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Big Brother 17 – Nomination Results And Feeds



Emergency beach day was a success. Especially when I came home to see that nominations have yet to be completed.

I want to make a quick note about the comment section. I don’t like telling people what they can and can’t talk about, as long as they’re respectful to each other. I just wanted to remind everyone that politics are always a heated discussion. This isn’t really the site to be talking about it, unless you’re talking about the politics inside the Big Brother house. I’m not going to start deleting comments because they’re political in nature, but please try to keep real world politics out of the comment section.

Anyway, as I’m typing this, the feeds are up, so it’s time to see what happened…

  • 3:09pm – Austin and James are in the pantry talking about someone.
    • Austin is mentioning how pissed someone looks and they don’t even want to make eye contact. By the way they’re talking, I assume it’s John.
  • The twins are up in the HoH room…
    • It turns out Liz nominated Becky and John for eviction.
    • Liz is saying she wants John out. He’s pissed about being a have-not
    • Liz is sipping some wine in the HoH room
    • She is talking to the cam and saying John has to go this week and Becky is not her target because she’s handling it way better
    • Liz is saying Steve wasn’t going up. He’s her baby brother. Only she and Julia can make fun of him.
    • Listening to Liz and Julia talk to each other while eating and drinking is making me sick
    • They think James is a good backdoor option
    • Julia ‘At the end of the day. I know you’re always going to choose me because he’s just a guy you don’t even really like that much’.  lol
    • Now on to Vanessa. They are saying she is playing the victim card too much. She is only there for the money, and this is her best poker game yet
  • 3:40pm – Vanessa joins
    • Vanessa starts whining about people who hate her.
    • Austin joins and the group talk about how Johnny Mack is weird and is going to snap.
    • They say his veto speech was horrible
    • Vanesa is re-telling the Clay/Mack drama from last Thursday
    • Vanessa is controlling the room, shocker. She has not stopped talking since she entered.
  • 4:15pm – Steve snuck up at some point in the past 30 minutes
    • Steve asks what they want from Johnny Mack at this point.
    • The girls say stuff like they want to be able to talk to him and other weird replies.
    • Steve – ‘Do you want him to come up tonight and make a personal relationship’?
    • Twins – ‘It’s too late for that’.  Ok then
  • Same time, Meg is in the HN room with John

    • Meg is saying that people are on to Vanessa’s crap.
    • John says he caught her in a lie which is why she’s freaking out.
    • John doesn’t even know who to pick for veto if he gets the choice. He can’t pick Meg or James because they won’t use it on him (because the other would go up)
  • 4:45pm – Austin wraps up his conversation with Steve and Vanessa saying Steve should work on John on calming him down and getting him on their side.
  • 5:30pm – John is in the HoH room….
    • John is explaining the situation about Vanessa
    • John tells that Clay was campaigning to leave over Shelli
    • Austin is telling John they don’t want him to go home
    • Austin is suggesting next week it may be the house against Vanessa
    • John said Vanessa is a cleaner version of Audrey, and they get excited because they were calling Van the second coming of Audrey
    • The conversation is breaking up. Things seem good with them.
  • 6:15pm – Conversation breaks up. Most people sleeping.
  • 6:50pm – Not much going on in the house. Going to take a small TV break
  • 9:00pm – Back from break. Meg and James are just chatting in the bedroom about random things.

Check back for updates


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  1. Avatar

    The normal schedule is different because of the DE on Thursday. Does anyone know what day the POV is?

  2. Alda

    I can’t believe how things are playing out.I hate black roots Liz,Julia,Austin,Vanessa.I dislike Steve.I tolerate Meg and Becky.I like JohnnyMac and love James.The odds are not good for me.Is it time to fold em??I don’t know/

    • Avatar

      I’m right behind you guys. I always figured this game only started getting good after 5 people were evicted. I didn’t expect it would get so boringly predictable after the 6th eviction. I liked watching BBAD but find I’m fast forwarding through 90% of it now. Just not fun.

    • Avatar

      At the end of the day…..it is what it is. LOL I’ve had to quit watching BBAD. Still read jokers and this site every day, but I’m trying to not be so invested in the show because their stupidity makes me so angry and that only hurts me—and my blood pressure!

  3. Avatar

    Does anyone know who the backdoor plan or evev if there is going to be one?

  4. g8trgirl

    Everything was getting exciting and fun. There were so many possibilities for the weeks to come. Then Steve nominated Meg and Jackie. Thud. Back to being predictable. Really don’t want to see Vanessa “run the table” so to speak.

    • Avatar

      Who woulda thunk ANYONE would have wasted their HOH on putting Meg up and then to have Liz win HOH. Next week should be interesting as the Austwins know they need to make a move to quash Vanessa and Vanessa knows she needs to break up the Austwins. Vanessa just does not stop talking and will put together a group to get one of the Austwins out imo….but should be interesting.

  5. Avatar

    I have seen some idiots on BB, but never have I seen the queens of idiocy–Liz and Julia! They are going to “let” someone else get rid of Vanessa. I don’t record BBAD after dark anymore because I can’t stand watching them and Austin. I do read jokers and want to reach in and yank out some bleached hair. Another wasted HOH.

  6. Avatar

    Somewhere along the way it seems as though they forgot that they are all competing for $500,000. As it stands Vanessa is using her tactics to perfection; controlling emotions, directing actions, and playing the entire house for the fools they sure seem to be.

    And anyone who dares to expose her for what/who she really is faces her wrath with a nice mix of playing the victim along with some tears all the while plotting their departure.

    I would love to see a show “BB After The Show” that allows these morons to watch as they are being played and shows them just how easily they handed over 1/2 million to someone who already has a large bank account in the first place.

    Becky is gone this week. Hope against it, but the only chance she has is if she manages to win POV. And if she does Meg or James are doomed to go up on the block. They now no longer have the numbers to do anything about it.

    Final 5 will be Vanessa, Austin, Liz, Julia, and Steve.
    And no matter who she is up against Vanessa will win the money.

  7. Avatar

    I hate the twins. I hate Austin. Ugh. If that trio doesn’t get split up soon I’m done with BBAD. Rooting for John, James, and pretty much everybody else, including Vanessa, over those 3.

  8. danmtruth

    Sweet Bee that’s just the point. With these 3 there is no logic , no plan. Hope you’re old enough to remember Fernando’s Hideaway . It’s better to look good than to feel good These people it more like it’s better to look good than be smart. They know Vanessa needs to be taken out but they don’t want to be the ones to do it ?!??! They have the votes just Backdoor her already
    Mouse you hit it they are just queens of idiocy
    First Liz likes Becky and not JMack because he is so depressing (?!?) All he ask was not to be a HN . Liz said ok but Austin said no do it So JMack double hit HN and on the block . Yet Liz feels he is a Debbie downer
    This is not the crew to follow on Jokers just for that . You need a decoder ring to try to follow there thinking
    Ann hang in something will happen to top this stupidity

    • Avatar

      Do you really think so? I can’t just sit back & watch Queen Vanessa tell all those beneath her when to shit & when to get off the pot.
      You let me know when it gets better & I’ll watch again.

    • Avatar

      Ann, Vanessa controlling but in a crude strange way, nowhere near the manipulative way Derrick last season ran the show. Vanessa is more intimidating and in their face, while derrick was behind the scene pulling the strings. What is frustrating is everyone can see her game play and do nothing, while NOBODY could see Derricks not even Cody his wingman…..now that is amazing.

  9. Avatar

    I really don’t have much to add. Everyone has covered it. But, in the end there are two chairs of which Vanessa maybe in one but who is seating in the other? Were looking at one voted by the jury to receive a half million and the other receives 50,000. Now,do you really believe that this group of people in the Jury House would REALLY give Miss Evil of LAS the half a million? As they all are picked off one by one they see previous tapes and discuss how bad she is. Comments please, oh by the way I cant stand her,the TWINS, and Judas and have stopped watching BBAD. Im still holding out for JMac

    • Avatar

      Y evil. Because she is playing the game the best. It’s BB. Cutthroat.Kinda built evil by the nature of the game. They all signed up for. And to make things harder. She has had to penatrate couples and sisters. Basically alone. Hard thing to do. Like it or not. She’s playing the game.Or should it go to Meg who is super nice with little game play? Just sayin. Also, the likelihood of Van making it all the way with all he has to overcome. Especially now. Is low. If somhow she pulls it off ya gotta tip your hat. Or do we want Austin who can’t win anything. In fact never been on the block. As for her bank account. So what. Their all in it for the money. Their all in it for themselves. Some in the beginning were even saying it can’t go to Jonny Mac because he will make great money as a dentist. That’s rediclous. This is a game show for money. Not a job. Food for thought.

    • Colby

      Mikey, don’t forget she was a major player in convincing others to bring the twins in, for numbers purposes for her (at the time). So your argument of having to penetrate the sisters is mute.
      I just think the twins (Liz, at this point) don’t understand that getting out Vanessa would be the biggest game move they could possibly put on their BB resume to win the game. It just proves how stupid they are.

    • Avatar

      JMac said it correctly. Whoever takes out Vanessa will be a god! The twins are too stupid to realize that.

    • Avatar

      They don’t see previous tapes. Until the show is over. Y am I attempting to be logical here. IDK. (:

    • Avatar

      Not saying ya have to like Van. That’s what makes the game fun.(This is a game. REMEMBER)The different opinions of the t.v. audience to players in the game. I posted the link above that shows the millions of dollars Vanessa has raised for charity.

    • Avatar

      Mikey, THANK YOU for sharing that! I’m all about giving back, too, and knowing Vanessa is someone who shares what she earns/wins, makes me want to root for her after all.

  10. danmtruth

    Nice to see people helping others I take nothing away for her nice move on her part . Personally it means more when you don’t shine a light upon your self . I understand many people use there name to draw attention to causes they feel strongly about . I just hope the charity is the bigger benefactor
    The core of this game is how far do you go to win. I just see Vanessa manipulating people a little to hard for my taste. How the water works start . The starting fight by insulting people’s integerty Tell a lie long enough and loud enough people will believe it. The wild accusation she makes . Clay and john were either related or gay lovers, Sorry just don’t like the lady.

    • Avatar

      All good Darntruth. We are aloud to disagree. See we have a different perspective because I have known of Vanessa for many years. Have even hit the felt with her a handful of times. So we’re coming from different perspectives. Doesn’t mean your wrong or I’m rite. Or vice versa ya know. If ya tap her profile pic. (Which I’m sure you already have) You will see I mentioned her likely tactics in the game.Day 1.Some of which I was wrong. I still can’t believe Devan didn’t recognize her. Wow.If that happened this would have been a very different game now. Maybe everyone would hate someone else. Ha. Personaly, I don’t HATE any of em. HATE is such a strong word. You haven’t used that word but lots have. My goodness it’s a game. HATE? Really?! Lota sad people out their to HATE someone on a game show that calls for scheming etc. Anyway all good man. I just had to post that. Link.BTW do you know when the next POV is? Noone answered me on that question I asked earlier. Tks

    • Avatar

      Oh ya. Noone was mad at Becky when she lied and laughed with her hands moving with the so called evil buahahah. And as a fan of the show I have seen much worse moral disparitys.EVERYONE including Van is using the honesty card In this game. When in the beginning most of em, yes Jason included said. I will lie, cheat, steal manapulate. Whatever it takes. So I don’t buy into whos the honest one thing.it’s kinda anything goes. Just my opinion. (:

    • Avatar

      Remember when Austin and the twins were speculating that Steve was an assissian. And Jonny Mac was in the F.B.I. lol
      good times

  11. Colby

    Mikey, are you actually Vanessa’s girl friend, or her mother, or someone close to her? Or maybe just a poker fan? Your argument in supporting her has become a little too obvious to me.

    • Colby

      Oh my. Just scrolled up. Yes you are. About your attack, I will just say that I don’t think anyone here hates anyone as a person, but hates them in their role in the game. And it does make you question their actions and morals in ‘real’ life when they go overboard in playing.

    • Avatar

      And there are the insults. Ha

    • Avatar

      Was I attempting to hide support?

    • Colby

      Yes, you were just trying to present it (play it off) as being analytical. Very much a Vanessa move.

    • Avatar

      That is just ridiculous. While I don’t like Vanessa, what he was saying was some of the most reasonable things I’ve seen posted in the comments section on this site. Just because someone defends a player you don’t like doesn’t mean they are “obviously” related to or are dating them. Good grief! Sorry Mikey, but this is the wrong place to come to try to use logic and reason with people. This is exactly why I hadn’t been visiting this site as often anymore. The updates are good but the commenters are childish and hypocritical.

  12. Avatar

    Obiously my name isint Mikey Colby. Anyone who knows me would be like, y get engaged you know better.
    Problem is I’m aBB fan also. Since Will won it in season 1.
    P.s. Was that an attack on my part? Wow!uhhhh. Lol. No Simply another perspective.
    Weee (:

  13. Avatar

    You said oh yes you are.Are what?Basic verval skills to finish the sentanse pls. Just playin with ya man. It’s kinda too easy. (:

    • Avatar

      I was answering my own question that you are someone who has a personal relationship with her. After asked I had scrolled up in the comments a saw one where you had said you were close to her.

    • Avatar

      Ok Colby. I had to answer your answer. I didn’t say I was close to her. Re read what I said. I said. I have KNOWN of her for many years. And hot the felt a HANDFUL of times with her. That doesn’t make us close. C-non man. Read what I said. Not what you read into what I said. Lmfao. I would call you a troll but that wouldn’t be nice.
      Amazing! Smiley face (:

  14. Avatar

    It seemed pretty direct to me. Not (playing it off)
    So im gonna have to change my name around here. So I can continue to chat and compare notes with other BB fans. Simply easier to have fair and respectiable chat. Wonder if you’ll figure out who my new name is. Since im soooo obious. (;And ty. I’ll take that as a complement. As a Vanessa move. Even though your assment was wrong about me attempting to play it off.(:

  15. danmtruth

    Mikeythanks for the compliment . I enjoy reading someone who differs from my point of view. Thanks for keeping it fun and about game play . It’s so dull and stupid when a person disagrees with you. Yet they can only come up with personal attacks. It’s just a game folks ! Reading smart intelligent opposition helps me to understand my position better. I happen to agree with you on many points about Vanessa she has played a good game. Yet parts of her game rely on not only lying. But to break people down . The fights she starts to be able to play victim . Her I can’t be the one to evict Audrey because of who and what she stands for . Which by the way I do believe was hones on her part. Yet the next week turn on Jasson .
    Sad to see you and Colby having your issues as generally I also enjoy Colby’s post. Yet I understand walking away . It’s just not worth it when it starts to get too personal .
    We have this great forum that Stevebeans sets up all he ask is have fun talk about the game and keep it civil . We seem to have lost NKogNeeTow because of trolls . That’s a big shame I miss her insight and my grammar correction . It would be a shame to loose you also
    I respect 87% of the people who post on here . Taking the time to and want ( don’t want to use the word courage and lost my thesaurus ) to post their thoughts. The least we can do is read and respect no matter how dumb we think it is (sort of like many of mine)

    • Colby

      I apologize to everyone if it appeared that I attacked Mikey. I don’t feel that questioning if there was a personal relationship between them was an attack and I should have just not responded to the retort. I certainly hope I’m not thought of as a troll.

  16. danmtruth

    Ok everyone has been bashing the twins but I’m gong to change this . I must say Liz did say something smart. That there was no need to worry about a replacement nomination. Till after the POV comp. Ok I said something nice now the flips side
    What is WRONG with you 3 !! All you talk about is how strong Vanessa is . How good she is at manipulating people. How good she is at comp. so what are they going to do ? Pass on evicting her. Why you ask . Because she would talk bad about them in the jury house. They don’t want to be the ones to take out a strong player (???)
    You have the votes. You have the tiebreaker. Everyone in the house wants her out. So you decide to pass and have someone else do the dirty work. Instead you will take out a player who might beat Vanessa in a comp . In Taking out James , Becky, or John you limit who can beat her. So next week when Vanessa or her minion Steve is HOH good luck .
    This thinking is what happened last week . Everyone was set to vote out Vanessa till James decided Vanessa might be a threat to everyone in the house . Shelli was a bigger threat to HIS game . So he flip the house . As fans of BB you should know a few things Pawns go home , when you get a chance take out a power player

  17. Avatar

    Austin has leader of the pack syndrome. Soon it will be Steve, James, and then the last guy, Vanessa. Lol
    seriously tho….he can’t handle having another male in the house. His precious Liz may start looking their way.
    Sorry but she comes off as a hussy. “I don’t like him, I’m just whoring myself out to further my game.” To “He is growing on me.” Puke!
    Once they’re back in the real world she will drop stinky grease boy for her tall dark and clean boys.

    • danmtruth

      Wowzers the funny thing is as jealous Austin is about othe men looking at Liz Remember Jeff Liz and Julia say the same thing about Steve. They feel they are the only ones who can tease Steve and get mad when Shelli ,Meg or Vanessa try to control him
      Mikey if you’re going to book anything this season it’s Austin & Liz not being together after the show
      Feel like starting a pool I have less than a month
      Ann are you in what do you say how long till Dr Demento Austin and Thing 1 split up outside of the house
      Janine I set the bar at 30 days what say you over or under
      Let me hear from some of the other regulars give me a number

  18. Avatar

    As soon as it’s clear to that golddigging bimbo that Austin is Not winning BB & he has no money in the real world, that heffer will hi tail it & get on the next thing smoking to get as far away from Austin as possible.
    I cant even bring myself to talk about the V word.
    They were all stupid & could’ve had both Shelli & the V word gone but dammit they blew it.
    Im canceling the live feeds today. I can spend my $5.99 on, well I dont know what else but anything is better than watching the whinners, the v word & Austin.

  19. Avatar

    Mikey Mikey Mikey since you possibly may be in the same league with Van especially watching her strategize to win 92k as you put it and also put up her charitable donations then perhaps we should see how generous JMac is to his employees and various charities. No need to post anything about her personal life to win a reader over. I’m curious how much more JMac owes on his student loans after going to Medical School since you decided to enter this area. I personally don’t care about her income or anyone else’s but let’s be fair. This season has changed too much. If you compare this season to some of the others much has changed. These people have very easy challenges and not as many, yet some are stumped on true/false questions….the staff and recruitors did a terrible job in screening. Come on at least know how to talk or go back to school. If you can’t think therefore strategize how can you play this game? They even have better food minus the ant problem which they don’t address in the house. If I played the game I wouldn’t care whether you liked me or not,I im there for the money and as a lady I would keep my mouth clean, be myself and get to really know these people’s background so I could determine who my worse enemy is and take it from there. Last BUT NOT LEAST, I don’t need beer or wine to have a good time and embarrass my self and my family. This group, that is most of them, celebrate when BB puts booze in the pantry. I wouldn’t want to impair my judgement or otherwise I would never move up the BB ladder. After all,I’m there to win. I didn’t give up 3 months of my life for nothing!!!! Besides I’ld miss my family especially my grandchildren.

    • Avatar

      I actually agree with ya on some of what ya said.
      Not Vans fault these people don’t know how to strategy. Or that the producers recruited poorly. Even Becky figuring out some of Vans doings then running to the Austin twins to revenge was poor reasoning.Reason1. How does that help Becky? She is likely going to Jury on Thursday.Not gonna win a dime. A better strategy would have been to think it thru then do somesomething else. As for winning people over. It was simply an attempt to show another side. So much Van bashingles here. Had to do it. Remember who saved Austin? Van. The whole house was in on that. So now Austin is pissed about the ploy? This game flips day by day. It’s cut throught. No worries anyway. Even if Van makes final 2. Which is highly unlikely now. The Others Will Vote Anyone else. For simple bitterness. Not who played the game the best.I can actually see Steve winning it all. This poor kid. Is gonna need it for therapy after this show. It’s a game of making lots of deals luck and timing. Look at Derrick last year. The guy never got called out. But basically did the same thing. Him and Cody were the hot men rite. Congrats to Derrick btw.

  20. Avatar

    Correction to myself. Becky did win 10k. Although I hope ya know what I meant. Her revenge running to the Austintwins didn’t further her game. Could have thought it thru. Obiously the Austintwins are never gonna have her in their inner circle. Just as Van was always gonna be 4th. That’s y Van made other deals. A better strategy would have been to go to James and Meg (although I will admit they aren’t the best stragisers) Unfortunately her options were numbered. She was better off with James and Meg than blabbing to the Austintwins out of revenge. How did that help her get further in the game?

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