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Big Brother 17 – Audrey Tries To Flip The House



Well, this morning, I started my thread kind of expecting a pretty boring day inside the Big Brother house. Luckily, I was wrong.  The dynamics have been shifting so much that I had to break that thread, and write a recap on the afternoon before starting a night time thread.

Before I begin my rant, let me preface this by saying Audrey has played a horrible game so far. She played way too hard, too fast, and has had her hand in almost everything since the season began.  Even when she was given a second chance in the game, she blew it by constantly worrying about going home to the point of making a self-fulfilling prophecy.

At the start of the Big Brother week (Thursday), Audrey really wasn’t on the radar of Shelli or Liz. Those two winning HoH essentially secured her another week in the house. So, what does a good player do?  Enjoy the week, relax, chill out.  What does Audrey do?  Follow Shelli around worrying about being nominated. This persistent annoyance basically resulted in Shelli just tossing up her hands and agreeing to backdoor Audrey, even though she feels terrible about it. Shelli has tried to protect Audrey through the season, and had quite a difficult time with this, but she basically had to do it – and I don’t blame her.


So, in comes Vanessa with her scheme that she used on Jeff last week. Find something Audrey did/said that contradicted herself, call her on it and make her the ‘bad guy’. The plan was pretty well executed last week that even Jeff’s closest ally understood why he left, so may as well go for it again.

At around 2pm, Audrey, Vanessa, Shelli and Clay were in the HoH when the plan was underway. Vanessa called her out on some things she said, Clay chimed in saying he can’t believe her, and Audrey sat there taking a verbal beating from the two (Shelli was mostly quiet).  After licking her wounds for awhile after, Audrey finally emerged from the HoH to pull James aside and tell him about what’s going on in the house. The alliance, Audrey being part of it, making Jeff look bad, etc, etc. James even seemed to understand considering he’s been nominated a few times with mostly crappy reasons.

James pulled Jackie into the room to tell her about the situation and start a revolution. Unfortunately, Jackie did not really seem very interesting, and basically humored them by saying ‘well, we gotta just win the competitions’. Alright. What about securing the rest of the house?

Jason finally came in and broke up the conversation, followed by Vanessa who secured the conversation finished.

This is where it gets frustrating. Despite Audrey telling the truth and there being clear evidence of the 5 of them working together, as soon as they left the room, it took Clay about 2 minutes to turn back James. He already had Meg still on his side, and Jason only believed this was some plan to keep nominations the same so he’ll go home. Vanessa then pulled the rest of the floaters to the hot tub to further cement the theory that Audrey is just stirring the pot. They all seemed fine to believe it, and things quieted down. Easy peasy.

This is a pretty key week in the house as the floaters still have some power. While they’re not a strong bunch, they have numbers. However, assuming Audrey goes home this week, and then another floater (let’s say Becky) next week, that leaves the house like this…

Austin, Clay, Shelli, Vanessa, Liz, Julia (she would enter the house after next eviction)


Jackie, James, Jason, John, Meg and Steve

Not only is the first group tighter, they’re also stronger by a large margin.  Once the house gets to this point, you can pretty much expect them to carry the HoH week to week until the floating 6 are out of the house and then they’ll turn on each other.  Even if Audrey goes home this week, if the floating group does not realize they’re lambs to the slaughter, they are absolutely screwed if they let another floater go home for week 5.

Alright, check back in a bit for an evening thread

Update – I got a bit tired during the show. No night blogging tonight. Will post in the morning.  


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  1. Rita

    Audrey seems like the kid in high school that finally makes into the cool kids group and then turns on them for picking on her in middle school.

    But sometimes I feel like she isn’t human but a robot instead.

  2. Rita

    Does anyone else think Jackie is Victoria’s evil twin?

  3. Rita

    House meeting called. Everyone but Audrey in the HOH room.

  4. Jannie

    Hopefully Audrey will keep telling the truth about the alliance of 6 to whomever will listen. I can’t believe she will go out without causing a lot of drama.
    And if the floaters don’t band together against the Sixth Sense it will be because of their own stupidity and they deserve to lose. Hopefully James, Jason, Becki, Meg, Steve and JMac are smart enough to band together. Jackie is clueless.
    They MUST get Dizzy Liz out before another annoying one(Julia) joins the game – PULEASAHHHH!!

  5. danmtruth

    Leave it to this group to take the easiest eviction and turn it into a drama. . Can’t see how Audrey can flip the house . Who will she be up against Johney Mac? Where will the votes come from Liz,Clay,Austin will vote as a block The only mystery will be if Vanessa in the privacy of the vote will come thru and vote Audrey out. Or will she foolishly go against her alliance. Than you have Meg who I can’t see sending either Johny Mack or Jasson home. I can’t see any reason for any of the other guest to vote to eliminate John or Jasson against Audery. Any reason she gives to keep her is just as good for the other two

  6. Rita

    I think Audrey is going to self evict.

  7. Avatar

    This is one of the worst seasons I’ve seen. most of these people are clueless! these are supposed to be people who have watched and are big fans of big brother. they certainly don’t act like it! usually there is someone that I am pulling for to win but this year there is not a single person that I really care about.

    • jimbo

      The Double HOHs colluding make it too difficult to make big moves. They collude, then they are afraid to nominate because they could lose their noms on the BOTB.

  8. Avatar

    Yesterday just shows how Audrey’s style of play has completely backfired. With all of the lies she has told and rumours she has spread, nobody takes her completely seriously when she tells the truth. They listened briefly, then were convinced otherwise.

    I hope that 2 people outside the alliance win hoh this week. I wouldn’t necessarily call them floaters, they just aren’t in the circle of the alliance. You saw how Liz brushed off Jackie when she made an attempt to talk game. It’s a tough circle to break into at this point.

    But if 2 of them win hoh, and put up the alliance, then that bit of excitement of a possible power shift will happen.

  9. Avatar

    I just don’t understand why people want to keep Liz / Julia in the house. do they not realize that keeping the twins is just bad play? it makes no sense! I guess part of my feeling that way is the fact that I just don’t like them. the whole twin twist was supposed to be a secret, another of Big Brothers failures in twists. instead, everybody in the house knows that Liz is a twin I also hate having to HOH’s. I also hate all these people coming into the house for visits. the show is just not as interesting as it used to be. I still like watching it but if I missed part of it or miss an episode it’s no big deal.

    • Avatar

      No question about it. The twins are an automatic alliance. A better twist should have been if the secret was discovered before week 4, then they would both be eliminated.

      I think CBS were really selective with this group. With some of the backlash they received over the last 2 or 3 seasons, I think they went with a less edgy cast. It may avoid pr problems, but the excitement isn’t there.

      Definitely pulling for John to get an hoh, and find a way to get to the end of this.

      Lets hope the alliance implodes soon !

  10. Avatar

    BB needs to listen to their viewers and change up a lot of things! This is the most clueless group of HG I’ve ever seen. Twists are always lame, but this year it seems as if BB is just going through the motions and not caring.

  11. Avatar

    This season is so bad that the only show I watch is the live eviction. All I do is come to this site to see who won HOH, who is nom. ect.

    • Avatar

      It’s too bad HBO don’t have a similar show of their own. They wouldn’t have to worry about offending any viewers, and they could basically film a show with limited editing and censorship.

  12. jimbo

    Audrey gets annoying, but she was the only one with balls (sorry) to challenge the other side. It would have made the season possibly fun again. So I give her credit. Its annoying seeing them get all self-righteous that Audrey DARED challenge them. The double HOHs and BOTB has to go. If one of the floaters would win a single HOH (like the old days), they could put up Shelli and Clay, or Vanessa and Austion, or Austin and Liz — and CHANGE the game. The Double HOHs just collude and there is never any major shakeup. Is BB too dumb to see this?

  13. Clangley

    I got bored and watched some of BB season 1. Wow how things have changed!!! I had forgot what the 1st season was like until I watched it again on youtube.

  14. Sweet Bee

    I hope two people who are not in the six person alliance wins HOH this week. Some one who would put up Shay(Shelli & Clay). I think the only people who would be willing to do that is maybe Jackie or James. I want to see Shelli and Clay freak out a little bit. This season is getting boring.

    My perfect noms for next week would be:

    Shelli & Vannessa
    Clay & Austin

    Now, that would be entertaining. ???

    • Avatar

      sounds good but even if a floater is hoh it would really have to have 2 floaters hoh, one is not enough and then they would really need to work together as if one wants to be in with the “power” group they could easily throw the comp. So one floater hoh puts up sheli and clay the other side just has the comp thrown…BOTB is ruining imo…BB…….

    • Sweet Bee

      In my hypothetical perfect week, my two HOH floaters would be Jackie & James because, like mentioned before, I think they would be the only people to follow through.
      As for battle of the block in my hypothetical perfect week, I would want Shelli and Vanessa put up by, ummm lets say Jackie. And I want James to put up Clay and Austin. And if that happened I wouldn’t really cared if one team did throw it, it would still be entertaining to watch and I wouldn’t mind anyone of them going home.
      Say one of them gets and uses the veto? Back door Liz. Boom. Talk about targeting the big alliance. That would be great. But like I said it’s all hypothetical. Just wishful thinking. ?

  15. Avatar

    As much as I would luv to see the floater rally and go after the Sixth Sense it wont happen. They are not organized and do not play like they care about anything, just gripping they are going up…well do something. I guess status quo until the floaters are eliminated then it will get interesting to see who goes after who in the Sixth Sense…I predict Austin will be the first to go out of that group since they think he can not be trusted.

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