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Big Brother 17 – Let The Weirdness Begin



Every season on Big Brother, there are showmances, and then there are creepmances. It looks like Austin is about to turn into this season’s Caleb as his feelings for Liz grow, while her interest in him diminishes.

I’d bet relationship/love counselors analyze seasons of Big Brother because it’s always so fascinating how it works. When people enter the house, those who are single always do the initial flirting, like expected. I mean Big Brother 13’s Keith will forever be remembered as a walking erection when he was dropped into a house surrounded by beautiful women (I still hear houseguests talk about Cassi).

By the end of each season, people are generally at the point where showmances have either happened or they haven’t. Girls like Porsche go from wearing sexy outfits to living in sweatpants by the end.  Guys who lift like every day are barely seen by the weights. I mean it makes sense, they’re so close to the prize, that should be their focus.


However, sandwiched between the caring and the not caring is the beautifully awkward stage where people have gone weeks without being intimate with anyone, hormones start raging, there are still quite a few options available, and the players act more like high school kids than 20-30 year olds. That is where we are now, and it is hilarious to me.

I have mentioned a few times now how Austin has been growing a thing for Liz, despite saying in his episode 1 interview that he had a girlfriend and wasn’t looking for anything like that. Vanessa, clearly being incredibly bored, has not helped the situation as she has tried to play matchmaker between the two.  In fact, last night around 7:50, she was encouraging Austin to try and get a kiss from Liz last night. Seriously.  I can’t even get into how strategically awful that is,  otherwise this blog post would go on forever.

The big thing happened at 6:43pm when Liz and Jeff were laying pretty damn close in bed when Austin walks in. He looks at the bed, clearly appears stunned and says “what’s going on in here?”. Liz shrugs it off and says they’re talking as he mumbles something on the way out. This set Austin into this serious panic mode where it became absolutely imperative the clearly screwed Jeff becomes the definitely clearly screwed Jeff. He went to anyone who would listen and ranted about how he’s worried that Jeff may stay. Austin tossed around the idea of changing the deal he had with Johnny Mack that was just safety for throwing the comp to safety for throwing the comp AND voting out Jeff.

I have a feeling today is going to be interesting on a psychological level with the feeds. Austin and Vanessa were sitting pretty at the top of the house with Clay and Shelli. A pretty tight, strong 4 people with an additional 2 votes with Liz and her sister. Will Austin’s ‘Calebness’ destroy a nearly guaranteed final 6 position in the house?   I’ll put up a live blog thread going in an hour or two when the house actually starts waking up.


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  1. Avatar

    Becky just said they need to give them soy or almond milk because it’s more humane. Seriously! Where do they get these people?

  2. Jannie

    Austin has turned out to be such a tool! Can’t wait to see him self destruct over his stupid obsession with Liz.
    Although I am no fan of Jeff, I don’t like the way Vanessa and Austin have lied and schemed to get him out.
    Again – not that interested this year as CBS has chosen to have all of the HG’s under 33. Watching BBAD is almost painful as these morons are so immature.
    Please CBS – next summer throw in a few over 40’s – I miss the Donny’s, Renny’s, Jerry’s, Sheila’s, and Evil Dick’s – they make the house interesting.

  3. Avatar

    God, Austin is an idiot! His crush will literally ruon their alliance. Bad for him, but entertaining for us!!

  4. Avatar

    I have literally no interest in this group this year. Not smart for cbs to make it all young. I’ve heard it so much from so many people & other sites. Ah well all things come to an end. Maybe next year will be the final year? What exactly is the number of viewers this year? Anyone know?

    • Jannie

      I know! Obviously a lot of us on these boards, both this year and last, seemed to be over 40 and enjoy watching BB. So why do the cart members keep getting younger and dumber? C’mon CBS, quit contributing to the dumbing down of America. I want to see HG’s with some real common sense and strategy.

    • Rita

      I’ve watched every season but only the live feeds for a couple years. I’m in it this year but I’m with you for next year. They can put this younger crew on MTV and call it something else.
      33 for the oldest? That’s a good way to lose loyal watchers. Maybe they don’t want us 40+ people watching anymore.

  5. Avatar

    Like, uhm, you know, I don’t know, uhm, like====get a vocabulary HG! These people aren’t entertaining at all. Turned BBAD off this morning because I couldn’t stand to listen or watch Austin anymore. Thank goodness Vanessa was asleep. And Liz—–I knooooow, wooooooow in that nasal voice. Fingernails on a chalkboard!

  6. Avatar

    A very boring week so far. Listening to Vanessa drone on. The silly parties that were anything but festive or fun. I hate the frat house feel of some the games and activities they do and the high school gossip nature of the rest. Please can’t we get a few older people for us to watch next year? One 33 year old woman was the best they could do to represent an older crowd? What about late 30’s 40’s or even 50’s.

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