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Big Brother 17 – Tuesday Feed Highlights



Last night as I sat there watching ‘The unauthorized Full House story’, I thought to myself… damn, I feel guilty. I should be listening to the feeds and blogging about it. Then I realized that on the feeds featured Steve playing pool with John while the rest of the house slept. Minus yesterday morning (which I did cover), that’s the kind of week it’s been. Heck, that’s the kind of two weeks it’s been. End of the season can be either super slow, or super crazy.. .unfortunately, this season it has been super slow. So, I apologize for the very crappy updates these past 2 weeks, but there really is very little going on in the house. Even the CBS episodes have to use clips of James and Steve hanging out together as filler content because the drama is just not there.

Sorry, my rant of the season. I get a bit upset at times when I spend the summer providing free updates, and people get upset when I relax my schedule during slow periods.  I know 99.9% of you appreciate the work I do, so I feel like an idiot for venting, but I deal with it every season.

With that, updates…

  • 10:00am – Steve is the only one up and doing dishes. It will be interesting to see if he tries to campaign to stay, or if he’s going to take the Audrey approach. He’s kind of in a bad spot from the blowup yesterday.
  • 11:00am – Meg and James are sleeping, Liz is in the kitchen making some grub
  • 12:00pm – Nothing has changed. Feeds still on sleeping room and Liz in the kitchen (or Julia..w/e)
    • Austin came down and is telling Liz about his HoH blog. I am curious to read it and see if he mentions his girlfriend.  He said he even gave a shoutout to the Bold and the Beautiful.  Alright.
    • He also brought down the camera, so people are starting to finally get up
    • Vanessa “take a picture of me and Steve because we made up”… “by made up I mean sort of made up”.  I bet Steve cried a little inside
    • Outside, Austin is taking a picture of the twins. He does something weird and I hear “Auussttiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin” ….  ugh
  • 1:30pm – Most of the house is inside eating lunch, while John is outside playing pool… alone.  Poor guy.
  • 2:20pm – Quiet afternoon. One feed is on the bedroom with people sleeping. Austin, Meg, Liz and James are outside.
  • 3:15pm – BBTrial tonight. Fake court. At least it’s not bowling.
  • 3:30pm – Liz and Austin are in the public bedroom. She is laying in bed and acting mad at him. So cute /puke.
    • They kissed and made up.  Literally as I was typing /puke, I heard something weird on feeds. Re-watched to see John’s reaction to Austin and Liz…
    • bb17-w9-john
    • I love John. I hope he comes back in Thursday night.
  • 5:00pm – All feeds on people sleeping. Seriously
    • Oops, my mistake. One camera is on Steve roaming through the house alone
  • 5:25pm – Vanessa is up in the HoH chatting with Austin and Liz
    • She is going on and on about John. She also wants to tell Meg and James she’s voting for him to see their reaction
    • She also wants to maybe keep John so he’ll go after the ‘Gremlins’ (Meg/James)
    • But, Austin thinks he’ll say whatever so he can stay and then go after them
    • So, they’re going to pretend to work with John to see if John tells the Gremlins who tell Austin. Boredom is kicking in and Vanessa is overplaying
    • Austin about John – “He has no integrity”
    • Vanessa – “He’s going to be wealthy in life”….. lol. Vanessa is going home to her mansion
    • Liz – Dentists are crazy.  Austin – It’s because they’re medical school dropouts.
    • Now they’re quizzing each other on days
    • Liz is talking about how Austin walked in the house and announced how he had a gf who he was in love with
  • 6:30pm – Vanessa is outside talking to John
    • Vanessa offered John to stay if he throws the HoH and be the pawn against the returning player.
    • She is pressing John on more information about the time she nearly went out the door. 100% chance Vanessa continues to press people for this information until she finally feels comfortable about it – which won’t happen until she’s home.
    • Typical Vanessa conversation – “Hey, I have a deal to make…  *5 minutes later* … so is whatever we were just talking about related to me being on the block next to Shelli?  I’m sure you know something!”
    • Vanessa said her personal game is without Steve, and she’s right. He’s her biggest comp right now. She should most certainly strike while she can Thursday
    • Vanessa – ‘Do you think it’s salvageable with Becky?’.. ‘yes’ (and he’s right. Becky is more upset at her alliance for flipping, and obviously said in her exit interview she’d go after Liz)
  • 7:00pm – Conversation broke up. Time for me to take a break. Chat in the comment section. Will update later

Check back for more


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  1. Jannie

    One exciting thing that happened last night was that while James and Meg were in the BY playing pool, James said that if he or Meg(yeah right) win the next HOH they are going to target the Austwits.
    I love it that James is not afraid to flip the script and go after a REAL target in the house.

    Also I said earlier that on Joker’s there is a link to a letter that A$$tin wrote to his then girlfriend, Jen, before he left for BB. It was submitted by Jen’s sister and tells of his undying love for her. He also says that he will use the money so they can travel and admits that he wants to use BB to further his wrestling career. He closes by saying that he will be sending her “love signals” from the DR every chance he gets.

    A$$tin is a pig – can’t wait until snotty Liz dumps his sorry butt. And we all know she will. Well, unless he wins it all, then she will stay just long enough to spend it and head back to Miami.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Jannie, I’m with you. I’m hoping that next week James wins the HOH just to see what he’ll do. He made a big move once and it backfired and then he just seemed to fizzle out and blend back in with the crowd. Hopefully if he wins HOH it will reignite the fire under him and he will find his lion heart again, instead of going along with the program.

    • Avatar
      kristine (207 comments)

      Honestly I hope that James wins HoH to get rid of Vanessa not Austin because now that the games are going to switch to mental Vanessa stands a chance of winning more competitions especially if Steve doesn’t come back in. Austin needs to go but not next week get rid of brainiacs first. The person I hope returns is Jackie because she is the only sure bet on getting rid of Vanessa meaning one more for the minority side. Shelli is the wild card. Becky is a vote for the majority and if Steve goes out Thursday the likelihood of him returning is slim because the juror comeback competition is usually a somewhat physical competition so really even if Johnny goes the likelihood he’ll return is slim although he’s ok at physical competitions not great at it. Steve is more brains than he is muscle which is now a liability in the house because the comps start to get more mental less physical.

  2. Avatar
    Todd (4 comments)

    Steve and Austin’s angels had a long conversation last night. He came clean about things and admitted to being fake with Vanessa and having a 2 person alliance with John called the rock stars. Somehow he thinks that’s not a final 2 deal.. The conversation ends with Vanessa said she doesn’t fully trust him but she’s willing to start mending the fence.

    All the action happens very late at night..

    • NKogNeeTow

      The fence mending is just a ruse. Last night on BBAD, she and Asstin came up with the idea for her to fake make up with Steve so he won’t get skiddish and blow up their game by telling Meg/James all the things he knows about her, Asstin and the Twits before he leaves the house.

  3. Avatar

    Stevebeans, you make whatever schedule of yours that you see fit! This is YOUR time, and if I were in your shoes, I’d rather do something else besides watch paint dry!!

  4. Avatar

    Go ahead and vent…..we understand….you spend so much of your time keeping us in the loop all summer long. You do have a life outside of BB, and I understand. I have been following you for years and can always rely on you to have to scoop of the day on what is going on in the house while I am at work away from the LIVE FEEDS! Thank you for all that you do for US!!!

  5. Jannie

    I read what was written on the last blog post…
    Yes, you may not be as “on it” as say, the Joker’s site, but why I keep coming back to your site(and it’s the only one I comment on and contribute to) is because of the people here – we all keep each other updated when you are busy, and we (for the most part) are able to have a civilized conversation and an awesome exchange of opinions about Big Brother. We may express some negative thoughts about the HG’s but usually not about each other…I like that.
    I am actually glad that you usually only post once a day. That way I am able to read all of the comments and add to it without thinking that everyone has moved on to the next blog post.
    Keep up the good work 🙂

    • Renee

      Exactly how I feel Jannie. This is the site I rely on, can actually read at work (the others get blocked by our servers) and am able to vent or comment when I want to and interact with people that share a common interest. Great job Stevebeans!

    • NKogNeeTow

      Jannie I love you! You always know exactly what to say. This is the only site I’ve ever commented or contributed to also. I like the homey feel of it and the regular contributors (and even some of the new ones), make it fun. This is my 3rd year here but I never commented until last year and didn’t really get into it until this year. I think of this as my second dysfunctional family and I look forward to reading your comments every year. Hope all of us will be returning next year.

      And SteveBeans, I didn’t view your comments at ranting at all. I can no longer stand watching Bowling With Bottles, and there is just so much one can take watching people throw foil balls at bowls and pans. For that reason alone, I now stop watching when they start playing those silly games because that means there will be no game talk, so what’s the point? You KEEP doing what you’re doing and we’ll be right here to back you up 🙂

    • Jannie

      Thanks, girls!!
      It’s why I love this blog…love your views as well. Just when I’m ready to give up on these morons in the BB house, I can always come here for some insight and a good laugh. ???

  6. Avatar

    Looks like the chess game to bring the floater, Meg to the final is in play. Anyone cross Vanessa and they are gone. Its not like its not obvious to the house guest at this point. What is frustrating is everyone knows she has had her hand in the majority of those to leave the house and see her rants and bully tactics yet she is still in the game. I guess her strategy of in your face manipulation is working on this group of weakling minded folks.

  7. Avatar
    Brad (2 comments)

    I agree with DebMuse. Do what you want with your time. You said it’s super boring in the house but then you read comments about Vanessa going off on Steve and Austin coming clean in his alliance with John etc. It’s a free blog but I guess the amount of donations you get, Steve, will be a direct reflection on how much time you spend at this. If it’s not worth your time, I guess it’s not worth my donation.

  8. Avatar
    Todd (4 comments)

    Not one mention of the Vanessa and John discussion. May be my last time at this site as I don’t see the effort being put in to compete with other sites. And I even signed up for All access through this site.. Kinda regret that now.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Todd, Steve covers a majority of the live feeds, but he can’t stay up all day and night watching feeds. Up until 2 weeks ago, I watched BBAD every night (I still DVR it). I tried to take up some slack by writing about it every night but due to an unexpected family crisis (which is still ongoing), I haven’t been able to do it every night. That being said, I am more to help out as much as I can. A lot of people work and can’t stay up late to watch BBAD, so I try to fill in the blanks as best I can.

      Steve does a wonderful job with what he has to work with. Remember, CBS can give more coverage because they have multiple cams covering the entire house 24/7 and has full access at all times. I personally love this site and hope people don’t discourage him to the point where he no longer wants to do it.

      Todd, I do hope you will hang in there with us. It is really a nice group 🙂

      Oh, and if you want a little info on the JM/Vanessa convo from last night, look under the Dog Days of Summer post. I wrote about it there.

  9. Avatar
    jimbo (1 comments)

    I guess…it sure seems like Big Brother Network writes a compelling page pretty much every day about what is going on. Unless the are just making shit up.

  10. Avatar
    Brett (267 comments)

    Really glad that Vanessa decided not to use the veto. Now she aint’s gots no mo blood on her hands!

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  12. danmtruth

    Jannie and Renee you express the feelings of many I’m sure . Being a non computer expert I find your site much easier to navigate . It doesn’t hurt to have so many fun people to read. Agree or disagree the majority of the discussion is about the game. Very few trolls who use personal attack rather than keeping it about the game. But there are a few unfortunately . On to the game Vanessa is looking stronger every day . She used the power of veto to gain more power in the game . Playing Steve and John against each other to get even more info . Vanessa is already planing for who ever comes back in the game to have protection and a story to shield herself . Not saying it will work . Steve if evicted and returns will be after Vanessa . I can’t see john forgiving and forgetting . Even tho he knows that the Austwins are a big voting block that must be split up

  13. NKogNeeTow

    To SteveBeans: I’ve got you, and so do the other members of this board. WE LOVE YOU! I’m sorry I couldn’t do what we discussed earlier, but I hope you know that it wasn’t because I didn’t want to, but the things that have happened in my family the past few weeks have made it a little difficult to devote the time it would deserve. But I promise I’ll still try to do the best I can and I hope the offer still stands next year.

    Carry on Fearless Leader 🙂

  14. Avatar

    Bless you stevebeans for trolling through the muck and posting for us. I no longer watch BBAD, the Sunday show, or the Wednesday show. Austin makes me want to gag. Liz and Julia do nothing but declare how much they Haaate–uh people. Vanessa thinks she is queen….just waiting for her to scream, “Off with their heads!”
    John is a big disappointment. Steve IS annoying. Love James and Meg though.

  15. Avatar
    funny bunny (43 comments)

    Echoing what everyone else has said, Stevebeans….I love this site. It is my go to when I can’t watch feeds, especially for long periods of time, and need someone to just tell me what the hell is going on instead of reading through pages of minute-by-minute updates. Your commentary and summaries are always spot on.

    With that said, I am so mad austin won hoh – it’s like mcranda all over again. I love liz and julia though. wish we could see an alternate universe where there wasn’t a liztin thing going on!

  16. Avatar

    Stevebeans this is my go to site. I only post occasionally but love reading other fans views. Sometime it will make me go hmm, because they have notice things i didn’t or see a different aspect of someone game play then i have. I also feel your summary/post are coming from a true fan, someone who truly enjoys watching the show. Even when its like watching paint drying at times. I do read the other sites, but sometime they feel like someone just doing a job because they have do, not because they want to. Just my point of view. Thanks for letting part of the BB family you have here.

    • Avatar

      Love ya stevebeans … dont let the cry babies get U down…I like your site very much, I have no expectations of how or when U update.
      If I just half to know I can find other sources ..but I luv the comments and opinions of others that can happen here.

      Keep up the good work , you rock dude.

  17. Avatar

    BB has stopped the chocolate wars …Meg got pegged very near her eye…. I would like BB to never give them sweets again…when they abuse food . it needs to be taken away.
    PUNISHMENT for actions..hell ya

  18. NKogNeeTow

    Tues. BBAD Update (Sorry it’s so late):

    BY: James/Meg playing pool with JM and the twins watching….Meanwhile, in the bathroom, Asstin/Van have a conversation about JM throwing the upcoming HOH and going up as a pawn. Luzzzuuh joins them and Van tells her what JM said about the HOH/pawn offer. Luzzzuuhhh leaves and Asstin ask Crazy Eyes “So do we want JM throwing it or Steve try to win it (for us)?”. She ponders then responds “the concern with Steve is he never wants to get blood on his hands so he’s not going to make big moves, he’ll go after small people (meaning James and Meg)….Asstin says “or the returner would be an easy move”. She tell him that “the returner is the one we really want…is that the move we really want to make or do we want to be able to play for HOH next week once that person goes out”. She says it basically comes down to whether we (she, Asstin and the Twits) want to win HOH or not. She says Steve will fight being a pawn, JM won’t. Asstin says that if Steve is asked to be a pawn, he will be pissed and want to know why James/Meg won’t be put up and might go them and give them info on the group, but JM doesn’t have that info. Van says that if Steve squeals about the Scamper Squad, it’s over.

    Van thinks that Asstin should talk to JM. Asstin says they (JM/Steve) flip so much, this is comical…. They again start to go through scenarios of what Steve/JM might do and why. Van ask him if he ever thought about how boring and predictable the show is going into every eviction…(you mean like just about every show lately?). They say they think the show (production) mask it. They discuss blindside theories. Assin says they (production) probably don’t show that and keep it in suspense…(are you SURE you watched this show before?). Van hops back to telling him to talk to JM and to make sure they let them both think they have hope.

    Kitchen: Wax Lips Meg has invented a new game called Sling Band, which they are going to be playing tonight… (why is it that this damn girl can make up her face, she can make up games..she can make up anything but a win?!?). She says James is inventing a helmet for her, it involves a pot, sunglasses and a bandana for a chin strap….(maybe it should be made out of tin foil to prevent the other space cadets from being able to contact her…just sayin).

    Food talk, the Twits are cooking (the only thing they are really good for). They start to talk about why BB has been laxed on no more costumes. James/Asstin think it’s because football and fall season programs are about to start and the show is almost over and budget cuts…(this incite, yet you think that blindsides aren’t shown to the audience…). Meg says she thinks the FIRST half of the show is more important…(shut up Meg..PLEASE!!). She starts to talk about how she remembers the beginning of last season then it gets a little foggy in her head…(no surprise there).

    Pool/Hot Tub: JM/Steve making small talk about the funniest season feeds they remember. Steve says its Alyssa’s farting incident and the Brigade talking about how they masturbated in the house. JM seems shocked that they got away with it with all the cameras…wants to know how they got away with it….(I can see the light bulb come on over his head). Steve tells him that people also has sex in the house too. JM says he fells that having sex in the BB house is less shameful than masturbating there…

    Kitchen: What’s for dinner discussion. Meg says the Twins are being kind and making dinner for them….(spoken like the greedy Goblin she is). She says James throws rocks at her all the time…(maybe that’s why she can’t win anything…because she’s been hit in the head 1x to many). The group decides they want to ask DR for candy….which Meg has been eating non-stop the entire time she’s been sitting there. They set up the Sling Band plates, set up rules and start to practice….Meg continues to eat candy.

    They discover an ant on the rug, carrying a pepper flake. Meg chants “kill him, kill him”….(probably pissed because she thinks he’s stealing food from her). Asstin, the Twits and James all lay down on the floor to watch him….(as I’m watching them, the vision of chalk outlines come to mind….but I digress..). They start to taunt the poor little fella a James takes the pepper flake away from him. Asstin wants to see if he’ll pick up an M & M… (now do you believe there is something wrong with this man?). James thinks that if the ant can do that he’ll be like Arnold Swartznegger. They finally let him go in peace. Steve is sitting at the table playing with candy boxes and looking like he’s either contemplating whether to cry or slit his own throat…(don’t worry Steve, the Scamper Squad is already planning your demise). JM is sitting at the counter just staring off into space (which he has been doing quite a bit lately).

    Bathroom: James is giving Meg make up tips as she’s applying it. She says she’s hungry…(when is she NOT!). She’s now putting on lipstick…(do any of you remember those candy wax lips that they sell at Halloween?). She starts to make faces and ask James if she’s pretty.

    Kitchen: Asstin tells them that DR says no more candy throwing. He says maybe they can throw paper towels. Meg suggest marshmellows…(no big surprise there, the woman reminds me of Pac-Man). Stever ask DR and they say no marshmellows…Meg is disappointed.

    Meg/JM are discussing how many days they have been in the house and the next double eviction. He tells her that she should know she doesn’t look like the biggest idiot in the last veto, he does. The Comp must have been identifying faces because she says she didn’t even recognize her own face…(biting my tongue here….).

    Steve/James/Asstin are wonding what ‘s coming up on the show this week. They are hoping it might be video messages from home. Asstin thinks they probably won’t do that this week because production will be busy because they have a returner. The Twits search James for missing bands (for the game). James calls Meg Babe and she tells the group that he totally ignores her reactions and just acts like they are in a relationship.

    Asstin ask what’s for dessert. Meg says she wants something yummy. He tells her she only has a few days before Shelli comes back and eats up all the desserts. Meg says Shelli loves desserts and love talking about it too. This starts a dessert conversation.

    Bedroom: Van/Steve telling Van that something will be his homework for tonight. He leaves and she just lays here with this stupid look on her face.

    Kitchen: Dinner’s ready. Guess who’s the first 1 in line with a plate!…She can’t even sit down. She stands right next to the stove, eats half her food then refills the plate and finally makes her way tot the table. “Oh my God this is so good. It is like my favorite thing we’ve had so far”…(is there anything that she won’t eat?). The women in this house shovel down food faster than the men. Oh, and Vanessa has a new hat (just thought I’d throw that in there for all you fashionestas).

    Sling Band game started….FF

    Liztin on the hammock making out…(no comment). They start talking about Vanessa. Julia joins them and tells them that JM wants to talk to the twins. Asstin is telling them what to say and what to ask him.

    Bedroom: Meg/JM talking. She tells him she feels so loved here. Steve wanders in and JM ask him if he wants to cuddle. They cuddle for a minute then Steve tells him this is weird and jumps up and moves. JM tells them that it doesn’t have to be sexual. Meg says sometimes you just need love.

    Hammock: Asstin is telling the Twits that they are going to talk to Van then talk again and leave it open… (thats one of the problems I have with these people…less talk, mores decisions/actions). They discuss how Ian got out all of his own people. He goes to talk to James. Julia goes to talk to Vanessa. Vanessa tells her what to iscuss with JM.

    James tells Asstin that both JM and Steve are dangerous. Asstin says the thing about Steve is that he doesn’t like lying direct, but JM hasn’t clarified who he would put up because he’s Taxi Driver. James tells Asstin that if either one of them approaches him to talk, he’ll let Asstin know. Asstin promises him the same. He says he doesn’t want JM to try to divide James/Meg/him and the Twits. He tells James that if JM is willing to throw HOH and go up as a pawn, that’s pretty good incentive to keep him if they can trust it, but if Shelli comes back, he may not do that. He says that JM knows that whatever he (Asstin) tells the twins to do, they will do so he’s suprised he hasn’t come to talk to him yet. Asstin says it’s scary either way. They are worried who will win HOH next week and trying to figure out who has what strengths in which areas. Asstin says Megs strength is remembering days and James is endurance. Asstin says that the decision on who to keep thursday might just come down to who they enjoy hanging out with more…(seriously???). James says the if it came down to Steve or Jm winning the game, he’d ratherr JM win. Asstin says he wouldn’t because JM slept through the whole season…(NEWSFLASH…most of you have!), however a lot would have to happen for the 2 of them to be in the Final 2. Decisions, decisions…..

    Show over.

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