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Big Brother 17 – Eviction Show Updates



Can you believe that after tomorrow night, there will only be two more episodes of Big Brother 17?  I’ll probably end up doing a ‘reflecting’ post later this week, so I won’t bore you with that now, but I’m just shocked and sad that not only is the summer over, but the season is just about to end as well. Sure, the last month could have used far more interesting characters, or a twist here and there, but Big Brother is like pizza which is like sex (or so I read from bumper stickers). Even if it’s bad, it’s still pretty good.

Tonight, we get to see who went home between Austin and Steve.  I use past tense because this isn’t a live show. It was recorded last night, but the feeds have been down, so nobody knows who was evicted (and by nobody, I mean quite a few people know simply because they still had an audience and they leaked info). And, if you’re wondering, the feeds will not return until 9pm pst. We will likely then find out who the nominees are, PoV, and final nominees (because that all likely happened today).

Alright, time for some updates:

  • 4:15pm – Early episode tonight, it begins at 5pm pst)
  • 5:00pm – Here we go…
    • Doing previously on first of course…
    • Julie surprises the house with the eviction. She gives them the info and then cuts to the highlights post Nom
    • John offers to throw the PoV to Austin and Liz, but doesn’t sound like he’ll actually do it.
  • 5:13pm – Julie gives a plug for the new show Life in Pieces.  And now the cast talk in the DR about it.  Fun.
  • Veto competition – Life in Pieces theme
    • Balance beam competition. John is debating throwing, unless Steve is close to winning.  He said he would probably throw to Liz or Austin.
    • Vanessa got eliminated because she spaced out
    • John won PoV, Austin upset because John said he’d throw it.  Yea, to you, not Steve
  • 5:24pm – Vanessa crying in the DR about Johnny Mack.  She does realize that nobody in jury can see her crocodile tears, right?
    • Some brief clips of Steve talking to himself about how pissed he is at Vanessa for putting him up.
    • Veto meeting… John uses it. Austin goes up
    • Austin is on the block, and he’s OK with it. Haha
    • John is giving Austin hope by saying he’ll take a showmance to the final 3

Vote for America’s Favorite
(we endorse James!)

  • 5:35pm – Eviction time
    • Austin throws in ‘Life in pieces’ into his nomination speech. Sorry, bro.. that’s not earning you a vote
    • Votes:
    • Liz: Steve
    • John: Austin
    • Vanessa – Tiebreaker: Austin
    • Austin looked completely shocked and angry at John.
    • Austin tells Vanessa she can’t win the game, she doesn’t have the jury votes
    • Austin tells Julie there is no way Vanessa can win the game. He doesn’t think she has the jury votes. He was going to take her to the final 2 because of that.  (Vanessa has the jury votes, imo)
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  • 5:48pm – HoH time
    • Trivia, true or false.  Scoring based on 7 videos…
    • Video 1 – 1-1-1
    • Video 2 – 2-2-2
    • Video 3 – 3-2-2 (Steve)
    • Video 4 – 4-3-3
    • Video 5 – 4-3-4 (John/Steve)
    • Video 7 – 5-3-5 (John/Steve tiebreaker)
    • Tiebreaker – Steve wins HoH

Feeds won’t return until midnight EST.  We will find out all the good stuff then.

Check back for more updates


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  1. danmtruth

    Just like last year we will be denied what might be the best night for most BB fans. Austin’s live eviction. Just like last year when production was able to stack the audience when Frankie was evicted . So he was not meant with the boos and jerrs most fans felt. They loaded the audience with CBS employees who were told not to boo. This was done because production claimed because they had to tape mid afternoon they need to fill in Now with Austin being ready to be Backdoor . We will be denied seeing the raw reaction . Austin will give his big bombastic speech only to be cut off at the knees by Vanessa . Instead we will get an edited version Oh well in the end he still will be gone B fans. Austin’s live eviction. Just like last year when production was able to stack the audience when Frankie was evicted . So he was not meant with the boos and jerrs most fans felt. They loaded the audience with CBS employees who were told not to boo. This was done because production claimed because they had to tape mid afternoon they need to fill in Now with Austin being ready to be Backdoor . We will be denied seeing the raw reaction . Austin will give his big bombastic speech only to be cut off at the knees by Vanessa . Instead we will get an edited version Oh well in the end he still will be gone

  2. Avatar

    It’s time guys….See you all in an hour so we can all raise hell…

  3. Avatar

    Johnny Mac is a bad-ass rockstar!

    He destroyed that comp.

    Vanessa is such a winer!

  4. g8trgirl

    JMack rules! Vanessa can’t even produce real tears.

  5. Avatar

    OMG,,, did you guys just see Austin get evicted? Was he so confident that he was staying that he wore no shoes? HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
    He looks so gross.

  6. Avatar

    What a blindside !

    Austin was stunned. So was Liz.

    That was special.

    And especially after that speach !

    Smug, arrogance with a teeny bit of genuine admiration.

    I can’t even remember a blindside that good. Msybe Mike Boogie ?

    • Avatar

      That was beautiful without a doubt.

    • g8trgirl

      That was vindication on some sick sort of way. Not sue of what, but it gave me warm fuzzies.

    • Avatar

      I am still laughing at the thought of it.

      That was simply the best.

    • Avatar

      @g8trgirl And we’re 2-0. Let’s not talk about how we got there or what’s going to happen in Lexington. But in this 10 minutes, life is good.

    • Avatar

      Yes. A blind side. By who else. Vanessa. Now your all happy rite? How ironic is it that the person most of you like the least gave you what you wanted the most.
      Opps. VANNESA WON. POV
      Austin and the, “She stands 0 chance.” Rotflmfao. You just got punked. Calling Steve boy when on the block. No shoes feeling comfortable. Thinking your safe. Too Damm funny. If Vanessa makes it to the final 2. She will win. James and crew will vote on Merrits. The tripplets. Or if Vanessa is nice the duo can vote against her. And give Liz 50k.

    • Avatar

      And guess who the blindside was from. I already said the ironic part. Bit I’ll say it agian. How ironic is it that what most of you wanted the most. The hugest blindside ever came from the person you like the least. Too Damm funny. Austin calling Steve boy. All smug.
      No shoes. All confirmed as staying. Then bitter. When he got punked. Austin is a real dic. If Van was out she would be emotional. But say congrats. Mr Bitter Saying you stand 0 chance. Loved it. If Van gets to final 2 she won’t need the triplets or most likely the dueo’so votes. James and crew will vote on merrits.

  7. Avatar

    OMG PLEASE GET FAKE CRY BABY VANESSA OUT!! I CAN’T STAND HER!!! She always plays the victim in EVERYTHING!!! UUGGHHH she gets on my nerves!!

  8. Avatar

    Wow!!! Did that eviction just happen?!?!? I can’t believe she actually done it! Yay!!!!

  9. Avatar


  10. Avatar

    whoever get V out wpu;d get my vote …..Steve has major thinking 2 do ……

    • Avatar

      Steve’s noms are meaningless. Veto winner decides final noms this week. If I were him I’d say expressly it doesn’t matter, so you can volunteer or I’m drawing lots.

    • Avatar

      really anyone can get nominated it’s whoever wins veto that ultimately decides so Steve should say to vanessa and john they are not his target but one of them needs to win veto so he could get Liz out because whoever Liz sits next to has 2 votes in Jury(her sister and Austin for sure others may throw a vote her way like Shelli may but there not guaranteed)

  11. Mimi Ryan

    Yes Astwit is GONE!!!!!!!! I still have to see the show though. Steve has the HOH, now, please take JOHNNY MAC ATTACK TO F2. Dump the bully Van/

  12. Avatar

    I’m so glad I stuck around and didn’t bail a couple weeks ago after James went. This is getting good!

    • Avatar

      So Steve accidently won HOH because he forgot to put a ‘zero’ at the end of his number. Too funny. This puts Johnny Mack in a perfect spot to win the Veto and decide who he wants to take to the final three. I still think he will vote to evict Vanessa tomorrow night. Any other predictions?

    • Avatar

      Rob I hope Liz or Vanessa goes home too but mainly Liz because I don’t like her attitude and she has 2 guaranteed votes in the jury house right now so she’s a liability whereas everyone else remaining have no guaranteed votes in jury right now except maybe Steve with James and Meg. Vanessa can’t really count on Shelli as a vote. John aligned with no one except maybe Steve but no one in jury house he wasn’t even in there too long he was sent to jury just as the return to game competition began so technically he wasn’t in jury for a day or weeks so he couldn’t form bonds with jury members to help him secure votes.

  13. Jannie

    Steve’s Mom and I are doing our happy dance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If Vanessa doesn’t win the Veto it’s bye, bye, bye…
    When Johnny Mac stepped into that DR to cast his vote I was freaking out!!
    And A$$tin was so sure he was going to stay he didn’t even have shoes on – he’s so gross.
    Last shot of Liz crying in the bedroom was priceless. I guess she’ll have to be the “master of her own domain” for the next week. Too upset to compete – that’s a cryin’ shame.

    If Steve can get Vanessa out, he will win the $500K and this season will not be a loss after all.

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  14. danmtruth

    Ok all will play POV that winner select who goes to F/3 with Steve Just for fun Vanessa and Liz on the block

  15. Avatar

    That was by far the best episode of the season. Love how Austin had to walk out barefoot and humble after that smug and nasty speech.
    Wish Johnny would have won the HOH though. I think Steve won it on accident though, he meant to put 6000 not 601. Hopefully he sees how John saved his ass and will try to send Vanessa or preferably Liz home!

    • Jannie

      During Steve’s talks with himself in the BY he has said that he wants to take JMac to the finals. Hope JMac feels the same way.
      I get the feeling that JMac is no Cody.
      He will take who he thinks he can beat. For his sake he should have kept Julia.
      I know he is lovable, but the jury will consider that he never won an HOH.

  16. Avatar

    Johnny Mac cracks me up! Hope fake Vanessa goes tomorrow. James got my 20 votes already, too! Now let’s hope the jury ladies convince stink man to cut that stupid ass thing off his chin!!

  17. Avatar


  18. Avatar

    Hey, wait you guys. Who got evicted, Austin or Judas??? Anyway, whichever one got evicted should tell the other one to go get his shoes. LMAO

  19. Avatar

    Interesting comment by Austin telling Vanessa she wont win, she doesn’t have the votes.

    And her reply was something like: ” it’s okay if I don’t win, this was a move I had to make.”

    • Avatar

      Vanessa should have told Austin he won’t be winning it either.

    • Avatar

      That’s whst I was thinking, BettyBoop.

      Excellent reply Faust – very clever.

    • Avatar

      It was interesting huh DMC.This is why. The difference between Van and Austin is simple. She playes the game all in all the time
      And it’s obious that it bugs some people.
      But being a true pro take 100 percent. Or everyone would be a pro. If Van lost
      Or losses. She may be emotional.
      But I guarantee you 100 percent she will say congrats. Not be a bitter dic like Austin
      And I don’t believe that if in fact Van does make it to the final 2. She will need the triplets or likely dueos votes. James and crew will vote on merrits.

    • Avatar

      Also DMC. Like I said 3 weeks ago when I finally said I was playing all palindrome characters. (Funny that Colby claims that he thinks everyone is me now. Only after I literally said. I’m all palindrome characters for 10 weeks and got board noone noticed) Now anyone pro Van is me according to him. I love it. Anyway part of the reason she said what she did. Is partly what I said will happen in the end if she does win. The reveal part.
      WoW. It will be a duezzy. But the only way that can happen is if she wins (:

    • Avatar

      I didn’t notice your reveal, I was waiting until next week.

    • Avatar

      It is next week genius. Only if she wins. Did I say that? Oh ya I did. Read it agian

    • Avatar

      I didn’t mean the reveal with respect to Vanessa. I meant I didn’t notice you admitting that you were all the palindromes. I thought you said that you would reveal that next week as well. That’s what I missed. I won’t say genius, cause I don’t know if it applies.

  20. Avatar

    So now Steve should tell Liz that she can’t beat Vanessa in f2 and get the f3 to Liz Steve and Johnny Mac

    Only way John can win

  21. Avatar

    That show was awesome! I looove all yall’s comments! Can’t wait til the feeds come back on!!!!

  22. Avatar

    I’ve done my 20 votes for James for America’s Favorite Player. Please, CBS, can you make voting easier?
    Make sure you vote every day!
    Yes, I like JMac too, but he has an excellent education, a career, he’s single with no dependents. Plus, he’s either going to win this or come in second.
    Now, Steve, do not let Vanessa control this HOH like you have every other time. Ready for another blindside! Yahoo

  23. Avatar

    My 30 votes went to James but it takes so long to post a vote it’s almost not worth it. Only one I care about is jmack of those left but I really stopped caring when James left..we have had all fools this year. Vanessa should have been gone long ago. Only players with big moves were Becky and James. And those didn’t work out. This whole season was screwy. Whoever heard of letting in a twosome? Julie should have never made it in. Think big problem this year was everyone too close to same age. Also too many recruited people. One or two once in awhile ok but rest of hg should not know like when Alyssa came in or previous hg comes in. Ready for this season to be over. I didn’t even watch bbad this year. Love my amazing race and survivor. Those games aren’t rigged

  24. Avatar

    Im watching the eviction again & that was a really shitty speech Austin or Judas gave. They called Steve a boy!
    That cocky, arrogant SOB got just what he deserved & should feel real stupid right now.
    The Bold & the Beautiful might call you Austin so you better get your shoes on. HAHAHAHAHA!!!

  25. Jannie

    BBAD on as usual tonight…right??

    Sure hope so – poor Steve is really going to get a workout from Vanessa.

    But he is HOH and really doesn’t care what she thinks.


    • Avatar

      LOL! He should pull a hat over his eyes and tell her he wants to be alone.

    • Avatar

      I hope so, not that I watch, but I read your nightime comments while I’m eating breakfast.

    • Colby

      From what he has said to the camera’s he has figured Van out. But we will see if she can get him back in control. I hope he an JMac end up in F2.
      It has to be a really hard decision of what to do at this point. I think he has got to put up Van and Liz and just pray they don’t win the veto. But even if neither wins veto, then who goes? Van should be the obvious choice, but I am not sure he can beat Liz in Jury either.
      I just hope Steve and JMac can win everything from now on.

    • Jannie

      I will be up and watching with the popcorn!, will keep you informed with all the juicy details…
      Hope NKogNeeTow is up and scampering, her recaps are always the best??

    • Avatar

      I have my coke cola in the freezer chilling & my bag of cheetos & a dill pickle ready & waiting for BBAD tonight. Can’t wait….

    • Jannie

      Betty Boop you are on FIRE tonight!! I am cracking up, especially at the “feeling all warm and tingly” comment 😀

      10 minutes until BBAD – let’s get ready to rumble!!

  26. Avatar

    YES! Looks like 8 pound 6 ounce baby Jesus heard me yesterday! 😉

    I laughed SO hard when Stinkpot didn’t even wear shoes! I cant stand his arrogance. He’s just pissed because he thought he was playing everyone and he and Judas got owned! Him talking that smack to Vanessa about not being able to win was so pathetic looking on his part. Did he forget somewhere along the way that this is a GAME? Yeah, I’m sure almost all of the jury members were mad at Vanessa when they were evicted, but I wouldn’t think they’d hold on to it until the finale. Like when they were showing the jurors talking a couple of episodes ago, Shelly and Becky both were talking about what a great game Vanessa’s playing. Such a sore loser. Such a poor sport.

  27. Alda

    Best eviction of the season.I never remember an evicted houseguest telling someone still in the house “you can’t win the game”.That was priceless.Plus calling Vanessa a scumbag,he’s the scumbag now!If you remember James went out with such class.But,Austin was an ass!!Not much on the cheering end from the audience either!!Then Steve winning HOH,great night all around.Time to break out the champagne.See ya all tomorrow.

  28. ChiKelz

    I have to admit this was the best episode. Not sure which face was more priceless, Liz or Asstin?? I laughed so hard. The cherry on the Sunday was that he didn’t have his shoes. Heehee! This couldn’t have been better if it was scripted. Too funny!! Now we must cross our fingers that Steve doesn’t allow Vanessa to control him!! We can only hope!!!

    • Avatar

      That is exactly what I’m afraid of. Vanessa is going to get Steve & JMac to follow those crazy eyes of hers & hypnotize them. As a matter of fact, she’s going to be smiling in Liz face & have her hypnotized doing her bidding too. Steve talks a good game when he’s alone talking to himself but when the time comes to do what he said, he chickens out every time. Im hoping he follows through but I won’t hold my breath.

    • Colby

      I know, right? When he walked out I thought ‘is that SOB actually barefoot’? And then Julie pointed it out. And his comments….. he actually thought he played a better game than Vanessa?
      Also, the ‘Bold an Beautiful’ stuff, gag me! He may get a walk on with several other houseguests in the Halloween episode, like last year, but the idea that it is going to rocket him to stardom is delusional.
      I would love to be a fly on the wall when he checks out his popularity rankings. Pretty much dead last from what I’ve seen.

  29. Avatar

    NOOooooooooooooo!!!!!! I Missed the Glory of Austin/Judas getting Evicted!

    • Avatar

      Then you missed the biggest, best BB blindside, backdoor, kick rocks, get to stepping in his dirty barefeet eviction ever. I think it was a little better than Mike Boogie’s blindside because Austin, Judas was BAREFOOT,,,,, HAHAHAHA. Oh & man was he pissed. He gave that exit door a good shove on his way out. Omg, I get so warm & tingly all over just thinking about it.

    • Jannie

      You can probably find it on On Demand or You Tube.
      Or maybe POP TV will rerun it Friday night.
      It’s “must see TV”!!!!

    • Colby

      Go watch it on CBS.com, videos. It should be available after midnight.

    • Avatar

      Just watched clips of it off of youtube. But I’m sure it was wayyyyyy much better on National T.v. I wish he was evicted on a live eviction day though, so we could hear all the Boo’s he should’ve gotten.

    • Avatar

      Say thank you Vanessa BettyBoop. How ironic is it thay the biggest blindside ever. And the thing most people wanted the most. Came from the person most people like the least. Now that is poetic. Kinda palidromish (;

  30. Avatar

    Hey guys. Why did JMac tell Austin & Liz he would throw the comp to them? If he had done that he was going to be voted right on out. If he hadn’t seen that Steve was about to be finished with his puzzle then JMac decided to win it for himself, was he actually going to throw the comp to Liz or Austin? Did he really think he would be safe? What was the logic behind that thinking?

    • Avatar

      no kidding betty. This and the HoH was the competition he needed to win badly because if he didn’t there was no way Liz would’ve voted to keep him not a chance. Even now that Steve is now HoH he still needs to pull himself off the block(smartest strategy to get rid of Liz or Vanessa is to put Vanessa and John on the block if John wins pov he can pull himself off Liz replaces and John casts the vote to get rid of Liz with 2 guaranteed jury votes. it seems like John knows how to throw comps and being willing to do it to win POV later seems like a good strategy however now that there is so few people winning important comps like HoH and putting him up I don’t think he can win the big money so basically he’s playing for 2nd and praying for houseguest choice.

  31. Mimi Ryan

    Ok, Van has repeatedly stated: “What’s best for my game.” Really? I know people in the house are doing the best they can w/ what’s inside. More quotes from Van: You Don’t Understand, I’m not an EVIL PERSON, You’d better not lie to me. I’ll know if you are lying to me. Skills: Crocodile tears, bullying, threatening, interrogator. Please feel free to add to the list. I can only hope Steve or John send her out so she can’t get the $500K.

    • Avatar

      doesn’t want blood on her hands. Good point for Vanessa not to win and be evicted however Liz has 2 jury votes guaranteed right now and Steve is a logical thinker he’ll think getting rid of Liz is the best strategy so those 2 votes can come my way instead of to Liz. The 2nd part of the final HoH is almost always a mental comp if not the 3rd part for sure so Steve has a good chance in those comps if Vanessa tanks in the 1st physical endurance comp it’ll just be him and John if Liz is gone. Liz I think would do better in the mental comps and the details moreso than the physical comps.

    • Jannie

      And don’t forget about “the incentives.” 🙂

    • Avatar

      You forgot “I’m a very loyal person.” Vanessa is full of shit like a Christmas turkey.
      I could not stand her for all of those reasons you said.

    • Mimi Ryan

      BettyBoop – I’m sure I’ve missed more than not, so please keep adding to the list of Van’s inane quotes/comments/threats/nonsense . . .

  32. Jannie

    My favorite tonight was Steve(by himself) in the SR after JMac won the Veto…

    (about Vanessa)
    “And she can’t compete in the Veto. Ha Ha!! (blows raspberries). Cry your eyes out, Vanessa. You should have put up the Showmance – period.”

    Get her, Steve!!

  33. Avatar

    Aaawww, Liz is making the salad dressing that Austin likes.

  34. Avatar

    This has got to get better. I did not chill my coke & get cheetos & a pickle to watch them toss no damn headbands. I thought it was going to get good tonight.

  35. Jannie

    No kidding…
    Enough with the Sling band, get to the strategizing!

  36. Avatar

    Hey Austin The Bold and The Beautiful called and said they want their… Oh wait wrong Title let me start over… Hey Austin! The Beauty and the Beast Called an said they want their BEAST BACK!

  37. Avatar

    Colby, what the hell gave Austin the idea that he even played a good game at all? Ok, he did get lucky & win one HOH but it really wasn’t his HOH because it might as well have been Vanessa’s. They all put up whoever she wants & evicts whoever she says but made them think it was their idea. Well with the exception of Becky & James even though she ended up staying.
    He couldn’t win a comp except for that one, sure as hell couldn’t win VETO comps & is obviously not very bright at all.
    All Austin did was cry like a baby when was going to be put up by Vanessa earlier in the game, report every little thing back to her like a snitch, follow her orders & lay up with Liz when he wasn’t up her ass all day everyday.
    WOW, he played one hell of a game. NOT

  38. Avatar

    I didnt know they already did the VETO comp for tomorrow. Am I missing something or did Vanessa know what she was doing when she won last week’s HOH? Did she already have all of this planned out except for JMAC winning VETO? She figured she would be the VETO winner this time making her the one who would make this final vote for f3. Omg, she’s going to send JMac to jury tomorrow isn’t she?
    I feel sick now.

  39. Avatar

    Love all the comments! I certainly hope CBS reads some of these comments and realize ANY poker show with Vanessa in it would be a huge mistake. She is terrible to watch on TV and I can’t wait until she is gone.

    • Renee

      I haven’t been a fan of some of the questioning techniques she did of others during the season. But no one who has ever seen her in the poker circuit can say anything bad about her. She is incredible and totally different persona. It wasn’t luck that won her those millions! CBS would be fools not to capitalize on her poker ability.

  40. Avatar

    I hope Julie had some hand sanitizer stashed in her chair for that handshake with Austin.

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