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Figured I'd start of the day with this attractive shot.

Big Brother 18- Overnight Recap 6/29

Figured I'd start of the day with this attractive shot.
Figured I’d start of the day with this attractive shot.

Good morning! Only one more day until our first blindside of the season and I can’t wait! Looks like things are starting to heat up in the house and it will only get worse after Jossiah makes his grand exit.


Here are the updates from last night:

  • 11:30pm- Frank is talking to Bronte, Paul, Bridgette, and Jossiah about the all star season. He said CBS said they would never do another all star season again.
    • Joz is saying if they called him to come back he would demand a certain amount of money to come back and have his agent talk to them. Frank points out that very few people have gotten an agent off of this show.
    • The Great Jossiah is comparing himself to Frankie saying he comes from the limelight and even though he doesn’t want to be famous there’s nothing he can do to avoid it. Ugghh he is so self-absorbed and obnoxious.
    • Corey found bread in his pillow. James strikes again!
    • Apparently Zaki is worried about something and on the verge of tears. She is going to go the DR to ask about whatever it is. Sounds like it has something to do with her mom maybe.
      As much as I am annoyed by Jozea this is actually really sweet.
  • 12:00am- Michelle wants to know if Jozea going home is considered a back door. Does she not know what a backdoor is??? (Side note, my kitten is watching me type and shes so intrigued by it. Haha its hilarious.)
    • Frank starts yelling “Pixels off! Pixels off!” I’m shocked Michelle isn’t having a field day right now since she’s been counting down the hours until now.
    • Natalie is getting ready to take a shower and keeps asking “Are you sure the camera can’t see me??” Is this the first shower she’s taken downstairs or something?
      • “It’s funny that I’m showering and I’m nakie and there’s guys in here.” It’s really annoying that she acts like a ten year old sometimes.
    • She says she’d rather Jozea see her naked than a straight guy.
      Get it James
      Get it James
  • 12:27am- Nicole told Michelle that they can’t take off the pixels until production tells them to because they’ll want to film something special for it. Now Michelle is worried she’s going to have to leave them on for a long time.
    • Corey is blaming Nicole for the bread in his pillow and won’t believe that she didn’t do it. She said she is giving him the silent treatment tomorrow.
    • Victor is really pissed because James wasted 9 slices on bread on his prank. If he pranks his way out of this house I’m going to be so disappointed. It’s funny until people start getting mad…hopefully he’s smart enough to back off.
    • Joz is talking about how Bridgette was making slick remarks when he was trying to comfort Zaki. Victor and Paul said she’s playing both sides and is going to be the first one from their side to go home. (Do they mean first after Jozea?)
    • Meanwhile, the spy girls are in the bathroom talking. They are talking about wanting to separate from Jozea and crew but it’s too late to switch. They said they are just going to let them screw themselves over.
    • Natalie points out that they should never volunteer to go on the block. Wow…what a smart idea.
  • 1:00am- Michelle has caused fish to come up twice in 2 minutes talking about production.
    • Day said they should start taking over the cooking and cleaning and leave the other side of the house with nothing to do.
    • Natalie is trying to get Frank to reveal who he is voting for. Bridgette jokes that he is voting for her.
      • (Thank god for the undo button. One of my cats just deleted everything I typed.)
    • Bridgette and Frank are whispering about how James is probably going to vote with the other side of the house. (Here’s a hint Bridge: so is Frank)
  • 1:30am- We’re getting quite a lot of fish tonight. Either there’s a lot of talk of production or the Tuesday night crew doesn’t know what they’re doing.
    • Natalie is in the London room talking to Jozea. She is upset about the way Victor has been talking to her. Apparently he made a comment about her feet and pants being dirty.
    • Jozea is now telling Vic everything Natalie just said and basically trying to mediate the situation.
      Victor in deep thought about his actions.
      Victor in deep thought about his actions.
    • Victor is now going to grab Natalie to smooth things over.
      • Natalie tells him that things he says come off as mean and he promises that he doesn’t mean to and apologizes.
      • Victor wants to know what he can do differently. Natalie explains that everyone she knows from home is really nice and she isn’t used to the remarks he makes. I think she is being way too sensitive because Victor clearly just likes to joke.
      • Victor tells her not to let the girls take little situations like this to try and screw with her mind.
      • He apologizes again and says he will try not to be so abrasive. They acknowledge that they are very different types of people.
        Aww they made up.
        Aww they made up.
  • 2:00am- Bronte is in the backyard telling Paul, Jozea, and Vic that when Natalie went back into the bedroom and said all was good James started to get in her head again. Paul and Victor are pissed and want to confront James but Bronte is keeping them calm.
    • Bronte says that Natalie clearly has feelings for Victor and that is causing problems and making her more sensitive to the way he treats her.
    • Paul is going on about how much he hates James and wants to blow up his game.
    • Jozea is making him promise to wait until after Thursday. Not that it would make a difference.
    • Bronte is yelling at Paul to stop yelling at her and questioning her.
    • Bronte goes inside and Paul said he’s done with girls and tells the guys to keep him away from that situation because he’s going to lose it.
    • Paul is asking Joz to go inside and fix the situation because he’s the most level headed.
      • After about ten minutes Jozea finally goes inside to find Natalie and Bronte.
      • He tells them that they are united and they are a team and they can not let anything come in between them.
      • James is awkwardly sitting with them listening.
      • He says there can’t be a double standard about what they can or can not say to each other.
      • Jozea assures Natalie that now the other guys know how to talk to her and that it won’t happen again. James then asks what if it does happen and Joz quickly shuts that down and says it won’t.
      • He points out that they are all still getting to know each other and now they’ve had their bump in the road and its done.
    • Bronte goes back in the backyard to keep Victor and Paul filled in on how the conversation is going. She mentions how James was egging the whole thing on which further pisses off the boys.
    • The rest of the conversation is basically more of the same thing. Jozea reassuring Natalie. Paul bitching about James. Bronte playing messenger between both sides.
  • 2:40am- Jozea and Natalie have rejoined the rest of the group and they seem to be doing okay. They are trying to make Natalie realize that James is not good for her. She is coming to the realization that the game of Big Brother is a dirty one.

That’s pretty much it for now. Glad to see there is drama starting to brew because it was getting very boring in the big brother house. Thing’s should definitely be very interesting after tomorrow’s eviction. Stick around for updates later today and see how the rest of the house reacts to last night’s blow up!


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  1. Avatar

    “Jossiah” I love that lol. Say what you will about Jozea, but at least he’s entertaining with his giant head. Paul, on the other hand, is annoying and not entertaining in the least. I’m glad stuff is finally happening though. I felt like I spent most of last night just listening to Michelle eat her Fruit Loops. 😉

  2. Avatar

    NKogNeeTow, I think u & I have the same thoughts. I want to take Bronchitis by her tiny little throat & squeeze every single time I hear her voice & talk about a snake in the grass. That little winch has really got her group pissed at my sweet little James. She said she’s going to send him back to where was it China, Korea or Japan? Well lets boot her little ass on over to an ear nose & throat specialist & see if we can get that sqeeling, annoying high pitched voice of hers fixed & hell, may on over to a plastic surgeon to get that honker downsized. Now I can honestly say I dont like her.
    Joziah honestly thinks he’s the Savior of his housemates. I’ve necer seen anyone so delusional. I would like to know why he thinks he should stay over Paulie. This nutcase has rewritten the BB game in his mind. He has everything all planned out from Thursday night’s eviction & him getting up out of that chair walking back to his room all the way to final 2. Not to mention the movie deals, getting an agent, walking the red carpet & being asked to come back as a BB All Star Player. Aaaaahahahahaha,,, Jozea is so silly!!! No worries Savior, you wont making any All Star appearances, you & your little invisible agent can just sit at home & watch all of the real players.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Sweet little James had better watch is sweet little azz or he’ll be out the sweet little door. Time to cut The Nickelodeon Group loose and get back to his own. He’s not making as much leeway as he thinks. They’re on to him and don’t trust him. The longer he stays around them, the bigger the target he’s putting on his back…and Bronchitis is the one loading up all the bows with the arrows. And good luck with sending him back to China, Korea or Japan. He’s an American citizen from Texas. She’s such a ditz. The only thing that clown has going for her is that she has a nice body, everything else about her, not so much. I just want to throat punch her to see if that improves her voice. I’ll take listening to Nichole whine any day over hers.

      Mess-iah can’t even save his own butt, more or less anyone else’s…lol. He was at the pool telling Da how he’s going to systematically get everyone out on his list, then they can get down to “the real game”. Oh Sweet Baby Jesus, if Thursday doesn’t get here soon, I’m going to have an aneurysm.

  3. Avatar

    CBS needs to STOP casting the show. There are so many people out there that would love to have a chance to PLAY the game. But instead, CBS would rather have young, beautiful, clueless people (some of which have never even watched the show until they were sequestered after being cast!). So yet again, the viewers are subjected to morons who are only interested in furthering their careers outside the house. We are lucky if in each season there are a handful of house guests who actually are fans and know how to play the game. Thank goodness we have the 4 vets and Paulie (Cody’s brother). So, come on CBS…make Big Brother the show the FANS want to see! And a side note, BIG MISTAKE cancelling one of the BEST shows on t.v. , Person of Interest.

  4. danmtruth

    So few of these newbies seem as if they have any clue how to play this game. Most just want to get to jury house . WTF??!?!!?
    As bad as Bronchitis voice is . Nichole voice can turn to nails on a chalkboard irritating also. Talk about talking tough than turning into a scared child Just like when she was talking to Da about Josahia Than crap her pants when he came to her room

    Paulie should not forget his brother only got as far as he did because he was Derick meatpuppet. Doing anything he said. Dont think just shield him. How can Paulie do that for

  5. Avatar

    The should drug test Jozea, or his conceit pure dillusional

    • NKogNeeTow

      The Mess-iah’s brain is overactive and under utilized. But at this point, nobody cares…with the exception of NaturalNat, Bronchitis, Pawwl and Slick Vic, and they are a minority, so they don’t count;)

  6. Avatar

    James is going a little overboard with the pranks but as long as there’s someone laughing about them & no one having a sit down with him telling him to ease up or lay off the pranks, he’s going to keep doing it.
    Could it be strategy? Is he trying to piss the newbies off stirring up havoc on purpose placing targets on people’s backs? He knows the vets & some of the newbies are on his side I doubt James is thinking like that but he is putting a big bullseye on his own back.
    What is it that Aaryn jr (bronchitis) is claiming James did that has Slick Vic & Crazybeard so pissed at him? I hate her.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Amy said that Batbrain Nat was upset about something Slick Vic said to her and that Mess-iah was trying to mediate and James was stirring up the pot again. I’m becoming more and more afraid for James. After a while, the pranks and the sitting in their faces and rabble-rousing might have him sitting on the block next week or not soon after.

    • AIO_7

      Yeah, I’m over James. I just hope loud mouth, foul mouth, Paul goes before him.

    • Avatar

      I agree he’s going overboard but I don’t think anyone in his group will tell him to back off because it keeps a target off them. Day is already planting seeds about him and Van2.0 so she won’t warn him. I think he does it just to be funny, not realizing he’s pissing some people off.

  7. Jenny M

    I can totally relate to the kitten/cat sabotage! One of my cats walked across my laptop keyboard and flipped my display upside down! Thank god I knew how to undo that! (for windows, it’s CTRL + ALT + the down arrow to turn it upside down. to fix it, CTRL + ALT + up arrow. you can also use the left or right arrows to turn the display sideways!)
    I have no use for Bronte. Voice annoying, face not pretty, sorry. Paulie, he seems nice enough but there’s nothing interesting about him. Tiffany, that crap with hiding your face while you process whatever is hurting your feelings at the moment, it was annoying when your sister did it and even more annoying when you do it.
    James, quit with the pranks.
    Paul, your tattoo is stupid and your beard is gross.
    I am so looking forward to Joziah going home tomorrow. I hope he has a total meltdown when he finds himself talking to Julie. Speaking of Julie, did she have another nose job? The bridge of her nose is way too narrow for her nostrils. Just strange. Quit trying to look less Asian!!! Asian faces are beautiful the way they are!!!

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