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Big Brother 17 – Friday Afternoon Feeds



The rush day inside the Big Brother house continues as apparently they’re going to play the veto competition today. If you missed my previous thread, the nominations have been set, and the botb played. Da’Vonne and John remain on the block, and Shelli remains HOH. Right now, operation ‘get Audrey out’ is put on hold for Shelli’s removal of Da’Vonne from the house.

I’m not 100% sure where Shelli is going with this, but honestly I don’t see a whole lot of options for her right now. She and Clay put a target on their backs by getting all cuddly, this means it’s basically going to be them against the house the whole way through.  My best guess is she just thinks they have a better shot making it further in the game hitching to the pretty tight alliance of Austin/Liz/Vanessa rather than the fractured alliance of the rest of the house.

Let’s get to the feeds as they just came back up…

  • 12:56pm – The veto players have been picked. I will find out who they are shortly…
  • Finally got the info:  Da’Vonne, John, Shelli, Steve, Clay, Meg are PoV players.  Based on the slip to production, it looks like it will be a knock-out type of thing, like trivia or one of those.  Possibly.  Either way, Steve has another good shot at veto here.
  • Day says she is going for damn blood if she sticks around this week
  • 2:00pm – Shelli and Clay are letting Meg know they can go after Audrey next week. If true, it seems kind of dumb to alienate the house to save a person you’re just going to kick out the next week.  Maybe they’re just telling them what they want to hear
  • 2:30pm – Feeds went down for the veto competition, but unfortunately I am going to a 4th of July cookout, so I won’t be able to update the winner until I return!
  • 5:11pm – Updating from the cookout because I’m a loser, but Big Brother is my summer.
  • Here is the update: Johnny Mac won PoV. I guess Da’Vonne will still be going home, but it may lead to an interesting week.
  • 6:45pm – I am back from the BBQ, and the house is absolutely dead.  Perfect time for me to run some speed tests on the blog to see if I can speed it up some
  • Ok, I made some tweaks, and put in a better mobile version. Let me know if you see speed improvements.

Check back for updates


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  1. Avatar

    With the BB twist this week, 9 people will be able to vote so it’s only going to take 5 votes to get someone out. A great deal depends on who answers that 7th phone call and who they choose not to vote. I’m hoping Austin, Liz, and Audrey are chosen!

  2. Avatar

    Hey Willie!!!

  3. Avatar

    It is faster Steve from my phone.

  4. Clangley

    Lots faster!!!!! I love the layout of the new page!!!!

  5. Avatar

    I have a question… Idk if anyone knows or has an idea.. What does the twin that is traded out do while she waits to trade back into the house? Is she at a hotel by herself or?

    • Avatar

      They’re NOT going to allow either of the twins outside of the secured set. They would be able to interact with ‘outsiders’ or have access to television, radio & social media. You can bet that the twin NOT currently ‘in’ the house, is probably being kept in an isolated trailer or something.

      • Avatar

        Yeah I agree to that, of course she can’t have contact with the outside world! But to be kept in a room by herself the whole time? Isn’t that similar to solitary confinement? Maybe they give her access to movies or something.

    • Avatar

      Maybe the jury house??

  6. g8trgirl

    Remind me again why the entire house is agreeing to vote out Day? It appears Liz us going up as the pawn. Could be a costly mistake.
    The speed is faster Steve, but I’m still unable to login from my phone. 🙁

  7. Avatar

    Why is it that every single year of BB they vote out a person, (Day this season) that isn’t a threat to anyone, and everyone goes along with it?!?!

    • Avatar

      This one is because Shelli is HOH and Clay doesn’t like Da’Vonne so therefore she must go. I liked Clay at first. Now I just think he is a putz. Hilarious that Shelli had Clay kick Audrey out of the HOH though. LOL

  8. danmtruth

    I must disagree about Day The times I have seen her she is trying to be a puppet master. She spent just as much time in the HOH room that first week. She would try to pick fights. The blowup about her going in the room than who sent who in to check up on her. I’m sure part of editing but I like how she portrayed herself as this great reader of people Yet so many of her observation on people have been wrong. This season it seems even tho there was the one big alliance . People are still trying to keep small alliances
    Agree this house voting needs to stop that is why I did like Audrey voting just so it was not 100% and she could use it as a way to spread doubt on people. Also that the two hHOH nominate independently this might add to a mix vote. The three vote thing could be made even better if not only do you chose who can’t vote but than get to cast that vote. So one person could have 4 votes for the week . Do not tell them till they get in to vote than do the takeover

  9. g8trgirl

    Steve, finally got the login fields to work on my phone after I switched to desktop view. Yeah! Now if I could get “reply” under every comment, including yours.

  10. Avatar

    I like the new mobile format but miss having the pictures of the players and their status on the top!

  11. Avatar

    Hey! Love the new mobile speed however, I’m missing the easy way to see who the HoH/Noms/PoV at the top of the screen! The mobile version doesn’t have it any more. I usually look at that on your website. Then when I have more time I read the updates. Is there any way for you to bring that back?

  12. stevebeans

    Hey guys, I will see if I can easily add a small version of the player faces to the mobile theme. Unfortunately, it will have to wait until at least Wednesday, but I am sure I will be able to figure something out.

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