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Big Brother 18- Overnight Recap 7/27

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Here's the HOH fooling around while everyone else is playing Big Brother.

Here’s the HOH fooling around while everyone else is playing Big Brother.

Good morning everyone! I made the 7 hour drive up to Cape Cod yesterday and it is beautiful here! Unfortunately, the WiFi here is a little spotty so we’ll see how far into the feeds I can get before it stops working again. Going to keep things brief today.

  • 12:00am- A group in the kitchen is eating and talking about tea while Day and Michelle are talking about Michelle’s hometown outside.
    • After a few minutes of that the feeds switch to James and Natalie throwing things back and forth at each other in the HOH room while Paul and Paulie play chess.
    • Natalie is trying to remember what the date is and day in the house it is and James keeps saying I don’t know, maybe.
    • Back outside, Nicole is talking to Day how she got sprayed by a skunk once then complains about how she is gaining weight but can’t weigh herself and can only judge by chub rolls and neck rolls.
    • She asks Day if Frank has tried to campaign to her at all and Day says no and Nicole says not her either.
    • Day asks her if Frank tried to campaign to Corey and Nicole says that Frank told Corey not to trust her (Nicole). This is Day’s reaction:Untitled
    • Nicole says she’s done with Frank and does not trust him and she’s just going to ignore him and pray he doesn’t have the round trip ticket.
  • 12:30am- Frank comes out and is checking the time left on the laundry.
    • After a couple minutes they start talking about lock downs for comps and Frank points out that the set ups for the comps were more intricate than they realized because they were actually setting up the battle back too.
    • Nicole and Frank are both saying that they’ve gotten locked in the house a lot more this season than in their seasons.
    • Michelle and Day are saying that they smelled weed earlier and Michelle says maybe it’s legal now.
    • They start talking about what might be going on in the world that they don’t know about.
    • Michelle wants to know if they caught the guy from the Orlando shooting and then asks if they would be told if the US was going to war.
    • She jokes that Frank would get drafted.
    • Meanwhile, Bridgette and Z are in the kitchen having a meal together and actually holding a pleasant conversation.
  • 1:00am- Frank and Michelle are now alone talking in the backyard.Untitled
    • Frank is asking who is on board to vote out Bridgette and Michelle tells him Paulie, Z, and Corey would.
    • Frank said Corey told him Nicole would do it to if Frank talks to her about it.
    • Michelle is talking about all the reasons she doesn’t like Bridgette.
    • Meanwhile, Paul and Paulie are still playing chess and Day is with them whispering about getting Frank out.
    • She is saying Frank thinks she is responsible for flipping the house in Tiffany’s favoring two weeks ago.
    • Paulie is talking about how he doesn’t completely trust Corey because a lot of things he says regarding voting doesn’t make sense.
    • They are trying to figure out who would vote to keep Bridgette.
    • Day is discussing the ice cream comp and how it looked like Corey was throwing it but then had a look of panic on his face and changed his game play.
    • She doesn’t understand why he was so worried about being on the block and why he didn’t trust them to keep him.
    • They go back to talking about making sure Frank is getting voted out this week and they’re pretty positive they have all the votes they need but are worried about Frank trying to campaign with a different person every two seconds.
  • 1:45am- Nicole, Corey, and Frank are talking in the Tokyo room.
    • Nicole is calling him out for telling everyone not to trust her and says she’s never repeated anything that he told her.
    • Nicole says he’s blaming her for him going home and she has nothing to do with it and he says then tell me who to go after and I’ll do it.
    • Victor joins them and the conversation breaks up.
    • Nicole goes outside with Michelle and Z and says to Z she saw she was hanging out with Bridgette and that they’re like best friends now.
    • Z: Nah but I do eat that food she makes though.
    • Nicole says she doesn’t want to talk to Frank because she’ll get convinced to keep him.
    • Z is saying she doesn’t need to be swayed by him and not everything has to go his way like it did in his season.
    • Conversation switches to their showmances. Z says that Paulie makes her giddy and Nicole is saying that earlier Corey referred to her (Nicole) as his girlfriend.
    • Z said that one time when the music came on and they knew the feeds were off Paulie kissed her.
    • Frank comes out and they start talking about laundry.
    • Meanwhile, Day, Paul, and Paulie are still talking upstairs on the sky deck.Untitled
    • Day is telling Paulie that Frank and Bridgette think he controls the votes so he would be the best person to talk to them and see what information they will give him in order to secure votes the way they want.
    • They want to get Frank and Bridgette’s perspectives on Day, Nicole, and Corey.
    • It sounds like they are planning some staged conversation in front of the whole house where they air everything that Frank tells Paulie.
    • Paulie is going to talk to Frank and Paul is going to talk to Bridgette and compare notes.
  • 2:30am- All cams are in the backyard now.
    • Paul and Paulie are getting ready to play pool.
    • Frank and Bridgette are talking on the hammock.
    • Everyone is sitting around just hanging out for a while.
  • 3:00am- A large group has moved into the kitchen.
    • Frank and Bridgette are still on the hammock talking about random stuff.
    • Backyard cam switches to Nicole and Corey sitting in bed sitting in silence.
    • Skipping ahead a bit to find something interesting…
  • 3:30am- Paulie and Paul and now having their respective conversations with Frank and Bridgette. Paulie/Frank in the safari room Paul/Bridgette on the hammock.
    • Paulie/Frank:
      • Frank is talking about how Nicole lied about voting Bronte out and how she still hasn’t admitted to doing it.
      • Paulie says he’s worried about Corey’s judgement being clouded by his showmance. He says he isn’t clouded by Z but is worried about Day being in Z’s ear.
      • Paulie is saying he’s worried about being the only one to vote out Bridgette with Michelle and then getting shit for it afterwards.
      • He said he will talk to Z and Corey about possibly going against Bridgette.
      • Frank wants to find time to talk to Z too and make her comfortable that he’s not going after her.
      • After a couple minutes of discussing various votes Paulie says the girls are so paranoid he’d rather just pick them off and Frank agrees.
      • Paulie also says they’ll get Corey back if they clip Nicole from him.
      • Frank wants to split up James and Natalie. He says James isn’t playing the game right this summer and has turned into a floater.
    • Paul/Bridgette:
      • Paul starts off by making Bridgette promise that she’s not going to get hurt by what he says.
      • He says he threw the spices POV to her because he wanted her to take Bronte off the block.
      • He’s pointing out the Frank is the whole reason she went home and she says she didn’t know that at the time.
      • Paul tells him Frank wanted to take all three of the girls to the top because he knew he could pick them all off.
      • He tells her that Frank is a bully and will gladly call him out to his face if Bridgette wants to throw him under the bus to Frank.
      • He says he felt like he had to let her know that she was friends with a liar.
      • He tells her that Frank has been campaigning against her and was telling everyone that Bridgette wanted to go home.
      • He says he made sure he figured out the secret room riddle because he wanted to prevent Bridgette from using a possible diamond power of veto on Frank.
      • He tells her there’s a reason why people keep her in the dark because she is associated with the target.
      • He points out that Frank made her believe he was ready to just accept he was going home to keep her from campaigning and now the house is ready to vote her out because they all think she wants to go home.
      • Bridgette is mostly quiet with an occasional “but Frank told me…” and Paul is basically yelling at her to wake up.
      • He is encouraging her to call him out and start campaigning for herself. She is clearly shocked by all of this and says she is really hurt.
      • He tells her she can trust him, Paulie, and Day.
  • 4:20am- Both conversations have ended.
    • Frank comes out in the backyard and Paul is telling him he cleared up some things with Bridgette.
    • He says he just wanted to ask her if she really wanted to go home and that she told him she didn’t want to go home.
    • He is saying he’s tired of the he said she said because he’s a straight forward person and just wants things out in the open.
    • He flat out tells Frank that he doesn’t trust him and knows he has been lied to by him.
    • Meanwhile, Bridgette is talking to Day and Victor in the London room.
    • Day is basically confirming everything Paul told her and Bridgette is crying.
    • Bridgette is profusely apologizing for not believing that Frank called her and Z a slut.Untitled
    • Bridgette is finally opening her eyes and seeing what Frank is really like.
    • Day tells her she thinks Bridgette should talk to Frank and Bridgette says she is going to.
    • Day leaves the room and Day goes into the safari room with Michelle to tell her that Bridgette has been enlightened.
  • 5:05am- Paul comes into the London room and tells Victor and Bridgette that he told Frank he doesn’t have his vote.
    • Apparently someone put a bunch of baby powder on one of the beds and Paul is trying to brush it all off and it’s just forming a huge cloud in the air.
    • Bridgette hangs out in the London room for a while getting some comfort from Paul and Day.
    • She says she knew this would be her downfall that she is too trusting.
  • 5:42am- Bridgette is out by the hot tub and Frank joins her.
    • Frank is asking her what’s going on and she just keeps giggling at him.
    • She keeps giving him the silent treatment and finally Frank says you think I’m campaigning against you and she says yes.
    • She says she feels so silly because the whole house knows things she said to him.
    • Frank is saying to her that she needs to trust him.
    • Bridgette quietly brings up different things that she was told by Day or Paul that was apparently said by Frank.
    • Frank is trying to tell her that she said things in front of other people and that could have spread them.
    • She said is hurt and begs him to stop coming at her so hard right now.
    • She clearly doesn’t believe what he’s saying but just keeps saying it’s okay.
    • She seems to just want to move past it so they don’t have awkward confrontation anymore but obviously doesn’t feel the same way about him anymore and is hurting.

That’s all for now! Check back later for afternoon updates!


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