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Big Brother 18- Overnight Recap 7/15



Good morning! I am so disappointed that Frank is still safe in this house. I know he’s good for entertainment value but I just can’t stand him. This morning’s updates might not be as detailed as usual, I have a doctor’s appointment in a couple hours so we’ll see how much I can get through before I have to leave.

  • 12:00am- Everyone is sitting around eating or talking about food waiting for Paulie’s HOH room.
    • Frank mentions that Bridgette’s birthday is in 2 minutes and says “The ol’ cabbage patch kid is havin a birthday!” Here’s Tiffany’s reaction:Untitled
    • They all sing happy birthday to Bridgette and there are no fish! I’m shocked!
    • Tiffany stays in the kitchen and is laughing to herself.
  • 12:20am- HOH room time!
    • He got new pictures, white castle cheeseburgers, flip flops, and a letter from his Dad.
    • People disperse pretty quickly this time.
    • James going to bed already, Z, Day, and Natalie are in the kitchen, Paulie and Frank go to the storage room.
    • Frank says “Whatever you wanna do bro, I can’t be dictator Frank anymore”
    • Paulie is saying he’s going to put up Tiff because he doesn’t want her there for the double evict.
    • They are saying they trust Corey and Nicole.
    • Frank doesn’t trust Paul but Paulie says he’s smart and they should keep him around for now.
    • Paulie said he thought he trusted Day but he’s not so sure anymore.
    • Frank obviously doesn’t trust her.
  • 1:00am- Day, Nicole, Z, and Paul in the bathroom talking about possible outcomes for roadkill.
    • Paul is laughing about how he tossed Julie a friendship during the live show.
    • Paulie comes in and then it is just him, Nicole, and Day. He’s telling them about his conversation with Frank.
    • Tiffany is sitting in the safari room by herself. I don’t think this is the victory she was imagining.
    • Paulie goes up to the HOH room with Paul, Corey, and Nicole.
    • He is telling them how Frank doesn’t trust Paul and how he threw Day’s name out there.
    • He predicts that Frank will run to Day and tell her that Paulie was talking about putting her up.
  • 1:30am- Tiffany is in the have not room crying and Natalie is trying to calm her down.
    • She is upset that nobody ever wants to talk to her and she’s been on the block for two weeks.
    • Tiffany is talking about self evicting and Natalie is telling her it’s just a game and not to do that. Untitled
    • Tiffany: “What did I do to deserve this???”
    • Tiffany is begging Natalie not to tell anyone that she broke down.
    • Natalie is trying to empathize with her and tell her that she’s alone now too since Bronte’s gone but Tiffany keeps shooting it down because this has to be all about her right now.
  • 2:00am- Natalie leaves the room and goes to talk to Bridgette.
    • She is saying she feels like people are doubting her vote.
    • Bridgette says she is just trying to figure out what happened but acknowledges that Natalie was willing to go up for Bronte.
    • Natalie leaves the room and Frank replaces her.
    • Bridgette and Frank are talking about how everything is bullshit.
    • Frank wants to trust Nicole but doesn’t know what to think.
    • Bridgette says she doesn’t know if she trusts Nicole and she really trusts that Natalie did not vote Bronte out.
  • 2:28am- Tiffany comes and asks Frank if she can talk to him. They go into the have not room.
    • She says she wants to hear from him the truth about what happened with Day because no one else wants to talk to her.
    • Frank is telling her his side of the Day story. He said that Day came to him and told him that Tiffany said he was her target.
    • Tiffany keeps asking him if he’s really telling the truth.
    • He says yes and “why do you think she came in and got so loud”
    • Tiffany points out that Day screwed over her sister too by faking an all girls alliance.
    • Tiffany: “Frank we could have worked together since the beginning. You’re so stupid” (In a whiny voice)
    • Frank says he thought they had squashed their beef and when Day came and told him that he decided to target Tiffany.
    • Tiffany says she has a lot of information that he should know like why the vote flipped today.
    • He starts throwing out names and guesses and she says she can’t tell him at this point.
    • Frank said she needs to tell him so if he wins roadkill he can go after the right person.
    • She makes him promise that he’s being sincere and says she’s making a deal with the devil.
    • Tiffany gets mad that there’s rumors that they already talked tonight and says “you know what let’s blow up their shit” and they agree to work together:Untitled
    • Tiffany tells him that Paulie and Corey want him out like crazy.
    • Day starts to walk in but then turns around and leaves.
    • They are talking about how Day made a bunch of final two deals the first week.
    • Frank asks who the votes were and she says she doesn’t know but it was a big 5-4 plan because they wanted to fuck him over.
    • Tiffany makes him promise to tell people that Tiffany just wanted to clear the air and that’s all they were talking about.
    • Frank says their mistake was not voting Tiffany out and she agrees.
    • Meanwhile, Day runs up to the HOH room and tells everyone that she saw Tiff and Frank having a deep conversation.
    • They know that he is pulling her in and she’s going to flip.
    • Paul says he guarantees that she’s throwing them all under the bus (she is.)
    • They are comparing her to Vanessa.
  • 2:54am- It is now Nicole and Tiffany in the have not room just laying in the bumper cars in silence.
    • Day comes in and tells Tiffany to come into the safari room in tens minutes and Tiffany says sure.
    • Tiffany says to Nicole that she can tells she’s upset and asks her what about.
    • Nicole says she’s just checking on her to see if she’s okay and Tiffany gives her a suspicious smile and said she’s fine.
    • Nicole asks if Frank told her something to make her mad at her and Tiffany says “I don’t know why don’t you ask Frank.”
    • Nicole gets up and leaves.
    • She goes to Z, Day and Michelle and tells them what happened and says she’s scared of her.
    • Nicole is really pissed and asks Z to go see if she’s nice to her and if it’s just her.
    • Nicole is regretting not sending her home.
  • 3:01am- Day and Tiffany are in the safari room.
    • They go back and forth asking each other what the issue is.
    • Day asks her why she was crying and Tiff says “Cause I’m emotional and I play the game right”. She’s speaking very coldly to Day.
    • Tiff is saying she plays the game loyal and Day can tell she’s being short with her.
    • Day says if she’s not going to talk direct to her then she doesn’t think they should have the conversation.
    • Tiff is accusing her of faking an all girls alliance with Vanessa. That’s not even part of this game!!
    • Day says “Here’s the deal…you’re gonna believe Frank over me?”
    • Tiff says it’s not just Frank and she’s not going to fill her in.
    • She says she’s a silly girl to believe them.
    • Day asks her if she’s still in this house and Tiff says yeah just because they wanted to do a fuck you to Frank.
    • Day says this is why no one tells her anything.
    • Z comes in and says she needs to know what’s going on and Tiff says whenever she needs information no one tells her anything.
    • She says that they dangle her around for good luck and the way they treat her is horrible but it’s fine because she know’s this is big brother.
    • Tiff says that she’s a strong competitor and their shit is going to get blown up. Day is just laughing.
    • Tiffany tells them that Frank told her specific information that he couldn’t have known. Paul comes in and she says she’s not going to talk if he’s in there.
    • Day is telling her she has to be smarter than to trust Frank.
    • Tiff says she’s a really good actor.
    • Day is trying to explain to her what Frank’s angle is (that he needs a powerhouse on his side and he was gunning for her so he can pull her in to make her feel safe)
    • Tiff starts crying and tells them she’s over them and to just leave. And also that they are the worst.
    • Day asks Z to leave and tells Tiff she needs to pull it together.
    • Tiff says she doesn’t give a fuck and she’s going to self evict today.
    • Z and Nicole come in.
    • Tiff says she’s been betrayed by everyone.
    • They are asking her for examples and she says she’s not sharing information right now because no one has her back.
    • People start going in and out to check on the situation and now she is just crying and basically saying poor me.
    • Tiffany tells Corey and Nicole that they hurt her the most because they are on her team.
    • Things break up around 4:10 and Day and Nicole go into the bathroom and talk about how bad of a situation it is.
    • Day goes back in around 4:30 and does a little more damage control telling her how badly Frank wanted her out. They seem to get back to a civil place and eventually both are laughing.

Alright guys I’m so sorry but I really have to run! That was pretty much the meat of the night hopefully I didn’t leave anything important out. Feel free to comment if I missed anything! 🙂

Check back for updates!


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  1. Avatar

    At least its getting interesting thought we were in for a boring summer

  2. Avatar

    Frank is KILLING these fools! hahaha Take notes!

  3. Painter1

    Paul called it RIGHT he said they needed to get rid of Tiff because she would blow them up due to the fact she is to unstable. Now they REALLY have to get her out.

  4. Elaine

    Oh my gosh, Tiff, Tiff, Tiff they gave you a chance and within the blink of an eye you meltdown. Yikes! Take the saving from eviction as a new day, new start and play the game!! What a waste of an eviction….I had so much hope for her. Think it is safe for Paulie to put up Nat and Tiff. Hope he shakes it up a bit and puts up a riskier player(s). If not RK might.

    • Jenny M

      I’ve had it with her. She is totally self absorbed. I’m kind of surprised they talked her out of self-evicting. I’d probably offer to walk her to the DR before she changes her mind. I hate drama queens. She also made some comment about how she knows she’s smarter than everyone else in the house so she is angry with herself for not winning the comp. stfu and gtfo.

  5. Avatar

    I’m loving the drama, lies, and fractured alliances.

    Paulie- could you please leave your shirt off more often? Thank you.

  6. Avatar

    It’s funny that Day would say that Frank needs a powerhouse on his side, Day needs that because she doesn’t win anything. She will go as far as strong people are willing to carry her, and along the way she’ll be doing DR interviews talking about how she’s about to turn things on it’s head, but really she’s just going along with others.

    The others went with her this week over Frank, how’d that turn out for them? Now they’re going to be putting out fires and dealing with Tiffany meltdowns for the next week, at least.

  7. Elaine

    Day is talking to James “Why are these people being so stupid?” Excuse me Day, the plan was to get Tiff out and through your spider web weaving, you changed it for Bronte to be voted out….hmmmmm, who made a stupid decision? Now with her finger pointing, Tiff gotta go, Corey gotta go, Frank gotta go….for someone who is so opposed to Frank dictating to others, Day is doing a good job of it herself.

    • Jenny M

      Good point. Only difference i see is she’s not going around slapping asses and calling people sluts. I, loved her at the beginning of this game and I still think her DR’s are hilarious, but I wish she could control her temper. I sit here watching and judging, knowing damn well that I would totally suck at this game. 🙂

  8. danmtruth

    This self evict is just an act Tiff learend from Vannesa. Also going to Frank with the tease of information. Tiff knows she will be the number one target. She is playing the showmances against each other Will get Frank to help flip someone to save herself. Funny that NOW Nichole thinks they evicted the wrong person . If Emory serves me thats what you did on your season Insted of getting rid of a strong player . Nichole played pwtty personal and went to split up another showmance weaker player
    Frank has Bridget were he wants her . Trusting only him .Funny thing is Bridget has a better idea of how the vote went but Frank wont listen to her. Bridget still feels she can trust Nat But Frank believes in Nichole & Corey One thing Frank said that was smart is To stay low and let people show there true selfs. Only problem Frank cant stop talking and only hears what he wants to

    • Jenny M

      That whole “I’m going to self-evict” crap reminds me of a girl I used to be friends with who kept threatening to kill herself every time she got her feelings hurt. She was a borderline personality — constantly telling me “if you were really my friend you would…” , taking a compliment and twisting it around to somehow find it insulting and then keep telling me I REALLY meant it the way she took it…. this is why we aren’t friends anymore. Anyway one day while she was screaming at me about not being a good enough friend she said for the umpteenth time “I might as well kill myself” and I called her bluff and said, maybe you should. And then I got yelled at for telling her to kill herself.
      I wonder if Tiffany and Vanessa are both borderlines? Would explain the paranoia and constant meltdowns.

      • Jenny M

        also please note that if I heard someone threatening suicide and had any reason at all to believe they were serious I would do everything I could to get them help.

  9. Avatar

    BB needs to end the teams, it would be a total different game for everyone ?

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