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Big Brother 17 Meg Flower Child

Big Brother 17 – Day 2 of Vacation Blogging

Big Brother 17 Meg Flower Child


This spotty motel wifi connection is killing me!  It’s killing me, Jerry (Seinfeld reference). I can say right now, my next update will not be until I get home tomorrow because every time I try to use the internet on my laptop, it freezes and I nearly throw my computer out the window.

Not your concern.  You are wondering what is going on inside the Big Brother house.  Is operation ‘Save the Day’ a success? Will I have officially cursed Meg by putting her on top of my power rankings? And how are they handling the Liz situation.

First things, first. Da’Vonne. Operation ‘Save the Day’ does not appear to be going as smoothly as it is in her head She has certainly been working on the votes throughout the day, but as she does this, the bond between Austin/Vanessa/Clay/Shelli/Audrey grow. Why is that bad?  Austin and Vanessa were two of the very few options Da’Vonne actually had for votes.  While they were not ever realistic votes, they were most possible than say Audrey or Clay.


As I write this, Da’Vonne thinks she secured Vanessa’s vote, but Vanessa pretty much then went in the other room and told her alliance that she’s not voting out Meg. However, Meg shouldn’t be taking a big sigh of relief just yet because her name has been coming up more and more as someone who needs to go sooner rather than later.  In fact, after Da’Vonne, it sounds like Jason, James and Meg may be the next 3 targets if any of those 5 (4, excluding Shelli) win HoH.

Audrey still has a lot to worry about simply because she’s still a major target in the house, and her little 5 person alliance isn’t even remotely strong enough to save her should someone else win HoH.

As far as Liz, I haven’t heard a whole lot about her.  I do know most of the house apparently knows about her being the twin, but she doesn’t seem to know. As I’m not able to actually watch the feeds, I’m going by what I read through various places, so it is entirely possible I’m wrong and everyone is aware of the twin by now. Perhaps someone in the comment section can clarify this aspect for me, because I really don’t feel confident saying for certain one way or another.

So, that appears to be the house in a nutshell. As I mentioned at the beginning, I will be home tomorrow. It’s been a fun vacation and I even went horseback riding for the first time in my life. My one hour on the horse made me wonder how old timers were ever able to breed. Let’s just say, the first time the horse decided to trot, it was not a pleasant feeling down below.

Too much info, I know. Rambling done. See you guys tomorrow!


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  1. Avatar

    And this is the difference between BBCAN, and BBUSA!!! BB Canada would have given Da’Vonne a power to remove herself off the block, and name someone else! BB USA gives Day the power to cancel 3 votes only, which isn’t going to do a doggone thing for her?! Day just has Jason in the game, one mistake that Day made was not giving a pass to Shelli (ick) to save her last week, she gave it to Liz.

  2. ChiKelz

    I watched BB After Dark and I must say it was nice to see Day trying to fight! I still think she talks too much, but at least she is trying. If she pulls it off; Thursday will be a great show!

    • Avatar

      Hi ChiKelz…
      It’s 7:22 PM, California time, and Day via Jokers Updates has all but thrown in the towel…It is so sad, “now” Shelli regrets her nomination of Day, & wishes she had put Audrey up?! Smdh…

  3. Avatar

    Steve, yeah, the entire house knows about Liz/Julia. It’s not even a whispered secret anymore. They openly ponder how often they switch, physical differences, etc etc.

    Day figured it out and she confided in Jason. She then let Jason tell the entire house out by the memory board. Which is actually a pretty selfless thing for Day to do because it helped Jason build goodwill with the rest of the house setting himself up well for after Day leaves.

  4. Avatar

    I for one hope that Da will be gone this week. She blew her game up by serving too much attitude and demanding an apology for something that she herself instigated. It feels like a set up for her to have one the Kathy Griffin twist since Kathy said she was a fan of Da’s Texas Gal…

    • Avatar

      Completely agree Jan! Da’ got into an argument with Clay (over nothing), Clays closest ally won HoH. She had at least one real chance to save herself with POV and this weeks twist has gone in her favor. She deserves to go home if she can’t get the votes.

  5. Avatar

    Steve sorry about your horse riding saddle pain..trying to be nice lol..Da has to go yay but yes everyone knows about Liz/Julia. Da is trying hard from everything I have been able to find..but she is delusional. Glad you are back tomorrow cause you are my one stop B.B. fix.

  6. Avatar

    I am so over this season’s showmance already! Clay is such a jerk, and shelli just blindly follows him! Day did nothing to deserve being put up, especially when the whole house was gunning for audrey.

    • Avatar

      Exactly I’m still tuna make sense of it

    • Avatar

      It’s all related to the dust-up that Clay had with Day a week ago or so. Basically when Day was wandering the house memorizing things and Clay had Jeff (I think?) watch her to see what she was doing.

      Clay knew Day would never trust him again, and convinced Shelli that by extension she wouldn’t trust her either, so they had to get rid of her.

      So did Day do anything? No. Are they pre-emptively getting rid of someone that’s likely to gun for them? Yeah. Perfectly legit strategy that’s used dozens of times every season.

    • Avatar

      Oh come one! It’s obviously racially motivated! They could have picked on any one else, but no, they go for the black woman. How petty. I’m so over Shelli and Clay, they are afraid of Day as potential big player but Day doesn’t win competitions and she isn’t playing an amazing social game like Meg.

      There are bigger fish to fry (like Aubrey, duh!) but no, they chose some one they thought would they could take out and everyone would be okay with it. I’m sick of CBS and their racist casting! No black person has one BBUSA ever and they only but one black girl in and think that’s okay? smdh..

      • Avatar

        I’m not tryna pull the race card exactly but something ain’t right clay was acting like day was gonna steal. Because she black clearly he was racially stereotyping

  7. AIO_7

    I have a question: Does the rest of the house know that DaV. gets to nullify 3 votes?

    Either way, the vote nullifying “twist” will only re-enforce voting with the house in future votes.

    • ChiKelz

      I don’t think so; not as of last night! Last night Da was acting as if she didn’t know who gets to nullify the votes. At one point a few of them seem to think Jeff had that power. Remember, Da has a big mouth so she may have said something today!

  8. Sweet Bee

    I wish there was a better showmance than Clay & Shelli this year. She just follows him around like a love sick teenager. And to make matters even more awkward, Clay looks just like Shelli’s twin brother, Lance.

    But on a brighter note; I read an article that stated Hayden and Nicole are still dating.

    • AIO_7

      They do look alike, beside the fact that she looks about 10 years older than Clay.
      Plus, her teeth are way too big for her mouth. I’d imagine deep kissing with her would feel like having a beaver in your mouth.

    • Avatar

      I think it’s pretty useless to go on BB for the romance thing. With a few exceptions, it puts a large target on the back, and risk going home early. They should be there to win, not to just meet someone for a couple of months.

  9. CLangley

    @A10_7 thanks for making me spit my tea out laughing from your comment. Lmao!!!!

  10. Avatar

    I understand it’s a legitimate strategy until you take into account the fact that day went to shay and told them in front of the whole house that AUDREY created the mistrust between them. She was willing to forgive and forget, but clay is such a toolbag who is butthurt that Mama Day yelled at him that he has to get het out of the house. It isn’t a good strategy to get rid if someone who has basically no allies and very little chance of winning comps.

  11. Avatar

    I hope this season will pick up. I can’ t seem to get into it. I must not be the only one many people from last season isn’t here on the blog, yet. Time will tell.

  12. Avatar

    Shaymack, I know this had to be an autocorrect, but “Exactly I’m still tuna make sense of it” made me bust a LOL. And Ronnie’s follow up post saying “There are bigger fish to fry” …. ahhhhh so funny!

    Meanwhile… I still don’t care about any of these people, other than that dentist needs to either stop yelling or go home. Seriously, do the producers encourage that??? You’d think they could say dude, tone it down, let’s just chat…. obviously they want him to be shouting in the diary room.
    Also, I don’t see how Liz and her twin are hot. Yes, they have nice boobs, although I’m not sure they are real. And I’m a straight woman, so maybe I just don’t see what the guys see. I see lopsided eyes and big noses and teeth. Then again, I don’t see why anyone is hot for Channing Tatum, either.

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