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Big Brother 18- Overnight Recap 7/18



Good morning everyone! With everyone figuring out how much of a liar Day is could the tables be turning? The possibility of Tiffany securing her safety again seems to be increasing. It’s a shame because I really think Day started off playing a much better game this season but I guess she can only hide her true colors for so long.

  • 10:00pm- Nicole and Tiffany are in the backyard talking about how Day told Tiffany that Nicole and Corey were coming after her and that’s why she put up Corey.
    • She said Day also told her that Nicole and Frank had a final two and Nicole is saying even if she did why would Day know because she wouldn’t have told anyone.
    • They are talking about how Day gives them a lot of information that doesn’t make sense.
    • Nicole is saying that Day put a wedge between her and Tiffany and made her feel like she couldn’t talk to her about anything.
    • Meanwhile, in the safari room Day, Z, and Michelle are talking about dating apps. Apparently James told them that if they use their big brother cast photo they’ll get contacted  a lot.
  • 10:30pm- Day joins the girls outside and the game talk stops.
    • Paul, Michelle, and Corey are over by the hammock whispering about Frank.
    • Paul says it’s part of Frank’s strategy to agree with what other people want because Corey was saying that Frank told him he doesn’t care who gets evicted this week.
    • They tell Corey about the fake “advancement” alliance and he obviously doesn’t know anything about it.
    • Corey asks Michelle to let him know if Day says anything about him because he wants to be able to trust her but can’t right now.
    • Nicole joins them and they ask about what Tiffany was saying. Nicole just says she didn’t hear anything she didn’t already know.
    • Paul said she is making her rounds whining to everyone about how she was lied to.
    • They seem to be leaning toward getting her out, then targeting Frank and Bridgette next week, and Day the following week.
    • They are talking about trusting that if they see each other talking to Frank or Tiffany they know that it’s just to get information.
    • Paul said Frank told him that they are using him as their knight to do their dirty work.
    • Corey and Nicole are alone now and they are saying it would be good for their game to keep Tiffany.
  • 11:00pm- Natalie and Frank are in the safari room talking about the have not experience.
    • Natalie is glad she got to experience it and that it will cleanse her body of all the crap she’s been eating.
    • Frank said he’s never been a have not and doesn’t plan on it.
    • They talk about pizza for a while and then Frank leaves and joins Corey and Nicole outside.
    • Corey brings up how Nicole talked to Tiffany. Nicole said Tiffany just told her a bunch of crap that didn’t make sense and Frank goes “Right?!”Untitled
    • Frank says Tiffany is still on her radar but after the things she told him it moved Day up to the top.
    • Frank is still complaining about Day telling people he called her a slut.
    • Inside, Paul and Michelle are talking up on the sky deck.
    • They are saying that Day is definitely sketchy but they want Tiffany to go home first.
    • Michelle says she thinks that Corey and Nicole don’t trusts her because she’s been upset.
  • 11:40pm- Nicole and Z are sitting at the hot tub and Nicole is telling her everything Tiffany said in their conversation.
    • Apparently Tiffany said she feels bad for Z because she trusts Day so much and Z says not necessarily.
    • Feeds switch to the sky deck where Michelle is now with Corey.
    • Michelle is crying because she think’s Tiffany is going to put her up and she’s going to go home.Untitled
    • She said Nicole made her feel bad for not talking to Tiffany.
    • Corey assures her that she can trust him and Nicole.
    • Michelle is really upset that she apparently can’t trust Day because she thought they were close.
    • She is scared that Tiffany will come up with some plan to stay again.
    • Corey says they’d be stupid to not send Tiffany home this time.
    • Michelle thinks that people are getting soft on Tiffany and forgetting about all the terrible things she did.
    • She says that if she wins HOH after Frank and Bridgette go she will put up Day.
  • 12:00am- Corey, Michelle, and Paulie are in the HOH room talking about the various lies that Day has spread.
    • It’s basically a lot of he said she said with Paulie being positive she was lying about a lot of things.
    • Meanwhile, Tiff and Bridgette are in the Tokyo room. Bridgette is telling her how she and Bronte knew she was Vanessa’s sister from day 2. Apparently the resemblance in their kneecaps confirmed it for Bridgette. Weird.
    • She is telling Tiffany about the sibling theories the spy girls had in the beginning: Nicole/Michelle, Michelle/Christine, Jozea/Devin.
    • Corey goes outside with Nicole and James and he is telling them about how Michelle was crying and acting really paranoid.
    • Nicole is talking about how crazy it is that every little thing is getting blown up into something really dramatic. Welcome to Big Brother Nicole…
  • 12:30am-  Michelle, Day, and Z are up in the HOH room now. They’re joking about how they’re raiding Paulie’s room and start pretending that they’re looking for evidence of another girl in his life.
    • Michelle pulls out the HOH handbook and Z goes “Love letters! Michelle what the bitch say?!”
    • She doesn’t play along and just reads a blurb from a page about lock downs.
    • Day leaves and Michelle starts complaining about her paranoia again to Z.
    • Z said she’s not going to let Tiffany get in her head and Michelle said she needs to help her because Tiffany is in her head.
    • Michelle doesn’t understand how everyone else can act like her friend.
    • Outside, Day, Nicole, James, Paul, and Corey are talking about Frank/Bridgette/Tiffany.
    • Paul said Frank mentioned he hasn’t even started campaigning yet and Day said “There’s more?!”
    • They are saying that Tiffany is the low man on their totem pole.
    • Now they are talking about when double eviction might be and Day said she’s ready to “pee on the wall” (stay on the wall a long time during the wall comp)
    • Nicole is explaining to Corey how double eviction works (didn’t she already do this??)
    • They’re speculating about the different twists that might happen (buyback, reset button, triple eviction, pandora’s box).
  • 1:00am- Now it is just Paul, Corey, and Nicole and they are guessing what the next HOH comp will be.
    • After a few minutes of talking about comps they start talking about how the guys are going crazy not being able to have sex for three months.
    • Corey said he needs some kind of release and Nicole is like Can’t you guys take care of that yourself??
    • Paul asks her where he’s supposed to beat off because he’s being watched 24/7.
    • Nicole says she’s fine and doesn’t need anything and now they are asking her how long she could wait.
    • Paul said the next girl to bone him after this is probably going to die.
    • Nicole points out that if he goes to jury he can do stuff there and he says “with who?!”Untitled
    • I wish I had a dollar for every time Paul has said pissed in just this conversation.
    • Upstairs, Michelle, Z, and Paulie are talking about veto meeting tomorrow.
    • Michelle is jealous of Paulie because he gets to stay inside while everyone has to wait outside for the meeting to start. Then they tell her it’s the veto winner that stays inside….
  • 1:30am- Everyone is starting to wind down and having random conversations.
    • Z is talking about how production gave them some cake mix for Bridgette’s birthday and Z found it and said she thought it was for  her stuffed giraffe.
    • They talk about food for a while..I really need to go eat breakfast…
    • Nicole and Corey are outside cuddling and not saying anything.
  • 2:15am- Z and Michelle join them outside for some conversation about when they get out of the house.
    • Michelle mentions that she put on fake tanner. (Steve now you can call her faketan instead of sunburn)
    • Paul, Frank, and Paulie are talking about Coachella. Apparently Paul is going next year.
    • They’re talking about how CBS should do a season of 16 past winners.
    • Frank is joking how many of the earlier wons would be really old by now.
    • Paulie wants a season of half young players and half older players.
  • 3:00am- Natalie and James are in the have not room talking about their ideal significant other.
    • Natalie says she’s tired of short relationships and wants someone to have for life.
    • James hints that he’s on the same page.
    • Feeds switch to Paulie feeding Z in the HOH room.

Looks like I’m forced to end this post as the CBS website just crashed…I don’t think anything else interesting happened anyway. Check back later for updates!


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  1. AIO_7

    From what I’ve been reading other places, here, and my own opinion, Day. has become presona nan grata. I Don’t think it will happen this week, but I wouldn’t mind seeing Day. leaving on Thursday..

  2. Jannie

    I hope Day does go up and out the door. She tried to play a better game this time around, but she just can’t help herself. Everything V2 and Frank have said is spot on…Day is a troublemaker. And, on top of that, she is a terrible competitor.
    She was evicted week 2 the last time she played, not even really sure why she came back.

  3. Avatar

    It’s so funny how they are so concerned about Tiffany playing like sis but it’s not even a thought about Paulie and his bro.

    • Elaine

      I don’t remember past game play like some of you do. I have found it odd that even from the sibling connection, no one has shown concern about Paulie. I really hope those showmances are split up soon. I really dislike it when a floater like Z(zzzzzz) goes farther than some of the others actually playing the game.

  4. ShoeLover


    Day or Tiff ???

    I personally wish the veto will be used and Day is put up as the replacement nom.

    Then this would be the perfect time for a double eviction and those two girls go home. Yes, there is that one little “Battle Back” issue, but Squeaky Speaks Brunte is way better having in the house than the other two.

    have a good day yall!!! 😉

    • Avatar

      Shoelover, I would agree with you except I can’t stand Bronte. That girl was a clone of Aaryn. Im glad she’s gone but then all of the trouble that crybaby Tiff has stirred up is not so good either. Tiff might have had a fighting chance if she hadn’t started with the paranoia, mood swings, lack of social skills & unpredictability. She made trouble for herself, it wasn’t entirely because she’s Vanessa’s sister. I mean, look at how Paulie is getting along with everybody & his brother made it to final 2. Tiff should’ve had somewhat of a plan before she got to the BB House seeing as how her sister made it to final 3.
      Look at the newbies who know nothing about the game but yet they’re doing better than she is. Damn, all Z does is pull on her eyelashes & last time I checked, that’s not a comp but she’s floating right along without a care.

  5. danmtruth

    The thing with Paulie getting a pass on playing like his brother is offset by he is a much more social player. Tiff problem is her sisters game was much more of a backstabbing , emotionally terrorizing games to others Paulies brother on the other hand was more social and was looked on as a foot soldier for the winner Derrick. I still say paulie and Corey came into this game with the plan to be a secret team like Derrick & Codey Add a showmance to get there numbers to a solid 4 block This is were they are now They need to keep everyone together and evicted Tiff this week Than next week let someone take either Frank or Day out Paulie needs to remember Derrick It does not matter what order strong players go out Just that they do When you have a chance take them out Tiff is to much of a wild card now

    Now for some production question As we have seen what is edited and shown on CBS does not always reflected what is happening in the house With the Road Kill comps We never see the time each person took or the total they get I understand that it would be impossible to show each persons try . It just is AMAZING how the winner has been someone who could add the most drama to the week

    Day has strong played heself into problems As people are tierd of Tiff crying People are tierd of Day’s bringing up how rude Frank has been to her The slut comment wasafter she called him a douch and she never missed a beat saying only on Thur. Every year it’s funny how people complain tat someone made final 2 deals with multipal people First who is going to say no it’s to eRly to make that kind of deal You just stand their so ok and move on

  6. Avatar

    Frank did call her a “s” word. There were other ppl around. Why does no one remind him of it so he realizes Day didn’t make it up.

  7. JadedMage

    I kind of wish they would do a season with half, under 30 and half over 30 myself. Some times it gets really boring for us Old folks to watch these all under 25 year olds try to manipulate like the masters!

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