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Big Brother 17 – The Queen Remains At The Top



I realized I skipped a week and nearly did again because I completely forgot about the power rankings until I read a comment about it.  It’s good to see that people enjoyed, so I’ll keep it up until the end of the season.  Note: I am going to remove the jury members once the competition to come back is complete.

If I had posted this last week, especially early in the week, Vanessa wouldn’t be at the top. Unlike this week, last week had someone actually fighting to remain in the game, which completely changed the outcome of eviction between the decision on Monday and then Thursday night. Vanessa was a lock to head to jury, but she kept fighting while Shelli kept daydreaming about Clay, and now Shelli can dream about him all she wants.. from the jury house.

While the entire house keeps talking about how big of a threat that Vanessa is, and people at home probably think she’s on her way out the door, I really just don’t see it. My friend was upset last weekend (she’s a fan of Vanessa) when things were looking really bad, but I said not to count her out. I still say that Vanessa is going to win BB17, and I don’t think it will even be a close second. She has done the impossible move of getting all the blood on her, sitting at a table and pretending it’s fake blood, while the rest of the table knows it’s real – yet they end up not caring anyway.  (if that makes sense)


Anyway, here are the rankings….

[table id=7 /]

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  1. Sweet Bee

    I agree with you SteveBeans, and not that it really matters(considering they’re twins) but I really think you have a picture of Liz up for Julia. I’m not totally sure but it does look like it. ?

  2. Avatar

    Just have a curious question. Do you think the people working on BB at CBS every read the comments left on big brothers sites like this one? Just curious.

  3. Avatar


    I see that you did indeed read my comment 🙂 I love seeing your power ranking and then sit back and argue to why you put this person ahead of this one lol…

  4. Alda

    Final three:Vanessa,Austin and Liz.They will say they were loyal to each other till the end.They talked smack on each other but won’t admit it.Steve won’t know what hit him!Sorry for Johnny Mac and James because they opened their mouths,they will get burned for doing so.

  5. Avatar

    As much as she deserves it, I just don’t see how Vanessa will win.

    There are too many hg’s that know she will win if she makes final two, and therefore she has to go soon.

    There is an interesting dynamic happening. Everyone wants Vanessa out. But there is an albatros in the room. being the trio. If anyone targets Vanessa, they have to put one of the twins up, otherwise they are going to the end. But in making that nomination, a huge target is left on their back.

    It’s definitely nail biting time.

    Hope Johnny stays and wins hoh. Just because it is down to the wire, and his nominations will count.

  6. Boo

    I’m sorry, but I don’t agree with Steve Beans, or any of you for that matter, Liz will win BB17 with Austin or Julia in second. They’ve been playing the smartest game and truly have the strongest alliance that will not turn on each other.

    • Sweet Bee

      It truly is a possibility, liz has won HOH twice, POV once, and been nominated once just like Vanessa. Austin and Julia have never been on the block. It’s very likely, yes, but it would suck.

    • AIO_7

      All I can say is “Booooooo” to that result.

    • Avatar

      Austintwins haven’t been tested yet. Once they are. They will unravel faster than Bernie Sanders in Seattle at his own rally. What ever 2 is left will go crawling to Vanessa. Vannessa hasn’t been parinoid. She had been seeing what going on with the austintwins. So call it parinoa or call it a good read.Look for Austin to go to jury on August 27th. Vanessa in control once agian. She is simply the best player. And with one of the Austintwins gone (Likely Austin) She has numbers. And as we all know everyone is too afraid of her with good reason.(kinda funny how Steve is the perfect ally for Van. Not an accident )wins HOH tonight, look for her to shake chit up. A fun theory. Would make the show fun. The twins would through away Austin like a dirty diaper. Be forgotten in a day. Remember Julia doesn’t like Austin. Liz will follow Julia

  7. Avatar

    BB was so much better when they had a house full of guests who actually wanted to play the game…Back when they had the food com. Now those were good seasons. Why can’t they bring back the food comp?? I’ve given up on watching this season, however I still read this to keep up without wasting 45 minutes. And to see if there is actually a reason to watch an episode. I never liked Vanessa so to see her with so much power and all the people around her so oblivious to her, its not worth watching. The only person I’d like to see win is James because he actually did something in the house, unlike everyone else. Oh and I have no idea how anyone can watch the feeds with Austin up Liz’s ass and the twins whining so much.

    • Avatar

      I say this every season… BB needs to cast a more DIVERSE group!!!
      I’m so tired of the token flamboyant gay man, the token black person… and all the pretty white people. At least they have an Asian man still in the game (although frankly I forget that James is Asian until I think about it).
      I would not watch the show at all if it weren’t for this blog. None of my friends watch BB so without you guys I have no reason to care what happens to any of these people. This is the first season I’ve actually fast-forwarded through BBAD because there is so very little I want to see. John, James, Becky, Vanessa.. they are interesting. The rest, meh.

    • Avatar

      Ok. My theory of a fun game didn’t happen. (Vanessa in power and gunnin 4 Austin.Would have been ballz. But a good strategy. The twins can’t think for themselves.) Austin won HOH. Now it’s kinda a easy target. James. The only 1 that Austin feels can beat him thru strength. True or not. He will keep Van. The twins of course. Basic reasons. 3 votes. And he has control. I maybe wrong about his target. Although keeping Van and of course the twins is imparitave for his control this week.This isint a like Austin stance. Just what’s gonna most likely happen. Same thing as last week. So FF to next week pls. P.S
      No of that damm ball in the pot game on bbad. This is for ALL of them. It’s like paint drying sooooooooooooooooooo boring. Where is the Zach character this year? Atleast when we knew the weeks outcome. Dude was entertaining.p.s.s This part will pizz most of ya off. But it’s a fact. Every since Vanessa got called out, it’s been unamious votes. To evect every person that crossed her. B4 that the votes were somewhat mixed. Magic?
      It’s happened to many times for luck

    • jimbo

      There was three “token” (as you called them) LGBT. That’s not even anywhere near proportional to real life. So, they’ve gotten too damn diverse to push an agenda, if you ask me. Just put interesting people in the house and leave it at that regardless of race or orientation; no need for “political” or “social” statements.

  8. Elaine

    I have increasing respect for Liz….she has actually won recent competitions, unlike Julia or Austin. I would root for her over either of the other two (Dumb and Dumber) in her trio. Austin is getting increasingly difficult to watch.

  9. Avatar

    I too think there is a definate need for a more diverse group of players. I’m not watching the Real World. I’m suprised with Donny being so well liked last year they didnt cast someone similar. There should at least be one houseguest in their 40s and 50s. I also think some of the most beloved Survivor cast members were over 40.

  10. Avatar

    I agree Stevebeans! Vanessa know the Austwins are all one vote…I think she will do her best to get all 3 out for the win!

  11. Avatar

    I hope Vanessa will get nominated but I don’t think Austin has the balls to do it. He will probably nominate James, john, and/or Meg. What a shame it has come to this. Austin should have been backdoored a few weeks ago, but Vanessa changed the outcome by not doing so.

  12. jimbo

    Once again, don’t get the rankings, especially Vanessa. As I said weeks ago, the Austwins game to lose after “mastermind” (!) Vanessa simply allowed the twins to enter the house, not thinking far enough ahead to realize that they would become an unbreakable tandem, and now a 3sum with Austin. Anyone who knowingly allowed that to happen like Vanessa did (she was running the show) can’t be #1 in my book.

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