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I'd rather be sleeping in a dentist chair - with Meg

Big Brother 17 – Post Veto Live Blogging

I'd rather be sleeping in a dentist chair - with Meg
I’d rather be sleeping in a dentist chair – with Meg or Vanessa’s mother

This power of veto competition is a fairly big one, but not as big as you’d imagine, unless you’re a fan of a specific person rather than side. No matter who wins the veto competition, there are plenty of options for James as a re-nom, so he can rest easy this week. If you’re specifically a fan of Shelli or Clay, well, it’s a pretty big veto competition because if neither win, it’s very possible one will go home.


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I am pre-writing this (meaning writing before the competition ends), so I’m basically rambling and will stop and wait for the feeds to return..

Here are the updates:

  • 4:06pm – Feeds back, and the winner is….
    • James won the PoV
    • Becky won $5k
    • Clay won a trip (for two) to Ireland for a week
    • Vanessa is shackled to someone, possibly Jackie
    • Shelli got a punishment. She has to do something 2,400 times in the next 24 hours and every 100 times run into the living room and ring a bell
  • 4:26pm – Vanessa told Lizia that Clay is going to campaign to keep Shelli this week. They both think it’s romantic, and I guess it is. Clay has a big career ahead of him as whatever he really wants (model perhaps), and will look even better falling on the sword for Shelli. Good move, Clay. Seriously. He wasn’t winning anyway, and now goes out looking like a knight.
  • 4:50pm – James talking with Austin about feeling bad about some deal he made with Shelli during the endurance competition.
  • James then approaches Clay and Shelli and says it’s nothing personal, and he hopes to remain friends outside of the game.   They are all friendly, for now. We’ll see how it goes later in the week
  • 5:30pm – James, Meg, Austin are talking about jealousy, guys, girls, etc. Meg’s take is that she likes when girls hit on her guys because she is going home with him. James says he had a girlfriend who used to ‘take care of him’ before they went out so he wouldn’t leave with a loaded weapon. Alright then
  • 5:50pm – Austin and Liz go for naps in their dentist chairs, while a few chat in the kitchen
  • 6:20pm – The house is really slow right now, so going to take a small break.  Be back in a bit
  • 8:52pm – Back.  The house is still pretty quiet. Most around kitchen snacking, talking.
  • One thing to note, Jackie and Vanessa have started their punishment.  Jackie is a Knight, and Vanessa I assume is a squire who has to polish her armor.
  • Note, Jackie is in the costume for the week, but Vanessa only has to buff her for the next 24 hours
  • Vanessa is speaking in a Scottish accent, and she already included ‘At the end of the day’ in one of her Scottish stories.
  • Shelli apparently has to remain outside for 24 hours while she does her thing. They are setting up a port-a-potty for her
  • Oh my.  Shelli’s punishment is revealed.  She has to smash down a pole (then reset it), hit a bag hard enough that it touches something else, then stick her sword through a target. 2,400 times in 24 hours. She cannot go inside, and if anything breaks, she fails.
  • Wow. That punishment is brutal. I’d take kicking 2,400 soccer balls over that any day.
  • 10:00pm – They’re all outside playing guessing games, and my eyes are shutting.  More tomorrow!

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  1. Avatar

    This is going to be the best week yet. James won POV!!!!!
    Shelli has to do a knight routine 2400 times!!!! Karma is a b**ch.

  2. Avatar

    Holy Cow !

    This week is getting better and better. James is rocking it.

    Please don’t blow it James, keep the noms the same !!!

  3. Avatar

    Clay won a trip for 2 to Ireland Becky won $5000 and Vanessa got schackles

  4. Avatar

    OOPS hit wrong spot Vanessa got shackles for ??? Sorry about that

  5. Avatar

    Went to Ireland this last Spring, it’s beautiful!
    I think the last person Jackie wants to be shackled to is Vanessa. I was a fan of Shelli and Clay but lost a lot of respect for Shelli this last week when she couldn’t own up to being down with the backdooring Jason plan. So I’m hoping she goes, but if Clay goes I wouldn’t be horribly upset either.
    Wasn’t a huge fan of James for a while. I like that he grew a pare and nominated who he wanted and didn’t waste his HOH on Steve or Jackie.

  6. Colby

    So, I wonder what the consequence is if Shelly doesn’t complete the 2400 in 24 hrs

  7. Avatar

    If Shelli is James’s real target, then doesn’t it make the most sense for him to use POV on Clay (throwing a wrench in his white knight routine) and put up Liz on the re-nom? That necessarily adds Julia and Austin to the votes to evict Shelli – so he only needs 3 more. Jackie and Meg already want her gone, and so finding one more vote shouldn’t be that hard.

    It’s probably in Vanessa’s best interest for Shelli to go – she was always going to be the odd one out when they started picking each other off, as Clay+Shelli, Austin+Liz, and Liz+Julia were always closer to each other than to her. If Shelli is evicted, Vanessa and Clay can partner up for the long haul and probably have a decent chance.

  8. danmtruth

    Finaly a week that is satisfying so it still will be an interesting vote Clay might want to fall on the sword but will the other house guest feel is best for there games?

  9. Clangley

    So loving this NEW James!!!! It’s about time he decided to play the game. Such an exciting week for sure!!!

  10. Alda

    Finally things are looking up in the house thanks to James.I hope Shelli goes home over Clay.Her dog misses her!LOL!!Clay and Vanessa together worries me a little.But for now James is king of the house.

  11. Avatar

    I hope Shell goes. I see her as the bigger threat to go for and get revenge since she has been killing it in hoh comps.

  12. Jannie

    Sorry, stevebeans, but I don’t think that Liz and Julia sound like “nice people.” You were there in the audience when Liz told Jason to “have fun watching the rest of the season in your Mom’s basement.” And she is always saying that she hates everyone. And the way Liz is playing Austin’s feelings? We used to have a name for girls like that, and it rhymed with “rock” and “please.” The both sound like a couple of snotty biotches.

    • Rita

      They seems like immature 23 year olds now that they are both in the house. I was getting annoyed watching them scream while playing in the kitchen with the lollipops as everyone else was trying to sleep. Austin looked like a babysitter (not a good one either) and I kept thinking he was going to realize Liz is too young for him. Or maybe that they were doing it to annoy him.

  13. Jannie

    Oh, and i am so excited that James won the POV’

    James should use it to put up Liz so Clay can’t save her.

  14. Avatar

    I miss BOTB. We are not even half way through this week and house is already slow..whats motivation for non-bloggers to watch live feeds?? Production needs to spice up the format..there are plenty of suggestions ppl are ready to give or at least they should take survey for suggestion

    • Colby

      I hate the BOB. Glad it’s gone. I got the idea of it when it was initiated in prior seasons, when alliances were formed early and stuck to, it created a battle of the ‘sides’, kinda like sports teams. But too many houseguests now have become minions with the goal of just making it to jury (nice vacation they are getting paid for). To change things up BB is going to have to get more strict on their rules and actually enforce them (example: Not telling a person they are going on the block, etc.). I don’t know if throwing a comp is a no-no in the rules or not, but it should be.
      Anyway, now that BOB is gone they will bring in other comps. In the past there have been food comps for what food they get and /or who is have not’s.
      And from what Steve said in his post about the Take Overs, we’ll see. Who knows what those might bring in to keep it interesting.

    • Avatar

      Now would be a good time to introduce playing comps for good dinners like BB Canada.

      Something to keep them occupied and less lazy.

  15. Avatar

    Shelli goes home. Maybe even a sweep in votes for the 1st time this season.

  16. Avatar

    Good for James for shaking up the house.
    I wonder another thing. When did Liz & Austin move to napping in the dentist chairs? Did she engineer that after he kissed her?! LOL

    • Colby

      No. They were made have-nots this week by James, mainly because they haven’t done it before. But he may have been trying to help her out too. Except, I think she is more into it than she is admitting to. From what I saw on Joker’s it sounded like she is sleeping in the same chair with him.

    • Avatar

      I agree, Colby. I don’t think it’s just because Liz thinks she can manipulate him…

  17. Avatar

    Look for a memory type comp this week for HOH. That favors Steve, Jonny and Vanessa in my opinion.

  18. danmtruth

    9 votes so if it stays the same despite Clay asking to be voted out why do that. Time for Austin, Liz , Juila to make a bold move and join the others to eliminate a strong player like Shelli Combine with Meg, Jackie, that makes 5 and Shelli is gone Start packing for Ireland with Clay
    Do you think they will turn around and have Clay & Shelli on Amazing Race ?

    • Colby

      Amazing race could happen, but I have doubts about their relationship continuing for long outside the house. Guess it would all depend on timing.

    • Avatar

      I hope so. But Clay is campaigning to leave.

      So right now, the definite votes are Meg & Jackie.

      Thw twins & Austin might do as Clay suggests.

      But, if as suggested above James takes Clay off, and teplaces him with Liz, then we have 4 definite votes for Shelli to leave: Meg, Jackie, AUstin, Julia.

      Right now, I think Vanessa, John, Steve , and Becky are all toss ups. But one out of the four should realize that Shelli should go.

  19. Avatar

    Meg is just taking up space and waiting for the Jury Rm. Very immature and should move her mic over when eating. Can’t stand the noise she makes. I love Johnny Mac don’t you find Jackie’s laugh annoying? I followed her and Jeff on the Amazing Race…they never got along.I don’t know why they picked that couple for Big Brother out of all the other players. Get Meg and Jackie out. Not playing the game at all. This season seems boring very little challenges compared to other seasons. Endurance competition in the past was longer and much harder. Big Brother back then showed no mercy.

  20. g8trgirl

    I’m so thankful you write this blog. I woke up in the middle of the night and turned on BBAD. Vanessa was talking in a strange accent and rubbing someone’s leg. I thought maybe she was drunk. Now I get it.

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