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Big Brother 17 – Liz? Julia? Who Cares Live Updates



With Liz and Julia sitting next to each other tomorrow night, I have one question to ask – who cares?  Alright, that’s a dumb question. Based on my current polling of who you’d rather see go home, 93% of 6k+ people want Liz to go home. So, I guess people really do care. That is also saying a lot considering roughly the same % of people wanted to keep Julia over Meg. If my math is right, that means about a billion people would rather keep Liz over Meg if that scenario unfolded.  I’m a little rusty in math, however.

Will people get what they want? If the twins have their way than no. The twins + sasquatch have agreed that Liz should be the one remaining in the house. Of course they were going to come up with that, seeing as Austin won’t get to fingerbang Julia like he’s been doing to Liz (seriously /puke). But, Liz also has a better chance of winning it all should one of the twins actually reach the final 2. That is exactly why Vanessa preferred Liz be the one walking out the door this week, but she has to carefully consider jury votes, so she doesn’t really have a big say in it.  The trio is 60% of the votes needed to win the game, and they’ve been willing to play that card. Now is not the time for Vanessa to say ‘FU’ to their wishes, so if they want Liz to stay, she’ll probably stay – regardless of what ‘demands’ Vanessa makes.

Last night, Austin and Liz approached Vanessa with the idea to keep Liz, and she will do it under 3 conditions (lol)….

  1. If either win HoH, John and Steve are nominated. Save Vanessa for the absolute last case scenario (being John or Steve win PoV)
  2. If it’s between the two (Steve/John), it’s Vanessa’s call who stays
  3. If Vanessa makes it to f2 with Austin or Liz (not both, because she knows they’ll take each other), they have to promise to take her to the final 2

Wow, quite a long list of demands. While Liz and Austin are putting on brave faces now (they say they won’t honor those demands), the reality is that they probably will. And if they do, they’ll deserve to lose to Vanessa if they’re sitting in the f2 chair with her.

How will today go?  We’ll just find out here:

  • 11:00am – Vanessa is using the elliptical outside. Feeds on others sleeping
    • Random thought, but it would be funny if both remained in the house this week.  We are badly overdue for some type of ANYTHING this season. We got two twists from the ‘BBtakeover’ (sorry, Gronk week wasn’t a twist as it was a fun thing). The last few things Julia told the house were the last two double evictions and Julia entering the house.  But, they already expected two of those three events.  Pandora’s Box?  Luxury comp?  Anything?
  • 1:15pm – Austin is cooking in the kitchen with his twins. Steve is taking a shower.
  • 2:15pm – Austin and Steve chatting Big Brother history
  • 4:55pm – Austin, John, Vanessa and Liz sitting around the table. Austin and John are taking movies.

Note – I just checked, and yesterday was my 900th Big Brother post since I started this blog.  I’ll have to keep track of that and try to remember to do something fun for my 1,000th (which won’t be until next season). 

Check back for updates


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  1. Avatar

    After listening to a conversation between Liz and Julia last night on BBAD it was clear they were expecting Liz would stay in the house. Julia was prepping Liz on what she needed to study for to win the next competition. She was also telling Liz that first Steve needs to go and then Vanessa because they have finally figured out that Vanessa has been playing all sides of the house with every angle possible. Not sure if it will help them at this point though. To me, the best possible scenario would be for Liz to leave the house because she is a better competitor and is the link between the Austwins but getting Vanessa to keep her would probably be Van’s demise. James was correct when he told Van she is playing the game way too hard. Funny how that offended her at the time but it may be the very thing that destroys her game play.

  2. Avatar

    I saw the fingerbang on Perez. She is beyond nasty. Don’t even get me started with mister top hat.

    • Avatar

      And then afterward he went downstairs and helped prepare dinner without even washing his hands first! I could say more, but it’s a mixed audience here. 🙂

    • Avatar

      EWwwww. EWWWWW!!!!! AAAAAGGGGHHHH so gross!!!

    • Jannie

      That is soooo gross!! And the other day Joker’s said he spent quite a bit of time on the HOH bathroom toilet, came out, and smelled his fingers before deciding to “kinda” wash his hands.
      On BBAD the twins are constantly licking their utensils and then sticking them back into jars, pots of food and ice cream cartons. They also constantly run their fingers thru their hair and then prepare food.
      God, they disgust me…

    • Avatar

      It amazes me they think they are fan favorites …yuck , grossman and the mean girls…I really would like to see the reaction to the Jokers polls …BOTTOM 3 for a long bit….digest that a$$twits.

    • Jannie

      From Joker’s…

      2:54 PM – Austin tells Liz that she is smart and she replies…”I know!”

      2:56 PM – Austin asks Liz what she was doing at this time last year. Liz said she was recovering from her boob job.

      Also, Austin knows how dumb the twits are…I have seen him rolling her eyes at them – remember the whole “Sigmund Freud” thing?? He likes to fancy himself a medieval intellectual, but if Liz is what turns him on – he’s pretty dang dumb.

    • Colby

      Their parents and grandparents must be so proud. Maybe they can get jobs in the porn industry.
      Also might explain why we haven’t seen segments on their family’s yet. They may not want to claim them right now.

    • Jannie

      OK, I can admit it…after Big Papi said that Austin and Liz “going at it” was on the Perez Hilton site, I just had to check it out. Yes, it was just as gross as you could imagine, but what was interesting was the comment section. Everyone was trashing the twins and more than a few were saying that their (the twits) family members have been regularly trashing the other HG’s on Facebook and Twitter.
      Now I can see where the twits get it from…that and their Mom buying them boobs for graduation gifts.
      The whole family sounds like a freakin’ mess – probably even their Nana.

    • NKogNeeTow

      If you think that’s something, you should see their lengthy undercover make out sessions on YouTube.

  3. Avatar

    Vanessa is stupid if she keeps Liz in the house. She shouldn’t care TOO much about jury votes because you have to make it to the final two in order for the jury to vote for you anyway. Her chances are better if she keeps Julia.

    • Elaine

      I agree with that too. However, I will be very happy to have Julia take her stimulating conversational style (NOT), her foul-mouth, and full press whhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine to the jury house. Lucky them!

  4. Avatar

    The house are complete idiots if they keeping Liz. Not only is she better in comps but she and Austin will be a tighter duo than Julia and Austin. If Liz leaves, Julia and Austin will be really upset and will begin to crumble. Vanessa is playing both sides of the house so well that I cannot tell which side she is truly loyal to. This week will be really telling. I hope she sticks with John and Steve because I want the two of them in the final 2 (I like when the good/nice guys come out on top) but if Vanessa decides to stick with the Austwins, Steve and John are going to be fighting an uphill battle.

    • Avatar

      P.S. Did anyone see the convo between the Austwins last night in BBAD?? Austin is completely convinced that America loves the 3 of them and is rooting for them really hard. He said he is certain Liz will win America’s player and he is positive that they have played this amazing game that will go down in BB history. I could have puked. His UNFOUNDED areogance is sickening!!

    • Avatar

      I thought he was saying that Vanessa already had America’s player down. But I was annoyed listening to them talk, so I could have easily mis-heard that one.

  5. Avatar

    Liz is history. The caveman will be lost. He’ll have to take things in his own hand. Poor guy. He could always re-connect with Liz when he’s voted out. Vanessa is going to get her way. With Steve and John on her side she could win! Cheaters ALWAYS prosper. But in the long run, she’ll get hers.

  6. Avatar

    Does anyone know if the hammock meeting between Steve, Austin and JMack took place last night, and if so, what was discussed?

  7. Alda

    I hope we hear something about the Date the boys had late,last night.That would be interesting.Between Vanessa and her math scenarios and Liztin in bed it was a pretty sickening BBAD last night.

  8. Avatar

    I am looking forward to seeing Liz meet Julie Thursday night. Or the other one. Either way it will be entertaining to see a twit talking about how well they played and how niiiiiiiiccceeeeeeuh they were to those losers in the house.

    • Avatar

      So true, Jenny.

      For the sake of keeping John safe, I would hope it’s Liz.


      For the sake of some potential fireworks, I would hope Liz stays, and kicks Vanessa’s butt. Or tries to anyway.

      I really hope someone puts up Vanessa soon. Even if she saves herself, the stress factor in the house would be high.

  9. Avatar

    I went on utube and checked out Vanessa playing poker. Even though I know she’s a poker player, actually seeing her play gave me a new perspective on her. In one hand alone she won over $192,000!!! There was also a video showing her house (a very nice, big and expensive house) and it showed how she came about being a DJ and the music she makes herself. It was interesting and enlightening. I have not personally cared for her method of game play with all the whinning, crying and woe is me stuff but I especially don’t like her bullying and strong arm tactics towards others, mostly Steve. I also can’t stand to listen to her ramble on and on and she always looks like a scared raccoon….but out of all the poor excuse for players we’ve had this season she’s the only one left that deserves to win imo. Even though I like Johnny Mac and Steve better they don’t deserve the win. Maybe one of them could win 2nd place just for fun.

  10. opium4damasses

    Methinks Liz is still going. Meanwhile, Vanessa has managed to get plenty more dirt from Austin’s blathering ego. He not only called his pals, Steve and John, mofos last night, but also provided quite a few more mouthfuls that can be used against him later. It continues to be the case that Vanessa takes the temperature of everyone else, while ready to adjust things according to the factor of luck. Some players are more mad at her than ever, but will that change anything?

  11. Avatar

    John threw this last HOH to Steve. If you watch, he had the puzzle done but waited and acted like he was still working until Steve hit the buzzer. Love the ballerina bowling but was not impressed with Jesse at all. He was either bored or stoned. LOL

    • Jannie

      I am really ticked that JMac threw that bowling POV to Austin. Just like he threw the puzzle to Steve. He admits throwing them both in the DR. I guess he wants to play for 2nd place, he sure doesn’t deserve to win by being “the comp thrower.”
      That was a slap in the face to his supposed alliance member, Steve. And it win’t win him any points with Austin.

      JMac sure knows how to throw the comps but he doesn’t know how to win them.

    • Avatar

      John had said that he through the puzzle comp, because he wanted to be able to compete and win the next hoh, which he thinks it’s going to be a physical challenge.

      It doesn’t mean he’ll win it, but he felt that he would be better at a physical comp than Steve.

  12. Avatar

    Hey Stevebeans. Which Season did you start BBJunkies? I was trying to remember if I’ve been following yours since your first year.

  13. Avatar

    I still want to see a ‘Pandora’s Box’ situation…..but live up to the legend of the thing…….and have THOUSANDS of cockroaches unleashed within the house. And they would remain in there for the duration. This will certainly elevate stress levels & tension among the house-guests. I want to see roaches in their bedding, the food pantry, their clothes & hair. Throw up some netting over the entire backyard, so that the bugs CAN’T escape. They can go in & fumigate AFTER the finale. ( Better double up on the spray for Liz & Austin’s bed….Who knows what OTHER little critters are crawling around in those sheets…)

  14. Jannie

    So tonight they got crab cakes and lobster tails for dinner??
    And, of course, the Julia ia eating something out of a bowl while they are making dinner.
    Are they in the Hamptons or in the BB house?? The all need to suffer a little more…they are so spoiled with the food supply. Last night they got Chinese takeout.
    Maybe Liz is doing “favors” in the DR to get the house all of the goodies ?

    And did anyone else notice that Liz actually seemed sincere a few days ago when she was willing to “fall on the sword” and “let Julia shine.” She seemed willing to go to jury and let Julia stay.

    That is until she wasn’t and practically signed away her firstborn to Vanessa to stay in the house.

  15. Avatar

    How do you find the footage that people are talking about that Perez Hilton reported of Liz and Austin and their shenanigans?

  16. NKogNeeTow

    School Report: How I Spent My Summer

    1. Slurped down food
    2. Swilled down liquor
    3. Slept
    4. Cursed
    5. Lied
    6. Raised ant farms
    7. Went bat watching
    8. Played games using kitchen utensils
    9. Plotted and deceived
    10. Wasted people’s time

  17. NKogNeeTow

    Oh and I forgot one:

    11. Debate Team: Sigmund Freud vs. Sigmund and Roy

  18. NKogNeeTow

    I was watching Asstin last night, all curled up around Liz. He reminded me of a python. The way he wrapped himself around her, I kept waiting for his jaws to unhinge and devour her whole.

  19. NKogNeeTow

    They just found a condom and started teasing Asstin about it. He asked “What would I do with that?”.

    Ummm, wear it as a glove?…jus sayin….

  20. opium4damasses

    It does appear from the mood that at least Austin and the twins think Liz is staying. If she is, Liz is doing an excellent job of concealing from Vanessa that she wants to have Austin’s help to pull out the rug from under Vanessa and that she’s positive she has the pull with him to get it done. This is one piece of the puzzle that causes me to wonder if there’s a private understanding between Vanessa and Bobcat Goldthwait, the dentist, to quietly vote Liz out. Vanessa usually doesn’t miss any cues. If Julia goes and the next HOH isn’t Vanessa’s desire to win (or if she tries and blows it) which side of the house can she choose? Who is willing enough and powerful enough to help move her along in the game?

  21. opium4damasses

    Or who is the most available chump who can help Vanessa launch someone else out of the hoise?

  22. opium4damasses

    Sorry. meant house, not hoise. Such is insomnia.

  23. Avatar

    power rankings today?????

  24. leafhopper

    Last year when Christine was booed as she left the house, the house guests were able to hear it… what if… when Julia leaves tonight, she is booed, how do you think LizTin will react? Especially with their thinking that they are so loved by America?

    • Avatar

      I didn’t like Christine, at all, however, I hated seeing her getting booed, it was pretty harsh. I do like Julia more than Liz, but while the twins are so hard to watch, I don’t know that I personally would boo them. They aren’t borderline cheating on a husband, and while they talk a bunch of trash, they haven’t been nearly as vile as other houseguests. They just seem worse because it’s doubled, and lets be honest, without Austin attached, we can’t even tell which one of them is saying what.
      If I had to guess, and I may be proven wrong, I would guess that a few will cheer, but most just won’t say anything. The houseguests will be confused about why they didn’t hear cheering (or much of it).

    • Avatar

      we don’t know for sure if julia will be the one to leave tonight. things could change today.

    • leafhopper

      True, if Liz to be the one to leave tonight, it would be the better game move. But, either way, it will be a huge blow to the Austwins ego’s if they do not receive the overwhelming welcoming reception they are expecting upon their exit.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Leaf, I might be wrong, but I seem to remember SteveBeans saying that they discourage you from booing the House Guest. I thought he addressed some the ground rules the audience was given before the show started. But as I said, I could be wrong. Maybe someone can clarify it or you can check in the archives for his post when he visited the show.

  25. Avatar

    Liz and Julia seem dumb as dirt. They had a plan worked out with Austin and Vanessa can say one word to Julia and she throws it all away in a split second, Oh My! Then when they go to Vanessa she twists it around and has them both angry at Austin. If Vanessa has this kinda of mind control just give her the money she deserves every penny. I do not think JMac and Steve want to sit next to Vanessa in the final two.

    Vanessa best move is to get ride of Julia keep Liz and keep Austin from joining with the boys so this will keep the two sides seperate while Vanessa can manipulate both. If they send Julia home that alienates Austin, he goes with the boys imo. So I would not be surprised if Julia voted out…I hope the boys realize this before they vote…anyway at least last nights episode was entertaining.

  26. Elaine

    Since things have long lives on the internet, Austin, Liz, and Julia, can see many clips and posts on how “well liked” they were. Course if the family is posting nasty comments, than that is their lives and they probably won’t care. Please no more twins BB.

    • Avatar

      True. But, I would think the “well liked” posts and comments would outweigh what the family is circulating. ‘You think? The twins’ ignorance and shallowness and Austin’s ego are widely documented. I would think it would be hard to argue with that, whether or not you’d birthed twins.

  27. Avatar

    hi i know who going to win this one it vanessa u want her to win and not liz or austin that not fare at all this set up i know it is i will not be watching this next yr thank you much just did it hope you have low ratings on this i saw you set her to win it all that not right at all

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