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James is watching the live feeds

Big Brother 18 – Afternoon/Evening Live Feeds 6/25

James is watching the live feeds
James is watching the live feeds

Good evening, everyone. I was out all afternoon, but my fantastic apprentice was around watching the feeds and taking some notes. Her name is Amy, and I will hope to have her posting her own threads eventually, but for now it’s just me and also hopefully my wife (who manages the Facebook page). Here are her notes from today:

  • 11:00 am – Paulie and Frank talking in backyard about how Joz thinks he has the numbers to stay and Frank is assuring Paulie that there’s nothing Joz can do to make people change their mind.
  • 11:30 am – The house has been woken up, and Nicole joins houseguests in the backyard. Tries to put the lounge chair down and smashed her hand in it so now everyone is surrounding her asking her if she needs ice.
    • Turns out Nicole is fine, just a little bruising, but she and Corey are talking about how things are awkward between them.
  • 12:00pm – Zakiyah and Day in Hoh saying they understand why Joz is freaking out.
    • Nicole comes in and is complaining that Victor and others won’t really talk to her but last night they were having fun.
    • Day is relaying that Bridgette is basically playing dumb about trying to throw Nicole under the bus by telling people about the “secret meeting”.
    • Meanwhile, James and Bridgette are in the pool having a fight with inflatable logs
  • 12:30pm -House eating, Zakiyah doing makeup
  • 1:00pm – Lots of separate random conversations in backyard Tiff and Corey are talking about the height comparison between him and Austin (Tiff was asking if everything was bigger in Texas..hmm..)
    • Paul, Day, and Nicole chatting. Paul is talking about travelling how he doesn’t need money to be happy. Guess he doesn’t need to win bb then..lol
    • Tiff is now talking to Paulie. Paulie is asking why she isn’t settled down in a relationship and talking about how she is bi.
  • 1:30pm – Joz and Victor talking about how Paulie is trying to campaign against Joz (why wouldn’t he?)
    • Nicole has joined Tiff and Paulie. Tiff is talking about how she wouldn’t date anyone under 25 or so. Paulie points out that the male frontal lobe doesn’t develop until 25 or 26 and Tiff says that’s why you can’t rent a car until you’re 25 (editors note – yet you can do everything else by the age of 21 – go figure).
    • Tiffany then calls Nicole a little doodlebug and thinks its adorable how young she is apparently.
    • Day announces to the backyard that she finally went to the bathroom and everyone applauds her. (If you’re wondering, by bathroom, she meant she pooped. She”s been backed up since entering the house. We only heard her talking about it just about every hour since the feeds went live)
  • 2:00pm – Day, Nicole, and James in HOH. Day is saying they have to be careful in goodbye message to Joz in case he might come back. She wants to say something about him saying he’s the messiah but for now will keep it cute.
    • Victor, Joz, and Paul in backyard talking about what they’re going to do when they are HOH and win the road kill (Joz still doesn’t realize he’s leaving..)
    • Paul is now asking Bronte if he doesn’t curse for a week if she would consider marrying him.

Jumping to current

  • 5:00pm – Paulie is in the bedroom with Zak chatting game a little. They’re whispering about various people in the house. They’re unsure if they should trust Bridgette, despite Frank trusting her.
    • They also know Bronte, Natalie, and Bridgette have their only little thing going on
    • Zak feels confident she has Michelle with her

Holy crap, I shut my eyes for a minute and wake up 4 hours later. Sorry about that. Been a busy weekend.

  • 9:30pm – Booze delivery for the house.
    • This is how I feel:
      screenshot-www cbs com 2016-06-26 00-37-19
    • House update – Frank is talking to Tiffessa in the hammock while Natalie, James, Joz, and Bronte are in the living room chatting about starting a Big Brother Burn Book.  That’s so fetch!
    • Paul “It’s not the leaning tower of pizza”
    • Paulie and Natalie doing some dirty dancing moves…
      screenshot-www cbs com 2016-06-26 00-58-44
    • Looks like James and Natalie are up to some pranking. He has a prank partner
    • Frank farted so hard, his butt pixel fell off haha
  • 10:15pm – Paul is apparently either super drunk or faking it. He did some wine shots, and now Bronte is trying to avoid him because he’s acting annoying.
    • Looks like some people are preparing for bed while others are preparing to go in the hot tub. Big Brother life.
  • 11:15pm – Bronte is talking to Jozea, listening to vent about how things are. He is talking about how ‘if he gets HoH’, etc. Oh boy.
    • It drives me crazy how Jozea keeps talking like he knows all about the game when he’s clearly not even a big fan.
    • Jozea says Paulie knows just as  much as the vets. Well, to be fair, most people who watch the feeds every season know nearly as much as the vets.

I’m closing the thread for now and trying to get some sleep, and thank you again, Amy!


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  1. Elaine

    Hi Amy and thank you! Jozea and his BB talk (which by the way, is all the time) is really entertaining. He seemed to give pointers to James and Day on how to carry on from here in the house. If the house was all newbies then his “take charge” might work. It is just so funny when he is telling the vets how to play and what to look out for. I will say that for a person demanding so much R-E-S-P-E-C-T from others, he is truly one disrespectful son of a gun.

  2. Avatar

    Seriously, why would Paul want Bronte to marry him
    I dont think she likes him that much. If i were her when hoh I would nominate him

  3. Avatar

    Does everybody know that Tiff is Vanessa’s sister yet?

  4. Elaine

    Is the person who nominated Paul a mystery? How does the replacement nom get picked? Thanks!

  5. Avatar

    The roadkill comp will air on Sunday night.

  6. Avatar

    I can’t wait until Sunday! I’m very curious to see this new roadkill thing and see how the secret nomination works!

    • Elaine

      I agree. The third secret nomination is interesting. Am sorry that Paul took himself off, but if Jozea is the goal this week, I am aboard the eviction train!

  7. Elaine

    Who is in the 8-pack?

  8. Avatar

    I just started watching the season today a few days late, and I’m a first time commenter! I know I’m late to the game, but what is the consensus about the “stowaways” – that is a very interesting word to use, as if they were hiding out WITH or FOR another player. Are there any theories that each Veteran has a connection to other house guests?! Because I definitely have mine, and it all started with Nicole & Michelle…

    • Colby

      Nicole and Michelle do look quite a bit alike. And that thought has crossed my mind also. Maybe cousins or something. And while the majority of the ‘jury in my head’ (LOL) says no there is still that one holdout that says maybe. It is Big Brother after all. Who do you think the other vets may be connected to?

  9. Avatar

    Paul is really obnoxious when he drinks. He’s an ass when he’s sober but damn when he gets alcohol in his system, look out. Can u guys imagine how he would be acting if Jozea the Messiah or Nicole would’ve given him their wine when asked for it?
    Why does Tiff have that hat over her face while she was on the hammock with Frank? She didnt have her face covered when James was out there with her.

    • Elaine

      Frank was apologizing to Tiff and she said her make-up was a mess…eeesh! Didn’t get from the convo what he supposedly did to her but she said all was okay.

    • Colby

      When Frank brought out the alcohol Zak stole a bottle and was called out for it. Tiffany defended her saying she wouldn’t do that. Frank snapped / yelled at her that he knew how many bottles he brought out. So (Vanessa style) she went and cried about it. He went to her and apologized that it wasn’t fair that she caught the brunt of his frustration and she said it was OK. But then later she tried to play the victim with Nichole and some of the others, but dropped it pretty quickly. Guess we will see if anything else comes of it.

  10. Avatar

    So did Paul drink the missing bottle of wine they cant find? He seems to be the only one who’s wasted.

  11. Avatar

    Can Jozea be any more full of himself? This guy really does have the Messiah complex. I wonder who in the hell in this man’s everyday life is filling his head with that bull-shit. He thinks he is so smart. If he gets evicted on Wednesday maybe he’ll fall off that high horse.

  12. Boo

    I hope Paulie is the one to go just because you all hate Jozea and Paul so much. You just can’t stand someone being real and speaking their minds.

    Boo Bitches.

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