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Big Brother 18- Overnight Recap 7/20

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Good morning! Sorry for my absence yesterday! I had to be somewhere in the morning and then I was celebrating my mom’s birthday. But I’m back and ready to relay to you everything that happened in the big brother house last night! There’s a scrolling message along the top of the page saying that feeds will be down longer than usual this week (after the live show) and to watch the battle back episode on Friday. My guess is they will be sending someone back in after the show ends and they don’t want to air it until Friday. It is likely that feeds will be down all day Friday to prevent feeders from finding out who came back but we’ll see.

  • 12:00am- Day, Michelle, and Z are in the HOH room talking about Tiffany.
    • Michelle says Tiffany is doing better now that she has a coach (Frank).
    • Day is saying it must be nice to sleep while you’re on the block because other people are doing your campaigning.
    • Michelle points out that it is the same person she called a dictator last week.
    • Day is explaining the process of double eviction to Z.
    • She is saying this is the worst week to go because you are so close to jury.
    • Z says that everyone here with the exception of Paul is a mega fan…I highly beg to differ.
    • They think if Glen had stayed and been HOH Frank could have gone home first because he wanted to put him up. I doubt it…he had plenty of protection that week.
    • They are hoping that Tiffany doesn’t come right back in the house after she is evicted this week.
  • 12:30am- Michelle is going to get a scrub for Z’s nose because she has dry skin from her first ever sunburn. What a horrible thing to happen…
    • Mostly everyone else is in the kitchen eating.
    • All cams are on the kitchen and there’s a mixture of chewing and random conversation. Forgive me if I skip ahead…
    • Michelle just noticed that the kitchen table got smaller. They’re all saying they barely noticed because they never eat there. They always sit at the island.
  • 1:00am- James wanted to take apart the island to try and get inside a hole in the middle. Frank says they’ll get a stop that very quickly.
    • They are getting ready to play hide and seek. Day goes in the storage room to count and everyone scrambles to hide.Untitled

      Z: "Can you see me?" No not at all...

      Z: “Can you see me?”
      No not at all…

    • Everyone is waiting for Day to come find them and Paul is peeking out from inside the’s kinda creepy:Untitled
    • Michelle is the first to be found hiding under the kitchen table.
    • Next she finds Nicole under the seats in the safari room and Paul jumps out at her and scares her:Untitled
    • She goes around and finds everyone and James and Natalie are last to be found so James says they aren’t have nots anymore. Lol I don’t think that’s how it works..
    • They are playing again with Nicole being it. Sorry…I’m not giving you a play by play this time.
    • Another round with Corey being it.
  • 2:00am- Looks like the game has ended. A large group is hanging out in the living room having random conversation about things like senior pranks, Jackass, and travelling.
  • 3:00am- Z and Michelle are in the HOH bed talking.
    • Michelle is saying that Paulie told her week one that he can’t stand Natalie.
    • They are talking about how the amount of time Z and Paulie have spent together probably equals to three months of dating in the real world.
    • They are discussing how when people reveal their “number” (of people they’ve been with) guys usually say it’s more than it really is and girls usually say it’s less.
    • Michelle said her number is 1.
    • Meanwhile, James, Paul, and Paulie are in the storage room discussing possible HOH comps. Their guesses are ball pit or ice rink.
    • James leaves. Paulie starts saying that Frank is coming after him so Tiff has to go this week. He knows Day is coming after him so a guy has to win this week because she will try to rally the girls.
    • He said they have to prep for double eviction and a guy has to win every HOH.
    • Paulie is getting worried about his thing with Z because he heard from Corey he heard from Nicole that Z wants him to kiss her.
    • He said he’s going to have a conversation with her about how he likes her and wants to pursue something outside of the house but he doesn’t want to start it in the house.
    • They came up with a secret hand signal where they make a P with their hand and throw it at each other twice for “PP” (Paul and Paulie)
  • 3:50am- Nicole, Corey, Z, Paulie, and Paul are in the HOH room talking about Bridgette and Frank.
    • They think it’s funny how people are trying to put heat on them for being in showmances but Frank and Bridgette are glued to each other and Frank is always sucking up to her.
    • Michelle joins and they are feeling sorry for Glen.
    • Michelle is wishing they would have picked Bronte for their team so Bridgette wouldn’t have been safe all this time.
    • Nicole is talking about how strategy was a lot different her season because they had battle of the block.
    • They group starts to break up as people leave to go to bed and there is just random conversation for  a while.
    • They talk about what friends are home are missing them and Michelle says she doesn’t have friends.
  • 5:30am- Everyone is in bed except Michelle who is in the safari room explaining to feeders that she is drinking her water….
    • She tells everyone that she wants Tiffany to go home and she ruined everything.
    • She’s excited for Thursday because they can finally put their Frank plan into action.
    • She says the ice rink comp would be ideal to throw.
    • She is telling us everything we already know about Tiffany.
    • Soon after she goes to bed

Check back later today for updates!


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