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Big Brother 18- Overnight Recap 7/31



Good morning everyone! Sorry for the long absence, the wifi up at the cape was horrible and made it pretty impossible to watch the live feeds and then yesterday morning I had to meet with my wedding venue. But I’m back and ready to give you some overnights for the next two weeks! On to the updates:

  • 12:00am- Z and Natalie are in the backyard talking about how Z’s dad left her before she was born.
    • “Ya boy” Paul comes out and is talking about how he’s the chillest HOH and there’s no paranoia on his reign.
    • They are hoping no one in the next four weeks has a ticket back into the house but think there will be a jury buy back anyway.
    • Meanwhile, Paulie is in the London room talking about how Victor is in the safari room by himself talking to the live feeders and asks if anyone else has done that. Michelle says she has.
    •  Paulie joins Paul and Z outside. Z is talking about how spoiled Victor seems.
    • Paulie asks Paul for some of his sparkling water but Paul says he’s not allowed to share anything with have nots. #sorrynotsorry
    • Z is still ranting about Victor and saying if it ever came down to him and someone else in the final two the other person wins her vote by default.
    • She is now talking about how Natalie is a floater and is just riding James’ game and it’s not fair to people like her that actually try. (Sorry Z I have yet to see you do anything more than Natalie in this game…)
  • 12:30am- Day comes out to talk with Z and Paul. They are talking about how far James made it last year.
    • They are talking about who they think could win the game and come up with James and Paulie.
    • Day said she would like to see the three of them plus James, Paulie, and Meech in the final.
    • She said she’s had a full year to think about her game play and wanted to make sure she got some loyal people on her side this time.
    • Paul says he’s not sure if Paulie is going to pull himself down but that it doesn’t matter because Bridgette is going home.
    • Day points out how chill the house is the week and Paul takes credit for it.
    • She goes inside and Paul goes over the pool table with Victor and Paulie.
    • They are saying they’re going to clip Day this week and clip Z next week.
    • Paulie said the only girls he’s worried about winning HOH are Nicole and Bridgette.
    • They are saying they can use Bridgette if she’s as loyal to them as she was to Frank.
    • Victor said he’s been roping her in.
    • Now Paul is pissed because he finds out that Michelle was telling people she thinks Paul has a good chance of winning the game. (Paul you literally just said to people you thought Paulie could win…how is that different?)
  • 1:00am- Paul goes inside and is replaced by Corey who is just standing there awkwardly watching them play pool:Untitled
    • Nothing going on so I switched to the bathroom cam to find a great conversation about Natalie’s lack of lash glue.
    • James said he’s going to swap her lash glue with gorilla glue. Sounds harmless.
    • Day and James go into the London room and Day is saying she heard that Paulie might not use the veto.
    • She says that she talked to Paul and that this week seems like it will be smooth and she feels like she has nothing to worry about.
    • Day tells James about the final 6 she had talked to Paul about outside and once it gets to that point she and James need to pick everyone else off.
    • They change the topic to jury and think this year it will be a 7 person jury.
  • 1:30am- James leaves and Z comes in and Day says she is trying to stay positive and mentions that Paul won’t give a direct answer about what will happen with veto.
    • Day thinks that Paulie will have a hard time cutting Corey because he likes him so much.
    • After a few minutes Z goes into the living and is just sitting on the couch with Paulie and James.
    • They are reminiscing about the first day of the season.
    • They talk about random things for a while and thing Victor comes by and talks about how he is constipated.
    • He and Paulie go to look for fiber pills.
  • 2:00am- James and Natalie are in the kitchen eating and chatting while Z and Michelle are in the bathroom grooming themselves.
    • There’s literally nothing going on so here’s a cute picture of James and Natalie:Untitled
    • They taste the fiber pills and Natalie says they taste like her grandma’s lipsticks. (Why does she know what that tastes like??)
    • They go into the bathroom and James whines at her to leave because he has to go to the bathroom and doesn’t want her to hear him.
    • They cuddle in the bathroom and talk about cleaning toilets for a little bit and then go to bed.
    • By 2:30 the whole house is asleep except James who is taking the opportunity to go to the bathroom.

I have to say that is the slowest and shortest night I’ve ever covered. But from the bit of game talk we had it sounds like the plan is still to backdoor Day and that she has no idea whatsoever.

Check back later for updates!


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  1. danmtruth

    One of the posters brought up Codey not being able to have his meds for ADD I dont know if this is true but I do remember past HG getting to take meds If memories serves Victoey in season 16 could not be on slop because of a medical condition She would be called into to the DR for her Meds Also i want to say Vannesa would be called in also So i’m not sure how accurate this he has his meds denied I find it hard to beleive production would hold back prescribe medication

    • Avatar

      Corey said they told him his add Meds would give him an unfair advantage so he said he wouldn’t take them. I know others in past have taken antidepressants and other Meds. Adderall is speed and for most people it probably would be advantage but for someone with ADD it just helps them to be more normal and does not give them advantage but he is at disadvantage without it. Adderall helps people with ADD FOCUS as they have a problem with concentrating and focusing without the Meds. I was always under the impression that Amanda was on antidepressants and ADD Meds. Lots of bb guests have been on Meds but seldom do they say what they are.

      • danmtruth

        Thank @trudy for the clarification. Not a doctor or claim to play one on TV but i would hope for his sake they talk to doctors and professionals in the field to come up with a conclusion . I’m sure it is something he has delt with all his life and he knows and understands his body. Brain chemistry and emotions are not something to play around with

      • Avatar
        Alisha Nichols (11 comments)

        Correct! I can’t believe if he has a true diagnosis of ADD/ADHA and a valid prescription they wouldn’t let him have it. As a person who does have ADD and takes Adderall I can speak from experience that I really don’t function well without it. My thinking can be jumbled and fuzzy and it definitely affects me socially.

      • Avatar

        Alisha Nichols, you’re explaining the exact symptoms Corey said he was having. I just can’t figure why he won’t take his meds. There’s something going on here.

    • NKogNeeTow

      I would think that it would be illegal to deny him his medication if he needs it. Seems like that would open them up to a lawsuit.

      • Avatar

        It’s not going to hurt him medically for him not to take them at this time but as Alisha says his thought process is not as sharp. That’s why he has those periods of just staring into space. He’s going to have hard time in comps esp those that require thought process. He will also have harder time concentrating on game strategy on figuring out what’s going on. People with ADD aren’t slow or special. They just figure things out differently than the rest of us and the adderall helps them focus their thought process. Whereas it would speed most of us up it kind of does the opposite with ADD. Helps their thought process even out so they can focus like the rest of us. Not having it will also affect his social game as others might think he’s not paying attention or listening to what they are tellin him. He might not be able to take in everything they say and process it the way others would. I remember ppl saying (I think Amanda or Vanessa) that it wasn’t fair they were on those Meds. Pretty sure it was Amanda but not positive about Vanessa. Maybe they changed their rules about it after that. Corey was probably given choice toget into house if he didn’t take. Or not go in if on Meds. ADD can function just really affects concentration and can’t focus well. Most would not realize it. Teacher would pick up on quickly

    • Avatar

      I read it on Jokers yesterday. Maybe he’s not telling her the truth, I dont know but he did say BB told him it was considered an advantage & he said he was fine without his meds but was having trouble focusing. Nicole told him he needs his meds & he said no, he was fine without it. It is possible that BB did not tell him he couldn’t have his meds. I know I wouldn’t go without mine.

      • Avatar
        RG (1 comments)

        Corey will be a walking zombie without his meds.
        To stop taking Adderall cold turkey can’t be a good idea.
        Sounds dangerous.

      • Avatar

        I read that too Ann and then the way he acts all made sense. I had thought he was just not getting enough sleep and that’s why sh was acting so spacey. It won’t hurt to go cold turkey. My grandson does not take Meds on weekend when not in school unless he was playing sports where he had to focus and pay attention

  2. danmtruth

    Hard to beleive that this house can keep the backdoor plan of DA a secret. Tho she might suspect something Da does not want to say anything .It would give them a reason to say she did not trust everyone. And why should you as everyonē must be eliminated for yo to win . Da keeps planting F/5 alliances and F/6 depending on who she talks too. With James she never mentions Nat That seems like a bad plan
    Now the two outsiders Bridget and Vic are just sitting back looking like Johnny Mac memorial pawn players for a backdoor of others
    Need Bronte and her math skills Will double eviction be before the end of the round trip ticket ? And will jury start before the double eviction night . Or on that night as usual
    Production best hope Last night to use the round trip ticket is used by second HG evicted on double eviction night

    • Avatar

      I want Da to go bye bye this week and I think it will happen yay and Z too next week god I hop so.Z does nothing in the house god she doesn’t that’s why I hate floaters in this season and I hope Nicole goes the week after Z and it looks like Bridget is safe this week and next week too that’s good she is the only girl to win HOH this season and I would be laughing if she wins again my god that would be hilarious the only girl in this season that the house hate cause the other girls in the house(expect Michelle god I hate her the one time she wins something is the Veto comp)don’t win anything has of right now and I hope it continues too cause Karma baby

      • Avatar

        The smart move would be for Paulie to get Paul to put up Z in his place, so that if he wins next week, he doesn’t have to even think about putting her up. But I’m not sure he really wants her gone.

      • Avatar

        Christina, I think Paulie wants to hurry & get Da out prejury otherwise she could taint the jury & get other members to vote against him.

    • NKogNeeTow

      I find it hard to believe too Dan. These people who usually can’t keep a secret if their lives depended on it. Now of all times, they decide to keep one…lol. I WANT them to let her know, but I know they won’t because they know how hard she might fight back.

  3. Katheryn
    Katheryn (94 comments)

    Not sure why to target Day . She is no worst than the others. Geez

  4. Katheryn
    Katheryn (94 comments)

    At least Da trying to play the game. Unlike all these showmances. Break those up first. Come on

    • Avatar
      Kola (32 comments)

      Well that’s exactly why to target her, she’s the only one playing the game. Winning for the other houseguest is secondary motivation. They either want to launch a careers, make jury, find a partner, be cool etc. With Day gone, it is smooth sailing for Paulie. Remember he was #Bred4This

    • danmtruth

      @Katheryn her playing is the reason The Godfather is targeting her. She is playing her own game and planting seeds of doubt about him to others She is being passively digressive in her talk with people First saying how they are all good to F/5 Than talks about Paulie targeting people in the group I stop saying alliance because they ALL seem to be working together
      Paulie seems to have switch his ride or die partner from Corey to Paul Either feeling Corey cant win a comp Or worried he is too big of a target with Nichole

      • Painter1
        Painter1 (599 comments)

        Days messages to evicted houseguests is right up there with everything the Messiah would say to me. Bye Day. Z saying Nat is a floater almost made me spit my coffee. At least Nat took one as a pawn. Z thinks playing with her lashes is a BIG thing I guess.

  5. Alda
    Alda (1952 comments)

    I don’t want Da to go either.I would much rather see Z,Nicole,corey and hopefully next round Paulie leave the house!!

    • NKogNeeTow

      Me too Alda. I want to see Da stay because I’d like to see if play out between her and The Godfather. Even though she can’t seem to win Comps, I think she is still one of the strongest players in the house and I’d like to see it come down to between the two of them.

  6. ChiKelz

    If Day goes, it would make sense for Victor to be next. Paulie is trying to get anyone out that is “playing the game”. The new Victor doesn’t seem to be playing as he was before. Imagine Day and Victor gone. You have 9 players left 6 of which are in a showmance and the 3 remaining Dora, Meech, and Paul aimlessly roaming around confused or following the orders of Paulie. I will not watch a bunch of people play house, vacation and lay around all day. I want to see strategy and people “playing the game”. I guess the “back door Day” came just in time for the Olympics! Woohoo!

    • danmtruth

      @ChiKetz i agree to a point I see Paul playing a good game Loud but keeps people off balance He has hitch his star to The Godfather but if he is not trying to hide behind the i just want to get to jury line
      Can Michelle get any more desperate ? Now she is trying to hookup with Paul ? She so badly wants to be in a showmance She agrees with what ever venom spews out of Zzz Those two game talk is who do they want to see go not because of strategic moves but who they dont like because they are getting close to their man

      • ChiKelz

        @danmtruth you a right also. After seeing Paul allow Paulie to run is HOH he may be in it to win the $500K, but at best he will get $50K for following the ORDERS of Paulie! I have him in the group of “following Paulies orders”! I guess there are leaders and followers in the world for a reason. LOL

    • Avatar
      Kola (32 comments)

      Bahahaha, ‘Dora’. That was hilarious.

  7. Avatar
    Donna (1 comments)

    Day is too loud. Screaming every time she is in the diary room.

    • NKogNeeTow

      So what? Paul is loud, and the “quiet” ones are just silently annoying.

      • Avatar

        I think if they go after Dae it’s just to keep her from coming after them. If they really want to get the “floaters out” they would need to go after Z, and Natalie, maybe Michelle, but at least she wont Otev, which got Frank out.

        Plus, if Dae leaves, while she isn’t my favorite, the house would just get boring.

        Sidebar, Z calling Natalie a floater is so sad. Does she honestly not know she’s a textbook floater. At least Natalie is doing well in comps, she’s come close a few times. Z on the other hand does nothing other than obsess over Paulie, get constantly jealous, and talk about herself.

      • ChiKelz

        @christina as the saying goes…”it takes one to know one”! Z definitely knows a floater when she sees one!

  8. Shivani33

    Now I’m understanding why Da’Vonne hasn’t shown worry about being put on the block yet. She is sure that Bridgette is the target and that this will be an easy eviction. Paulie even added to her sense of complacency by saying that he might not bother to save himself and that Bridgette going is a sure thing. Classic backdoor set-up, until the POV ceremony renomination. It still surprises me that she hasn’t sensed the vibes, with the change in peoples’ behavior, the lack of gametalk with her, etc. It also gets to me that none of her better pals in the house have given her a hint – like James or Michelle or Z. Da’Vonne is likely to feel the burn of betrayal really hard if/when she’s nominated. Paul seems to be completely on board with it, unless he’s planning to pull a huge surprise with the renomination. But that would screw his own game, so I’m pretty sure this is it for Mama Day. I feel for her. However she’s the one who did this to herself. And it’s not over ’til it’s over.

    • Avatar
      SRP91 (106 comments)

      Agreed. And that “chill” vibe in the house is about to go away because there’s no way she’s going to take it well. Perhaps now she’ll regret acting like a dick when previous people have been evicted? It would be justice if someone taped an exit video for her like that, but I’m guessing it would be lost on her.

    • Avatar

      Paul reminds me of a loud Andy. Goes around butting into all conversations and pretending he’s got your back and then running to Paulie with everything and even lying about things. Bri laying low cause Paulie told her to do it so all would think she’s all upset she’s going home and it’s useless to campaign. Nicole and Corey and maybe victor also laying pretty low going along with everything cause it’s too early to cause waves with Paulie unless they get into situation where they can make big move Nicole was almost going out the door next week because of frank and day so she’s laying low now also and Corey listening to her. Nat and z worste floaters than Victoria. Nat seems to be sweet girl but has said few nasty things lately. Z and mich just mean nasty girls. We got to see lots of nasty meanness out of bri with frank also. Too soon in game to see too much except that Paulie running game now but everyone else knows that also but they just don’t talk about it cause they don’t want it getting back to paulie

  9. Avatar
    Kp23 (51 comments)

    Here are my thoughts:

    DA should go this week….she’s actually playing the game but is a loose cannon and is very nasty when she is “winning”. If you play the game hard and well you don’t have to give up your class to do so.

    I agree that Z needs to go because she is annoying and a.major floater that hooked onto one of the better players but there is just one more person that has to go before her…..

    That person is Nicole. Nicole is playing both sides if the house socially but never wants to have to do any dirty work. Her whole summer is this ” showmance” and its getting really old.

    I think Bridgette has shown to be a major asset to the core people of the house and will intern lead her far in the game. Let’s not forget she has had an HOH win and came extremely close to another by holding her arm in the air that long. I see her going far in this house.

    Meeech or what I like to say the most judgmental person in the house. She might be the most ignorant and rudest person in a few seasons. She’s just miserable and it is keeping her off the radar. I think the players feel they can deal with her later. Might be a big mistake.

    Natalie is a genuine person or so it seems for the most part. Dating James seems to have strengthened her game for a little while but since she doesn’t win comps once they eliminate James she’s going to go too.

    James..James..James…Mr big move maker. James us low on everyone’s totem pole except for DA and she’s gone this week hopefully. He did what the house wanted by putting frank and Bridgette up but intern sealed his fate with trust if he was to ever make it to one of those final chairs. I think that will bit him later on big time.

    Victor….he’s playing smarter by keeping his mouth shut and being less annoying to the other house guests but I don’t think he’s safe at all. The only reason he will be here the next few weeks is cause they want to pick the girls off. Being vindictive instead of smart will always make you lose since he wants to nominate and embarrass the girls.

    Paulie is egotistical and the only thing saving him is that he wins comps. I think once the girls go…he’s going to have a hard time convincing people to follow his lead. Not as smart as derrick.

    Corey…well there isn’t much to say. He doesn’t really win comps..he doesn’t really make his own gameplay. He kinda just follows the group. But I think being with Nicole will damage his game as she has a tendancy to rock the boat.

    As for Paul…as annoying as he can be for some reason I see him in the finale. He weasels easily and seemed to bro up with the guys in the house.

    • NKogNeeTow

      I agree with most of what you say, but I’d still like to see Da stay because I think she’s the only one who could stand up to The Godfather. Only problem is, she trust him, and he and Nicole have been working the hardest to get her out of the house. I’m hoping that she wakes up before the votes, and realizes that he is NOT on her side, then fights, stays and goes after him.

      • Avatar

        You can vote 20 times/day for DaVonne to win the care package this week. It allows her to eliminate 2 eviction votes of her choosing.

    • Avatar

      I agree with much of what you say except foe Nichole, Corey and bri. Paulie will be around at the end or near the end. For some reason most lime Paul so I’m unsure about him. The only reason Nichole will be cut is if Paulie thinks she is threat because of Corey’s closeness to her. And she’s playing smarter game than last year if she wasn’t with Corey she might have been out by now because she is considered a threat by all (whether she really is or not). Just being a repeater puts mark on you. Think Cody and Derrick told Paulie to hitch up with the vets.

  10. Avatar
    Cyn (1 comments)

    Everyone saying Z needs to go because she’s a major floater, that is the truth. But Nicole floating rt beside and she’s a very doing the same dance her season. I want anyone to win but Paulie. I cannot stand him anymore. He think he’s won alrdy and untouchable! These other HG’s need to wake up.

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  12. Shivani33

    Paulie said awhile back that Nicole is his next target after Day. But very recently, he had a private talk with Corey about nominating Paul and Michelle together. He might have been just making Corey feel safe about himself and Nicole. On the other hand, Michelle is definitely on the list to go. Furthermore, Paulie isn’t as pleased with Paul as he was. I think that he knows Paul will continue to be a stronger opponent than Corey or Nicole could be. With less players to deal with and a DE to come, why not keep getting the stronger personalities out of the house? Paul would be a good one to knock out during a double eviction if it’s possible. I don’t think Paulie appreciated Paul’s determination to nominate Bridgette OR his lack of obedience about Paulie’s decisions, sense of hegemony, ultimate power and say-so.

  13. AIO_7

    Thanks for the updates, Amy.

    On another note…. they better leave my Natalie alone.

    • NKogNeeTow

      You and your Natalie…lol

      • AIO_7

        I’ve watched her; the vanity of fake boobies aside, she is a genuinely nice person. She is also bi-lingual.

    • Avatar
      tammy (17 comments)

      she’s definitely the nicest girl in the house. i find Z and Michelle unbearable! Z’s attitude towards other girls who even look at Paulie and Michelle’s attitude towards Bridge bc of her weirdo obsession for Frank. They are both pathetic! Not only do they stink at playing the game but so do their personalities! Z comments that she wouldn’t want the have-not pass…well i doubt she’ll get ANY of the care packages! ugh… they both just about the crap out of me and I would just love to see ’em both out!

  14. Avatar
    Whatswrongwithpeople (6 comments)

    At a certain point im just gonna have to figure out a way to get behind Paulie winning this season. He really is the only one playing the complete game. I dont find him entertaining but if he continues to keep people in line through the final weeks when 500k is within reach i might be able to enjoy it from a respect aspect.

    • Avatar
      Whatswrongwithpeople (6 comments)

      Otherwise this whole house is a disappointment. The only one whos done anything and also has the excuse of not being a BB fan is Paul and hes so hard to not hate. Nic, James > pathetic, Day > playing hard too early isn’t better than being a floater its just more entertaining for us to watch, she still played a stupid game and has ab arrogant false sense of accomplishment. Idk of i could overlook Pauls straight out snitch-ness like i might be able to overlook Paulies growing ego if he ends up backing up the talk.

      • Painter1
        Painter1 (599 comments)

        Don’t remember Derrick being so entertaining on his win ,he was always calculating his next move and getting others to think it was their idea. Stratagizing is a game in itself.

      • Avatar
        Whatswrongwithpeople (6 comments)

        Agreed, at first Paulie annoyed the shit out of me but hes controlling everything and taking risks, backing up things with comp wins, had a side showmance, a bromance, and is considered the leader of the majority and hasnt been a target since week 1. Hes boring but his strategic gameplay is impressive.

  15. NKogNeeTow

    If they are going to have a 7 person Jury, they will need to send at least 1 more person HOME, before Jury starts. That might be why they want Da out now. Because they are afraid of what she might do (sway votes) in the Jury House.

  16. Shivani33

    Zakiyah got cosy with Paulie last night and made suggestions about who needs to go. It was ridiculous when she began snarking on the floaters! I don’t know how Paulie kept a straight face. Also, she told him that Paul is dangerous and needs to go asap. Today, Paulie told Paul and the band of merry men what Z. said, and they all laughed their hind ends off. Paulie said her floater snark was Z.’s attempt to save Da’Vonne. No. ( If she wanted to save her friend, she would have personally gone and had a talk with Da’Vonne.) Zakiyah is all caught up in being Paulie’s queen. Now Paulie has given Paul the fuel to do his dirty work and throw Zakiyah to the curb, and he can sit back and enjoy it and not look like the bad guy.

    • NKogNeeTow

      I don’t care WHO gets rid of her. I’m like Nike….JUST DO IT!

    • Avatar
      Gerardo (2748 comments)

      If these people were smart they would use this opportunity to rally behind Day this week so that she could stay in the house and come after Paulie hardcore. But of course, that will never happen in this house of non-players.

      • Avatar

        Let’s help DaVonne win the care package this week, allowing her to eliminate 2 eviction votes of her choosing. Maybe that would give someone a chance a/g The Godfather.

    • Avatar
      Dwitty1 (1 comments)

      You didn’t hear the rest of their convo on the live feeds. Paulie turns around and tells Paul that it was Michelle who said that to Z, then Z told him. So Paul is **pissed** at Meech, not Z. Paulie is just trying to get rid of Z’s closest allies to bring her closer in. The boys talked about this a couple weeks ago (showmancers keeping their ladies close), but Paulie is doing it without making Z the direct target. So he’s showing the boys that he has their back by saying Z’s got to go (don’t worry guys. Bros before chics. See? My game is so important that I am willing to sacrifice my girl), then immediately turns around and puts heat on another girl and away from Z. He did that with Day (he told Paul that he tries to keep Z away from Day so Day can’t game talk too long with Z and sway Z away from him. Also, he blames Day for trying to sabotage his relationship with Z and has said that to all of the guys. See last week’s drama and conclusion) and now Meech. He keeps telling the boys that the girls are getting in Z’s ears. He also said, get rid of the girls and Z will be 100% on his side. Believe me, based on his convos, me not having selective hearing when watching the feeds, and thinking like a competitive man who wants one of the hottest chics he’s ever canoodled with and $500k, he actually wants Z to stay…..except when she pisses him off, but that’s just talk. He gets over it. Boy’s possessive and enamoured by Z. He intends on Z being the last girl standing. Paulie is playing hard. People have to read between the lines, see his big picture, and remember that he is a competitive sportsman. He’s not trying to hurt Z and KNOWS her mom is watching the live feeds and he doesn’t want to piss her off. He’ll have to do A LOT of explaining after the show. Paulie is not dumb and not a bad guy. He’s a good guy. He wants Z and the $500k.

      Z is not a floater. She plays the game and guns to win comps, unlike Natalie. She’s just a bad competitor. If she can manage to stick around, she’ll do better because she is trying. Her social game is not bad and most of the house likes her (Exceptions: Corey is a “Bro” who rather hang with guys than girls, so no chic is good for his boy Paulie. He doesn’t like that Z distracts P, but that’s another Bro mindset; Vic doesn’t like Z because Z doesn’t like him, but he doesn’t dislike her more than she does him; and Brigette doesn’t like Z because Z is rude to her). She plants seeds and observes people. She gets foggy with Paulie, but he’s trying to keep his game tactics to himself.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Z is playing the game? What game are YOU watching?

      • Avatar
        Whatswrongwithpeople (6 comments)

        I dont think Dwitty is actually watching the season… no way could someone watch and not realize Z is a useless floater. Paulie doesn’t care about her after shes revealed her pathetic needy side, if shes last woman it doesnt matter he has no intentions on being with Z outside the house and if he brought her to the end itd only be so the jury would have no choice but to vote 7-0 in his favor for the 500k. Hes using her now because she doesnt matter to him.

  17. Avatar
    Cyn (782 comments)

    I think paulie wld be interested in Z outside the house but he’s seeing her jealousy side and may be turned off by her now. However, none of us will ever know what will happen with these two after BB ends.

  18. Avatar

    Let’s help DaVonne win the care package this week, allowing her to eliminate 2 eviction votes of her choosing. Maybe that would give someone a chance a/g The Godfather.

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