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Big Brother 17 Feed Updates – Jeff’s Last Days

bb17-w3-clay-shelliThe one thing about the Big Brother feeds is that they can be extremely exciting, or extremely boring, depending on who is on the block. When the nominees essentially accept their fate and throw in the towel, the feeds can end up pretty slow. Unfortunately, Jeff so far has appeared to accept his fate, and it certainly doesn’t help that Vanessa has shut him down any attempts he made to talk his way out of eviction.


There isn’t even much to recap from yesterday, which is why this post is so late. Look, I think Vanessa appears pretty cool, and a stand up person, but one can only listen to her talk for so long, and I think I already reached my limit there. Hopefully the feeds are not another day of Van chatting with different houseguests on why evicting Jeff is so important.


I could certainly use some exciting feeds. I have a feeling the next two weeks are going to be full of anxiety as I wait patiently to attend the live eviction show.

Anyway, here are the updates…

  • 12:00pm – Clay and Shelli are outside chatting. John was out there for a little bit and he was talking about how some people were worried about his career by going on the show. I think the Aaryn-effect is still pretty strong from the casting the past two seasons (safe people) to worrying about that type of reaction if you are looked at as another Aaryn. Luckily for John, he has nothing to worry about. He is quickly becoming a fan favorite, and if anything, this will help his career.
  • 12:56pm – The house is on outdoor lockdown. I wonder if there will be something for them when they get back inside.  Doubtful. Probably just maintenance.
  • 1:20pm – I forgot to mention they have the HoH camera during this lockdown. I know, riveting.
  • 2:00pm – Outdoor lockdown is over, looks like nothing changed inside.
  • 2:20pm – Most people went back to sleep, Shelli and Clay are by the pool talking game.
  • Meanwhile, Austin has gone from the guy who wanted nothing to do with the girls in the house to fawning over Liz and now giving Jackie a back rub
  • 2:50pm – Vanessa is talking to Liz about Austin. I feel like this house is turning into 4th grade.  ‘Do you like him??’ ‘Hey may kiss you!’
  • Steve is telling Austin about a dream he had. Look, nothing against Steve or anyone else, but I am tired of hearing about the dreams people are having. Granted, I’m not stuck in the house with the same group of people and no access to the internet, so maybe dreams would be interesting when you’re that bored?
  • 4:15pm – Vanessa is upstairs chatting John’s ear off.  I’m surprised he is back up there after yesterday’s snoozer
  • 4:45pm – Liz and Becky are painting their nails in the kitchen. John is still chatting with Vanessa.
  • Steve is making a BLT. I want a BLT now
  • Austin and Audrey are making up songs and production says “That’s really annoying”.  I love when they do that.
  • 5:50pm – Clay is laying in the hammock chatting casually with Liz on all feeds
  • Audrey is hanging out near them. I like hearing the banter between Clay and Audrey. They both seem fun to hang out with
  • 9:00pm – Not much going on, so I am taking the night off to catch up on some cheesy lifetime movies. Recap in the morning if anything changes

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  1. Avatar

    One camera angle in the HOH room makes Vanessa look like she has two huge pink ears sticking out! Anyone else notice this?

  2. Avatar

    Now that I am used to John’s screaming DRs, I am starting to really like him. He is obviously somewhat good at comps because he keeps winning povs, and he is making some strong friends by throwing botb. I could definitely see him in the final five and returning for a fan favorite season.

  3. g8trgirl

    I hope if and when John becomes HOH, if he asks someone to throw a comp, will they return the favor?

  4. danmtruth

    So both sides of the house just agree this week to dump Jeff . Has James lost all power in the house ? So now Meg ,Jasson. James are a group of 3 with John and Jakie posiable making them a 5 person voting block The other side is Sheili, Clay, Liz/J Van and Austin 5 person block for now That leaves Becky, Auedry as swing votes come next week

  5. Avatar

    Don’t care for John. Seems immature to me.

  6. danmtruth

    Steve great call about 4 th grade . Don’t most BB turn into middle school drama fest So james has a crush on Meg ( did he throw a comp for her ,, did she even notice ) who has a crush on Jeff ,,,, goodbye,,,,, Austin hopes its Liz that he has a crush on We all know Clay Sheili the it couple of the lunch room What about Becky no love for her? Poor Steve still the geeky outsider. John the class clown / goofball girls love to laugh with him but to go out with him ?

  7. Avatar

    I don’t want Jeff to stay—he’s a pig, but it would be fun to watch Austin implode over Liz/Julia if Jeff did stay.

    • Rita

      I agree. I feel bad for Liz/Julia. Could you imagine being stalked by someone in the house?

      Austin is worse than Caleb with Amber. I keep expecting him to do something to get removed from the game.

  8. Avatar

    SO over Austin! Audrey looks like she has gained weight. Does she ever wear her own clothes?

  9. danmtruth

    So now that over half of the house knows about the twin switch . Is the only question is can they avoid being put on the chopping block and eliminated ? The bigger question in who haven’t said anything about Liz being a twin? Beside Jakie , Becky and maybe Steve . Day told james and Jasson Dr.John has the whole tooth cap thing down . This will make the 3 eviction so the girls have 2 more to be home free
    Sorry I don’t see Austin being any where near as creepy of a stalker as Caleb from last year Granted I don’t have the live feeds . But no songs, no blind rage when she talks to other house male guest I stil think Meg should dip into Steve and watch his game melt Sorry James

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