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Big Brother 17 – The Post-Honeymoon Feeds



Title update: The couple is back together, so my title is dumb

how does the saying go?  You learn about a person when they have to face real adversity?  Well, if not, that’s what it should be.  Anyway, that is what we watched yesterday on the feeds after the veto competition returned and Austin emerged victorious.

To summarize what I gathered: The competition was a knock-out type of game where the winner of a round puts two people up against each other. During the competition, Julia asked Vanessa what to do, and Vanessa gave her gave her what I am sure was the best scenario (for Vanessa). This made Austin question the motives of everyone in the house, and whatever Vanessa suggested made Austin call her out. There was a little dust up during the competition, which he allegedly ‘played up’ for the cameras. When the feeds returned, Vanessa was playing victim to the twins, and basically managed to ruin both Austin’s game and relationship without actually saying anything.


How?  Vanessa is a master of implying what people are thinking. She did this yesterday by telling Julia how much dirt she had on Austin, but refused to be a ‘rat’ and tell her. This is a skill done by Vanessa to let people assume whatever they want about the person, and in the case of Austin, all bad things. This made Julia just assume Austin is as shady as he thinks, so she trashed him to Liz which added on to what Liz was already upset with. You see, the girl who screwed with Austin’s mind all summer instantly thought he was going to be like Clay and offer to save her (instead of himself). Even though Clay didn’t actually win veto – all he did was roll over for Shelli – Liz wanted Austin to give up his game for her. When you combine it with Julia in her ear trashing him, Liz was pretty much done with Austin after that.

Pretty ridiculous, but that’s been the season so far.

  • 12:30pm – Vanessa is sitting around the kitchen with Liz and Austin. Apparently they made up during the period when I couldn’t stomach the feeds any more last night and just now.
  • 1:45pm – Austin is working out in the back. Julia did a small live feeder talk saying ‘I’m about to go on the block!’ They think Steve wants Liz out
  • 6:30pm – Sorry for the lack of updates today / this weekend. Taking it easy for the holiday weekend.  I expect there probably to be more drama tomorrow after veto ceremony and nominations are locked down.

Check back for updates


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  1. Avatar

    Vannesa is the evil queen. Hope it bites her in the ass. Steve should get a spine and stand up to her. He’s a wimp that should have left long time ago. Austin is history. The king of BO just stinks up the place. John’s just hanging out. It’s almost over. BB is self destructing. Could be the end!

  2. Jannie

    From what I could figure out last night on BBAD, the Veto comp was the bowling game where they had to spin in a circle before they rolled the ball. I think it’s the third year they have played it.
    The Twits are emotional wrecks…fine one minute, hysterical the next. Listin has reconciled, at least for now, but who knows what tiny thing will break them up in the next few hours.
    Yeah, looks like potball tonight. They are planning a “Grandma Memorial” tournament in honor of Meg.
    Also on BBAD…looks like Van has JMac completely under her spell. He is convinced that she is dragging him to the final two.

  3. danmtruth

    With this group you never can tell Steve will talk his big game to himself Than in the end decide to wait till next week. Austin after the POV hosted by Jessie the 3 string wrestler Now sees his path to stardom paved . The sad part is it’s true he will get fans and an offer from some 3rd tier wrestling promotion . Seeing how delusinal these house guest are he will hold out for WWE . Pitch to Liz that they can go in as a team to make more money . Liz true and only love . After seeing how she was a third wheel this whole show . Maybe Juila can hook up with the guy on YouTube who bills himself as the third wheel in all his brothers photos. No matter what happens Vanessa will come out as one of the few people production will bring back to talk about future seasons and cast members. Perhaps she can start a BB boot camp to help train others.
    In talking with my daughter we both agree that alliances have been growing each season. Is it us or in the early season alliances did not start till latter in the game . That and there were not as many. Last season you had a 8 person alliance in the first week I understand production loves to get the house guest to name these alliances. But my god at one point with 8 people Meg James Steve, Johnny Mack , Austin Liz, Juila and Vanessa. You had (1) Goblins (2) Brasß tack (3) scamper squad (4) Austin’s Angles and I might be missing a few more In the end it’s F/2 deal between Vanessa and Steve , Vanessa and John and which one can survive that will plot the course for the next few weeks

  4. Elaine

    For me, I would love to see Julia leave…although her conversational (lack of) abilities has given me some good laughs. For the ones that remain, getting out the common denominator (Liz) is still in their best interests. I agree, dan, about the alliances. The houseguests pick them way too early, too easily, and naming them has been ridiculous. I think there are “alignments” that are done from week to week, or competition to competition, but to me an alliance goes through the test of time and adversity…..more like an allegiance.

    • Avatar

      When the total headcount of people in “alliances” is three or four times greater then the number of people in the house, yes, it does appear that the term “alliance” is meaningless, along with “final two deal”.

      I do like your term “alignment”; flexible, every shifting “alignments”…depending on who the “alignee” is talking to at the moment, which might quickly lead to a new “alignment”.

    • Colby

      I have to agree with you about Julia providing some good laughs at the dumb stuff that comes out of her mouth. Most memorable for me is when the houseguests were discussing the benefits of brown rice vs white rice and she said ‘White rice is made out of flour, right?’ I literally laughed out loud.
      But it doesn’t change the fact that they are dumb, nasty, spoiled, self entitled, mean girls.
      I will so enjoy seeing all of the Austwits evicted. Hope that happens.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Colby, it kind of reminds me of when Jessica Simpson asked if Chicken of the Sea was fish or chicken.

  5. Jannie

    When you think about it, Vanessa has the whole thing set up perfectly.
    The Austwits are going after Steve/JMac and vice versa.
    And Vanessa sits in the middle orchestrating the entire thing.

    But I still can’t figure our who she wants to go to the final 2 with…
    I think JMac and maybe even Austin could beat her…they did play very good social games. I know a lot of people here can’t stand Austin, but I think he was well liked in the house.
    Could Steve beat her??

    I think she wants to take Julia to the end – she did nothing but float behind Liztin.

    Anyone else have any ideas??

    • Elaine

      Julia might be her best option. Though Vanessa hasn’t bothered me as much as some of the others commenting here, I do sense that when the jurors pool their information, Vanessa will become a common thread with many of the evictions. I am unsure if the jurors would see that as great play and award her the grand prize over most of the ones left in the house. Julia’s speech for why she should win would be something like ….uh….er….I am a twin! She really has been protected by Liz and Austin.

    • Avatar

      That’s the reason I decided to stick around…to see if she makes it to final two and if so, will she win considering the kind of game she played. I would be surprised if even one of the five jury members so far would vote for Vanessa to win. And that’s 5 of the 9 jury members which is a majority. As I said before, if Steve makes it to the final two I’m sure his speech will sway people to vote for him, even if he is sitting beside Vanessa.

      I have to give Austin credit….I thought he would be gone in week 2 and he’s still there and still fighting.

    • Avatar

      If Van is in F2 she wins..she will take credit for getting the twins in the house…she will talk circles around most of the others ….I am not sure who to root for , ummm Jmac and Steve F2 …whoever got Van out would have my vote.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Jannie, I think Crazy Eyes is leaving her options open. She’ll wait to see who is in the Final 3 then decide how to spin it so she will win the money.

  6. opium4damasses

    @danmtruth At last! Bless your heart, it’s mighty fine to see another individual stand up and testify. Sometimes the cosmos gets a little bit too uninhabitable with so darn many bleating sheep working to drown out the approach of Steve and Vanessa and even John, though he does plenty of bleating all by his lonesome.

  7. Jannie

    From Joker’s…

    Johnny Mac tells Steve that he will vote “whichever way the twins decide.” And, that “it doesn’t matter.”

    Yes, JMac, it DOES matter. You get rid of Liz. She is better at comps and she is the glue that holds the trio together.

    Sorry, JMac fans, but he is not very bright.

    • Colby

      I love JMac, but I suspect he is just too laid back and nice to be cutthroat enough to win this game. At this point I would love to see JMac, Steve, and Van in F3, JMac win final HOH and take Vanessa out. But that probably won’t happen.

  8. danmtruth

    That’s the beauty of Vanessa plan it does not matter. Vanessa keeps telling the remanding players no one in the jury house will vote for her. That’s the big lie! Her argument on the last day is Yes I was involved in each of you being evicted That’s the game . What did the person standing next to me do . Nothing but what I wanted them to do. Vanessa will claim she was the one directing all moves.

  9. Avatar

    I thought Steve’s mom is quite an attractive woman. If James had been there he would have been drooling over her…. and not in a Siegfried and Roy kind of way!!

    • Jannie

      OMG that Sigmond Freud/Siegfried & Roy thing was so funny. And they were tigers, not lions.
      The twits also had no idea what a salutatorian was, either.

    • Avatar

      I wondered what other people thought about the comments about this Siegfried and Roy and the fact that these supposedly college educatedyoung women didn’t know who Sigmund Freud waswhen Steve brought it up. they really are not very bright and in watching them throughout the season they are truly truly just mean hateful girls, they think they’re entitled and can say whatever they want to whomever they want with no consequences but if someone even crosses them or disagrees with them then that person is an enemy and they hate them. I hope that their parents are watching and that they are just totally ashamed of the mean girls they have raised but then I’m sure they’re not because they probably allowed them to act this way their entire life. it’s sad!

    • Jannie

      Sadly, Franko, they said earlier that their Mom bought them both breast augmentation surgery for their HS graduation.
      The apple probably doesn’t fall far from the tree 🙂

    • Colby

      Jannie. maybe the Siegfried & Roy thing is due to their age, but not knowing what a salutatorian is, really? How did they graduate?

    • NKogNeeTow

      OMG, OMG, OMG….When those fools started talking about “Seigmund and Roy” I thought I’d die laughing. And what tickled me more than them saying it was the LOOKS on Asstin’s face. PRICELESS! He couldn’t believe it. It was like an epiphany. He suddenly realized that both of them were stupid. I think that’s the first time he’s entertained me since he’s been there.

    • kneeless

      Their comments were so dumb, but funny. You can tell they are mean girls. Over the summer they have made several comments to each other that they need to be nice. So, they are obviously aware they are mean girls. On Sunday’s show one of them also commented how they had been so nice to Steve over the summer. They are so young & dumb & full of themselves.

  10. danmtruth

    Was it just me or the way Liz & Juila kept teasing Steve about his love for his mom. Something I think he plays up . Still the girls were just like the mean girls they are Picking on Steve for something they did not understand

  11. Alda

    What I found interesting was when Steve was talking to the other houseguests Vanessa’s name never came up to be on the block,not even as a pawn.They kept saying our choices are so limited when we are down to six.Yeah,but not one perso remembered the name Vanessa.

  12. opium4damasses

    The honeymoon certainly is over. Liz will dump him soon; Austin just doesn’ t see it coming. Also, who wants the next HOH? No one does who is smart, because that means that you can’ t play for HOH when it comes down to the final three week, a crucial week to win control. This could be a mistake that Dr. Drill will make, winning the next HOH, especially if it’s thrown his way.

    • Colby

      I totally agree that she will dump him. That is a good thing.
      At one point yesterday Liz said she had to be nice to him so he wouldn’t turn on Julia, after realizing she is more of a threat and Julia will get further in the game. So I think she has gone back to slut/whore mode. Her parents must be so proud

  13. Elaine

    It was a bit too much on the CBS episode when Liz left the nomination ceremony in tears. Saying that she and Julia have always been so nice to Steve, helping him become less socially awkward. Really??!!. Those girls are delusional.

  14. opium4damasses

    Sigmund & Freud of Las Vegas was really very funny. Maybe these girls have wax buildup and need an ear, nose and throat doctor. Liz might have a nose problem too, since she said how she loved the smell of garlic on Austin’s fingers while they were having their make up makeout session. There’s already no doubt that she needs her eyes checked too if she finds Mr. Sasquatch attractive.

  15. NKogNeeTow

    Again BBAD opens with them sitting around eating. They take the term “smacking your chops” to a whole different level. They don’t eat, they shovel it in and suck it down.

  16. NKogNeeTow

    Did anyone check out that YouTube Berlin posted of Asstin wrestling (I think it was on the last thread)? If not, you have GOT to see it. He’s wrestling a woman and they dance in between. I can’t decide whether it’s funny or sad.

  17. danmtruth

    The look on Austin’s face during the Sigmond Freud conversation was priceless These two graduated ? If you were there boss would you hire them back?
    It is funny how in all these people talk of renominates Vanessa’s name never came up Someone else mention this Add the fact when Austin was talking about throwing the HOH comp. he was not sure if he could because he did not know where JMack head was In step Vanessa tells him flat out Oh dude don’t worry I can convince him. That’s what I do best !!
    After Thursday’s eviction of Liz I will be interested in seeing if given the chance if either Austin or JMack will target Vanessa That my fellow campers would be getting blood on your hands Personally I can’t see John doing it because of numbers Him wanting to give the death blow to Austin and Juila

  18. NKogNeeTow

    Sunday BBAD:

    Liz is telling the group that all of the Gremlins are in Jury and that nice guys finish last. Van says it’s one for the good guys. The Twits say they beat the goblin whores….(says the Twit with an almost 40 minute undercover make out session with Sasquatch on YouTube..lol). Van wonders if Jason is watching the feeds. One of the Twits wonders if people bet on who is going to win the show (duh).

    Van says things got weird in the house from day 43 on, once Jason left and James got power. JM says it got weird because Julia came in. They decide that Pot Ball will start at 10pm (I won’t be watching). JM wants fireworks for Labor Day. Van is still obsessing about the day she was back-doored by Becky. Julia tells Liz to shower so they can play Pot Ball…(talk about being hard up for entertainment…).

    Let me just say here that I really hate it when they are all in the room together. It’s much more fun when they are branched off in different parts of the house. That’s when the plottin and plannin goes on… the whispering…the scampering…the lies….the set-ups.

    Steve is running down his list of short comings tonight. He says he’s delusional tonight (now he REALLY fits in with the crowd). Julia talks about Amanda Bynes and her problems (the college grad knows who an actress on drugs is but never heard of Sigmund Freud…go figure). Steve/JM/Julia talk about old TV programs while JM tries to eat up all the fruit in the house. Steve says there were a lot of young people in the house this year. He and JM discuss who was the youngest and the oldest.

    Van/Asstin talk about what it must be like in Jury. They think Jury is James’ wildest dream. They wonder if he gets kisses from Meg. They don’t really think so. Asstin thinks James loved Meg so much. Asstin says that’s so ridiculous and so funny (not as funny as he and Twitters(Liz). Asstin tells her that his worst fear is being in the Final 3 with JM/Steve. He says that if the 2 pawns are in the Final 3, it will be very hard to beat them. He says that’s why he really wants to win the HOH to prevent them from being the Final 4. Van agrees and ask him who is his preference to go out next. He says it has to be Steve. She says she thinks it’s better if it’s JM. She thinks Steve will be more favored to win if Liz goes out this week. He says that James/Meg will never vote for Steve because they didn’t want to see him make the finals. Van says she thinks it’s very likely that Steve will win (she is now planting the seed for Asstin to go after Steve if he wins HOH…lol). Asstin now thinks it’s HIS idea to take out Steve before they get to the Final 4. He thinks that with Steve gone, JM is no problem. Van says that’s the worst fear is if JM wins HOH or Veto. Both say either she or Asstin have to win Veto (Didn’t she tell JM/Steve the same thing?).

    Asstin says that if JM/Steve make the Final 2, it would suck and be the worst final ever. Asstin says that he/Van would be best and is very doable. He is telling her how to play the next comp (like she hasn’t already thought out all the scenarios). Asstin wants to make 1 of the 2 guys to falter in the comp, so either he or Van can win. Van ask him if he agrees that if JM/Steve comes down, will Julia will be put up as a pawn. He says yes. They say she (Julia) knows she’s 100% safe.

    Pot Ball is about to start. Asstin wonders if they should have a moment of silence. Julia is called to the DR…game delayed. Asstin fills one of the bowls with coffee grinds to represent Grandma Meg’s ashes (morbid little Cuss isn’t he). JM is still eating (something in a bowl now). Asstin is making cookies, with that tattoo that looks like it was done by Stevie Wonder. Steve is setting up the sponsors for the game. Van is doing her usual, watching. Liz enters whining Austinnnnaaahhh. He washes his hands AFTER forming the cookies..(umm, ewww).

    Asstin is feeling up Liz again. They play kissy face…(again, ewww). He plays with his ponytail, checks his reflection in the mirror, then tears himself away to go back into the kitchen.

    Lizzzaaahhh re-forms the cookies that Asstin made to big. Steve continues to set up the game. They pick teams. Steve is called to the DR…game delay again…(YEAAAA!). The Twits do practice shots…and whine in tandem, because the targets are to far away. Asstin does an obituary about Grandma Meg. The group talk to someone named Max on Production about what music they want to hear tomorrow morning. They are sitting and standing around yawning and bored while waiting for Steve.

    Van ask who do they think had the biggest twist that they didn’t know about. They say Audrey/Jeff/Jackie. They think Audrey was America’s Player. Van thinks Becky was an ex-professional soccer player, but the rest of them don’t think so. They say JM isn’t really a dentist. Van says she thinks Jason had more money than he let on because he wore $400 shoes and high brand clothes. Asstin says he believes Jason worked in a supermarket. They said that Davonne was dumb and lied about what she did. They don’t think there was a Team America this year, just America’s Player. JM thinks America’s player was Jason, the rest still think it was Audrey. They tell Audrey stories and laugh.

    Steve is back from Jury. Pot Ball Game begins and this is where I end.

    Night my BB Beauties 🙂

  19. opium4damasses

    The long talk on the feeds between Austin and Vanessa included their mutual vested interest in letting Julia win the next HOH and to nominate Steve and John. They disagree about who has to go. It is risky for Austin to go this route though. Julia could insist on nominating John and Austin. Julia would have this idea of her own free will, naturally. It wouldn’ t be Vanessa who helped her with that idea. I don’ t get the feeling that Austin or Vanessa trust each other’s game yet enough to be a firm F2 alliance. It could happen, but both need to watch their backs about each other.

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