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Big Brother 18- Overnight Recap 7/8

This weeks nominations?
This weeks nominations?

Good morning! I have to say I am disappointed with how the HOH played out last night. I was really looking forward to the “Get Frank Out” plan and instead we’re going to be watching “Frank’s Puppet Show”. But this is the Big Brother house and we all know that things change on a dime. Here are the updates from last night:

  • 10:30pm- Tiffany is in the living room with Paul talking about how she is Vanessa’s sister. She said everyone in the house knows now.
    • She was waiting for Victor to leave before she told the last four people that didn’t know.
    • Now Paul is saying he is expecting to be on the block. He hopes he’s not obviously but he is prepared.
    • He said he’s like a pro at being on the block at this point.
    • Meanwhile, Frank is talking to Natalie and James in the have not room about Tiffany.
    • He is saying he can’t believe Tiffany is running around telling everyone her secret and thought she would want to lay low.
    • He said he wants to say some things to her tomorrow to make her extra frazzled.
    • Now they are trying to figure out who will be have nots this week. Frank is wondering if instead of punishing a full team, maybe they will give it to the first four people out in the comp.
    • Now Frank is saying that if it weren’t for the contract saying you can’t play BB if you’re related to production, he would think Bridgette is related to Julie.
    • James is asking Frank if Bridgette is going to put up Tiffany right away or back door her. Frank said she is just going up initially.
    • James doesn’t think there’s a chance she’ll win veto because she doesn’t do well under pressure.
    • Frank is throwing out an idea to backdoor Corey in the rare event that Tiff wins veto.
    • Paul comes in and is mocking Tiffany and how she told him about her secret.Untitled
  • 11:05pm- Natalie is in the kitchen with Nicole talking about how relieved she is that victor is gone.
    • Frank comes in and starts stuffing his face with grapefruit. Gross.
    • Nicole goes into the Tokyo room and is now getting a neck massage from Corey.
    • Everyone is just sitting around waiting for Bridgette to get her HOH room.
    • Paul is going around telling people he’s pissed because he can’t find his headband.
    • He said if he doesn’t find it he’s going to pee on Frank in his sleep.
    • Nicole and Corey are expecting to be have nots and everyone is telling them to eat as much as they can until it is announced.
  • 12:00am- Everyone is still waiting for HOH.
    • In the Tokyo room Z and Corey are examining the art on the walls.
    • Z spots a girl with blue hair and says she’s going to be her for Halloween.
    • In the kitchen, Paul and Bridgette are baking coffee slop cookies.
    • Paul is telling Day about a burger place that makes a PB&J burger that is apparently phenomenal.
    • Bridgette finally gets called to the diary room and everyone starts cheering:Untitled
  • 12:20am- HOH room time!Untitled
    • And cue the awwing
    • Breaking news: Bridgette got big brother socks.
    • Bridgette reads her letter and gets through it without tears. There’s no way I could do that.
    • Everyone is trying some of her seaweed chips. Nicole sneakily gives the rest of hers to Michelle.
    • At around 12:50 people start to go back downstairs.
    • Down in the bathroom Day is ranting about something but we don’t get to hear what it is. She’s clearly pissed about something.
  • 12:55am- James pulls Nicole and Corey into the London room to tell them about how Frank was plotting to backdoor Corey potentially.
    • They move to the Tokyo room and Z joins them.
    • They are all talking about how they really need to get Frank out of the house.
    • James finds out from Corey that Frank said something about him and Day having kids and gets really mad.
    • They’re saying that Day can’t find out he said anything because she will lose control and say something to him.
    • Figure out what happened with Day. Apparently Frank said to her “shut your damn mouth woman” and she’s pissed. She got called to the DR and is getting ready to go but first went into the have not room with Nicole, Z, and Michelle and started crying. She’s mad that he said that and that he called her a slut.
    • She said she is trying to keep calm because she doesn’t want to be Da’Vonne from last year.Untitled
    • They are talking about how they were such big fans of him on season 14 but that he’s a miserable person and needs to go.
    • They’re mad that he keeps insulting people and slapping people’s ass.
    • Corey comes in and says they should just go tell Bridgette about how he is but they tell him not to because she’s a rat.
    • Tiffany then comes in and people immediately start telling her how good she’s doing and asking her if she’s okay.
    • Tiffany starts laughing and says “I’m not Vanessa! Stop!” (Coulda fooled me…)
    • Apparently Bridgette kicked everyone out of her room and people are mad because it’s not fair.
  • 1:15am- Up in the HOH room the spy girls and Frank are talking about Tiffany and how much of a wild card she is.
    • Frank is saying that all Tiffany says to people is “Are you okay? How are you doing” and that she’s always trying to get information and never giving any.
    • They are now telling Bronte how well she did staying calm when she was on the block.
    • Frank leaves and Bronte is telling Bridgette the best thing for her is to put up Tiffany and Paul.
    • Bridgette is wondering if she should warn Paul beforehand and they tell her to ask the puppet master (Frank) what to do.
    • Now they are trying to help Bridgette plan her nomination speech.
    • Tiffany comes in and asks to talk to Bridgette so Bronte and Natalie leave.
    • Bridgette’s voice instantly changes and gets all high pitched and bubbly. So annoying.
    • They start off with pointless small talk.
    • Tiffany starts telling her that she always wanted to work with her but that she will always have her back.
    • Bridgette is basically just saying yeah to everything.
    • Paul interrupts to bring Bridgette of bite of the coffee slop cookies they made.
    • When they get back to the conversation Bridgette tells Tiffany shes really up in the air and has no strategy for being HOH.
    • Tiffany is playing the girl power card.
    • Finally they hug and the conversation is over. I don’t think it made a difference.
  • 1:35am- Frank goes into the bathroom to talk to Nicole. Apparently he saw Day come out of the DR and smacked her butt and she yelled something at him and he’s really confused about why she’s so mad.
    • Nicole is telling him she think’s that Day is just really worked up and worried about what’s going on in the house.
    • Meanwhile, James is in the have not room with Natalie. They are talking about how Frank is causing a lot of chaos in the house.
    • James tells her about the kid comment that Frank made. Apparently he said that he wouldn’t want them (Day and James) in jury because they have kids.
    • James tells Natalie that Day is crying and she asks him if he’s pranking her.
    • He says that he just needs to stay away from Frank for a while.
    • Day finally comes out of hiding to go wash her face in the bathroom. On her way there, literally everyone is asking her if she’s okay.
    • People are starting to get ready to go to bed because tomorrow is going to be a long day with nominations and road kill (or as they call it “Roach Coach”)
    • Day starts venting to Tiff and Z about all the stuff that Frank has be doing and saying to her.
  • 2:00am- Day is walking to the have not room to go to bed and Paulie sees her and apologizes for what has been happening and asks her if she minds him saying something to Frank. She says she doesn’t care.
    • Day goes into the have not room and James, Natalie and Bronte are in there.
    • James said someone needs to say something to Frank.
    • Day is repeating everything that Frank has said and done to her: slapped her on the ass four times, “Titties sittin right”, “Shut your damn mouth woman”, “slut”
    • Natalie is shocked by the way he was acting.
    • Day said that DR told her that they were going to talk to a supervisor about it.
    • Day is saying that she doesn’t want her daughter to see these episodes one day and think it’s okay for a man to treat a woman that way.
    • Natalie and Bronte feel really bad for her and give her a hug.
    • Meanwhile, Paulie goes into the HOH room where Frank is and Frank asks if Day is alright. Paulie tells him he actually was coming to talk to him about that and takes him out onto the sky deck.
    • Paulie tells him that Days not making a big deal of the situation but wanted to let him know that it doesn’t sit right with him.
    • Frank says that’s just the way he grew up.
    • Paulie explains that Day is upset because she doesn’t want her daughter to see that stuff.
    • Frank says he’ll apologize to her tomorrow.

The rest of the night is mostly just random conversation until people go to sleep. It will be interesting to see how Frank’s apology to Day plays out. Stay tuned for updates on nominations and road kill today!


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  1. Avatar

    I didn’t realize Frank was such a creep. I wasn’t a fan of him in his season and I’m not a fan now.

    • Jenny M

      I think this type of behavior is probably why I hated him for the first half of his season. It’s not okay. And that crap about “it’s just the way I grew up” is BS. People use that as an excuse for saying racist things, too. Not okay.
      If a guy was saying that kind of stuff to me and slapping my ass, I would tell him where to go and what to do with himself in no uncertain terms. I hope BB will set him straight and tell him to knock it off NOW.

  2. Avatar

    I liked Frank but now, idk. Looks like he could get into trouble if he keeps on. He better calm down and watch his P’s & Q’s.

  3. Avatar

    Paulie looked great during last night’s HOH competition. His hair looked really good and those jeans nicely showed off the Calafiore assets. (Cody is still hotter–and sweeter)

  4. Elaine

    I now feel really sorry for Frank’s gf/wife. Obviously this is the way he treats women in the real world. Those behaviors just don’t start in the BB house. He seems to be one of those men that shrugs it off and blames everything (such as his upbringing) but himself. His forced apologies when it is brought to his attention are empty and self-serving. I really expected better from Frank….oh well

    • Jenny M

      EXACTLY! I want to believe he’s a decent guy but this behavior is unacceptable. At least he’s not trying to set fire to a live animal. (See Corey for that “hilarious” story)

  5. Avatar

    Can the winner of roadkill nominate anybody excluding HOH?

  6. Shivani33

    It’s strange to me that Bridgette the”rat” HOH wouldn’t be let in on how Frank has been inappropriate. I’d think at least Bronte and Natalie would tell her. Bridgette is being cut off, especially from the other women, if this factor of Frank’s personality isn’t shared with her. To me, it’s a missed opportunity to give her something to think about as HOH, even if she doesn’t change her nominations. Everyone in the house knows about it except her? Yet she might be a rat about it? Ridiculous. Who would she really rat out when the whole house knows that Frank crossed a certain line with Day? Also, good for Paulie that he was willing to give Frank a scolding. Here’s hoping Frank sincerely apologizes. It won’t change much for him and how people already view him, but it could clean up one mess.

    • Jenny M

      Yes, I’m not really a big fan of Paulie but I am very impressed that he stood up to Frank and said this is NOT OKAY. I hope Frank really thinks about it and realizes how wrong he is.

    • Avatar

      Bridgette is a puppet and doesn’t seem to have any original thoughts. She is under Frank’s spell. She runs her mouth to tell him everything. They all know it.

  7. Avatar

    Da should have said something to Frank herself about his inappropriate behavior towards her. If her daughter does happen to see that on the show one day what is she going to think about her mother letting that snake get away with touching & talking to her that way. I could not have bit my tongue in that situation. This shows the kind of person that asshole is in his everyday life & how & what he thinks of women. That very well may be the way he was raised but he has got to have sense enough to know that all women are not going to put up with that bull-shit. He just haven’t came across the right one who would slap the pee waddling shit out of him for calling her out of her name or for putting his slimmy paws on her ass. Obviously his girlfriend doesn’t mind him touching other women like that. Wow, I wonder how he treats her?

    • Jenny M

      I think being on BB makes people a little squeamish about calling someone out for bad behavior. I bet Day would have set him straight if this had happened outside the house. At least she told people, and the DR, so someone can explain to Frank what he has done wrong. Better for Day’s game if someone else is the one to call him out for it.
      When I was young and cute I was in a bar and a guy I didn’t know came up behind me and put his hand on my ass while I was talking to some friends. I turned around and yelled at him to get his hands off me and get the f*** away from me, and how DARE HE think it was okay to touch me!!! All he could do was slink away while everyone else just stared at him. Ladies, stand up for yourselves!!!

  8. Shivani33

    @Ann Day said she didn’t want to endanger her game by losing her temper this year, so she struggled with controlling herself and not giving Frank a piece of her mind. But, like you, I would have confronted him personally and made sure that there were household witnesses watching.

    • Avatar

      For me it would’ve been automatic jerk reflex & I would’ve slapped the shit out of him knowing he would probably swing back at me knocking me into next week but I damn sure would’ve tried. I understand she’s trying to keep her cool & trying to accomplish what she came there for.U FIGHT DA, U SO DESERVESO MUCH BETTER+

  9. Avatar

    Day lost her cool last season and it cost her the game. Even though she basically said what the house was thinking, people used these things (and will continue to do so) as a reason to boot someone. They become fearful that Da will one day expose their bad behaviors. She is right to stay quiet this time around.

  10. Shivani33

    Bridgette has started coming out from under Frank’s influence and said that she doesn’t want to be played by Frank and Paulie, will get Bronte off the block if she can and will put up Corey. Lots of “ifs” here, but at least she’s showing signs of thinking for herself now. Plus, she’s aghast at the way Frank acted with Da’Vonne. It’s good that somebody let her know. Michelle is offended over some snarky remark that Bridgette made about her eyebrows, which someone repeated to Michelle. This is probably not funny, but it is.

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