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Steve here,need to be brief. Posting on tablet. What a show. Much more about my trip tomorrow. I just wanted to post this…

If you want to watch the endurance comp for free… 

Sign up to the live feeds here

Ok now for Haley to take over… 

  • Steve went down first. Austin then followed.
  • Meg went down. Then Julia.
  • Want to see it for yourself? It’s free go here (1 week free trial)
  • And Jackie and Liz are out. Of course Austin runs to Liz to give her a big hug and congratulate her for falling.
  • Shelli is asking Clay if she can get down.
  • Becky is out.
  • Want to see it for yourself? It’s free go here/ (1 week free trial)
  • Clay is down.
  • I personally think Johnny Mac should win he deserves it the most in my opinion.
  • Its down to James, John, and Shelli! Who will win?
  • Want to see it for yourself? It’s freego here/ (1 week free trial)
  • 2 Hours Later Now
  • Shelli made a deal with James to not put up or backdoor her, Johnny Mac, or Clay. He accepted it.
  • James won HOH!
  • Even though it’s too late now still try 1 week free of brig brother live feeds! 🙂  go here             Good Night Everyone! Check on the other thread for some more live feed updates. Don’t forget to tune into Big Brother After Dark also at 1:00 am eastern time 10:00 pm central time. On your tv providers POP channel.

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  1. Avatar

    Steve, Austin, Liz, Meg – Out

  2. Avatar

    Possibly Julia , not Liz who is out

  3. Rita

    Big bad Austin down right after Steve. I cannot tell you how happy I am about that.

  4. Avatar

    What was with Julie’s face tonight? Did anyone else notice that she looked different?

  5. Sweet Bee

    Austin is a creepy delusional weirdo. I don’t like him or his alter ego. He’s just stupid.

    • Avatar

      Fruit loop dingus. Soooo awesome! Zack was my 2nd favorite player (not the best player) of all time. Will in season 1 was and is still my personal fav. Hope you go to Zack u tube site
      Super funny all the time.

    • Sweet Bee

      Yes Mikey, I loved Zack Attack. Fruit loop dingus has been my name on here since last year and I just haven’t felt the need to change it yet. I haven’t watched his youtube channel yet either, it’s something I’m going to have to check out. Thanks. If you were wondering, my name is Brandy. My friends call me Sweet B. I call myself fruit loop dingus. Ha.

    • ShoeLover

      I always giggle and think of Zach Attack when I see FruitLoop Dingus comment! Hope all is well!!! That’s awesome about the YouTube videos, gonna have to check them out!! And YES!!! Austin is so creepy creepy!!

  6. Avatar

    It’s down to John, James, and Selli!

  7. Sweet Bee

    Rooting for James or Johnny Mac! Boo you Shelli!

  8. danmtruth

    Need John to win Than flip Liz Austin, Julia It might get interesting between Liz and her sister over Austin Doesent seem like Julia thinks that much of Austin

  9. Bonnie D

    I can’t watch one more minute of Austin. So creepy and full of himself. What a waste of a player.

    Liz is a snotty little POS. Her goodbye to Jason showed her true colors. Have a great life evading your stalker.

    Bye bye Jason you were so much fun to watch and you so loved the game. Show will suck without you.

  10. Avatar

    Shelli makes deal with James not to back door her or clay and then jumps down.

    • Sweet Bee

      Oooh f*** that. I want them gone. Put them both on the block now that botb is gone.

    • Rita

      I bet that goes well with the others in the 6th sense alliance!

      But something tells me James will find a way to screw this up.

    • Jannie

      Hurray – So can he put them both up in the nomination ceremony?? That is (technically) not backdooring them.

    • Avatar

      That’s okay though…they still have Vanessa , Austin, and the twins to go after.

      No matter what, it’s a victory for the havenots. It’s a start. Pressure on the 6th sense for a week. Alliance will crack apart a bit. Loyalties will change.

    • Sweet Bee

      I honestly think James will do what Meg wants and Meg is out for blood right now. I think James winning was better than Johnny Mac winning(even though Jon is my fave) simply because of his love for Meg and he voted for Jason to stay which could mean he is just as pissed as Meg. I want Shelli and Clay put up or Austin and Liz. That way if someone wins power of veto they may have to save themselves over their showmance. Or vise versa(if you’re Austin).

    • Colby

      So, they lie, why shouldn’t he? Especially since he knows he is a goner if he doesn’t try to do something.

  11. Avatar

    I wonder if Vanessa heard the conversation where James promise not to backdoor Shelli/Clay. If not how will she react when she finds out.

  12. Bonnie D

    Alright James!!! Please send the grim reaper home.

  13. Avatar


    I hope he makes a big move and doesn’t allow Van to takeover his HOH.

    My only issue with James is that he has been up Clay’s tail… I hope the Jason blindside makes him grow a pair and now he sees the alliances that need to be attacked!

  14. Rita

    James should say “I made a deal with Meg before the HOH comp that she can control my nominations. Sorry Shelli, Clay and John.”

    • Jannie

      Perfect! And since when did Clelli ever keep their word to them? Screw ’em James. Although I really want to see Austin gone, Clelli is more of a comp threat.
      I hope Jackie/Meg control James this week. He isn’t the brightest bulb in the pack.

      Also would be nice to use this week to get Vanessa to turn on Clelli.

  15. Jannie

    On Jokers…
    Julia is upset that Austin is still in the house. She knows that Austin wanted her out to have Diz all to himself. Oh, please let this drive a wedge between Julia/Liz/Austin.
    Liz trying to do damage control but Julia isn’t buying it.

  16. Avatar

    I hope James puts Liz and Austin up…if julia gets pulled for veto she will save her sister

    • Jannie

      Screw the deal, James. Shelli is a huge comp threat…she needs to go.
      And she is the most annoying, phony person in the house.

      Also detest Diz. Her goodbye message to Jason was really rotten. ” have fun watching from your mom’s basement!” What a bitch.

  17. Avatar

    Don’t worry, folks. James will find a way to screw this up. I fully expect to see Johnny Mac and Steve on the block this week.

  18. Avatar

    Shelling and Clay go up. Unless one of them win pov, the pov isint used. Simple as that. Off to next week.

  19. NKogNeeTow

    What was my final straw with Jackie was that she was crying with Jason, before the voting and telling how much she wanted him to stay and how she’d do anything she can to make sure he stayed, because Chellie lied to her, then goes into the DR and votes him out. I swear I’m not prejudice, I’m beginning to hate them all equally…..well, maybe I hate Asstin just a smidge more 🙂

    • Jannie

      I’m sure Meg will figure that out. Why did Jackie vote out Jason? I know he thinks she is close with Becky, but she told Jason that he was better for her game.

      Austin is the worst. He claims he’s going to go all “Judas” on people and then he’s blubbering to Vanessa in the HOH. But I do want him to make it jury with Diz. Just to try and get with her every day. She deserves it. 🙂

    • Colby

      I think Jackie only voted as she did because she knew there was no chance saving him and wants/needs the other side to think they can trust her.

    • Jannie

      In other words, she took the coward’s way out.

    • Colby

      I hope not. I think she is trying to get info, just as they do. I think she has figured out she is toast unless they can change things up.

  20. NKogNeeTow

    Ok, I’m watching BBAD right now. And the more I see Asstin, the more I hate him. Did I mention I hate him? Am I going to Hell for this?

    • Jannie

      I’m watching too. How do you feel about Austin??
      Know that he will get what’s coming to him. He is a horrible game player. I can’t stand him either, or Diz…she “hates” everyone.
      But Clay and Shelli really drive me nuts. Good players, but make absolutely no attempt to hide the showmance. And they behave like a couple of silly 14 yr olds. Can’t wait until someone splits them up and the other goes nuts.

    • Avatar

      I really don’t like Austin. First, I hate tattoos, and his are just… ugly. He needs a shave and a haircut. Ick. He reminds me of a guy I went to college with — who followed another friend of ours around like a puppy dog, trying to win her over, convinced she was just pretending she didn’t love him back, when there was no chance in hell of her ever seeing him in any romantic way. I do think be-atch Liz is leading him on but he is being STUPID to base his whole game on a girl he barely knows! So stupid.

  21. NKogNeeTow

    ^5 Jannie, my sister from another mister…lol

  22. Avatar

    Get rid of Vanessa. I hate Austin as much as anyone, but there is no way he is going to win even if he does get down to the final 3. Vanessa is good at comps and a strategic player making her the biggest threat.

  23. Avatar

    I am hoping so much that surely James won’t waste his hoh on Steve or someone like that. PLEASE James, take out a big player and make some deals while u can!

  24. Avatar

    I agree with Colby. Put Shellie & Vanessa up. Hoping whoever wins POV leaves nominations as they are.

  25. Colby

    I see on Joker’s that just before they all went to bed at 7 or 8 this morning, James is in the kitchen talking to Jackie and Meg about ‘the plan’. They are telling him to be prepared for Shelli to cry. Does anyone here know what that plan is? Please fill us in.

  26. Jannie

    From what I can figure out on Jokers’, James means business. Looks like he is “going for a heavy hitter” and his decision “will have Shelli shedding a few tears.” Is he going after Clay? I really think Shelli and Clay, in the long run, are better to get out than Austin and the Dizzy twins. As far as Vanessa, yes, she is a threat and a liar, but she is not as personally annoying as Clelli. But I would be happy to see any one of the Six head out the door.

    He also had Steve up there for a very long conversation which, of course, made no sense.
    Now let’s see if Steve keeps it between him and James, or goes and blabs it to Vanessa.

  27. Clangley

    He should put up Shelly and Van. If one comes down then throw Austin up as a replacement. Send a message James!!! Let them know you’re playing for you now!

    • Avatar

      Austin isn’t a threat. The only comp he has won is tossing a ball in a cup, which is nothing but a game of chance. Becky is ratting out everything Meg, James, and Jackie talk about to Vanessa. Put her butt back up.

    • Colby

      I agree he should put up Shelli and Vanessa, but with Clay as replacement if one of them comes down. But if Clay won POV and took Shelli down, then he should put up Liz. I can’t stand Austin, but Liz is more of a threat of winning comps.

    • Colby

      Vanessa vs Liz (as replacement) would drive a wedge between Vanessa and Austin, and would be a sure vote against Vanessa.

  28. Avatar

    James, Meg, and Jackie just discussed putting up Shelli and Vanessa and how shocked they were going to be. Since they discussed this in front of Becky, guess how long it’s going to take for her to go rat them out. If she does (and I’m positive she will), I hope they change one of the nominations to her!

    • Jannie

      I just want to see Shelli cry REAL tears instead of the fake ones she has been spewing all season!!!
      Becki is a rat, but getting her out does no harm to the Six. If Van and Shelii go up and one wins the POV, I say put Clay up as a replacement.
      Would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to see Clay up with Van, win the POV and have Shelli put up as the replacement and go out the door!!

  29. Avatar


    Just for future references, Central Time is 1 hour behind Eastern not thee hours. Pacific Time is 3 hours behind Eastern. So that would make BBAD coming on 1am Eastern 10am Pacific, not 10pm central. You did an awesome job btw keeping everyone up to date on the endurance comp.

  30. Clangley

    True Austin isn’t a threat according to previous comps but when your backs against the wall and you’re a sicko love puppy you can turn into a rabid dog any minute and start fighting to stay. Get him out before he has a chance to actually start playing. Like I said I’d go with Shelly or Van 1st but use him as the backup plan. As far as Becky, yessssssssssssss that girl needs to go too and she actually is good at comps so maybe save Austin for a later plan and get rid of becky, Van or Shelly this round.

  31. Colby

    Shelli, Clay, and Vanessa are the core of that whole group and making all the decisions. That trio needs to be broken up. Yes, Becky is being a shady rat, but they don’t care about her or if she goes.

  32. Clangley

    Sorry we have to keep Clay… all the rest can go. I need to see Clay shirtless at all times. The others, not so much hahahaha.

  33. Alda

    I agree with most of your comments.But I would like to see Austin and Julia go up.Then if one of them wind pov,put up Liz or Vanessa.Would Austin keep the noms the same?Or risk Liz going up?Could be interesting.I really like seeing The Sixth Sense squirming in the electric chair for once!

  34. Avatar

    I hope all of you are going on jokers and voting for favorite player!

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