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Big Brother 17 – Live Veto And Eviction Thread



Don’t have much time, just walked in. I’m going to jump right into updates…

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  • 5:00pm – Whew, finally settled in. Show is about to begin
    • We get a reminder how Vanessa wanted to get rid of John just a few days ago. Not a good sign for tonight considering she is the only vote
    • Caleb is on the show tonight, woohoo!
    • But first, we get some highlights of post eviction. Vanessa doing her damage control with crocodile tears
    • Clips show 7 minutes before eviction, Steve, John and Vanessa knew that Austin was going out.
    • Vanessa told Steve to look nervous
    • Meanwhile, John gave Austin the false hope he was staying. That’s why he gave Austin the death stare
    • Steve talks about how lucky he is. He wasn’t supposed to win HOH. He calculated wrong and wanted to write 6k rather than 600
    • Vanessa and John making fake deals with each other. Everyone seems to be making fake deals with everyone. Good strategy.
  • 5:11pm – Recorded Nomination Ceremony:
    • Vanessa and John
    • Liz is happy, but she knows it’s all about the PoV
    • Steve tells the DR that he doesn’t want Vanessa to win PoV.. I wonder when that changed
  • 5:15pm – Jury house. They are hoping Vanessa shows up
    • Meg is shocked they voted Julia out over Liz
    • Even the jury house thought it was stupid that Julia picked Austin
    • Austin joins the jury house. Watching the video, James notes how much Vanessa just cut his throat
    • Shelli defends Vanessa right away and says she is playing a great game.
    • Meanwhile, Austin is clearly bitter and want to ruin Vanessa’s game.
  • 5:20pm – Rachel and Brendon time.
    • Rachel is shocked there are no floaters.  Whatever. It’s true, but whatever.
    • Julie is still obsessed with Liz and Austin.  Rachel thinks Austin is going to give it a shot. Liz may get caught up in the post-BB world
    • And of course, their announcement is that Rachel is pregnant
  • 5:30pm – Veto competition time. With my man Caleb!
    • It was the day competition they’ve been studying all season for
    • It is round by round (2 strikes and people are out)
    • Round 1 – Liz strike 1
    • Round 2 – Liz strike 2, she’s OUT
    • Round 3 – Steve strike 1
    • Round 4 – Steve strike 2 – he’s OUT – I guess he didn’t throw it. He just sucked
    • Round 5 – John strike 1
    • Round 6 – John strike 2 – He’s OUT – Vanessa wins PoV
  • 5:45pm – Veto ceremony time…..
    • Vanessa is going to use it and Liz will replace her.
    • John is a pro at these nomination speeches now. But, sounds like he thinks he’s going home
    • John is evicted
    • Now that J-Mack is out of the house, now it’s 50/50. Vote for John or James for America’s favorite
    • John predicts Steve and Vanessa as final 2

Keep checking back to the site to find out who wins Round 1 and 2 of the final HoH


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  1. Avatar

    Thanks for the updates Steve, still at work……

  2. Avatar

    Glad to see that Steve didn’t throw the POV competition as was reported. I feel better now. 🙂

  3. Avatar

    endurance competition for HOH i wonder if it will last long. The spinning one was over almost as fast as it started.

  4. Avatar

    I actually want no none to win… J Mac should have won.

  5. Avatar

    Does anyone know the competion record, hoh/veto for the remaining houseguest?

  6. Avatar

    This may go against prevailing wisdom, but I’m starting to doubt Johnny Mac’s odds.

  7. Jannie

    From Joker’s…

    Steve(alone in the bedroom)

    “If I win I am 100% taking Liz. I am taking Liz.”

    I know that Johnny Mac was popular – but who knew where his head was at?? The other three all said they didn’t trust him, and who could blame them. I don’t think any of us here really knew what he was thinking. Did Johnny Mac even have a strategy?? From what he said to Julie Chen, I’m not so sure he did.

    I guess I don’t care who is on the F2 – as long as Steve is one of them.

    Hope the endurance comp doesn’t cut in to BBAD time.

    • Avatar

      I’ve pretty much given up on Steve doing what he says he’s going to do….. He talks the talk, but doesn’t walk the walk.

    • Avatar

      It’s interesting what Steve is saying, and since this is the last hoh comp, he would be a fool to take Vanessa to the end if he wins.

      The thing is, if it’s an endurance comp, then I don’t think he’ll win it.

      But if he can win hoh, and chickens out, or freezes, or forgets what Vanessa’s name is, or lets her sway his decission in any way whatsoever, then I would certainly hope that he would unserstand why he gets runnerup.

      Enjoy your afterdark!

      Looking forward to your chatfest recap with Nkog during tomorrow’s breakfast.

    • Colby

      I saw that too, Jannie. I just want to say ‘Oh, please, Steve! You talk a big game by yourself, but don’t follow through. Just admit you are Vanessa’s minion and get on with it all…’

  8. Jannie

    Austin sure is bitter. Looks like he will spend the next week trying to turn the jury house against Vanessa.

    It will be interesting to see if Johnny Mac feels the same way.

    • Avatar

      I know everybody can’t stand Vanessa but I want her to win..She has to go for the gold…Like Shelli said she played a good game. Austin just upset and he probably would take Vanessa to F2 but does he understand this game can turn fast on you….I do want to see Steve vs.Vanessa F2 but I do wonder how F2 will shape out of Vanessa vs. Liz.

      Vanessa has the mist she stole it from Dan..

  9. Avatar

    Well I can’t remember from last year what happened with the Americas favorite voting but I voted last night around 8-9 pm central. I’ve been trying to vote tonight for few hours and it says I’ve has my votes for the day. Did last nights count for today and do I have to wait til after man to vote today? Last time to vote is about 8 or 9 am on last day and I remember voting that morning and got my last votes in. Does anyone remember? I want to make sure I get my 30 votes in every day for James who seems to be winning by other polls and seems to have been all season. That’s the only thing I ever get right because I never get any of my favs in final 4 or 5. Funny that Austin on bottom and Liz and Julia close to him. Steve and Vanessa don’t do much better but jmac does pretty high up.

  10. Jannie

    If Vanessa was willing to split the money with the final three I am still going to keep my fingers crossed that she will end up with Steve in the F2 and just say “Listen, I am a very successful person who has only been playing this game for the challenge. I have no problem with all of you not voting me the winner and giving money to someone who really needs it. Now let’s all go to Vegas and party!!”


    • Avatar

      I’m pretty sure the rules expressly prohibit any promises to split the prize money. Otherwise, they’d just agree to a split. There’d be no problem proving the offer and acceptance–it’s live streamed on the web. And the game would get a lot less interesting. After a season or so, they’d just make a deal at the outset that they get $30,000 each, and then the winner and runner up get kickers out of the remaining $70k in prize money. Anyone who doesn’t take the deal gets voted out week 1 or week 2. And no one would tune in.

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