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Big Brother 17 Live Feed Updates – Day 2



Good afternoon, everyone! It is the first Saturday of the live feeds, and I’m pretty sure it will also be a day off for the house. At least in terms of activities. The PoV ceremony should be held either tomorrow or Monday, and the backyard is open, so I expect a lot of sunbathing today. I guess that’s good if you’ve been craving some bikini and shirtless shots, but not so great if you wanted the feeds to be like yesterday.

As the day progressed, you could clearly tell the crew has been inside the house for far too long as the paranoia was absolutely insane. People were running around whispering to each other all day, house meetings were threatened to be called, and Audrey + Da’Vonne are playing the game at full speed right now. In related news, I am going to be working on some power rankings this season, so you can get my weekly thought on who has the best position in the house (hint: It’s not Jace).

  • 9:00am – The house is still sleeping after a late night last night.  I believe many went to bed around 3-4am.  If it’s going to be another one of those late night crews, I’m definitely going to need an overnight blogger this year.
  • 11:00am – Most of the house is still sleeping. Austin is outside drinking some coffee

  • 11:30am – Breaking News: Audrey is on camera and not talking game.
  • 12:00pm – Jace and Audrey and hanging around outside chatting, a few people inside around kitchen, and some in the smoking area.  Not a whole lot going on right now.  Talking about sunbathing, but it’s a bit cloudy.
  • 12:30pm – Austin and Jace keep whispering strategy when they can. They’re still going to try to work something with Jeff
  • 1:30pm – The Mountain is getting his workout in…
  • 4:00pm – Only people on the feed chatting are Day, Audrey, and Jason
  • 6:15pm – Went out on a date night with the wife (remember, I got married during the season last year!). I am going to scroll through twitter to see if anything exciting happened.
  • It looks like Jace is starting to realize it is a very high chance he’s walking out the door this week. He is blaming Audrey. Hopefully things heat up this week
  • Austin, Jace and Liz realize that it’s them against the house right now
  • 8:25pm – Steve and James are chilling chatting about outside the house. Everyone is pretty much relaxed today, except Jace who knows he’s screwed.
  • The guys are out in the back yard working out. Clay is giving Steve some lifting tips.
  • 9:00pm – Jace goes for a streak around the yard, channeling his inner Hayden.  Now we need a Joey
  • Clay and Audrey are in the hammock doing some whispering. Nothing major, just saying how they need to say safe, blah blah
  • This cast are workout fiends. I am jealous. I wish I had a home gym and personal trainer living with me

Check back for more updates 


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  1. Rita

    As a feedster, Meg is already getting on my nerves. She’s very loud and every other word out of her mouth is “like”.

    I predict Day losing it in the near future.

  2. Avatar

    …… ummmm the tranny is Vanessa lol all the chicks are gross and the guys all seem like lil b*tches… congrats messed up society … now bb truely reflects how screwed up things get when women and fruits take a turn at running things lmao

  3. Avatar

    Im cheering for Austin and James….cuz really ppl what else is there?? ??

  4. Avatar

    I don’t think Audrey playing too hard right away will hurt her that much. With her being the first transgender person on the show, I think all of the people in the house have a soft spot for that and respect her. I think playing hard for her establishes that she wants to play and can make game moves.

    If she wears out that role in the next 2 weeks, then she’ll need to back off on the gameplay.

    I see a girl winning it this year. They seem stronger than last year.

    • danmtruth

      Agree many people will be P.C and don’t want to seem like they are attacking her. But all these groups she is trying to forum should backfire on her

    • Avatar

      I think she almost HAD to come out playing hard or people would have dismissed her as a token player. Thinking that the only reason she’s there is so CBS could say they had a transgender player.

      By playing hard right away she establishes she’s not just a transgender person, she’s a BB player who just happens to be transgender.

  5. Avatar

    IMO, Jace is the annoying one! Constantly hollering with the overdramatized excitement on everything and anything. Plus that STUPID fedora….Indiana Jones he is NOT!

    Jason can tone it down a little bit himself. Yes, you are out and proud. We get it.

    Vanessa…..wow. I thought they were going to have a suicide intervention on the first night.

    ALL OF THEM are doing the stupid “like” thing every other sentence, but yeah Meg does it more than the others. But she’s not too bad to look at!

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