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Big Brother 17 – Endurance Competition Thread!



Last week, I missed the competition because I was attending the live show, but the Big Brother gods are giving me a gift this week with a back-to-back endurance competition.  This week, it is the slip and slide one, so it should take an hour or so.

There are 3 options to choose from once you get your ball out:

  • HoH
  • $5,000
  • Never Not

If you choose HoH, the game ends.  If someone chooses a prize, the game continues until someone gets HoH.  Julie said the same person can win all 3, which makes me wonder if the winner WILL win all 3 unless it’s a close one.  I don’t think they’re going to empty the buckets.


I’m rambling, you’re probably wondering how the comp is going, and the feeds are up… before I begin:

They’re free!  Well, for a few days. Then, they’re super cheap!


  • 7:10pm – James mentions Becky and Julia. I didn’t see the buckets yet, but I assume he was saying who was in the lead
  • Becky does appear to be in the lead with about 1/4 full.  Julia is indeed close.
  • Jackie is about hitting 1/4
  • bb17-endurance2
  • 7:20pm – Still going slowly. Julia and Becky are neck and neck. The others aren’t too far behind (except Meg), so any drop off and someone else can pass
  • Julia took a big spill, that may slow her down…
  • bb17-endurance4
  • 7:30pm – Becky still in the lead it looks like.  She’s about 1 notch below half
  • The camera angles are not very good for telling who is officially leading…
  • 7:40pm – I’m pretty sure Becky is in the lead.  John is a notch below her. Jackie 2 notches. Julia about 1.5 behind.
  • bb17-endurance6
  • For the record, it’s Steve, Meg, Austin, Shelli, Jackie, John, Becky, Julia, Liz, and Vanessa from front to back
  • 7:50pm – Becky is beyond the halfway mark.
  • James: “It’s so quiet you can hear a mouse piss on cotton”

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  • 8:00pm – Becky’s competition to lose right now
  • bb17-endurance7
  • Now, discuss… who will Becky nominate?  It’s time for her to pick a side. Is she with James, or is she going to be reporting back to Shelli?  This week will be Becky’s ‘shit or get off the pot’ week.
  • bb17-endurance8
  • Becky’s ball
  • 8:15pm – Feeds cut, they return to Becky talking about her hospital bills being down to 7k, so she will likely take the 5k first.  I’m not 100% sure what happens after she takes it.  Can she just run back, grab another ball and take the havenot pass too?  She has a large lead
  • 8:25pm – Becky is a few minutes away from winning.  Will keep you posted. She will probably take all 3 prizes
  • 8:30pm – And we have a winner:
  • Becky took all 3 prizes with ease.  Congrats to her!

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  1. Avatar

    This season is weird for me. Usually I have a favorite and I stick with them till the end. This season its all over the place. I think I might just settle on John… I don’t think he will do something that makes me frowny face, but I really would like to see him win an HoH soon.

    • Rita

      I feel the same way. I change favorites weekly.

      I hope people start to actually listen to John. The poor guy never gets to finish a sentence with these people. They are so busy talking at him about themselves. I can’t wait to hear a full paragraph come out of him.

  2. Avatar

    What the hell is with Meg ? It’s going to take her a week to complete this comp !

    • Jannie

      Apparently she had knee surgery last year…whatever, she is still worthless at any comp.

      Look at Becky. For crying out loud that girl got hit by a train…A TRAIN!! And she’s in the lead!

    • Avatar

      Oh…didn’t know that about Meg.

      Becky is rocking it for sure. Hope she puts up Vanessa / Shelli. That would be too funny after this crazy week.

    • Jannie

      Honestly, I have no idea what Becky will do – she has been such a floater that it will be interesting to see what she does. Think she knows that Steve can’t stand her?
      I sure hope she realizes that she is on the outside of the sixth sense and goes after them.

    • NKogNeeTow

      As I said on the last thread, Meg is as useless as a Eunuch in a whorehouse….nuff said….

    • Avatar

      No clue about Steve. Don’t get the feeds, and Becky isn’t a main character that the show focuses on.

      It’s obvious that she’s tried to secure herself to both sides of the house. Now she has to choose the havenots or the sixth sense.

      I hope she chooses the havenots. A Shelli Liz nomination would be fun with a take Liz down, and backdoor Vanessa twist.

  3. Avatar

    John is slowly turning into Bobcat Goldthwait.

  4. danmtruth

    Who in there right mind would take no have not instead of HOH ?

  5. Avatar

    Please pull out a win Jackie

  6. Avatar

    I would like to see shelli play out revenge but, go Johnny Mack!

  7. Avatar

    She’s not naive, she’s on to Vanessa. She is also the only one who will not nominate James.

  8. Avatar
    Chandler Kammerer

    It would be weird but interesting to have two people neck and neck and when someone is clearly about to win the person behind them asks to get their ball and get a prize first so it’s not wasted. (It would be even crazier if they then snuck to get the hoh instead)

  9. Avatar

    Time to shine Becky…push it

    • Avatar

      Who do you think she would nominate ? She is playing both sides.

      It would keep her safe for a little while to nominate a havenot, but she must know that she would be the outsider in the sixth sense.

      But if she nominates 2 members of the sixth sense, they will be gunning for her.

    • Avatar

      Becky wins have not, $5000 & HOH, everyone else empty handed Becky wins have not, $5000 & HOH, everyone else empty handed

  10. Avatar

    Would Becky just be a puppet? I’d like to see more of JohnnyMac if she wins.

  11. danmtruth

    Becky and Jackie both have ball in hand . Make pact Becky takes the money Jackie wins. Turns to Shelli and says time to get used to that nomination seat . Vanessa you can plan on being by her side
    First Becky and Jackie need to win

  12. pkcable

    Would be so interesting to see Becky win, a wild card. What would she do? Who would she put up? It’s anyone’s guess!

  13. Avatar

    ….Jon Stewart finale ….catch up with BB a bit later ….he will be missed

  14. Avatar

    If I was Becky id take the 5000 and let the others fight out the week

  15. Avatar

    Julie said one person could possibly win all three prizes…. GO BECKY GO!!!!

  16. Avatar

    Wow! Wonder what Becky will do?!? Hopefully she’s caught onto Vanessa…I think being on the block really scared her! I just really hope she don’t let them turn her into a puppet! James set the bar high this week!

  17. Avatar

    Are the twins beside one another? Liz should be filling up Julia’s ball and take the win. They are already a target, don’t think it would hurt them anymore.

  18. Avatar

    Becky wins have not, $5000 & HOH, everyone else empty handed Becky wins have not, $5000 & HOH, everyone else empty handed

  19. Colby

    Yay, Becky! Just please don’t let Shelli and Vanessa get in your head this week. I think there is a chance she might not since she decided (or said she did) this week that she was going with the have-not side, plus knowing Vanessa would target Jmac. I hope she has wised up. But Vanessa and Shelli are dangerous players and play the mental end of things really well. So I guess we will see. And the fact that she has now has won 10K makes her a huge target.

    • Avatar

      Becky puzzles me. She is running back and forth between the house and I don’t see how that strategy can benefit her game. Or maybe I can see it…but just don’t like it. HA! It reminds me of that redheaded guy, Andy. He won, right?

      At this point, Becky handing her HOH week over to Van/Shell and the Sixth Sense would be so dumb because they’d pick her off later, when she is disposable to that alliance.

      In fact, she is not even a Sixth Sense member, is she? Unless, they recruit her now that Clay has been evicted. Then Becky becomes an additional number for that alliance. Maybe then, it would be a good move for Becky…especially if she can continue to win comps.

      Now that I rethink this, I am actually rooting for Becky. She’s on her own island, and no one suspects her, yet they all trust her. That is good gameplay.


    • Jannie

      She is not a member of the six and I know that she has heard James, Meg, and Jackie discuss their alliance(the six).
      I have no clue what she will do. Whatever happens, you can be sure that Vanessa and Shelli will be up her butt until the noms are out.

    • Avatar

      I just read on Jokers that Becky and Jackie were talking about noms and it seems that Van might be the target.

      Could it be?!

      That we actually have real lines drawn in the sand with a divided house?!

      The Sixth Sense are still the big gorilla in the house, but its nice to see a David/Goliath thing happening.

    • Jannie

      I just read that,too! Vanessa really deserves it. She went back on her word and sent Jason home(as HOH it really was ultimately her decision).
      And her loyalty to Shelli was another decision which went against James, the HOH. She got her way on that one also.
      Vanessa has been running this game to long – time for her to sweat.

    • Avatar

      You are so right about Vanessa.

      But if I were in the house, at the moment, wouldn’t it be wiser to separate another power couple like the twins/Austin? Because if they keep flying under the radar, each week the number of people left in the house decreases, which only increases the power of the three-headed snake.

      On the other hand, Van/Shell can be seen as a power duo too, so targeting them would be a big move as well.

    • Avatar

      That would be greaaattttt! Can you imagine the look on Vanessa’s face ? It would be priceless.

      Unless she is just playing Jackie. Nothing is definite, that is for sure, but we can hope !

    • Avatar


      You are right about the power couple thing: Liz Austin / Liz Julia.

      But I think Vanessa Shelli are stronger as a pair than the other three.

      Knock off Vanessa, then go after Liz, the common one binding Austin & Julia.

  20. Avatar

    Correct me if i’m wrong but i think i heard Austin say “i love you babe” in the last 3 min of the Live Show.

  21. Jannie

    I read that when the feeds came back after the HOH Shelli was crying and Vanessa was hugging

    Lordy, does everything have to be all about Shelli?

    • Avatar

      She caught a huge case of the “HOH-it is” because she was chilling in that HOH room for a long while when the game first started. So now, she is just feeling the heat like the other side of the house has been.

      On the flip side, Clay was such a nice person talking to Julie tonight. He honestly seems like a genuine person, outside of the game.

    • NKogNeeTow

      I’m not so sure about Clay being a nice person. When Julie asked him about that Meg thing, he quickly threw out there that Meg had “many” showmances in the house. Sounded like he was throwing shade to me. He almost made her sound slutish.

    • Avatar

      So true NKogNeeTow. He made her sound pretty cheap, after being pressed up against her and going for the boob kiss.

      Like Johnny said: ” it doesn’t look like they are trying very hard to seperate ! ”

      And really, who cares if she is having some fun ? What’s wrong with being young and wanting to enjoy yourself ? We only live once – make the most of it.

      Poor Clay. His ” morals ” are going to get him locked into something he isn’t prepared for. Did you see him hesitating when Julie was asking him about his future with Shelli? He’s in too deep over his head.

    • Avatar

      Good point! I had to re-watch Clay’s interview. That was definitely some shade!!!!!

      I wonder how far Meg would have taken her flirtation had Clay stayed.

  22. Avatar

    I clearly recall Beck running as fast as she could to warn Shelli and Clay, so I think she is loyal to Shelli. Oh well. Say goodbye to James, Me or Jackie.

  23. Sweet Bee

    Becky should target the twins & Austin.

    • Colby

      As much as I dislike them, I don’t think now is the time. The Shelli / Vanessa connection needs to be broken up first.

    • NKogNeeTow

      I completely agree Colby. So far, those mental midgets (Tweedle Dum and Dee, are only a threat to themselves. If brains were gunpowder, they couldn’t sneeze and hurt themselves). That new showmance (Shelli/Vanessa), needs to be separated first. And Asstin couldn’t win a comp if you walked up to him and put it in his lap.

  24. danmtruth

    Becky is talking with Jackie saying they can go ahead with there plan I think it is to put Meg up against Steve with a Backdoor plan to target Vanessa. Just wish they would follow james lead . No playing Backdoor games just nominate the two you want out Shelli and or Vanessa

  25. Jannie

    I read that, too!!
    Vanessa really needs to but put on the block.
    She has been running the house for too damn long.
    She, as HOH, ultimately controlled Jason’s eviction when everyone wanted Austin out, and she also is responsible for Shelli staying in the house.
    Put her up and let her sweat

  26. Mimi Ryan

    Please Becky, Nominate Shelli and get that girl out. I like Shelli, she’s a great player, but in the end, I really don’t want her to win. I guess I’m not such a “romantic” for the showmances in this game. I see it as a power play that tends to bully it’s way to the end. I would like to see Johnny Mac or even James win. I’ve really vacillated over the players all season as some have mentioned here as well. I like Vanessa, but again, she’s played hard and sometime not very well. I had such hopes to keep liking her in the game . . . . . but . . . .

  27. Avatar

    It is boring with vanessa, but she really is playing a good game. She only has one fault: she under estimates the other side of the house. Ya, ya, meg is stupid, but she isnt that stupid…. However, steve has got to be the victoria of this season. I love nerdy geeky guys! But steve is lame. They should get rid of him, for entertainment purposes!

  28. Painter1

    Anyone else love when Vanessa freaks out. PEOPLE ARE NOT LOYAL !!!!! She wants ANYONE with her to be a LOYAL pet and swear they will fallow blindly. She gets neurotic about it.

    • Avatar

      She is a total control freak, isnt she lol. She really knows how to cover her ass though.

    • Colby

      As I said in an earlier post, Vanessa is a drama queen. The drama she created this afternoon is to give her excuses to not honor deals, or if she does, an excuse to justify her decisions. But since she is not HOH lets hope Becky is on to her and will not let them (Vanessa and Shelli) get to her.

  29. NKogNeeTow

    I see Thumby the Troll is still going through the comments and thumbing down everybody.. Me thinks someone needs a hobby.

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