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Big Brother 17 – Wednesday Live Feeds



Good afternoon, everyone!  It’s my first full day of watching the live feeds in a few days, so let’s hope there is something exciting that will happen (there won’t be)

I forgot to mention in my posts over the last few days that the veto was not used. This wasn’t a surprise, as Liz had no intention of using it, but I never actually posted the veto results, so there it is. Becky or John will be going to jury tomorrow night (spoiler: It will be Becky)

Not much really happened in the house yesterday. They sat around talking. There was some small game talk between Steve and John. Steve really doesn’t think he’s a floater because he has an alliance with Vanessa, and is worried about being perceived that way. That probably explains his weird move during the double eviction, as he basically did the dirty work of his ‘alliance’. While his floater status may not be official until the end of the season, at this rate he is certainly going to be looked at as a puppet regardless.  If he wants to break all labels, he needs to win HoH and take out a big player. A contender. A Vanessa. Otherwise, he’ll go down in BB history as a mediocre player.


Here are the updates for today:

  • 9:30am – The house is still sleeping
  • 10:15am – Feeds were down during wakeup call. Up now with James chatting with Meg
  • I guess Becky hurt her foot and is in a lot of pain. She is supposed to be in bed all day
    • She hurt it in the PoV competition and has been waiting to see a DR
  • 11:15am – The house is back to sleep
  • 12:30pm – Austin is up and making eggs
  • 1:10pm – Becky said they cut open her toe and wrapped it up. Vanessa is talking about a staph infection.
  • 1:23pm – Austin is in the bathroom area venting to James about something that went wrong with breakfast and Liz.  /puke
  • 4:00pm – Becky is in the living room with John, Steve and Julia.  Austin and Liz are in the bathroom area together and she is clipping his nails.  I can’t wait for next HoH. This week is done lol
    • Becky said she hasn’t had antibiotics yet, so her infection is still spreading.  What is the delay?
  • 4:30pm – Becky was called to the DR for her antibiotics.
  • 5:30pm – A few people are hanging out with Becky in the living room as she relaxes.
  • 6:00pm – John and Vanessa are having a casual chat.  John said he feels defeated and has since Clay and Shelli became targets
  • 8:00pm – Feeds down so the house can eat some In N Out. They were rewarded with 3 takeout nights, I believe this is the second
  • 9:15pm – Feeds are back, house is setting up for bowling. I need some action!

Check back for updates


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  1. Renee

    Does anyone know how Becky injured her toe? She is in a lot of pain saying it is swelling and throbbing. The pictures look like it is infected. It’s gross. They are not giving her any pain meds, just having her ice it. That could be a huge disadvantage if she gets evicted and then would have to do a physical type comp to get back in.

    • AIO_7

      I hope Becky is O.K., her and John are the only two left worth rooting for.

    • Avatar

      A week off in jury and possibly seeing a doctor would be the best for Becky–it looked like a giant clown toe! Playing HOH and POV would be much worse. It is unbelievable to me that these fool producers ignore the possibility of players being hurt and complications from not treating them when they are hurt. Meg gets her shots, Vanessa gets her adderall, even one of the guys said he got his “meds” whatever they are. Becky better be getting at leaqst an anti-inflammatory.

  2. Avatar

    This group of players are not good! Nobody has guts to come up with big moves (except JAMES and BECKY! Everyone’s “gameplay” seems to be to keep yourself safe and play someone else’s game. They’re all puppets!! Would be interesting to see players like Season 15 play the game–or perhaps an All-Star season. This season’s remaining players are s-o-o-o-o-o gutless (Vanessa, Steve, Johnny Mac, Meg, Austin) and blind (the TWINS). It’s really rather unexciting. Seasons are getting worse rather than better.

    • Avatar

      Do you know if the house guests in earlier seasons were people that submitted applications personally (meaning they were REAL FANS) or did production recruit back then too?

    • Avatar

      Hayden last year was recruited. Pretty sure half of them were recruited but can’t remember which ones.

    • Avatar

      I remember Amber and Brittany were recruited. Paola modeled, so guessing that’s where they found her? And the one with the blue hair that was 1st out had never seen the show, so guessinhg she was recruited!

      Derrick and Christine were not recruited–they spoke of loving the show…tho Christine was no “superfan” as she had only seen Dan’s season(s)–one she watched online right before sequester, and she watched either season 14 or 15 at her mom’s when she could, as it aired. (Her husband said all this on a podcast/radio show during the season, she never fessed up to not really being anything like a “superfan”–but it would have explained her hiding up in bed with Cody instead of playing with any strategy. I remember her telling others about the cameras in the corners, but not knowing they were behind the walls, something any superfan should know.)

      Frankie had an audition tape for Survivor on youtube but don’t know if they switched him to BB or if his sister’s manager had a hand in it. Zach talked of his mom being a huge fan, and he watched with her, so I think he applied. And Donny was a huge fan of every season, as well. Nicole had been a big fan of the TV show (TV only, never understanding strategies…just crushing on guys like Ian) Sounds like she applied, childhood dream kinda thing?. Caleb applied for other things, Survivor, and finally made it on one of the seasons this coming year. Devin and Cody, I just don’t know at all.

    • ChiKelz

      Millie… (Not sure if you are my Aunt Millie??) I read that season 18 was going to consist of all the winners from seasons 1-17! Julie Chen wants it so I’m guessing it should happen. I agree that this season’s cast is definitely underwhelming. I think there should be a “second chance” season too for all of the first evicted players. A lot of them were evicted and not for any particular reason.

    • Avatar

      Hey, ChiKelz! Good hearing your comments about the show. I hope you’re right about a possible bring-back of previous show winners. These returning guests will not be like the current houseguests (recruited). They have proven that there are honest ways to play the game and win. It’s called playing with “strategy” and not making up “lies” about their competitors. This game CAN be played without hurting and physically fighting one another. BRING ON THE PRO’s!! Love ya’ Babe!

    • Avatar

      Everyone above, thanks for your answers! 🙂

  3. Sweet Bee

    Shelli and Jackie have been hanging out in jury house all week. If there is one thing we know about Shelli, she can be easily influenced by her surroundings. Becky or John will be joining them in jury this week. Most likely Becky but either one of them(Becky or John) will go to jury aware of Vanessa’s game play. Some may not like Jackie but I do think she was on to Vanessa’s game and will be targeting her if she re-enters the game. I also do believe she will be (has been) trying to put ideas in Shelli’s head.

    I remember Shelli said after she was evicted that she felt betrayed by Vanessa and could see herself aligning with Johnny Mac or Steve upon re-entering the game. Too bad Steve is under Vanessa’s spell. However, with Jackie, Shelli, & Becky spending time together in jury, I do believe that there is a chance Shelli could come back in the game and truly start playing against Vanessa, because if Shelli doesn’t she doesn’t have a chance at winning.

    Considering we have no idea who the fourth possible jury member will be and that person will be evicted and then immediately given a chance to re-enter the game without having gone to jury yet and only going off of Shelli, Jackie, and Becky. I would rather Shelli come back in the game unless the next person evicted is Johnny Mac or James. If it’s either one of them, I’ll be rooting for the boys.

    The reason I have hope for Shelli, the comp where the jury member comes back into the house is usually an endurance/wall comp. The last standing jury member re-enters the house, but the last standing person(jury member included) becomes HOH. I think Shelli is the only jury member that can actually beat everyone else as well. A jury member returning not as HOH is pointless and the easiest target. I just really hope Jackie and Becky can get it through Shelli’s head that Vanessa will win the season if Vanessa doesn’t get sent to jury next.

    • Boo

      I’ve never seen so many narcissist, egotistical, idiotic asshats in one house before. I hate them all. I hope in the last week Julie finally brings back the BB takeover just to be like, “SURPISE! You’re all losers, None of you win! Talk about expect the unexpected, bitches.” *drops the mic, struts off stage*

    • AIO_7

      Nah, the easiest and best thing is for Shelli to just stay in the jury house. I foresee her just reabsorbing into the Sixth Sense.

    • Sweet Bee

      Maybe so, but wouldn’t it be super impressive if she didn’t.

    • AIO_7

      Not worth the risk. Besides, she squandered her and Clay’s game on a showmance.

    • Avatar

      Actually, only season 15 had a wall endurance comp for the returning player. Last year Nicole won the comp where they slid the disks under the gates when they raised and the player with the most disks (closest to the rotating center) won. In season 14,

    • Avatar

      (cont)Season 13, excuse me, not 14, Brendan won the comp where they had to get a set of multicolored balls after BB dropped them in the BY? I don’t remember much of it, but Brendan beat Lawon handily…Lawon was waiting for his superpower…LOL Season 14 did not have a returning juror…Coaches season had enough of a twist…? It was season 15 that had the contestants all on a wall competing with the current houseguests. Judd won that one–it was great because the returning HG has the chance to win HOH to be safe for the week. But that comp was so much like the earlier ones this season, such as the HOH James won recently, and the one where tomatoes were thrown to/at them. Throwing baseballs to them on a wall would be very similar…

    • Sweet Bee

      You’re right Cynthia. I thought about that shortly after I posted this. I guess I just kinda like Shelli but I def like Becky more. I do feel like Shelli is a stronger competitor though. I honestly don’t care who comes back in the game at this point. I’m considering not even sharing my opinion on here anymore, there seems to be a lot of angry people on here. Too many thumbs down.

    • Boo

      Angry people? LMFAO more like completely full of hate….

  4. Boo

    Why does everyone hate the twins and Vanessa? You just mad that they actually playing the game and have a chance of winning? Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

    • Jannie

      The twins are actually just playing Austin and Vanessa’s game.
      They have no original strategy of their own and have to be coached on how to play the game because they are so brainless.

    • Avatar

      Yeah, what Jannie said.
      I would RESPECT the twins more if they could actually think and play their own game, instead of hiding behind WrestleMania and their own genetics. The 50s called; they want their housewives back.

  5. Elaine

    I would say that Liz has played the game well enough to advance. Julia deserves NOTHING! She will only get to the end riding coat-tails on the game play of Austin/Liz. Julia is whining, cusses like a sailor, and orders people to be evicted based on the fact that she doesn’t like them. Well I don’t like her. Can I phone in a “citizen evict” and get her out??!!

    • Avatar

      It’s all going to come down to the next couple hoh’s, and who comes back in the house, but yeah, at the moment, Liz is sitting pretty.

      But, if John or James win hoh this week, Luz or Vanessa will go.

    • Avatar

      It would be GREAT if BB would let the fans evict a houseguest. Instead of America’s Player it could be America Evicts.

    • Boo

      Liz and Julia have been playing the smartest game so far. Julia is the smarter of the two. She’s honest and most people cuss like a sailor in 2015. Plus the whole game is about evicting “people you don’t like” or may jeopardize your game.

    • Avatar

      @Retired 8/19/15 ~ 8:31pm

      Big Brother Canada has allowed the viewers to eliminate one HG during a Season on their version of BB.

      @Jannie 8/19/15 ~8:45pm
      Actually this season reminds me very much of last seasons edition of BB, everyone ran to Derrick with info, Derrick very much made all the decisions of who needed to go, and he never once sat on the Block. the only redeeming HG from BB 16 was Donnie.

      @Millie 8/19/15 ~12:48pm
      If I’m not mistaken, I think the last Season that BB did not recruit HG was Season 8. All of those Seasons of BB before the recruiting, and casting contestants without knowledge of how the game is played were “Pure Gold” back then. Idk what CBS is gonna do for next Season, but it is “more” than obvious that Allison Grodner, and the Casting Director of Big Brother NEED to make some Big CHANGES. If they come back with another season like this one next year, & last year…I’m done permanently.

  6. Avatar

    Random question….who made the bigger mistake, Day telling Jason about the twins, or Jason not volunteering to be the one to throw BOTB, leaving Jackie in power.

  7. Avatar

    Meh. I hope John stays. I also hope Becky gets a chance to come back because she’s at least willing to make some moves. Meg can go any time as far as I’m concerned. I hope Thing1 or Thing2 is next. Or Neanderthal. I guess I am rooting for James and John now. I want to root for Vanessa but I’m disappointed in the crying pity parties she throws.

  8. Avatar

    I hope nobody takes out vanessa. She is the only one in the house who entertains me. And it sucks, because she annoys me. Anytime I hear the word integrity, I want to kill myself, lol.

  9. Avatar

    I just can’t stand to watch the Austwins. Actually can’t get into any of them. Was interested when James & Becky tried to make big game moves, but couldnt pull them off. Use to like bbad. Can’t watch it now. Back to watching out of habit. Disappointing because I look forward to BB each summer. Hope things get better,but doubt it.

    • Avatar

      I look forward to it every summer, too. Then I get bored and pissed off at it, but somehow more obsessed with it. It is a weird thing.i hate the house guests every year, but it is like this in real life as well. People are fun and interesting at 1st, but see them everyday for a few months, and their real personalities shine through and they turn out to be disappointing, uninteresting, and unbearable.

    • Jannie

      Couldn’t agree more. I actually went to watch a rerun on TV Land during the BBAD bowling game because those annoying “sponsor” commercials are driving me nuts. Austin and Liz are sooooo gross together, Meg is getting really annoying, and at this point I don ‘t really care what happens to any of them of even who wins the game.

  10. Avatar

    It seems like a lot of people are disapointed with the season. Sure, we all have our favorite players, and want to see them do well. But for me, BB is watching the game of chess. Who of all the guests coming in is able to position themselves to be in the final two and ultimately win.

    What is always interesting is looking back at all of the what ifs. What if James had listened to Audrey about the 6th Sense. What if James, Meg, and Jackie didn’t flip on the Vanessa eviction. What if Steve would have nominated the twins. Where would the game be now.

    For me, I don’t watch the feeds. I have never felt the need to watch the hg’s except for the regular show. So I don’t care how exciting they are after dark. It’s the strategy of getting to the end that intrigues me.

    Cheer up everyone. Another hoh tonight, and then who knows what can happen !

    • Avatar

      This has largely been my experience, too, dmc, in the interest of watching a chess game. However, the HG get on my nerves amidst the season. I wish James wasn’t so impressionable in the game; he could be a beast. I wish Austin hadn’t let his hormones get the best of him. I wish people could see Vanessa for her manipulative ways, though she is playing the game. I wish Becky wasn’t going to jury this week; at least she had the STONES to concoct a plan to oust Vanessa. Nobody else does, it appears.

    • Avatar

      I know what you mean, Deb.

      That’s also what makes me watch. Knowing what they don’t know, and see how some of them are making what we think are stupid decisions. But those decisions are based on lies and manipulation.

      Who sees through it the best, and spews the most amount of smokescreens should win.

      As boring as last season was, Derrick was an absolute master, and that’s what kept me watching.

      Enjoy tonight’ show !

    • Avatar

      dmc, very good points! And, I agree about last season, too; watching Derrick’s mastery was fun to watch! I’m still watching…

    • Avatar

      Imvo…Big Brother needs to cast players that know how the game is played, instead of contestants from Tinder, & IG Models. Have better Twist in the Game, and last, but most important…Have “More Diversity” in the players, & stop casting the same old cast of characters every Season on BB. Everything about Big Brother went downhill when Allison Grodner, and the current Casting director took over on the show.

      I have watched this game since season #1, and this is the first Season of BB that I am sitting it out, due to the fact that I am sick, & tired of the same cast of characters year in & year out. Even some of the well known Vets of the BB Game have complained about this issue. As fans of BB, lets all hope they hear our complaints, and make changes!

  11. Avatar

    What happen to SteveBeans Weekly Power Rankings?????

  12. Elaine

    Boo, it is a sad commentary on our society when cussing like a sailor by most people in 2015 is looked at as a good thing.

    • Jannie

      Yes, yes, yes! Just because “everyone is doing it” doesn’t make it classy, or right.
      I tell my kids that swearing, especially the “F” word, makes you sound uneducated – and I believe it.

    • Boo

      Who really fucking cares? Because I wouldn’t give a fuck if fucks were flying around all over the fucking place. Fuck, fuckity, FUCK!

    • Avatar

      BOO, I am sure you’re just trolling, but really, you sound like such a loser.

      Sure, we all have the right of free speech…etc…. but really, it doesn’t mean we have to use that freedom to spew that much garbage.

      Self respect is an amazing thing. And Karma is magic. The universe listens when we speak whether it be good or garbage. And it finds a way to return to us what we doll out.

      I truly believe it.

      I reference it from THINK AND GROW RICH by Napolean Hill. I recommend it to anyone.

  13. Elaine

    Good competitors have often aligned themselves with good players and not necessarily opted to get them out because on personal level they may not like them. Listen to some of Julia’s hot tub conversations…if she is the smartest of the bunch, then they are all bananas!

  14. Boo

    You all just haters. As soon as someone disagrees with you or has a different opinion, you all become just as judgmental and hateful as you claim the twins are. When in reality they’re just people who’ve been trapped in a house all summer long with America watching, they’re bound to seem that way. It could drive anyone crazy. I’m sure America would just love all of you people if y’all were being watched 24/7 by a bunch of judgmental twats like yourselves.

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