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Big Brother 17 – Becky Is Still Fighting



Note – I am going to have a live update thread going on later today. I have declared this an emergency beach day as it’s 90 degrees here (I know people down south are like.. woah, that cold?).  However, I wanted to update on the developments last night before I went. 

When Liz won the HoH, it seemed absolutely certain that Becky was screwed. Barring a power of veto win, you could have chalked her up to going to jury next Thursday night. However, something strange happened around 2:50am or so on the feeds.

Becky was up in the room with Austinizia and had a real honest talk with them, completely exposing Vanessa’s game thus far this season. And unlike Vanessa’s method of just saying it over and over until people believe it, Becky backed up her argument with week by week examples of how Vanessa has been loyal to only one person this season – herself.  It was quite fascinating listening to her explain it while using cereal as a diagram.



(in the picture, blue = Austinizia. Yellow = Shay and Vanessa. the top two are floaters John and Steve.  The red are James, Becky, Jason, Jackie and Meg)

The way she described it was that the red felt the yellow and blue were going to throw grenades at each other, but instead they started throwing them at red. Things started changing when Vanessa (Y) and Jackie (R) won HoH together. Jackie said that she wanted Liz out of the game, and this was the week before Julia was set to enter (note: Becky counted both twins as they knew they existed and Julia was going to enter, despite only 1 being in the house at the time). Vanessa liked the idea and they quickly arranged a plan to make it happen by putting the ‘All American Team’ of Clay (Y) and Becky (R) up against Liz (B) and then one of the remaining reds who were to throw it. That ended up being James.

When Liz basically won the Botb by herself, Becky pointed out how upset James was by it. The room was like ‘oh wow, you’re right. He seemed unhappy to win and be safe’. Becky then pointed out now with Clay vs Becky on the block, Vanessa quickly distanced herself from the group and pulled a whining act of how she’s been treated.

Needless to say. Becky’s brilliant talk with the trio really opened their eyes to Vanessa’s game. The big question this week is – will it matter?  Liz doesn’t sound like she wants to make a big move, but they do like the idea of getting out Vanessa. So, if they work on keeping Becky safe, they know they’ll have someone in the house who will be more than happy to do their dirty work there. Becky will also probably request that her two allies remain in the house, so she has something to fall back on, which is bad news for Steve and John.

I don’t know who they’ll put up today, but I have a feeling it will be either two pawns, or a pawn and a throwaway person (someone they don’t mind leaving assuming the veto doesn’t work right).  Either way, with this news to the group, Becky is clearly not going out without a fight, and Vanessa is certainly going to have to keep working her butt off if she wants to win this game.

Be back in a few hours with some live updates!


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  1. Jannie

    Becky, Becky, Becky…
    Who knew she would emerge from the shadows to be a great game player.
    A few weeks ago I thought she was a rat for running to Shay with all of the dirt.
    But she has proven herself to be a gamer and I hope she can pull off the impossible – get Austwit to turn on Vanessa.
    While I am entertained by Vanessa’s hectic gameplay, watching the calmness of Becky, James and Meg’s rational thinking(especially their abilities to talk Steve down), are great. I actually think part of Steve’s worries are caused by Vanessa and he may be able to think more clearly by aligning with James and Co.

    I also read last night that Austwit has decided that it is a good thing to work with James and Co.

    And, of course, Dizzy Liz has to be spoon fed all of the info on any kind of plan or strategy.

    How did that moron win the HOH??

  2. Avatar

    An Entire week of Liz and Austin in the HOH room, oh what a slow and painful week coming. The Austwins better wise up, Vanessa is playing 2-3 moves ahead of their right now whats happening game play and will eat them alive. Becky and Jmac in serious trouble this week and goofy Steve playing secret agent for Vanessa playing buddy to them and reporting back to Vanessa. Anyone notice how Vanessa just keeps going from player to player constantly, only Becky she is not really talking with now. This should wake up the entire house but the clowns patrol is in charge and Vanessa is about to start popping their balloons.

  3. Avatar

    I just hope they listen to Becky and don’t let Vanessa’s machinations take over.

  4. Renee

    In order for this plan to work successfully they have to go back to the buddy system they started when Becky was HOH. Don’t let anyone be alone with Vanessa, especially Steve. Their best bet would be to make sure that at least 1 or the Austwins group and 1 from the James & Co. were with Vanessa at all times. That way both sides can hear what she is saying to whomever she is trying to hypnotize at the time.

  5. danmtruth

    Need to update my scorecard depth chart please bear with me I also ask for any correction
    Team alliances
    HOH: Liz target – moving ? Not sure who she is listening too
    Ally 1 Julia no target ,suspicious of Austin would not mind seeing him gone Big influence is Vanessa
    Ally2 Austin target confused is he loosing influence with Liz to Vanessa weakness love of fame feelings for Liz I that Order
    (T/v) Vanessa does she still control the twins is there anyone in the house she has not made a deal with is she trying to keep JMack close just to backstabbing him
    (T/v) Steve has rain man gone back to mother like Norman bates ready to kill for her because no one understands him like Vanessa does
    (Team dumb goblins d/g)
    (D/g) James looking to be used to stay another week Is this what he learned in prison ? How to bend over and take it with a smile
    (D/g) Meg no need to get her drunk now just looking to survive
    Team grinders t/g
    Becky Hail Mary pass can the truth set her free Or were the color cereal to confusing for Austin and the twins. Sad part is they were their for 70% of what Becky is explaining and they are still amazed it’s Vanessa or bust
    (T/G) JMack foot soldier for so much for the sick group will it count for anything
    So are we left with a bunch of 2 people alliance except for Austin and the twins Is my clif notes ready or did I fall short in the logic potion of the test

  6. Sweet Bee

    Vanessa is driving me vaNuts.
    I think it’s ironic how she cries and rants about honesty when she’s the only person in the house who is not being honest about who she is. She doesn’t even NEED to win Big Brother because she’s a millionaire. To her, it’s all about control and manipulation. It would be truly glorious if Liz did target her. But judging by the theme of this season, the houseguest are going to make the stupidest choice possible.

  7. danmtruth

    How many plans that were made Sat and Sun blew up befor wend.

  8. Avatar

    What happened to the so called Freaks and Geeks alliance and why hasn’t CBS given them any airtime?

  9. Avatar

    Becky seemed extremely pissed off when she cast her vote to evict Meg. Anyone know what that was about?

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