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Happy NFL opening day (unless you count the one game on Thursday night – assuming you’re into that). I know most of you are checking your fantasy leagues and doing all that stuff, but there is still a game going on in Los Angeles. The veto ceremony was held today, and Vanessa had to decide on her only two options – Austin or Liz.

The decision (to choose Austin) was not a surprise after hearing some talk last night. It’s pretty simple. In her and John’s mind, they make the final 3 as long as neither Austin nor Liz win HoH. To nominate (and likely evict) Austin, this puts Steve and John up against Liz in the next HoH which gives them pretty fantastic odds. While I’m not saying Liz is a horrible competitor, as she’s won her share of games. But, Steve easily wins out on brains, and John has as good of a chance to win any physical/puzzle comp as Liz.

Alright,  here are your updates for today (don’t expect much. End of the season is dead)

  • 2:50pm – Vanessa is sleeping, while Liz and Austin are up and about.  I am glad Julia is gone, so I don’t have to analyze them to see which one it is
    • Oh, if you skimmed over my beginning – Austin was nominated
  • 3:05pm – Austin notices Steve sitting by the pool talking to himself. He called Liz over and they both look out the door watching Steve talking alone
    • John is finally out of the DR and joins Steve outside, so at least he’s not talking to himself.
    • They are discussing how they can’t turn on each other despite all the promises that are going to be thrown at them
    • John said Austin already basically promised the world.
  • 6:50pm – Back from watching the CBS episode. I am starting to doubt that Austin will go home this eviction. I need to wrap my head around this decision to see if it’s actually a good one or not for Vanessa.   Anyway, I’m going to toss out a poll.  This is new wording… it’s not who you WANT to, it’s who you THINK WILL be evicted.
[poll id=”6″]
  • 7:50pm – Houseguests eating, Vanessa sleeping

Check back for updates


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  1. danmtruth

    The bad part of the short week is less parinoied talk from Vanessa Austin and Liz. I am enjoying how Johny Mack non game is driving Vanessa Austin and Liz crazy. Shady people tend to think everyone is shady like them. This is why it is driving them nuts that john is not trying to make deal that he knows no one will honor now
    Austin will use this speech as his audition for stardom. If you thought his POV speech made no Sence last week just wait

    • leafhopper

      you are so right Danm! I am dreading Austins speech. It will be an audition. The only purpose of his speech will be to make himself “look good for the camera” or so he thinks, and to look like a knight in shining armor for volunteering to go on the block instead of Liz – I really doubt he will leave that part out. I just really hope that he doesn’t put Steve down in the process.

    • Avatar

      The funny thing about Austin trying to audition for something is that: he might be thinking that last year some of the cast members got to go on a soap for a day or rwo. But those cast members were the more popular hg’s. Austin is at the bottom of the Jokers chart. If he thinks he is going to get offered a spot based on popularity, then his ego is going to get quite the beating when he doesn’t get any call.

      We wont see his personal humiliation, but we know it will exist. And it’s priceless !

    • Avatar

      Remember he’s in wrestling. You can make a good living as a heel. I don’t think he’s dumb enough to see himself as a face (and given his dark middle-ages persona and tats, that’s what he’s angling for).

  2. Avatar

    Danmtruth, do you recall JMac saying that this next HOH doesn’t matter because the POV winner will choose who gets evicted next? Am I right?

    • Avatar

      That’s the math for F4, sort of. HOH can’t be nominated. But POV winner chooses who is on the block. And then the person who is not HOH and not on the block (could be POV winner, but not if HOH wins POV) casts the only vote for elimination. So HOH just wins safety. POV winner chooses the noms.

    • Avatar

      Thanks Faust for explaining that to me. I should have known what he was talking about, I’ve watched since season one. I guess I had a Vanessa with the skittles moment. Lol
      Who do you think is going to win? I want John or Steve to win so bad but I’m not holding my breath.

    • Avatar

      The hoh chooses the noms.

      The Veto winner, if it’s not the hoh, will cast the eviction vote.

    • Avatar

      @DMC technically true, but since there are only three potential noms and two must be nominated, the veto winner chooses the noms as a practical matter. The original noms are irrelevant.

      @BettyBoop, I want John or Vanessa, but if Vanessa is dumb enough to take a couple to the F2, then it’s hard not seeing Austin or Liz win. She’s so concerned about ticking off the Austwins if all three are on the jury that she’s forgetting that a 3-person voting block is a much bigger threat if two if them are still in the house at the F4. I lost all respect for Steve when he won the DE HOH and wasted it by not taken a shot at the Austwins. There should be at most one of them left in the house now, who should be heading home after the next eviction. But no one in this game (including Vanessa) has any fortitude. She’s at best a mediocre player in a house of bad players. (The Austwins just had numbers. The should have eliminated Vanessa when they had the chance. Had they, they’d be basically guaranteed F2 now.)

  3. Avatar

    While everybody is out having their own private little conversations about not turning on each other & making deals, lets see who will be the first one to go tattle to Mama Vanessa & tell her who is saying what. The children always go take back every piece of info to her.

  4. AIO_7

    I know it’s too late now, but I’d still rather see Liz go on Tuesday.

  5. Avatar

    I totally agree with you dmc.. I would love to be a fly on the wall when he watches the BB 17 show from the beginning. Is it me or are his glasses as thick as coke bottles?

    • Avatar

      You are funny, BettyBoop – Hey ! You have the same initials as Big Brother. I love it.

      I usually don’t trash talk, but when it comes to Austin and his ego, it’s an acception I can live with. Especially when he is only still in the game because he grovelled at Vanessa’s feet.

      Christ, she could have asked him to lick her shoes and he would have in order to stay in the game ! Where is this guy’s pride ? And lately he’s got the balls to walk around like he’s king of. the hill, only because Vanessa and Liz are protecting him !

      And he further has the balls to make fun of Steve for being a mama’s boy ??? When he is Vanessa’s bitch ???

      Yikes !

      I am wondering what he will be thinking when he watches how much of a pusst he is, when all along he wants to portray himself as veing Judas.

      What a joke !!!

  6. Avatar

    The show has just gotten hugely better. To get rid of Austin would be perfect. Much sweeter than I could ever dream up. Great job on updates. You’ve outdone yourself on information!

  7. Avatar

    Oh geez, Frankie looks like a walking oil slick.

  8. Avatar

    Ok, just watched BB and thought of something related to having the girls alter their appearances for the concert.

    What’s the only thing that Frankie Grande is known for?

    Big Brother.

    So imagine that you are a BB fan. Perfect age group – those who like BB might also like such concerts.

    Would you not recognize Liz and Vanessa even in costume? Here are two women with a known BB “celebrity”. I mean, aren’t you going to check them out a bit. “Who’s that with Frankie?” sort of a deal.

    Unless they were somehow sequestered away from every other fan – odds are someone saw them. Might even be some photos floating around the net from people who saw them in their balcony.

    Am I way off here?

  9. danmtruth

    The only people they had contact with at the concert were the staff in the suite. They were all screened by production. Not to mention that the camera crew and handlers were all around . I do need to admit that if Liz was smart she would think about adopting that for her new look . Nice to see Vanessa without the raccoon eyes for a change
    Betty Boop it does come down to the POV winner next week It has gotten much more interesting Why does Vanessa go into her grand inquisitor mode . She does not believe half the things she hears anyway.
    New drinking game when Vanessa uses incentive take a drink

    • Avatar

      I cant stomach Vanessa, I hate when she starts interrogating the minions as if they were in front of a judge. They’re all seriously afraid of her. It just couldn’t be me that she talked to like that because my temper would’ve gotten the best of me & I would have put her in her place. What is so hard about putting her on the block & voting her out?

  10. Colby

    I watched the show right up until the minute Frankie came in, and changed the channel. For anyone that tapes it, it was exactly 40 minutes into the show. I will watch the video of the show on CBS.com tomorrow so I can fast forward past anything having to do with Frankie, and watch the noms.

  11. Alda

    Liz sure looked a lot better with red hair.I bet Austin was going nuts while she was away from him.I’m sure he was worried she’d talk to another man.Is it Tuesday yet?I can’t wait to see who they finally decide to send to the jury house.I think it will be Steve.

  12. Avatar

    dmc, Austin cried & begged like a little bitch for Vanessa not to put his ass up. I said exactly watch you said when that big punk pleaded with her telling her how loyal he would be. Wtf kind of big macho wrestler is that? Whenever that big wuss talks to her his voice quivers. When he gets out of the house & tries to go back to wrestling, they need to make him wear that tutu & ballerina slippers & instead of being called Judas, call him Judy. Lol

    • Avatar

      Also, he’s really going to be loyal to Vanessa OVER Liz. If she takes a couple to the F4, she deserves to lose.

      Beans needs to give up the theory that Van is some kind of super genius. She’s a great poker player, but is mediocre at best at this game (probably because the lesson of poker is that you can always fold and play again). She’s dominating a house full of very weak players; captain of the junior varsity.

  13. Avatar

    Is there an eviction on Tuesday & Wednesday?

    • Avatar


      But the first eviction is actually Monday, and will be aired Tuesday.

      The feeds will be down from Monday morning until Tuesday evening so they can do the eviction and probably hoh, nomination and veto before Wednesday’s live eviction.

  14. Avatar

    Shawn, you are BAD….lol
    Have you noticed when Austin uses the bathroom he doesn’t wash his hands other than occasionally running his fingertips under the water, no soap?

  15. Jannie

    Well, it’s looking like Vanessa has flipped again.
    On BBAD she has told JMac that she has decided that she wants to make a big move…and by that she means she wants to totally blindside Austin.
    Sure hope she sticks do it!

    And then I hope Steve wins the next HOH and sends her butt packing to jury.

    I think Vanessa was a good player , but I am so sick of her paranoia and interrogations

  16. Avatar

    Anyone notice how little activity on this site ?

    I don’t mean the updates, which are fine because there isn’t all that much happening in the house. But this time last year, anytime Steve started a new thread, it filled up with at least 100 posts, and sometimes even two or three hundred. It was really enjoyable.

    Where is everybody ?

    • Avatar

      Tell that to casting. This season has been pretty much a televised version of the Pet Rock craze.

      And right now what are the fans left with? There’s only five rocks left in the box, a Fragglerock, a pebble and three obnoxious pieces of iron pyrite.

    • Bastosko

      I would agree, talk to casting. Someone made the comment that production thinks everything is exciting and we are all on edge of our seats. For the first time since I watched BB (all previous 16 seasons) I will be so happy when this fiasco is finally over.

      Who noticed that they are already looking for people to submit their requests. Hopefully they will fire the current production crew (who are busy telling the boss, “Everything is Great!!! Best Season Ever!!” while every site dedicated to following BB continually are filled with this is worst season, tired of watching the two nasty’s (that will promote your career in Viva entertainment, heard Ron Jeremy was looking for a new actress) and seeing how bullies operate.

      But ohhhh wait until “Next Week”, I might get some “blood on my hands”

    • Avatar

      Everyone is bored out of their mind! LOL I would love to see a show with all the HG together watching the season from beginning to end and see their expressions. More interesting than this show has been. Don’t think anything will change next year. Production believes viewers love BoB, Kathy Griffin, and sleaze bag freako Franky.

    • Avatar

      Yeah, that must be it.

      It would be great if they got players who truly wanted to play, and weren’t there for a summer vacation.

      Well, l at least tomorrow’s show will be interesting. With the feeds down all day today, we won’t know who got evicted until we watch.

    • stevebeans

      That’s how dull the remaining cast members are 🙁 Even the comment section is dead

    • Avatar

      Beansie, now you know why the political press loves Trump. This could have been the Summer of Jeb.

    • Avatar
      not the real Donald Trump

      Yep Steve Beans. The commet section is dead. Just the same 7 losers as usual. At least Kelly put them in their place yesterday. Livein it up around here. That was fun to read.

  17. Avatar

    I think John is going to vote out Steve. He has said all through the game that he is in it for the money. He can probably beat Liz and Austin in anything requiring brains and, even though Austin is muscled up, he hasn’t been great at endurance comps. I also think John has been able to win most of the HOH’s he has thrown. I also think he believes jury members will vote him over Vanessa in F2. Not a big fan of his, but I would rather he win than Vanessa or the twits.

    • Avatar

      I might actually tune in Tuesday just to watch and see what happens. I’m not sure which is his best option, both have advantages but in a way I’m hoping he votes for Austin and Liz votes for Steve just to see the reaction on Van’s eyes (whosh, whosh, whosh, pop).

      Would the knit cap pop off and Skittles go flying everywhere?

    • Avatar

      It’s a brilliant strategy unless he knows how to divide 3 by 1 and 2, and then he will see that it leaves him long odds of making the final. Even if he and Van are left with an Austliz, Van will take the Austliz because she’s rather lose than upset them (as she’s shown time and again).

      I’m starting to think that they were told that everyone gets $500k if Austin or Liz wins.

  18. danmtruth

    Mouse love your idea about watching as the house guest watch the game. To see what the other person was truly saying about them

  19. Renee

    A little off subject but with Austin and Steve both claiming to be superfans means they both have watched forever. If this is true, they are more aware than the rest how viewers are freaked out when they have to be constantly told to wash their hands after going to the bathroom (Austin) or picking their nose (Steve).

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