in the house because if he has a choice, he’d rather go with her to final 2, since he knows he’ll win the game easily over her.

  5. Comments (1)

    This year is so predictable. Derrick and Frankie last two standing. Frankie wins because he has both the girls and the boys in his back pocket. It’s an advantage being gay as long as you kiss some ass. We saw it happen last year.

  6. Comments (22)

    Zach may be somewhat entertaining but he’s a jerk.

  7. Comments (68)

    Maybe it’s because we can see everything, but is it really that hard to see if there is an alliance in the house?

    • Comments (843)

      They all know there is and even talk about it to members of the alliance. Nicole has said several times “because I’m not part of the alliance.” Victoria laid out Derrick’s plan—to HIM—and he nearly flipped out. LOL She’s so naïve she doesn’t understand what the information she has really means.

      • Comments (68)

        So why not act on it?… I’ve watched this show since the beginning and always wished to be on the show, if i get a chance i wouldn’t just watch an alliance take each person off one by one. That makes no sense.

        Why waste an opportunity? Finishing 16th or finish 4th is the same thing. Weird.

  8. Comments (37)

    I hope they give it to Amber. In the back door that is!

  9. Comments (843)

    I’ve been reading Zach and Frankie’s plans on jokers and I am very confused. They keep saying they want to backdoor Caleb or Amber, (possibly Christine YEA) but I can’t figure any of the plans out. Caleb doesn’t want Amber out before jury because he is planning on the two of them being in jury house together. Not good for Amber.

    • Comments (1446)

      Last night on BBAD Caleb was telling the guys that he is prepared to let Amber walk out the door this week. I am sure it was only because his feelings were hurt because she wasn’t “appreciating” all he has (supposedly) done for her. Wouldn’t it be great if they put her on the block?? Caleb would,of course, be scrambling to get her off. This guy is so full of himself that he is delusional.
      Would love to see Christine on the block – seems like she thinks she is always safe and does/wins nothing.

    • Comments (37)

      I would LOVE to back door that girl as well! She needs it.

  10. Comments (110)

    The girls should have gotten a clue long ago and haven’t. Girls are nominated every time and all girls have left except Devin. I don’t think they will ever get it together. It is too late for them, imo. It isn’t just that they are outnumbered, they don’t seem to have the ability to play strategically and work together and its a shame.

  11. Comments (162)

    Zach might have turned this game around…Bye Bye Christine..

  12. Comments (57)

    For the record, I posted about the all girl alliance. The other nonsense that the other “Fred” is posting isn’t me. Hope the moderator can see that.

  13. Comments (1)

    I’m done when this turns into a sausage fest

  14. Comments (3)

    All the girls are crazy not to try to win HOW and get these men out. But who am I fooling, if they won they would just do what the guys wanted them to do.

  15. Comments (18)

    I agree Stevebeans !! the girls don’t deserve to win ’cause they were dumb enough from the get-go to pass up Joey’s plan for an all girl alliance !
    they must be blind to not see what’s going on !! including Amber !

  16. Comments (3)

    I’m sorry HOW not How.

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