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Big Brother 18 – Kick Them Out Early; Live Eviction

Using an old school Frank photo

Big Brother 18 is off to a blazing start, with someone being kicked out in the first week. It will be someone from the Freakazoids (Glenn), and early indications are that it was some sort of endurance challenge again (Glenn), so I think we know who is least likely to survive that (Glenn). Seriously though, I don’t know who was kicked, but I’ll be shocked if it’s anyone but Glenn.


Also, the live feeds begin tonight!!  They will turn on at 1am est, so be sure to get them now….

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Ok, I don’t have much time because I was trying to get the live update plugin to work, but couldn’t yet, so I have to post this before the show airs. Just remember, the feeds begin tonight, so I’ll likely have all the spoilers from the last week by tomorrow.. assuming the players are nice and update us when the feeds turn on. Seeing as they know exactly when that is, they’d better.

  • 9:00pm – And we’re underway!
    • Voiceover announces that the remaining 3 from the Freakazoids will decide who is HoH
    • Paul is talking again about getting the vets out, but Corey has doubts and may want to work with them. So it begins
    • Nicole is working Corey into being the next HoH already. I think Corey has cartoon hearts for Nicole, hence the reservation about the vets
  • 9:15pm – Eviction challenge
    • They are on their own island. They need to climb a tree and pull coconuts from the tree and put them each into letters spelling SOS. The island moves, so it’s not a lock for anyone.
    • Loser goes home
    • Tiffany has a smart strategy early, we’ll see if it pays off
    • Frank notices all the newbies are cheering everyone on, but Nicole. So he knows the vets are a target
    • Corey is in last place heading into the commercial break
  • Results:
    • First Place – Nicole
    • Second Place – Tiffany
    • Third Place – photo finish – Corey
    • Evicted – Glenn
  • 9:30pm – The three remaining people pool together and decide on who is next HoH.
    • Tiffany and Corey basically ask Nicole, even though she wanted it
    • Nicole wins HoH
    • Paul is clearly upset in the pantry, but doesn’t show it to Corey yet. He is upset Corey allowed Nicole to be HoH, and knows one of the newbies are going home next
    • Paulie is sucking up to the veterans. Tiffany confessed to Da’Vonne earlier in the episode. This means the veterans are picking up numbers already.
    • Victor throws Jozea under the bus to Nicole and says he’s coming after the vets.  And yes, this is my first ‘thrown under the bus’ reference this season.
  • 9:40pm – James pretends to be Victor while Nicole is in the shower. He asks if she has a problem with him. He is already playing pranks.
    • “Victor” tells Nicole the newbies are coming after the vets.
    • James then tells Nicole the truth. He should have carried it on longer.
    • Big Sister gets their slop, and havenot room reveal…
    • It is a carnival/circus theme and the beds are bumper cars
    • Jozea is talking to Da’Vonne and she gets him to tell her that the newbies are indeed after the vets, and they want to take out Nicole first. I am shocked how bad these newbies are
    • Nicole has nearly guaranteed Jozea as the first nominee. She is discussing putting Paulie up as a pawn
  • 9:50pm – A few more clips discussing who to put up
    • Nicole asks Paulie about being a pawn
    • All four vets are working Paulie, and he knows it. He is shifting uncomfortably in his chair. Frank asks him ‘would you go to bat, man?’. Frank is still pretty damn cool.
  • Nominations – Jozea / Paulie

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  1. Avatar

    Serious storms in my state tonight have led to power outages and loss of cable television please let me know what’s going on.

  2. Avatar

    Omg y’all, Tifanny’s diary rooms, I can not tell,if it’s her or Vanessa! They look AND sound just alike!

  3. Avatar

    Anyone else already done listening to Bronte speak? >.<
    Also, seems like Paul is playing too hard too early. I don't personally like his attitude so far. Hope he goes early.
    Ten Nicole and James!

    • Jenny M

      I was done w/Bronte 5 minutes in!! And Paul…good god….he’s a total cliche. Dude, you’re not metal, you’re not cool, you’re not original. You have a stupid haircut and your beard is just gross. So I guess I’d have to say I’m not a fan of Paul.. haha

    • NKogNeeTow

      Paul reminds me of the lead singer from the hard rock group System Of A Down. He jumps out of the gate trying to claim the spot of “alpha male”. Only problem with that is that DaVonne considers herself the “alpha female”. Seeing which domineering personality wins out might be interesting.

      Jozea the Messiah, or whatever he called himself, can take his little painted nails and twirl away. He’s not smart enough to last.

      Bronte will either screech her way out of the house, if someone doesn’t kill her in her sleep first because of that annoying voice.

      Nicole is cute as a button and I love her personality, but I keep waiting for someone to release that nose clamp so her voice can return to normal.

      So far I like Tiffany a LOT better than I did Ole Crazy Eyes last year…but time will tell….

      Victor came out the gate being a snitch. Couldn’t even wait long enough to size up his opponents before he started turning on them. Just proved that NOBODY can trust him.

      Corey can’t seem to decide WHICH side of the fence he wants to be on. He’s sniffing after both Michelle(?) AND Victor. Best bet, go after Michelle, cause Victor will tell on ya.

      I haven’t sized up Brigette, Zakiya and Natalie yet.

      Poor Glen, I knew he was a gonner when I first saw him :-/

    • Avatar

      As soon as Bronte opens get mouth i seriously cover my ears to muffle the screech sound!! For us viewers sake i hope she’s gone soon!!! I personally cannot take it!

  4. Rita

    Jozea is this seasons Jace.

  5. Avatar

    Please get Paul out! I’m surprised Day hasn’t put his name in Nicole’s ear! I hate his attitude! I hope he isn’t this seasons guy we hope to leave every week but always stays somehow! He needs to go now! Such a know-it-all jerk! I had the exact same thought, Jillian, playing too hard too soon!

    • Jenny M

      he’s like whatever that hairy tattooed guy was last year… the one that was hooking up with one of the slutty bimbo twins… just shut up and go away already, nobody likes you!

    • NKogNeeTow

      Jenny, you’re thinking of Asstin…..Wonder if he’s still chasing Tweedle Dum around? Doubt it. I was wondering, is there any place that we can find out what happened to past guest? I know Jeff and Jordan are married and expecting a baby in October. And Rachel and Brandon just had a baby, but I wonder about people like that vile Amanda, Gina Marie and Pizza Boy.

  6. Rita

    I cannot believe Nicole put up Paulie. They don’t have the votes to save him. Stupid.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Exactly what I was thinking. If he doesn’t win the POV, then the the Newbies are going to railroad him out for sure. The Vets just don’t have the numbers, unless they have some kind of trick up their sleeves.

  7. Elaine

    Why did Nicole want to put up Paulie? Not sure why they talk about using someone as a pawn this early in the game.

  8. Avatar

    Keep everyone you align with OFF of the block this early in the game!

    Put up Jozea and Paul or some other disposable newbie and keep those you are loyal to. I don’t get this move.

  9. Avatar

    I don’t understand putting up a pawn who is loyal to you this early in the game when you know half the house is going after you any ways. Put up one of the girls who have no clue what is going on! They are gonna spend their summer tanning any way. If they get pissed the likelihood of them winning a hoh is significantly lower. For people who have played the game before they aren’t playing very smart…

  10. Elaine

    I am lost with her decision. Paul has ran around the house telling newbies to get out the vets. Why wouldn’t the newbies, that don’t want to alienate the vets, get in Nicole’s ear and tell her what Paul is doing?? I don’t want Paulie, as a “pawn”, to go out this early. Danggit Nicole!

  11. Jenny M

    Day’s diary sessions going off on how stupid Jozea is…. had me almost snorting I was laughing so hard. That dude… I just hated him on first sight, and that crap about how he’s the Newbie Messiah was just ridiculous. I thought I hated Paul but I think I hate Jozea more.
    Really hope Paulie doesn’t get burned in this pawn deal. I would have put up Paul against the Messiah but I guess they are thinking they don’t want to let the house see who their 2 biggest targets are yet…

  12. danmtruth

    people get blinded going after one person. Nichole was left with choosing between Frank – not going to happen as returnee, Michelle does not think she can win in veto comp Not sure as you dont know what it will be Plus she looks like she can handle herself, Bridget same reasoning as Michelle plus Nichole might be setting up an all girl run , Paul the replacement nominee? Zaciyah same as the other women
    So we will see if they out smarted themselves Would love to see the bearded one and the self proclaimed messiah Jozea out

  13. Avatar

    I agree with y’all, she should have put up one of the weaker players against him. I’m so hoping that Tiffany, Paulie, Corey and maybe Michelle team up with the vets. It would be hard to stop them! Ughhh! Already stressed and it’s just the 2nd episode Lol!

  14. Elaine

    I thought it was funny when Nicole said in her speech that there weren’t many choices….lol, there is a whole darn table of people. I agree Amber…I am already stressing! Don’t want Paulie to go. I am not a fan of the house vote, but if Paulie is still on the block, that house better vote the way I want! lol

    • Colby

      There really wasn’t that many to pick from. The unicorns are safe, and she wasn’t going to put up her team or any of the veterans, so that only left a few. Dan pretty much covered the logic about them above. But it is a very dangerous move. Let’s just hope they win Veto.

    • Elaine

      True point, about there not being many choices. Paulie is a risky move….hope it works out. Seems like poor Paulie is paying for a decision Cody made regarding Nicole in their season.

  15. Avatar

    I can also understand Nicole’s logic sort of in putting paulie on the block. Jozea is from team big sister. Unicorns are safe so she can’t pick from that team but to target 2 people from team big sister is like saying I don’t like you davonne. So she looked to team category 4 and just picked one

  16. Avatar

    I sad to see Glenn go 1st, I like it when the BB House has a Seasoned Citizen in the House… I’m with ALL of you Nicole should not have put Paulie up as a Pawn, she should have put Paul, & Jozea on the Block.

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