Good morning everyone! Sorry for the long absence, the wifi up at the cape was horrible and made it pretty impossible to watch the live feeds and then yesterday morning I had to meet with my wedding venue. But I’m back and ready to give you some overnights for the next two weeks! On to the updates:

  • 12:00am- Z and Natalie are in the backyard talking about how Z’s dad left her before she was born.
    • “Ya boy” Paul comes out and is talking about how he’s the chillest HOH and there’s no paranoia on his reign.
    • They are hoping no one in the next four weeks has a ticket back into the house but think there will be a jury buy back anyway.
    • Meanwhile, Paulie is in the London room talking about how Victor is in the safari room by himself talking to the live feeders and asks if anyone else has done that. Michelle says she has.
    •  Paulie joins Paul and Z outside. Z is talking about how spoiled Victor seems.
    • Paulie asks Paul for some of his sparkling water but Paul says he’s not allowed to share anything with have nots. #sorrynotsorry
    • Z is still ranting about Victor and saying if it ever came down to him and someone else in the final two the other person wins her vote by default.
    • She is now talking about how Natalie is a floater and is just riding James’ game and it’s not fair to people like her that actually try. (Sorry Z I have yet to see you do anything more than Natalie in this game…)
  • 12:30am- Day comes out to talk with Z and Paul. They are talking about how far James made it last year.
    • They are talking about who they think could win the game and come up with James and Paulie.
    • Day said she would like to see the three of them plus James, Paulie, and Meech in the final.
    • She said she’s had a full year to think about her game play and wanted to make sure she got some loyal people on her side this time.
    • Paul says he’s not sure if Paulie is going to pull himself down but that it doesn’t matter because Bridgette is going home.
    • Day points out how chill the house is the week and Paul takes credit for it.
    • She goes inside and Paul goes over the pool table with Victor and Paulie.
    • They are saying they’re going to clip Day this week and clip Z next week.
    • Paulie said the only girls he’s worried about winning HOH are Nicole and Bridgette.
    • They are saying they can use Bridgette if she’s as loyal to them as she was to Frank.
    • Victor said he’s been roping her in.
    • Now Paul is pissed because he finds out that Michelle was telling people she thinks Paul has a good chance of winning the game. (Paul you literally just said to people you thought Paulie could win…how is that different?)
  • 1:00am- Paul goes inside and is replaced by Corey who is just standing there awkwardly watching them play pool:Untitled
    • Nothing going on so I switched to the bathroom cam to find a great conversation about Natalie’s lack of lash glue.
    • James said he’s going to swap her lash glue with gorilla glue. Sounds harmless.
    • Day and James go into the London room and Day is saying she heard that Paulie might not use the veto.
    • She says that she talked to Paul and that this week seems like it will be smooth and she feels like she has nothing to worry about.
    • Day tells James about the final 6 she had talked to Paul about outside and once it gets to that point she and James need to pick everyone else off.
    • They change the topic to jury and think this year it will be a 7 person jury.
  • 1:30am- James leaves and Z comes in and Day says she is trying to stay positive and mentions that Paul won’t give a direct answer about what will happen with veto.
    • Day thinks that Paulie will have a hard time cutting Corey because he likes him so much.
    • After a few minutes Z goes into the living and is just sitting on the couch with Paulie and James.
    • They are reminiscing about the first day of the season.
    • They talk about random things for a while and thing Victor comes by and talks about how he is constipated.
    • He and Paulie go to look for fiber pills.
  • 2:00am- James and Natalie are in the kitchen eating and chatting while Z and Michelle are in the bathroom grooming themselves.
    • There’s literally nothing going on so here’s a cute picture of James and Natalie:Untitled
    • They taste the fiber pills and Natalie says they taste like her grandma’s lipsticks. (Why does she know what that tastes like??)
    • They go into the bathroom and James whines at her to leave because he has to go to the bathroom and doesn’t want her to hear him.
    • They cuddle in the bathroom and talk about cleaning toilets for a little bit and then go to bed.
    • By 2:30 the whole house is asleep except James who is taking the opportunity to go to the bathroom.

I have to say that is the slowest and shortest night I’ve ever covered. But from the bit of game talk we had it sounds like the plan is still to backdoor Day and that she has no idea whatsoever.


Check back later for updates!