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Big Brother 17 – Will Meg Remain Tonight?



While watching the feeds last night, it was clear of one thing: Steve has his doubts about the vote he’ll be casting tonight. He is a Big Brother historian, and even admits he knows what the fans want (vote out Julia), but he is struggling heavily with this idea. Why?  That’s a good question, and one I wish I could answer.

Heading into the season, Steve was looked at as the next Ian Terry. Comparisons were made left and right, especially when they both had extremely awkward and weak social and physical games early on. They both aligned themselves with a strong target in front of them (Ian had Dan, Steve has Vanessa), and nobody really knew where they stood until evicted houseguests were watching goodbye messages.

The different between Big Brother 14 and Big Brother 17, however, is the whole ‘blood on my hands’ thing that everyone is obsessing over. Unlike Steve, Ian did feel the need to take credit for evictions, as he proudly did with the eviction of his buddy Mike Boogey. As the weeks went on, and battle lines were drawn, Ian became more cutthroat going as far as evicting the girl he had a fake date with earlier in the season (Ashley). Ian is smart, he knew things would never work out with Ashley, so he wasn’t going to risk half a million dollars over a pretty girl who is stringing him along.


What isn’t displayed on CBS and isn’t really talked about a ton on the feeds is that Steve seems to have a thing for Julia. I don’t have any specific timestamps, but I distinctly remember a few times there were talks about how he felt about her, and Julia has indeed taking a liking to him as well – as a friend. The twins show him a lot of attention, almost to an annoying level when they screech ‘Steeeeeeeeeeve’ when he enters the room. So, naturally he is on cloud 9 and probably doesn’t want it to end, especially at his hands.

Is that the reason Steve has seemed to ultimately rejected the idea of teaming up with James, Meg and John in splitting  up the twins? I don’t think he’ll ever admit it, but at this point, I don’t really see many other reasons for him to make this move. Vanessa’s logic is that she has convinced Austin that he can’t go to the final 3 with the twins, so he’d be more than willing to throw future HoH competitions, which allows Vanessa to do the dirty work. She also feels Julia is as weak as Meg in competitions, but we all know that’s not true. So, Vanessa told Steve it will essentially be him and her versus Liz regarding competitions down the line, and he seemed to be ok with that logic. That was until he was up until still discussing the flip possibility with Johnny Mack.

In the end, Steve decided against it. Vanessa indeed is positioning herself in a favorable position by secretly aligning with John, and another alliance with Steve, all while convincing Austin not to try very hard in future HoH competitions. I am actually coming around to the idea that voting out Meg is actually Vanessa’s better option (although Liz would have been a good one), but I still fail to see how this helps Steve.

Perhaps some readers can shed some light on Steve’s logic on keeping Julia in the game rather than just aligning with Meg, John, and James.


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    Steve’s biggest reason to keep Julia. 22 year old Virgin , stay at home boy that is loving the attention from someone that as soon as this game is over will not give him two seconds. Unless it’s show related.

  2. Jannie

    Did anyone else catch Meg’s “campaigning” to Steve last night on BBAD??

    She was so bad it was actually painful to watch. She stuttered and stammered and really gave him no reason to keep her other than some talk about a “three person alliance(Austwits)” and “the numbers.” Then Steve says “is there any onformation I should have to help me make my decision?” Holy crap what a lead in to start laying it on thick. But Meg just says, Meg says, “not really” WHAT?!??!?!?! She is a horiible, horrible player.

    Good God, Meg it was awful!! Why not offer to have her and James work with he(Steve) and JMac to take out the threesome. It would be four against two if Julia goes to jury. Explain that Vanessa will not be playing in the next HOH and therefore, cannot keep him safe. Tell him that you(Meg) and James were in an alliance with the Austwits(They actually were) and that Steve was one of their main targets.

    Then go and do the same with JMac.

    Meg and James seem to think that going to Austin and Vanessa will save her – they are going about it all wrong. Arm twis, lie to and manipulate Steve and Jmac for crying out loud!! It wouldn’t be that hard!

    Neither Meg or Julia deserve to stay, but just for my own sanity, I would like to see Julia out the door tonight.

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      I totally agree Jannie. Meg’s effort was almost pitiful to watch. How did she ever make it this far??

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      That’s just as damning to Steve as it is to Meg. “Aside from the fact that I can’t possibly win if Julia stays, do you have any reason I should vote to keep you?” Aside from that Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?

      I’m coming around to the view that people who are sitting around wondering whether they should go after Austwins really deserve to leave. I don’t want to see this season wind down to its inevitable boring conclusion when Liz beats Austin at the end. But there’s a certain Darwinian justice in people too dumb to count to three getting eliminated, as frustrating as it is to watch.

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    “Steve seems to have a thing for Julia”

    I think that’s your answer. Never underestimate the lengths a brother will go to impress a woman, especially if he thinks he has a chance (whether he does is irrelevant).

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    Steve will do exactly what Vanessa wants him to do because he doesn’t have the spine to do otherwise.

  5. Jannie

    Last night the twins were complaining about Steve.

    Let’s see how Steve feels when Julia’s votes his butt out the door.

    Julia is a bitch for using his feelings to keep her – and Vanessa encourages it…ugh…

    Sorry, Steeeeeevvvveveahhhhhh 🙂

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      Yeah, that’s kind of harsh. It’s a game. He’s stupid for letting her get away with it. It’s not like they’re having sex as a ruse. I blame him for being stupid.

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      Steve isn’t so much stupid as naive. Remember how happy his parents were to see him socializing with the rest of them? The kid doesn’t have experience socializing. He is totally gullible because he doesn’t know that the twins are totally insincere when they pretend to be his friends. I don’t see him so much as a genius as I do someone with Asperger’s or a related issue that keeps him from getting social cues easily. Above-average intelligence, sure. But being super-focused on BB and memorizing facts about the show isn’t a sign of genius, it’s a sign of being fixated on the show. I dated a guy with Asperger’s. Sweetest, most honest guy I have ever known. Totally oblivious to social cues. He tried hard but couldn’t understand that to really relate to someone you need to care about their interests, even if you don’t share them. And you need to listen to people you care about, instead of constantly steering the conversation back to whatever you want to talk about. I think Steve has grown a lot in the house, which is great.

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    Year after year, it never ceases to boggle my mind how quickly someone can discard the real opportunity to win a half million dollars for a showmance with someone they hardly know in just a matter of days. I’m no Brad Pitt but if I were in the house, I would use Becky’s “I’m done with…” at all possible showmances and win my money.
    Steve has to see that he cannot dent Austwins and has a better show working with Vanessa, John, James, and Meg in any combination.

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    Vanessa is playing a brilliant game. One of the best in BB history. I will be very surprised if she doesn’t win it all.

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      She is ok, but does not hold a candle to Dan, Derrick and evil Dick…imo.

    • ChiKelz

      Brett, I agree Vanessa is playing a good game…I think! I’ve only watched BB since 2009 and based on other fans and my mother that has watched since day one; is she a good player or is she a mediocre player with incompetent house guests? I’m not so sure she is as “brilliant” as she thinks or are the others just clueless? If I’m playing basketball with a 5 year old and I win by 30 points; am I a great “baller” (I’m not) or did I not have competition? There have been so many DUMB game moves from others I can’t help to think their lack of game play magnifies Vanessa game. I can’t see her winning against Dan, Mike Boogie, Rachel, or even Ian Terry. Ian “got blood” on his hands! My mother says Dr. Will would have run circles around her. She may win and I hope not because of her hypocritical bulls#@&*! “Don’t lie to me” and she is the biggest liar in the house. I don’t like her condescending manner in the way she treats people and as she demonstrated last night she allows the power to go to her head when she is HOH! You can play a good game and not be an ass. I don’t like her. Did I mention I don’t LIKE her?! LOL

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      She made a huge gamble in putting her faith that Steve or JMac will win HOH this week. The numbers are against her. Maybe she felt she had to, but it seemed like the time to draw her sword. I wonder if her life as a poker player made her too concerned about the risks of action, and not concerned enough about the risks of inaction. If Julia makes it out of this week, the odds of an Austwin making it to the end are huge. And even assuming she is at the end, the Austwin starts out with two votes.

      This might work out for her. But it seems like an awful lot of faith that someone else will win the competition with the odds against the people she needs (as opposed to taking out Austin or Liz, reducing Austwins to two, one competitor and one person along for the ride).

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      Monica 21 mentioned 3 of the best to play BB. Would include Dr. Will, which makes 4 out of 17 seasons. So Brett, your original statement seems to be correct, imo.

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      Derrick is the most overated winner of all time. He deserved to win but a master? He did it all in secret.BTW if Derrick played this year his plan would have not worked. Every cast is different. Vanessa has had to get em all out 1 by 1 by 1 by1 by 1 everyone she wants gone is gone. And she is doing this as the #1 target for most of the year. Rite in front of their faces. That is much more difficult.

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    Its almost to painful to watch as Steve throws away his chance to win BB, yes WIN….he could easily team with James, JMac vote out Julia and if one of them wins they could HOH put up Vanessa and she would be gone in 30 minutes with no time to cry, whine, intimidate, manipulate anyone..GONE…out the door..bubye….it would be beautiful…but reality is meg will go home then James, JMac will hit the road…then the season will basically be over……

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    Danmtruth, I was so upset at these people that I quit watching for a while. I even canceled the live feeds. They should change the name of the game from BB 17 to Racoon eyed Vanessa 17.
    I just don’t understand why they let Vanessa bully & talk to them however she wants to. I couldn’t stand to be around a person like that. I would walk away everytime she came around so I wouldn’t get evicted for punching her in her fast talking mouth.
    James & John are the only ones I could tolerate but they need to grow a pair & make their own decisions & quit letting others have such a heavy influence over them. They had better grow a pair or just give Vanessa the money. Time is running out & almost gone.

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    I think I read somewhere that Steve brought up voting out Julia to Vanessa but she pretty much talked him out of it. I don’t think she actually came out and told him not to but she talked on and on which she knows just confuses Steve. Steve will never do anything he knows Vanessa wouldn’t approve of. And I don’t believe he will ever vote her out.

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    ChiKelz, I am laughing my ass off!!! Your mother is a wise woman. It would be so funny to see Vanessa in the house with Dan, Evil Dick, Will, Boogie or Ian, they would chew her ass up & spit her out faster than those crazy eyes of hers could bob & weave. I wonder how fast it would take her to cry & say “I just don’t understand.”
    Oh, did I mention “I DON’T LIKE HER ASS EITHER” LOL

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    Ann, as much as I would hate to see Vanessa on BB again that would be the best season ever! Who else should we campaign for to be on that season?

    • Avatar

      Please don’t get me wrong because I don’t want Vanessa to win either. Im trying to think of who else would be good competition against her. Who else do you think would be good to go against her?

  13. ChiKelz

    Akasnana, we shouldn’t need to campaign just hope that Vanessa wins! Ughh! (I can’t believe I said that, I think I will be sick.) I read that Julie wants for season 18 all the winners from seasons 1-17 to play an “All Stars”. If that happens that will be great. Watching Vanessa with Evil Dick, Dan, Dr. Will, Rachel, Boogie, Ian Terry etc. That will be funny! Like Ann said crying “I don’t understand”! I just picture her telling Mike Boogie or Rachel they need to go downstairs because they are pissing her off! LMAO Imagine her lecturing Evil Dick about his lies and how she plays with integrity. I’d have to close my company for those months to sit at home and watch the feeds. LOL That season would redefine entertainment!! I think Derrick would be squirming too! I wish they would do a season of some that were evicted 1st or second and really didn’t get a chance to play. Like Joey with the blue hair. Yeah she was slightly on the odd side, but she was voted out because she wanted an all girls alliance. She seemed like she would have been on to Derrick; hence, why she was really evicted and I think could have given him a run for his money! IMO

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    As much as I detest her too….Rachel is the only one who comes to mind right now. We need some strong women who wouldn’t put up with Van’s double talk but I haven’t watched long enough to know any.

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    Glad to see you finally coming around Steven Beens that to get Meg out or James was infact the best strategy for her. I have to differ with ya about Liz though. Keep em happy. If Van does make the final 2 she will need every vote she can get.(long way to go. I am very aware of that) Feels to me like a bitter jury if she is there. Of course the simple thought was, just break up the Austintwins.If it seems to easy, it is likely fools gold. 1of many smart things my grandfather told me. Now people are starting to see why the move was a good one. Not to mention that Vanessa is now 3rd on the wheel of 4. Because the twins are not liking Austins game as of now. Some said that would be impossible to split the trio’s loyalty. We’ll if ya watched bbad last night you saw that infact it’s not impossible. And even better is James heard Steve whispering to Austin last night that had James realizing that Steve and Austin are closer than people think.(that’s just a bonus)Opps! (; Looks like Austin may be on the block very soon. He has a big bright target on stanky back. Doesn’t know it and does not have the moves to wiggle out of it like Van has. Sometimes ya just gotta to be patient. And sometimes of course you don’t wanna be too patient b4 it’s too late.This move seems just rite in timing espically with DE tonight.Also this secret bond with Jonny of all people is brialliant. He needs her now and she needs him. Noone expeced this alliance. Especially Jonny. Ha. He never ever thought that would happen. Lol. Van is in the middle as usual. But this time she is letting the others eat eachother alive as she stands by moves the strings and watches. Van is not in as bad of a position as most think she is. Id venture to say she is in a strong position.This game is far from over.(this isint BB16) It’s certainly is not over as most people said the last 3 weeks. P.s. To dantruth. Glad you decided to sit back and wait to see if infact this was a good move. Even though you didn’t understand Vans reasoning. Atleast you were fair and said, “ok. Let’s see what happens.”Tonight should be the biggest night of the BB YEAR so far. Weeeeeeee
    First world problems. We are all so fourtante. I hope we all understand this. With a world on fire. We are talking about a game show. (:

    • Avatar

      Mikey, you called it! I work for a large company that just announced a major shift in direction last week.. and is laying off hundreds of people whose jobs are being eliminated. We’re talking good employees, some GREAT employees, who have worked for years to get where they are now. POOF! Your job is gone!
      Every time I want to complain about anything, I stop because I know how lucky I am to have what I have.
      If you have a roof over your head and enough to eat, you are LUCKY!
      I start to whine about being out of goat cheese and then catch myself like OMG you jerk, you have food!
      And this is why I detest those bitchy snotty twins. 🙂

  16. ChiKelz

    You are right I can’t see Rachel putting up with her at all! She would have cussed her out week one! From my understanding, Janelle didn’t win a season, but I did watch her the little time on the All Stars(Season 14???) I can’t see her putting up with it either.

  17. Avatar

    ChiKelz, I was with you right up till you mentioned Joey, lol, didn’t like her at all. I do like the seasons 1 – 18 “All Stars” idea. If not the winner the second place winner. I never got to see Evil Dick or Dr.Will play but of course have heard of their legacy.
    Laughed out loud when you mentioned Van telling Boogie or Rachel to go downstairs, priceless!
    And closing your business is exactly what I would do to stay home and watch 24/7.

  18. Avatar

    ooops…meant seasons 1-17

    Yes, saw Janelle in All Stars , didn’t like her but she would be a woman strong enough to put Van in her place.

    • kneeless

      I really would like to see Becky have a chance to play again. If she had aligned with some folks earlier in the game and played harder a little sooner I think she would have been able to take Van down. I wish Jason, Da & Becky would have gotten together with a strong bond early they may have done well.
      Van only looks like a good, strong player because the others are so weak.

    • Avatar

      Brittany wouldn’t knuckle under to Vanessa either & oh boy, how bout that nutty Ginamarie? She would send her running like the little cocka roaches that they are. Lol
      That nutcase Amanda Zimmerman would give old crazy eyes a run for the money too.

    • Avatar

      I thought about Janelle also. What about Evil Dicks daughter?

  19. Colby

    Steve will never cross Vanessa. He is afraid of her wrath and he believes they still have a F2 deal.
    I can’t stand Vanessa and will have my own little party if she gets evicted, but I would rather see her win this game than any of the Austwits.
    I hope JMac wins the DE. He will go after the Austwits.
    James will go after Vanessa and I think it is more important to break up the trio first.
    Steve will do whatever Vanessa tells him to.
    I just hope that none of the Austwits win HOH or JMac is in trouble.

    • Avatar

      you and me both Colby. if Austwits win HoH then Jmac or James is going out the door especially if they wise up and evict Julia instead of Meg.

    • Avatar

      Dear Kneeless. Becky had 3 chances already. 1 when she had Van on the block. 2 When she had a chance at pov or convincing people (like Van does) to keep her. 3 to win in the jury comeback. How many chances should she have. 25? She had 3 chances. And lost all 3.Becky even said herself Van is good. Like her or not she is really good. People here(not you btw) go to the insulting her looks card. I would love to see what these people here look like who cast stones.I’m sure their no Jennifer Aniston or Brad Pitt. It just shows no good arguments. So call people names.WEAK.(Agian, I’m not saying you do that. But lots here do) So anyhow can’t have it both ways. Either Becky is strong and lost 3 times n a row to a stronger player. Or Becky is weak. And lost to a less weak player. I say it’s the 1st option.

    • Jannie

      Amen, Colby and kristine!!
      I would also rather see Van win than any of the Austwits,
      I am afraid that if James does not win the next HOH or Veto he will be gone. Seems this season is a “no blood on my hands” deal so he would be the easiest to take out, especially if Meg is gone.

      Why, oh why, can’t James and Meg figure out that the best way to get rid of Julia is to tell Steve and JMac that the Austwits are gunning for them. Screw what Vanessa says, play your own game, not hers!!
      I would think it would be easy as they have been going back and forth on who to evict – all it would take would be a little push…but, sadly, James and Meg don’t seem to be the best strategists. They should be pledging their allegiance to JMac and Steve ASAP.

      And, if Meg stays, she may even have a chance at HOH if it’s a crap shoot ball rolling thingy.
      Stranger things have happened 🙂

  20. Avatar

    Does anyone out there think that Julia will get evicted? A girl can wish can’t she? Lol

    • ChiKelz

      Ann, to answer your question…I’d like to say yes Julia will go home, but with this group “the obvious” seems to be the opposite of their actions. BTW the “nutty” comment about Ginamarie and the “cocka-roaches” made me laugh till I cried. Oh I’ve some good laughs on here today!

  21. Avatar

    Brittany wouldn’t knuckle under to Vanessa either & oh boy, how bout that nutty Ginamarie? She would send her running like the little cocka roaches that they are. Lol
    That nutcase Amanda Zimmerman would give old crazy eyes a run for the money too.

  22. Avatar

    Kneeless, I loved Jason & he was my favorite but he just couldn’t keep his mouth closed. He ran & told every little thing he found out when he shouldn’t have & he trusted & told the wrong people. That’s what got him evicted.

  23. Avatar

    You can’t just go trusting people alll willy nilly. They meet & within 5 seconds they’re trusting each other & making alliances with people they don’t know & have never in their lives laid eyes on. Then there’s those who go hop in the sack with strangers not knowing for certain where they’ve been & who they’ve done.

  24. Avatar

    I would love to see a straight up cut throat group. That was there to win the money. Not what they look like or tv time. I mean just great players. Im not about having people find these people that are so called pretty, who cares its about the game.

  25. Avatar

    I would like to see all bb18 be women from past season. Pick 25 women out of the ones who played and then let the fans pick which ones get to go back in. We definitely would have a drama filled season. I think there would be some great scheming and get in your face disagreements on who did what.

  26. Avatar

    Steve will wimp out/ he always does. Why doesn’t someone get rid of him?

  27. Avatar

    Vanessa would wipe the floor with all the other past players…i watched all seasons and she has done masterful job at eliminating threats, getting others to do her dirty work…she has the biggest target on her back and hasnt really been in much trouble….why people make fun of the way she looks? are you kiddin, these people would prolly give anything to look like her…oh and for allstar season, evil dick is hiv+ so he wouldnt be allowed on, thats why he was removed last time

    • ChiKelz

      spott19, I forgot about the HIV. Thanks for the reminder! I was quoting an article I read about Julie Chen’s wants for Season 18. FYI: I have never made it a secret about not liking Vanessa. I justified it with her actions and the way she treats others, not her looks! I have a problem with anyone treating others in a disrespectful manner or being hypocritical.

    • Avatar

      Touchdown spott19!!
      This chick, aka Lady Maverick,yeah some of ya know what I mean, has had the target square on her back the whole season and swats them off like flies. Then people say, she’s not that she’s good. It’s that the rest are that bad. Buahahaha. And if she makes the final 2 the jury will vote bitter likely.waaaa.Vanessa booted just about every one of us. She uses presuation to make them look soooo bad. And wins comps by a long margin btw.Simple as that. It’s sooo easy to sit behind your computer and criticize, when the truth is Lady Maverick would crush the souls of the critics here if they played this game.This chick has delt with the biggest most cunning sharks in the world and is rated #2 on the planet for females. #36 for males. This is the way it really is. When people have no argument they yell,” your ugly.” Hahahaha. I’d love to see what these people look like. Instead of complaining. Watch and go WOW. That’s preety damm good. A few here have been sensible and finally admitted it. Congrats for being honest to the few who have. The problem is people want a nice person to win. We’ll in real life Lady Maverick is loved and respected by her peers. Very nice. In this game it’s not about nice. It’s about this is the way it’s gonna be. Even Mr.James (your not cool if you haven’t been in jail. That’s what he said) Was studddddddddering when Lady Maverick integrated him. Too damm funny. Another thing, I’m not defending Lady Maverick. She can handle herself. I’m just laughing at all the anti Van’s. Who complain week after week that their done with the show. Yet they are here every single day. Aces full Tony G. HA!!

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