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Big Brother 17 – Nomination Update Thread



Last week, I joked numerous times about how dull Becky is, and then she goes ahead and wins HoH this week. This will be a very game-defining week for the Beckster. She was part of that weird 8 person alliance that was set to get out Shelli and Clay, she’s kind of in an alliance with James, Meg and Jackie yet doesn’t seem completely loyal, and she’s also pretty close with John.

After people finally left her HoH room last night, her medium alliance stuck around to discuss game. From the early sounds of it, Becky is going to nominate Shelli and someone like Steve with Vanessa as the backdoor option. Ultimately, Vanessa is the main target, but there is something about Becky I don’t quite trust and think she can be easily swayed. At this point, the only way I’ll believe either Shelli or Vanessa are going home this week is if they’re sitting next to each other after the veto ceremony on Monday. Other than that, she (Becky) is a pretty big wildcard who I feel can go in any direction.



  • 10:00am – It seems like half the house is sleeping, and the other is starting to begin their day. I’d guess nominations would be in 2 hours or so.
  • 11:00am – Vanessa sleeping on one feed, Becky chatting with Jackie and Austin on other
  • 11:50am – Meg is awake, and sore.  James is up. Things are finally stirring.
  • 12:05pm – Feeds cut to Jeff Loops, likely nomination time.
  • 12:40pm – Feeds back. Was just havenots.  It’s Meg, Jackie and James this week. Food: Sloppy joes. I would totally volunteer for that week.
  • Becky is in the HN room with her alliance chatting about how Vanessa wanted to make her a deal.
  • Becky is saying that nobody with Vanessa is safe, nobody against Vanessa is safe (because of how she put up Austin and quickly turned on Shay)
  • 1:00pm – Jackie is saying if Vanessa doesn’t end up on the block, they have to make sure Shelli is evicted.
  • James said his goodbye message to Clay said “you should have stayed home and went on Tinder”
  • 1:30pm – James is talking to Jackie and Meg about how awkward it has been around Shelli. They are encouraging him to talk to her
  • Jackie is upset how she was called a bully by Vanessa, Clay, etc
  • Vanessa apparently told Jackie ‘We’re in athletic gear, we’re going to be doing an endurance comp. Clay is going to win, are you smoking crack?” in regards to wanting to vote out Shelli.  They laugh because Shelli nearly won the last endurance comp
  • 1:56pm – Steve is in the pantry alone talking to the camera. He is saying he thinks the target may be Austin.  He wanted to kill Vanessa for saying ‘freaks and geeks’ to Shelli.  He wants Shelli to go home this week.
  • Meanwhile, feeds switch to Vanessa talking to Shelli. They expect their faces to be on the wall (nominated), but Vanessa also said she thinks a backdoor plan could be in play.  She knows her talk with Becky didn’t go well as she (Becky) refused to make a deal
  • Vanessa said if she’s nominated, she’s going to hold up her flipflop as a way to describe Becky. Sounds like Becky may be blown up this week.
  • 2:15pm – Nominations happening
  • 3:45pm – Feeds back up. Results soon
    • Shelli and Steve nominated
  • Becky is telling Shelli that she’s not the target this week, it’s Vanessa. Let’s see how long that takes to get back to Vanessa
  • Shelli is starting the ‘what-if’ situations, and Becky is playing it cool. ‘That’s for me to worry about, we’ll cross that bridge if it comes up, etc’.  Shelli is mostly wondering what happens if Vanessa wins and takes her down.  Becky is not worried about that situation right now. Plus, she has 3 easy options (Austin, Liz, Julia). Shelli just wants to worry.
  • Meanwhile, Steve is with his alliance…
  • 4:00pm – Running out to dinner, be back in a bit. Watch the feeds here
  • 6:3opm  – Back from dinner.  House is slow right now.  May be a Lifetime Movie night.
  • 8:45pm – Feeds are dull, but I’m going to be listening to them as I play a game. I’ll update if something happens.
  • Meg said that Jason got the biggest cheer ever – yea that’s right. That was my night.  We were the loudest!

Check back for updates


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  1. Avatar

    I was reading jokers update and saw were James went into Dr and said America player and the someone said congratulations. Does anyone have more info on this. Maybe i read wrong. ty

  2. Avatar

    I read the same thing. It also said along the lines of him coming out of DR smiling or whistling, not sure which one. Anyway, I really hope he did get it & hope he keeps it a secret because all it’s going to take is for him to tell one person, no matter which one & they’re going to throw him right up on the block & evict him.

  3. Colby

    I saw that as well, but haven’t seen anything else about it.
    Stevebeans- just curious. Why are Clay and Jason’s pictures are still in color instead of grayed out?

  4. Avatar

    At the beginning the house guest keep saying this person or that person was America’s player when there wasn’t one. Let see if they can figure out now there is one.

  5. Avatar

    One more thing, they said someones coming back in I hope its Jason. Might make it very interesting to see Vanessa freak out more.

  6. Avatar

    I wish Jason could come back too but sadly it’s going to be a jury member that comes back because the others have already been home & watching the game on tv now so they cant come back in to play.

  7. Avatar

    I hope Becky makes good use of her HOH & not blow it.

  8. Avatar

    You’re right, they have kept evicted hg in sequester after before jury.

  9. Avatar

    Meant to say after eviction & before jury.

  10. Avatar

    I just read on Joker that James was possibly playing around in the DR when he said America’s choice player.

  11. Avatar

    Vanessa upset and telling Julie about how hostile Becky was earlier because she wouldn’t listen to the purposel Vanessa was wanting Becky to do or a deal she wanted to make. Vanessa probley shocked Becky won’t listen and do what she wanted.

  12. Avatar

    Putting Liz and Steve up would be a better option. Vanessa wouldn’t fight for either one, but Austin and Julia would fight to get Liz off then they would have a better chance to backdoor Vanessa.

    • Avatar

      I think I’d pick two from shelli, Austin, Vanessa and target would be Vanessa. Either backdoor her or take chance and put her up with shelli and hope Vanessa does not win pov.

    • NKogNeeTow

      That’s true Mouse, but the one thing about ole Crazy Eyes (Vanessa), is that she would still fight as hard as possible for the POV. If only because she can’t stand not being in control and this week she has no power. She can’t persuade Becky to do what she wants, her alliance is slowly unraveling…she’s scrambling. Her closest ally is Shelli, and she’s got a bulls eye on her back the size of Big Ben. I’m good with either one of them going (Vanessa or Shelli).

      There, I cut down on the nicknames. Proud of me now? 😉

  13. Avatar

    I’d nominate Shelli and Vanessa. If either of them win veto and take themselves down, I’d put up Liz in her place thereby ensuring Austin, Julia and the others will vote to evict the remaining original nomination.

  14. AIO_7

    As horny as Shelli is for Clay, and probably one or both of her brothers; does anyone else wonder if maybe horniness will prompt her and Vanessa to hook up and scissor each other?

    Just askin’.

    • Avatar

      You are too funny. Your comment made me bust out laughing & I almost peed my pants.

    • Sweet Bee

      I truly believe Vanessa is attracted to Shelli. Vanessa was this cool, calm, collected wannabe Derrick, until Shelli stopped trusting her then Vanessa became this emotion driven, unrational player who did everything to make sure Shelli was going to remain in the house instead of Clay.

      Speaking of Clay. Julie asks him if he loves Shelli, and stupid Clay says, “that’s a big word” (I guess four letter words are big nowadays)
      Then Julie asks him about the Meg situation. He then throws Meg under the bus says “she has basically had a showmance with everyone in the house” followed by “I love her though”. I guess love isn’t such a big word. Or maybe it’s easier to say after slut shaming a young, single girl on national tv. That pissed me off because Clay was acting like he wanted it just as bad as Meg. He was rubbing on her and pulling her into him. She technically stopped the whole situation from escalating.

    • Avatar

      LMAO Now I’m going to have visions every time I see the two of them talking together!! 🙂

    • NKogNeeTow

      As long as I don’t have to watch. Some things you just can’t un-see.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Very good observation Sweet Bee.

  15. danmtruth

    Austin has ANOTHER excuse why he did not do well in the HOH comp. He was not going to demean himself by running in balarrina shoes. No you’re just a raided up freak who can’t do anything athletic .
    Wonder what Meg will think of her Caly after seeing his excit interview . The interview where he basicly called her a slut.
    Fun to watch Vanessa try to play the victim

    • Avatar

      Liz & Julia noticed that Austin cant win anything. He can do flips & hand stands & wrestling moves but cant stay on his feet. WTF. All he cares about anyway is going to jury with Liz. I wonder if she really does like him but is just not telling anybody.

  16. Avatar

    I don’t mind Shelli, because at least she’s actually a tough competitor. Nothing like seeing floaters float on by without doing anything all season. I’d rather see someone like her win than someone who hasn’t even tried. I’m not a fan at all of Vanessa and wouldn’t mind her going home this week. However, if she does, it won’t take long for the rest of the sixth sense to follow. I’d like to see Austin and Liz go, too. Julia can stay, she actually seems like the rational twin. If the sixth sense was smart, they’d try to win and get James out. I feel like he’s the only one that is an actual threat to them.

    • AIO_7

      Uhhhh, most of us here don’t like the Sixth Sense.

    • NKogNeeTow

      @Morgan: I use to think Julia was the smarter/rational one of the 2 also. But please read the second part of my post on the last thread. Where they were in the LR and she was asking 101 DUMB questions. Even she said she “didn’t want to sound stupid”, but as I said, TO LATE!

    • NKogNeeTow

      @AIO: Morgan is alright. He doesn’t have to agree with the majority and he has a right to pick his side/favorites. I too am a non-Sick Sense fan, but I respect him for his choice.

      Bob and Mouse tried to rip me a new one on the last thread. But it’s all good. No hard feelings. If I see one of their post that I like, I’ll still give them a thumbs-up and/or comment on it. Besides, this Board is suppose to be fun.

      BTW, I like a lot of your post too 🙂

    • Avatar

      First, I’ll just note that I am a female. Second, I didn’t say I LIKED sixth sense. I just said I don’t mind Shelli because she’s a good player. But regardless, no one has to agree on any of that. Obviously if I want Austin, Liz, and Vanessa out, I’m not truly a fan of sixth sense. I don’t have the live feeds, therefore all I have to go off of are this blog, the after dark episodes, and the cbs episodes. I also don’t go through and read every single comment on these blogs, so I haven’t seen your comment nor have I seen ALL of Julia. She just seemed more rational because she actually called Liz/Austin out on their sh!t. In my honest opinion, everyone in that house is practically a floater except for shelli, Vanessa, and most recently James (James was nonchalantly playing the game until recently). I don’t think Jackie, Meg, or Becky deserve to win overall. Sure, they’re nice people but not great game players and this is a game first and foremost. f I had my way, Jason would still be in the game because he brought a lot to the show and was also very smart. But he’s gone, so I think shelli/Vanessa are the ones to beat. Since I really can’t stand Vanessa, I hope shelli prevails over her. Though, I really don’t care if either of them go at this point, I just want Van, Liz, and Austin out first for personal reasons. If anyone must know, I’m really rooting for J-Mac. Not entirely sure why there was any backlash over my personal opinion (which, by the way, doesn’t effect the game whatsoever), but there’s some clarity.

  17. jimbo

    I got this one right…I knew Vanessa was screwed by her manic, non-stop gameplay (not covert like Derrick was last year), and that she, stupidly, was placing a big target on her campaigning the Clay eviction over Shelli (why did she care so much?!) which was against James’ wishes, AND for saying she would go after JMac (Why?! You now just made an enemy of him instead of targeting James & Co instead). Bad gameplay…that is why Im surprised she was ranked #1 here a few days ago. I have the suspicion that Austin & the Twins will unfortunately benefit from ALL the infighting, while they stay on the side (and they will be a rock-solid 3 person alliance late in the game). THAT, too, was Vanessa (and Shelli’s) fault for STUPIDLY allowing a ready-made solid alliance (the twins) to enter the house. You are seeing BB Implosion 101 from Vanessa.

    • Avatar

      I agree about them allowing the twins to enter the game. If I were a houseguest that learned of the twins, I wouldn’t have been go on board with it because the twins have the potential to hold a lot of power later in the game. Needless to say, they will always have each others’ back but they can each form their own alliances and build a greater barrier around themselves.

      So far, the twins don’t seem to be that smart. However, the HGs who are playing the hardest are targeting each other…just long enough for the twins to sail on by under the radar.

      As of now, Van/Shell are the #1 targets.

      But if one of the twins or Austin win next week, that is yet another week for the three-headed snake to survive and sail on.

  18. Alda

    Get rid of Shelli and Vanessa this week.Then we can enjoy watching the rest of the house play as equals.

  19. Avatar

    So, if Vanessa is the target then the smart play here is to nominate Liz and Shelli, right? I think that maximizes the odds that veto will be used without risking one of Becky’s alliance.

    • Avatar

      Unless Vanessa gets picked to play and wins veto and takes Shelli down. Then it’s just a big swing and a miss by Becky. I like what James did….just go after the two people you want out.

    • Colby

      The thing is that Steve isn’t really Becky’s ally. (we know that, but Becky doesn’t) Vanessa and Steve have an alliance and he will do whatever she tells him, and certainly won’t vote her out if there is another option.

    • NKogNeeTow

      @Rob: They say the shortest distance between 2 points is straight across. I LOVE what James did. Direct and to the point…no fluff. Wish more of them had that kind of “gumption”.

    • NKogNeeTow

      @Colby: Crazy Eyes and RainMan might have an alliance, but do you think if backed against a wall, she will not only throw him under the bus, but back it up and roll over him again? It’s hard to tell with Steve. When he’s not talking to the cameras, he’s talking to the voices in his head. No telling whether he’s on to Vanessa or not.

  20. Avatar

    Horrible decision to nominate Steve and not Liz or Vanessa. There is a good dhance that Steve will be the one going home this week. That would be a waste of Becky’s HOH.

    • Avatar

      Actually, the more I think about it, I think Steve is not going home. Becky’s side can outvote the other side 5-4. Worst case scenario for Becky is Vanessa winning the POV and taking Shelli off the block. In that case, she should put Liz up and send Liz home.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Okay, you know I hate Asstin. So I think if the plan backfires and Crazy Eyes wins the POV, putting Asstin up would be better than the twins. If 1 of the twins goes home, Becky has the other twin and Asstin after her. If she gets rid of him, neither of the twins would be after her. I think they are tired of him anyway. The twins have vowed to stick together no matter what, which makes him expendable.

    • Avatar

      Nope. If Vanessa wins the POV then Becky needs to make very clear to Austin, Liz, and Julia that Liz will be going home if Vanessa decides to use the POV on Shelli. The three of them will put huge pressure on Vanessa to not use the POV. If she does decide to use it, she will be getting more blood on her hands (and you know Vanessa hates that!). Austin and Julia will blame Vanessa for Liz going home just as much as they would blame Becky.

  21. Avatar

    So, Vanessa pretty much needs one of four people to win the POV this week. (Herself, Austlin, Liz, or Julia). Anyone else wins and Vanessa is going up as a replacement nominee.

    If Liz had been nominated instead of Steve, then Vanessa’s only hope would have been if she (Vanessa) or Steve won the POV.

    By nominating Steve instead of Liz, Becky has effectively doubled Vanessa’s chances of surviving this week.

  22. danmtruth

    So many ways this can go. With Steve , Shelli and Becky playing for the POV than we need to see the other 3 . Now look at the votes 8 total .So even if it’s 4 all Becky has the power . Worse case for Steve is Vanessa wins POV takes Shelli down . Sorry Steve so much for your alliance with Vanessa. Than Becky puts up Austin or one of the twins . I’m afraid the remaining sick sense will vote out Steve It still stays a 4-4 tie . Bad that Vanessa and Shelli remain but the numbers are even . All this works only if Johny Mack, Becky, Jackie, James , and Meg stay together

  23. Avatar

    NKogNeeTow, I enjoy the nicknames. Don’t let one person ruin it for the rest of us. This is all in fun & your updates are awesome. Whoever it is that doesn’t like it can keep right on scrolling down the line.

  24. danmtruth

    NKogNeeTow Ann is correct . Many of us enjoy your post . Don’t let a few trools ruin our enjoyment Beside I find it hard to believe you have that thin of skin . It’s always important to listen to opposing view points you wouldn’t let crazy eyes bully you . Don’t let some unknown person silence your voice . I need to read your unique perspective

  25. Avatar

    Pawns often go home. I’m surprised Steve agreed to do it knowing the game as well as he does. He’s covering Vanessa’s back, but I don’t believe she is covering his. If she wins POV, she will take down Shelli. Poor Steve. He just wants to be liked and part of the group—any group.

    • Colby

      I feel bad for Steve too. He is so socially awkward. I wish the others would make more of an effort to include him. I think James, Jmac, and Meg try to, and Vanessa somewhat does (to use him for her own purposes), and the rest are too self centered. But, he also could make more of an effort to join in.

  26. Clangley

    I wish the power of veto holder had the power to not only take someone down but they also got to choose the replacement. That would make for some exciting POV situations.

  27. Avatar

    NKogNeeTow, we will be looking forward to your usual funny comments, post & updates & funny as hell nick names in the morning. Good job my friend.

  28. Avatar

    There seems to be a lot of moving parts that might work against Becky’s plan to evide Van or Shelli.

    What’s the lowdown with JMac and Steve?

    Are they working with either Shelli and/or Van? They’re planning on throwing the Veto comp?

    Steve is in a two-person alliance with Van called Freaks & Geeks?

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