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Big Brother 17 – Who Are You And What Have You Done With Becky Live Updates



On Thursday night, when Becky was just about to win the HoH, I said this will be a defining moment for her.  Her “shit or get off the pot” week where she chooses a path and lets it be known. She really didn’t have any other options, so she essentially had to choose between being a floater/lackey for Shelli and crew, or stay with the alliance she’s been bonding with.

Well, she has made her choice, and has been absolutely glorious about it. This is not the same Becky who has been a shadow in the house for the first 50 days. This Becky is showing her intelligence, leadership and desire to make her mark in this Big Brother season.  It’s quite impressive, and it is certainly forcing me to get rid of Becky as a verb. While it was fun to describe the plain, boring days as Becky days, I’ll have to think of a new thing for her.

Last night around midnight, Vanessa started to make her rounds and do her thing. She knows she is in trouble, but Becky handled her like a pro and told her whatever she wanted to hear. Needless to say, tomorrow’s PoV meeting could be quite entertaining.


As far as today, I expect a relatively quiet day, so I’m going to sneak off to the beach (maybe, depending on weather). If something happens, I’ll update on twitter, so make sure you’re following me there.  When I return, I’ll be updating this thread with live updates.


  • 4:30pm – Back from the beach. Was a nice day to get away.  Not much happened in the house, although they did get an inflatable pool shark which the girls had fun riding, and I’m sure the guy viewers had fun watching.
  • And I just realized that I had everything up until my 4:30 update all ready to go, yet failed to hit publish.  I was hoping you guys would be able to talk about the feeds while I was gone.  Sorry about that.  Just pretend my first few paragraphs were written a few hours ago
  • New drinking game. Take a sip of beer every time James or Austin say ‘brass tacts’ and you’ll be hammered in an hour
  • 4:50pm – Austin and James are grilling Julia about Steve. Apparently Steve thinks Julia has a crush on him and he doesn’t know how to handle it. Oh my.
  • Julia is getting upset “This mother f*cker thinks I like him, that’s not cool”… woah, easy.
  • 5:30pm – Liz sits Steve down in the hammock and lets him know that Julia is not into him like that.  Maybe Julia should do that to Austin for Liz
  • 6:00pm – They are mostly goofing off in the house. Boredom is seriously kicking in. I can’t wait until tomorrow with re-noms. I’m going to go watch the CBS episode

Check back for updates


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  1. Jannie

    Got home late last night and turned on the last hour of BBAD – Shelli running back and forth between Austin and Diz negotiating a deal for Austin to shave his face for Diz. Some of the worst television I have ever seen in my life. I’m starting to think that she does like him, but can’t admit it to the rest of the house, or her sister. Then the twin evils don their skimpy bikinis and head to the backyard to watch Austin flex…it was so horrible, like a car accident you just can’t stop looking at.

    Also starting to think that Vanessa has OCD – has she ever mentioned that to anyone?? I know that she takes meds, a few in the house do, but I would bet she has OCD.

    I would still rather see Shelli go than Vanessa. Vanessa is annoying in her behavior as far as gameplay, but Shelli is just annoying in her over all personality.

  2. Avatar

    Hope you had fun at the beach stevebeans! It was 104 degrees here today so chasing shade and a breeze was all I could handle.
    Hoping Vanessa goes out first Thursday night then Shelli right behind her in the DE! These HG know how to make up their own games and entertain themselves.

  3. Avatar

    I actually love James and Becky.

    I was unsure of Becky for a long while because I didn’t like her swinging back and forth.

    But, her friendship with Jackie sealed it with that side of the house.

    And all of the shady things that have gone down with Sixth Sense or shall we say non-sense, I can see why Becky decided to go with a group she felt more comfortable with. Plus, the James/Meg/Jackie crew actually included Becky in on things. Whereas, in Sixth Sense, Becky would’ve always been an outside, who is disposable.

    Becky has a seemingly great POV speech planned for Van that will blow her game up, and reveal how Van was quick to throw Shelli under the bus.

  4. Sweet Bee

    When will we find out the replacement nom?

  5. Avatar

    Watching the episode, I have to admit I was wrong about Becky all along!!! She has got her finger on the pulse of this game! I am loving the meg, jackie, james, and becky foursome!!! Let’s go underdogs!

  6. Avatar

    I’m starting to think that Becky and Johnny Mack combo will go very far in this game, if not win it! They both have the smarts, the physical ability, and the ability to see through B.S. I loved the way Becky shut Vanessa down. Then she kind of just sat there and didn’t know what to say, as if….what the hell….someone I can’t manipulate to further my game? How dare she?

    • Avatar

      Yes! It was awesome!

      Vanessa was speechless. Then, had the nerve to badmouth Becky in the diary room, saying that Becky is not playing the game.

      So, if you’re not a blind puppet, then by Van’s definition, you have no gameplay?

      Puh-leeeeze. Sit down some where, Van. Have a seat, as a replacement nominee!

  7. Alda

    This is getting good now!Who would have thought Becky had it in her.Seeing Vanessa backdoored will be epic!They better have security on standby.Afterall,how dare they do that to her when she has played with such “INTEGRITY and HONESTY”this whole game!!NOT!

  8. Avatar

    Been following this blog for 3 season now…love it here! First time commenting.

    Although it seems this is not the feeling of many here, I have been a fan of Vanessa’s since the beginning. I know she can be annoying at times, but I have been really impressed with her ability to stay a few steps ahead of everyone, figure things out before they happen, and piece together information and I have not seen anyone else do that so far this season. Shelli has annoyed me since day 1. She has an entitled arrogance about her that really rubs me the wrong way. For that reason, I hope she goes home Thursday, but I also acknowledge that it would be a smarter move for the house to get Vanessa out. One reason I do not want Vanessa to go is because she has been playing her butt off and I can’t stand when two floaters make it to the end (ex. BB15 when Andy and GinaMarie were the F2). I like when two deserving people make it and I think Vanessa has played hard. Even though I like their personalities, it would be a shame to see someone like Meg, Jackie, or JMack make it to the end. I really like those three and are entertained by them, but so far they haven’t done anything but skate by. Just my two cents.

    • Jannie

      Dani, I agree with you 100%.
      Would love to see Shelli out, followed by Liz.

      I don’t want Vanessa to win, she has enough money and has traveled the world, but she does deserve to make it to at the final 6. Her game is frenetic, but at least she is playing it and has been since the beginning, when most of the others thought they were at summer camp.

    • jimbo

      I disagree about her gameplay. She could have been a Derrick, but her ADHD style over getting into everything and causing problems where there was no need, make her a weak Derrick-wannabe. Derrick was good because he ran things and nobody realized it till the end. Going after Jason was dumb, letting the twins enter the game was dumb, making issues out of Jeff (who even cared about him?!) when that was unnecessary was dumb, and on and on.

    • jimbo

      Jackie was one of the first to see through Vanessa’s BS, so I give her credit, and JMac doesn’t appear to be floating (and Becky either) anymore. Youre only a Gina Marie if you play it clueless the whole time. You cant say that about those people, and it certainly is too early to say that. When Vanessa/Shelli were controlling everything due to the stupid BOTB (Damn it is great it’s gone!), you can’t expect Jmac, Jackie etc to try to make hay out of nothing…they needed a chance.

    • Avatar

      I’ve had the same thoughts as both of you, But who is to say that sitting back and letting the more aggressive players show themselves first and take out other players is not good game. James and Becky have amazed me the last two weeks (so far, unless Becky does something stupid before Thursday).

    • Avatar

      Hi Dani! Welcome! I agree with Van being an intelligent person who is playing hard. She has no finesse though.

      Because the game has changed and players are more knowledgeable about backstabbing/back-dooring, for certain people, due to their relationships/lack of relationships, it is smarter to observe quietly in the background, to get the lay of the land. Playing hard is necessary too, but with finesse, which Van seems to lack at this point. Playing hard is about timing too, not too soon or too late.

      Its like being at a gun fight:

      Trigger happy folks shoot. (Jace, Van, Audrey)
      Some shoot back openly. (James)
      Some shoot back far away like a sniper. (Becky)
      Some get caught in the line of fire (Jason, Jeff, Day).
      Some take cover. (Jackie)
      Some play dead. (Meg, J-Mac, Steve)
      Some are confused by the sound of gunfire and think its fun-filled firecrackers. (Austwins)

      Most of these strategies will fail and only two lucky survivors will leave with any real cash $50k or $500k.

    • Avatar

      Forgot to mention Shelli.

      She’s the type of player that thinks she owns the damn saloon and guns.

  9. Painter1

    Watched tonight’s show and have to laugh about Becky when she said she could handle Vanessa because she worked Black Fridays before LMAO. Had me laughing for a while.

  10. jimbo

    The twins are really bitches…I really don’t know how to better put it. Amazing that, courtesy of Vanessa/Shelli, they were ushered into the house. Like I’ve said a zillion times, you will see Austin and the twins begin to be a force just due to pure numbers. The twins actually make you think Austin isn’t so bad in comparison. That’s a feat.

    • Jannie

      Right. I’m really afraid that they are going to get to the end…at least two of them.
      The twins are so annoying – all they do is whine and contribute nothing to the game.
      If you really think about it, Austin and the twins are becoming the floaters of the game.
      They need to go.

    • Avatar

      I agree they need to break up the twins, but Vanessa and/or Shelli need to go first. I don’t think either one of them alone are that much of a threat as long as the others in the house are onto their game. The twins should be next.

    • Avatar

      Once Vanessa is gone, I’m not sure how much of a force the trio will be. On Sunday’s show, one of the twins even said that Vanessa is like a mother to them ( authority figure or leader).

      Additionally, the numbers are starting to sway in the havenots’ favor.

      The next hoh is so important for both sides.

      I think James, Jackie and John can fight well for it.

      Interestingly, if Steve wins hoh, he will gun for Becky, and weaken the havenots.

    • jimbo

      But I see the rest of the house being in flux, changing sides here and there each week. Austin and the Twins seem solid…you can’t, unfortunately, underestimate that.

  11. Jannie

    Oh dear Lord, the twins’ mother bought them both new boobs for graduation. They had the choice between a trip to Europe and new boobs and they both took the boobs. And then Liz says…”so the silicone ones are just water, right!”

    What a couple of boobs.

  12. Avatar

    I get nervous when HG think they have everything planned out and it’s going to go their way. The only good thing is Shelli is on the block so they can eliminate her if needed. Haven’t seen Vanessa working on Steve to not use the veto which surprises me. She’s terrified she’s going up so I thought that would have been her first mission.

  13. danmtruth

    So much has hapend . Yes Stevebeans you can no longer use Becky as a verb. She has played well to get to this point. Not sure of her confiding in Shelli about the Vanessa Backdoor plan. But it does seem to be working. Interesting that both Banessa and Shelli had info vital to the other . Yet chose not to tell there “closest ally” in the game. Nice loyalty by both.
    Painter1 yes the Black Friday line was golden ! That was classic . Tells me Becky does have an idea how to size people up and let them hear what they want to hear. That’s why I don’t like this floater tag being put on people so quickly. Just because we don’t see what game they are p,aging right off. Does not mean they are not into the game . Steve knows the longer the game goes the more memorie games come up.
    The twins choosing breast implants over a trip to Europe tells you all you need to know about these two. They give bimbos a bad name. Have fun Austin . I’m sure at the end Austin will say it was all an act and he never cared about Liz. It will be interesting when they talk to Austins girlfriend .
    Great call on saying Shelli has this entitlement aditude . She is what the twins stove to be . Fake boobs,fake hair,fake smile. Shelli is now using Clay being gone as a poor pitiful me . Looking for sympathy from the others. All the time hoping to get farther in the game .
    Vanessa played a hard dangerous game . She tried to cause drama to put targets on other people. It Finaly came back to bite her. Derrick great thing from last year . He was always able to get other people thinking it was there plan to eliminate someone. When in fact it was Derrick who wanted someone gone. Vanessa has been too heavy handed.
    Back to floaters . This season to me the only person you can say is a true floater is Meg. Yet she still is playing a social game .

  14. Avatar

    Today’s Veto Ceremony has the possibility of being one of the most dramatic ever.

    I cannot wait for Wednesday’s and Thursday’s episodes to see the shock on Vanessa’s face, and then watch it twist into such a furious anger that can make Amanda & Evil Dick look like the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus.

    Watching a house flip is one thing. watching an almost perfect backdoor is what makes this show enjoyable.

    The strategies, alliances, the absolute certainty that someone is safe, when they are the number 1 target.

    Fun times my online friends, fun times.

    • Avatar

      AAAAAhhhh!! dmc very well said!! I can’t wait to see her face either!! Priceless. A backdoor as good as this one puts Becky in the winner’s circle – maybe not the winner – but final 3.

      I also agree with Colby above – floating is almost necessary for the first several weeks of BB to see where everyone’s alliances are, their personality disorders, their loyalties – otherwise you put a quick target on your back by playing too hard. You want to lay low – and then come in with a vengeance when the time is right! Go James, Becky, JMac, Meg, and Jackie!!

      Because I feel like I’m watching Mean Girls – I love seeing the underdogs rise UP!!!

    • Avatar

      Plus having an alliance just for the sake of numbers is not enough in BB. The best alliances are the ones in which the players actually trust (as much as one can trust in BB).

      Sixth Sense has too many of its internal factions battling one another to withstand:

      Whereas, the other side with James/Meg/Jackie/Becky…they actually formed a tight-knit bond.

      And now, maybe J-Mac will lean that way

      Not sure about Steve at the moment.

    • Avatar

      ReadyHeady: Yes, starting the game being the alpha dog can only set of everyone’s spidey senses: get rid of that player, they are too strong.

      Johnnj, Becky, James, possibly even Steve have some really favorable qualities to get them far, but as mentioned before, they looked floaters because the other side was winning all the comps.

      BB – your’r right. Look at last year. There was a pretty large group alliance, but there wasn’t very much talk of split off alliances except for Derrick & Cody. Yes, Derrick talked game with everyone, and made deals with everyone, but they all gravitated around him. I don’t recall the rest of the alliance splitting up in 4 or 5 different ways like the 6th sense are.

      It’s funny, from week 1, I called Vanessa to be the winner, and Shelli to was my favorite. Now I am hoping that Vanessa gets destroyed, and Shelli is poison to me. Go Becky & Johnny ! That would be great. Meg is cute and bubbly, and I am glad for her that she made it to jury, but she hasn’t earned top 5 that’s for sure.

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