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Big Brother 17 Live Feed Updates – Reality Sets On Da’Vonne

bb17-davonne-upsetFirst, let me say, I am glad to be home and on normal internet!  It feels great to click on a page and see it load within seconds.  Ahhhh.  It takes a few days in the mountains for someone to appreciate the luxuries of  high speed internet, that’s for sure.


Secondly, it appears that I came home at a good time because as soon as I turned on my feeds, Da’Vonne was yelling at Audrey. Day is upset because she feel she is taking the fall for Audrey. I am not exactly sure how she is taking the fall, but she feels she is. A big thing is she is mostly upset Audrey is going to stay in the house longer than Da’Vonne.

As far as the Liz front goes, it sounds like the poker dealer blew her hand. She told Liz/Julia about it last night, and the rest of the house is pretty aware of the situation.  While that is certainly bad news for Liz (and guy viewers), Da’Vonne did absolutely nothing to leverage it to her favor. I’m not claiming to be an expert at the game, but I do know when you’re not only given the power of eliminating 3 votes combined with finding out a major secret, you have safety that week.  If you can’t pull it off, you don’t deserve to win, sorry Da’Vonne.  You’ve been essentially given a golden ticket and failed to cash it in.

Now, for the updates…  (note: I will likely do a longer recap post tonight, but wanted to jump right into updates since I’ve missed a few days)

  • 2:11pm – Da’Vonne is alone in the bathroom crying about the situation.  I feel bad for her, I do, but come on.  She should look at the bright side, she wasn’t good enough to win, so she’ll be able to actually enjoy her summer.
  • Meanwhile, Audrey is upstairs re-telling the situation to Shelli
  • During the conversation, Audrey joked that this was Clay’s HoH room, and it upset Shelli a bit
  • 2:45pm – Jeff is in the living room with Da’Vonne, who is still upset about going home.  She keeps mentioning Audrey this, and Audrey that, but that’s exactly why she’s going home.  She lost her focus last week when she had a falling out with Audrey.
  • Most of the house is sitting around the kitchen or living room. They’re locked in while production works on the set for tomorrow.
  • Da’Vonne approaches ‘Lizia’ and thanks her for voting for her, and then asks if she told Audrey about it.  Day, stop obsessing over Audrey.
  • Now the two go in private to talk more about Audrey.
  • 3:15pm – House back to quiet, people are just hanging around right now.
  • 3:30pm – Jason running with some paranoia. Because Steve shoots down  his America’s Player theory, he thinks Steve is something like America’s Player
  • Jason, Meg and Da’Vonne just casually talking. With that, I’m going to get some dinner.  Be back shortly
  • 4:30pm – Back, and the backyard is open with stuff for the houseguests to practice for tomorrow’s HoH competition.
  • Random thought – Whenever they practice for competitions like this, I wonder if they roll their eyes when someone they know is going home practices.
  • 5:45pm – I appreciate Jason’s loyalty, but he has been all around Da’Vonne tonight.  The reason Austin is still around is because he started distancing himself once he knew there was no hope for Jace.  Time for Jason to do the same.
  • 6:25pm – The house is kind of sad right now. There is so much weird, awkward tension that even when they try to joke and have fun, it feels forced. Even though I haven’t been able to watch the feeds since Sunday, I have this feeling most of the house are upset Audrey will be sticking around for another week. She has been up in the HoH room with Shelli for awhile now, and Da’Vonne is sulking downstairs.  Really just a weird vibe
  • 6:50pm – Jackie has joined the Shelli-Audrey gossip convention.
  • 7:18pm – House check – Jackie, Becky and Shelli in the HoH room chatting about nothing, and Meg is goofing off in the living room
  • I really need to unwind. Be back a bit later!
  • 9:45pm – Quick update before bed, the house is putting on a fake talk show.  Definitely a sign it’s time for bed.

Check back for more updates!


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  1. Avatar

    I liked Da’vonne a lot! It’s too bad, but now she can go home to her baby!! PS glad to have you back, I never comment but I’ve missed you haha! In Canada we can’t get the feeds so you’re my go-to.

    • Avatar

      you can download whats called a vpn in your firefox browser the extension is called hola free internet or hola unblocker what it does is allow your internet to show your in whichever country you choose so choose the US and there you go 🙂 enjoy the feeds

    • Avatar

      What if I don’t use Firefox? And will CBS let me pay for it that way? Won’t they know its a Canadian credit card? We’ve been able to get the feeds before, I’ve had friends who watch them, but of course when I finally decide to do it I can’t. 🙁

  2. Avatar

    Meg lives another week! Whew… As you said, Da’vonne was handed a golden ticket with the twist AND figuring out the twins, and she blew it. Her long term strategies were horrible and she couldn’t stop and think… Bye bye, no one will miss ya.

  3. Avatar

    I am just waiting for some good game play. So far every hoh has had a target and the target went home. It’s early yet, but I am ready for things to get shaken up!!! Hopefully next week’s twist will have more of an impact.

  4. Avatar

    Kudos for Shelli not going with the easy plan and back-dooring Audrey. I like that she made a target, put them up, and took a risk. Why does every target have to be some grand backdoor scheme?!

  5. Avatar

    Audrey should be going home, Day coulda went anyweek. Its clear Day only has Jason while Audrey has both Clay and the Beaver in her pocket. I get Shelli wanted Day gone this week and she is HoH but lets be honest, if the whole house stuck to their guns and reiterated to Shelli the only thing they support this week is voting out the elephant audrey then she would have cowered and nominated her to not upset house.

  6. danmtruth

    Why did claysheli put Meg up? Would it not had been smarter to put up Jasson or James as they were more closely aligned with lady Day ? Try to remove one of her voting block Just either how dumb do Claysheli think John is Or just how good do they think there BS is to try to get John NOT to use the POV!!

    • pkcable

      Jason would have been the move, but unfortunately he had immunity due to winning the BoB with Steve. Not sure why she opted for Meg over James other than Meg is more liked than James and was a better guarantee that her target Day got voted out. For sure Meg is with that side of the house, BUT things can change next week depending on who gets HoH. Wouldn’t it be interesting if rival factions get it? Like Meg and Clay, or Jason and Austin? Why MUST the 2 HoHs work together, just because they always have since the twist started? Have some cajones and maybe backdoor the losing HoH!

    • danmtruth

      Thanks PK I must have miss that

  7. jimbo

    Severely bummed that I wont be able to see the two Liz’s at once in their bikinis around the pool. sigh

  8. Avatar

    Van asked Julia last night if she was the twin twist, Julia told her yes and her name. Van and Shay are going to help her cover her tracks .

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