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Big Brother 17 Live Feed Updates – Day 3



I realized when I woke up this morning that I never finished blogging last night. Apparently I zonked out mid-blog. Going through the day, yesterday, it doesn’t seem like anything notable happened. Jace knows he’s screwed, so he decided to make the best of his time and went streaking last night. Audrey is trying hard not to talk game – yet failing miserably. She is setting herself up for an earlier exit than expected because she’s far too involved right now. Austin and Liz know they’re likely next, unless they can hatch a plan. And, that’s about it.

The house was up real late last night, but the veto meeting should be today, so I’m unsure of what time things will get going.  Just check back for updates!

  • 10:11am – Most of the house is sleeping, while Austin is chatting with Vanessa outside. Vanessa is telling him that he needs to stop working out, and fake an injury in order to survive. The house is going after big, physical guys

  • 11:00am – The house is up and getting ready for the PoV ceremony.
  • You can tell they’re going to be on TV today
  • 12:45pm – Feeds are down for veto. Running out to the store. Jace will likely be on the block by the time I return.
  • 1:50pm – I’m back and feeds are up. Jace is indeed up on the block
  • Jace and James are arguing in the HoH room. Jace is taking shot at James wearing a ‘WWJD’ bracelet, yet is playing dirty.  Jace, it’s Big Brother, bro. This is the game
  • The conversation is over. Jace is downstairs trying to calm down, James is chatting with the boss of the house (Audrey)
  • James is now going around the house letting people know he fell on the sword for everyone.
  • 2:30pm – Audrey is now chatting with Vanessa and Austin. Audrey is once again trying to get to the bottom of who is spreading rumors about an all-girl alliance.
  • This is the biggest game of he said / she said I’ve ever seen in the BB house.  Crazy
  • Austin leaves, and Audrey tells Vanessa ‘in confidence’ that Shelli/Clay told Aud that Van doesn’t trust her (Aud).  Yikes
  • Clay is fake promising his vote to Jace.
  • Austin is chatting with Liz on the hammock about the situation.   I am going to take a break to watch the show, bbl
  • 6:50pm – Back from my break.  Austin is chatting with Jace about how he wants to backdoor Audrey next week if he gets HoH.  I have a feeling this week is going to have a lot of drama
  • Austin wants Jace to call a house meeting inviting everyone but Austin and Clay to unload about them. It may not happen tonight, but a blowup is likely happening at some point this week. Could be a good time to get the feeds.
  • 7:30pm – Jace is outside working Jeff using the ‘I’ll be going angry and go after whoever you want if you vote for me’ routine.  Yes, Jeff is going to keep Jace in over his ally
  • Steve and Vanessa are comparing notes on their nerdiness.
  • 8:15pm – Audrey joins Austin and Liz at the pool and instantly confronts him on potential rumors going around. She won’t stop.
  • She tells him to go to the havenot room to see who is spreading rumors. But, she wants her name left out lol
  • Austin went to DR, Liz departed, and Audrey made her way to Jace to question HIM now. Drop it, Audrey. Drop it
  • The two have been going at it for 30 mins now, but Audrey is hinting that Clay is the one spreading a lot of the stuff
  • Audrey is suggesting that Jace secretly make deals, and when he has enough votes, pull them all in the same room and tell everyone.
  • Poor Jace really thinks that James made a last minute decision to backdoor him



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  1. Avatar

    Yay the weak are targeting the alphas woohoo good plan amOica!!! lol
    …. hey, it wonder, if someone ever told a “confused” person to stop being so fruity in order to survive, would it ve as acceptable as telling a fit strong man to stop working out and play weak or be killed off?
    Hmmmmm … rainbows n unicorns lmao ??

  2. Rita

    I hope the convo between James and Jace in the HOH is aired for everyone to see. Instead of working the house to try to get votes he decides to bash James. I thought he watched BB before.

  3. Avatar
    Willie Jones jr

    How’s everyone been?
    Pretty good cast so far. Looks different than last year.
    What’s up with the new format? Where are all the comments?

  4. danmtruth

    Agree Willie Jones missing some of the smart contributors from last year. One person seems to be making comments just to bait people
    Still not sure of this group yet I am glad to see Jace as the first target

  5. g8trgirl

    I need someone to draw pictures of who’s aligned with who. Usually by this time people are just starting to make alliances. This year everyone is in every alliance. I’m so confused. Lol

    • Avatar

      I don’t think THEY know who/what alliance they are in! Audrey and DaVonne seem to be the pot-stirrers this year. Steve comes off as the out of place, please include me, ‘needy’ one and Liz’s voice grates my nerves.

  6. Avatar

    I think this is the first year that I can remember where most everyone is playing the game right away! Should be interesting. I already sense more drama and fights this year than last. Derrick had that house under his palm so early in the game last year. I definitely don’t see a Derrick caliber player in the house this year.

  7. Avatar

    Are we going to see Battle of the Block be used as a backdrop option all summer long? I was so sick of all 4 nominations A) knowing they were going to be put up and B) all working together to backdoor 1 other person.

    Can no one make a nomination and aggressively go after someone else? We need a Rachel or Evil Dick again.

  8. Avatar

    Since Steve changed the format this year, for some of us it is “hit or miss.” Sometimes I can not Post a Comment, give a Thumbs Up, or even get to comment to come up…I wonder if anyone else is having issues. Btw, I have Google Chrome as my Browser.

  9. g8trgirl

    Hi Franko!
    Nice to see you back! For some reason I cannot reply directly to your comment.
    Pick a fav yet?

  10. Avatar

    It should be an interesting season! I don’t see any Derricks in the game, but more drama than last year for sure. Franko,I am glad to see you back posting this year.

  11. Avatar

    Hey Mouse, Willie, Franko, and of course Mr. Beans himself.

    Hope everyone had a great winter.

    Mixed feelings on the cast. The women don’t seem to be the regular damsels in distress. They have brains. Great start. But too many pretty boys.

    Shelli is my favorite character, but am picking Vanessa to win.

    Thanks for doing this again Steve. It is very much appreciated.

    • pkcable

      I’m liking James for the win, but Jason is my dark horse!

    • Avatar

      James is a good choice. He isn’t afraid to make a bold move, and has the social skills to discuss and justify his ideas.

      Unlike Jason who said he would like to see the dominent men leave, but he is too afraid to nominate them. Don’t you hate that ? If you are lucky enough to be picked to play, then play !

  12. ShoeLover

    Hello to all the BBJUNKIES! Nice to see everyone slowly trickle back to Mr Beans blog. I still workin out the kinks before I am in the deep end!! Fixing to watch last nights after dark, I have already been told “Mom, you so need to watch last night’s after dark!” But so far things seem to be more wanting the PRIZE and not~~ I can’t think for myself self, I need someone to make my decisions and then watch all dumbfounded as they take the prize!!

    Hello Frank, mouse, damnthruth, Willie, Jenny, g8tergirl!! Missed everyone!

    Hope this actually posts. Couldn’t find the sign in thingy……

  13. Avatar

    Good to hear from dmc, Franko, and Willie! Some of the comments don’t have a reply button, so that makes it hard. My head is spinning from all the shuffling of alliances. I like Becky, but I don’t think she has the cut-throat spirit to make it. Same with Meg. James and Jackie should do well. Could NOT believe when Vanessa said “it wasn’t time” to make a certain move. Has she never watched BB?

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