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As fully expected by everyone in the house, the veto ceremony came and went, and now it is a definite thing that one of the twins will be leaving the house this Thursday night (barring a twist – haha.. a twist. What’s that?). Which twin it will be seems to be on them for now, which is kind of a weird way to handle it, but I doubt it will continue that way throughout the week. I am fairly certain that Liz will end up walking out the door regardless of which twin volunteers to go home. You don’t get rid of Julia and keep the Austin/Liz pair together. You just don’t do it. Vanessa is not that stupid, neither is Steve. It’s not happening.

While I was out when the veto ceremony took place, there doesn’t appear to have been much (if any) drama. Liz is in the ‘curl up in bed for a few days’ stage of nominations, and I think Julia is feeling pretty safe, so she’s not as bad. You kind of have to feel bad for Liz. It’s been a rough week. She went from feeling like kind of the house for an hour on Thursday night to accepting she is being defeated in the game only a few hours later.  She also learned that Austin isn’t willing to sacrifice his own game for her – like Clay did for Shelli.

The house is extremely quiet right now, and it may be like that for a better part of the rest of the season. I am debating on just going into daily recap mode rather than live update, simply because there just isn’t much to update.  Do you guys like the update threads, even when there is little to report?  You’ll still get a daily report from me, but it will be more of a summary.


With that – Updates:

  • 3:00pm – John is face down in bed. The twins, Austin and Steve are in the kitchen making food.
  • 5:00pm – Oh wow. I wrote this post and did my impression of a BB17 houseguest. Took a two hour nap. Anyway, nothing on the feeds. Just Liz and Austin in bed. He is holding her and his arm is moving rapidly…..
    My reaction to the nerves
    My reaction to the nerves

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  1. Avatar

    Steve, once a day is fine for me. Re the voting you said that Vanessa and Steve won’t let Liz stay but Steve isn’t voting, Johnny Mac is. Did you mean he can influence Jm’s vote?

  2. Elaine

    Nope, don’t feel sorry for Liz at all! Even though Austin might have acted like he would fall on the sword for her, he is playing the game. Austin has said in recent days that they are individuals and he came into the house on his own. If Liz thought that he really would end his game for her, then delusion is alive and well. There are differences between the Shay situation and Austin/Liz. Clay left much earlier in the game, right before jury, and Austin will be one of the final five. Plus Clay was on the block with Shelli and I don’t believe he thought he had the votes to stay. Much easier to be a knight in shining armor at that point.

    • Avatar

      I have zero sympathy for Liz too. Those twins are selfish, spoiled brats who think they are entitled. Liz is getting exactly what she deserves. KARMA!!! What goes around comes around. Hopefully KARMA will catch up with Vanessa before F2.

  3. Avatar

    Actually I think Vanessa MIGHT want Liz to stay, and it maybe might even be better for her game. Liz would be the biggest target in the house if she stayed. If she goes, Vanessa very well might take that spot. It forces Johnny Mac and Steve to continue to have to work with her rather than turn on her, as well as Austin and Liz. Both duos would want her in order to have the upper hand. Each duo would be nominating the other rather than her.

    • Avatar

      No. Bad idea. Liz can win comps. 5 people left. You want weakest possible compettors. And Van is closer with Julia anyway. Reguardless of who wins the next hoh. Van won’t be the target. Both sides are gunning for each other. Van is better off not winning hoh this week and try for it next week when she could infact be a target. To add to that, the final 5 hoh has problems. He/she cannot compete the following and all important final 4 week.More importantly to win the final 4 hoh is decide who is best to stay and go. Winning this week’s hoh is a tough spot for anyone. You don’t wanna go to jury. So you can’t give it away. Although winning it puts you in a tough spot the following week. Only one that doesn’t want to win this hoh is Vanessa for the reasons already mentioned. It’s not even a complexed

  4. Avatar

    Wouldn’t it be funny if Liz and Julia tried to do the switcheroo ?

    • Avatar

      It would get even funnier when Sasquatch climbs in bed with her.

    • Avatar

      Lol. We’ll done. Unfortunately BB won’t let that happen. Although they should allow it. If I were the twins, I would go to the DR and ask to speak with legal about that. I’m almost certain that it does not say it anywhere that thay cannot be done.That being said. It won’t happen. Although would be incredibly entertaining.

    • Avatar

      While they Production that is, might be willing to let it happen, they can actually tell them apart now. It’s for sure easier to notice the differences with twins in person than on tv. Plus, as mentioned, there is the Austin Problem, but it wouldn’t be because he’d have to climb in bed with Julia, as Julia wouldn’t be there. He and Liz would have to avoid each other, in a house with 3 other people, they aren’t that good of actors.

    • Colby

      It would be funny if it worked. But the houseguests have been living with them and can tell them apart. They would call BS on that so quick that it would never work.

  5. Avatar

    These guys are such duds,I think once a day is better. Kinda like taking castor oil. Thank you for all your hard work. I’d be surprised to see a BB 18.

  6. Avatar

    Oh,, what was it Liz told Julia in the beginning of the game when the girls were switching places??? “I’m whoring myself out to Austin.”
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Obviously the whore was too cheap for Austin after all since he wouldn’t give up his game for her. Stupid Bimbo. I’ll bet she thinks before she goes smooching & goosing the next stranger on national tv. But then again she might jump right back in the sack with the next freak that she thinks she can get a dollar from.

  7. Elaine

    On BBAD Julia was talking to Steve and John. The topic was Nick at Nite shows, Lindsay Lohan, and Amanda Bynes….so of course Julia was brilliant! She said something to the effect that Lindsay Lohan was pretty when she was in Mean Girls…..Julia needs new role models.

  8. Avatar

    Hey Steve,

    I am sure once a day is more than enough.

  9. Jannie

    At the very beginning of BBAD JMac and Vanessa were discussing Daniel Negraneau, a famous poker player. She was also telling him that she hates doing taxes because she gets so many 1099’s from the casinos from her gambling winnings.
    I wonder how much the other HG’s now know about her real profession?

    And damamma, you will be happy to know that Steve is a real fan of Bernie Sanders 🙂

  10. Avatar

    I think it’s an easy call that Liz is heading to jury. And unless Austin gets power, or wins Veto, he’ll be the next out the door. John and Steve already realized him being in the house with Vanessa could cause trouble, as they could team up, and would take each other, because they both think they can beat the other one.
    Julia should be safe until final four. Unless Austin can save himself, she’ll be the one everyone wants to keep for now. I just hope John can pull out this next hoh, it is the best way for him and steve to make it to the finals. While Vanessa should win, based on him Derek/Dan like ability to control the others, I can’t help but root for John. He by far seems like the nicest of the group, well, Steve isn’t far behind him, but John is just so lovable, I can’t help but pull for him to win in the end.

  11. danmtruth

    Vanessa seems to be letting down her guard about her true profession. This to me is she just does not fear that anyone can put it all together . I do take back that Vanessa is in it just for the money . Sorry I forgot who pointed it out . But yes I think it’s more of an ego thing for her. In the Canadian version they had a professional poker player . He went far but was taken down by a twist out of his hands. So yes I do see her knowing this and wanting to go far. This is just a chalenge to her so I do give her credit.
    As for Vanessa and Steve at times she does try to be like a family member to him Sometimes sister Sometimes mother. Yet for her game she put that aside and does what is need to get him to do her bidding The worse is the shaming him and saying she is going to walk away from there friendship this is what I feel is where she crosses the line. I once listen to a panel disputing on morality and crime talking about drug loads and mob boss who did terrible things yet had the support of commen people. How they would often do acts of kindness for people . So when someone talks about Vanessa giving to diferant charities that’s great. But one thing this panel talk about. Is how basicly good people do bad things. Than to ease there consciousness would over compensate and give to the poor. The question was who was worse someone who did bad and just did not care Or someone who does bad and knows it try’s to buy there way out I am not saying Vanessa is a bad person . That she is a murder, drug dealer, or anything like that. But she does believe in karma and feels she needs to balance her life out Sorry long winded and confusing if your still bother reading Just own up what she is doing with Steve The sad part is she might be confused and conflicted how had she is playing him

    • Avatar

      Aqiating Vanessa as a BB hg in a game that in its foundation breeds manulipation and back stabbing with a mob boss with a conscious is a stretch. I will agree it’s more of a challenge for her than anything. (Ego maybe not the rite word) She says in her pre interview with BB that infact” I am playing this game for the challenge. As big brother is the ultimate game.” So that cat is already out of the bag. That’s no secret. These are her exact quotes. It’s on u-tube. Not hard to find.
      Now the charity thing. Most very successful poker players don’t give even close to charity as she does. So maybe it’s just being charitable when you realize that your blessed.
      We all have some sort of demons in us that we must work agianst. Noone is divine.

  12. Jannie

    How can those twins not weigh 300 lbs?.
    They are cooking and eating ALL the time…tonight they each ate two large burritos, sat in the hammock and complained about how full they are, and then head inside for ice cream 20 minutes later.

    And too funny tonight that Austin and the twins are convinced that either Liz or Austin will win America’s Favorite Player. Right…..

  13. Avatar

    BBAD 2 nights ago. Julia, “I wonder if people are betting on who wins.” What an amazing couidance that that came up just after all the betting talk of odds on who is going to win here, other sites, blogs and online video broadcasts that very same day. eye on the wall? Saying HELLO I’m here and there. IDK

  14. NKogNeeTow

    One of the funniest moments on BBAD was when Asstin/Twits had finished cooking and were getting ready to eat. They said they needed to hurry up and eat before the leeches came in. One of the Twits said that Van always comes in and ask if she can help, AFTER they had finished cooking. The other said that she can wash the dishes then. Then Asstin filled up his plate and said he didn’t want to leave anything for the other 3.

    The second was when Asstin/Twits were in the hammock and he was telling them that Liz was sure to win America’s Favorite Player because she was so sweet and didn’t do anything nasty or say anything nasty and hadn’t bullied anyone.

    Shakesphere(sp?) put it best in his play “A Mid Summer Night’s Dream”. I think it was Pan who said “What fools these mortals be.”

    The only real thing I have seen about The Twits since they have been in the game is that they really and truly love each other. That was evident when they were lamenting in the hammock, about leaving each other. But other than that, they’re as shallow as a puddle of water.

  15. g8trgirl

    So we know the twins and Apeman are not going to win Americas Favorite. So, who is? My vote is for Johnny Mac. Who I also hope wins HOH this week not just for strategic purposes but also so he can get a letter from home.

  16. danmtruth

    My vote is James for Americas fav. He kept people laughing with all the pranks

  17. Avatar

    With so little hg’s left, it gives a better opportunity to figure them out a little.

    I think Steve, John, and Austin all realize that Vanessa dictates that she is the dominant hg, and everyone else has to be submissive to her. I think they are all playing that angle pretending to be submissive, yet they all know she has to go. I get that from reading jokers updates. Steve was watching Vanessa and the twins chat, and he had a moment of clarity. Knows that he cannot trust Vanessa.

    So, now, it seems like his game is evolving. He indicated that he wanted Austin out this week, because the twins cannot think on their own. Now he sees that Vanessa is the true threat, and he wants to drive a wedge between Austin and Vanessa. I think what he means by that is to use Austin to take out Vanessa.

    What will be left is:
    Steve who has a good connection with John.
    Steve who has a good connection with Austin.
    Austin who has a good connection with John.
    And Julia who would become the 4h wheel, because Liz was the true ally for Austin. He knows that Julia didn’t like him from the start.

    The longer this goes, the more that Steve s stepping up his game. I like it.

    And John too has made an interesting comment. He told Vanessa that he should win the next hoh, and then she should win it when it is down to 4. So he has built more trust by saying that he wont be evicting her. but, let’s say that John wins hoh this week, and then Steve can win it next week, Austin and Vanessa will go, leaving John, Steve, and Julia going for the last hoh. The guys would definitely stick together. It could actually be a Steve John final two.

    • Jannie

      I think they all have Vanessa figured out but are too afraid of her power to do anything about it.
      Even the dense twits last night said that Vanessa was “playing both sides of the house.” I really want her to win the next HOH so she finally has to pick a side between the two remaining Austwits and Steve/JMac – I have no idea what she would do…
      But then she may just throw it being confident that the other two sides would go after each other.

      And maybe no one wants to be the one to send her out because they fear that she could use her powers of persuasion to poison the jury against whoever would dare send her to jury.

      If it did come down to a Steve/JMac F2 I think Steve would win with votes from the 3 Austwits and Vanessa.

  18. Avatar
    Conspiracy theories misinformed

    There is a conspiracy theorie finding its way throughout the Big Brother universe. The conspiracy theorie says that Vanessa is hypnotizing the HG’s. Not figuretivley. Literally. This is not hypnosis. This is meditation 101. Here is one link I found. Decide for yourself

  19. Avatar

    from Jokers :16 AM Steve cleans chess table & pieces. Liz helps. Austin complains & wont help. Liz comments they need to clean it bc Austin does not wash his hands. -Tigrress
    1:14 AM Liz continues to give Austin grief about prod. calling him out for not washing his hands.

    No wonder he stinks, he used the toilet, doesn’t wash his hands , touches his hair ….goes to prepare food , or place chess …GROSS

  20. danmtruth

    DMC & Janine good points all on Vanessa ,Steve , John, and Austin. No need to talk much about Julia except that she is no ones target . That oddly might get her to F/3
    John and Steve both seem to suffer from the next week syndrome Let someone else make the move . One if it works Vanessa will be mad at them and try to sway jury votes . Two if you go after her and miss well we all know how that ends. Yet that is the reason they need to make the move It will be getting the blood of the dragon who took most of the jury house down . So give them props. If not the two are just playing death match . Do you wait for Vanessa or your ally to take you out.
    Austin is a bit different he sees Vanessa as the strongest to make it to F/3 but is not sure he can beat her
    After this eviction we go back to a posiable tie breaker So the next HOH can decide giving them a slight power advantage next week. If things stay the same we will be looking at on the block Julia and a pawn(?) of john, Austin, Steve and dare we say Vanessa Think about the stare downs then . Not to mention the POV Time to put up or shut up

  21. Avatar

    Stevebeans, you do whatever you see fit with this blog. I trust your judgment.

  22. Avatar

    I’m disappointed! No Pandora’s box…..no big button, nothing, what’s happened!!!!!!!! Come on BB!!!
    It’s getting boring too quickly!!!!

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