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Just hangin around in the Big Brother house

Big Brother 18- Overnight Recap 8/1

Just hangin around in the Big Brother house
Just hangin around in the Big Brother house

Hey everyone! I have to ask…how on earth is it August already?!? I feel like the summer just started. Lucky for the bb crew, they get an extra month of summer! Let’s see what happened last night:

  • 12:00am- Victor, Paul, and Corey are in the HOH room talking about what happens when you when the lottery.
    • Feeds switch to the kitchen where Michelle and Bridgette are talking and smoothing over their relationship.Untitled
    • They both apologized for everything that’s happened between them and acknowledge that BB wouldn’t put people in the house that are compatible and they understand that they are different people.
    • Then they start talking about having gas problems and that it is part of the big brother experience.
    • We have quite a lot of people having issues with their stomach lately…
    • Bridgette says that Frank said it was no different for him.
    • Michelle is explaining to Bridgette how awesome the live feeds are and telling her about different websites that talk about big brother. (Hey, where’s the BBJ shoutout?!)
    • Bridgette is talking about how lucky she is to be in the house because she applied on a whim because it sounded fun.
    • She says she fan girled over the medic that helped her and gets yelled at for talking about production.
    • Their conversation breaks up and Michelle goes to the have not room while Natalie and Bridgette head into the storage room for snacks.
  • 12:30am- Paulie goes into the have not room where Michelle and Nicole are getting ready to sleep.
    • He says he’s going to get a snack and then come back to go to sleep and mentions how he’s excited he gets to sleep in between Nicole and Michelle.
    • Feeds switch back to the kitchen where Paul sneaks up behind Natalie and pulls her chair back scaring her:Untitled
    • Back in the have not room we have Nicole and Corey cuddling in a bumper car, Z picking at her eyelashes, and Michelle is cracking jokes.
    • Paulie comes back and gives Z a pickle and she says “Hey babe, I missed you” then proceeds to wink at him and take a bite out of her pickle.Untitled
    • The camera man zooms in on the pickle….
    • Paulie and Z get into a conversation about nipples and shortly after Z, Michelle, Corey, and Nicole go to sleep.
    • In the kitchen Natalie suggests that the girls and guys swap clothing and Natalie starts impersonating Paul as a girl, dancing around and singing.
    • Then Paul starts copying’s pretty funny lol
    • Natalie says then he’ll suddenly turn into a demon when he gets his period and this is Paul acting out that lovely scenario:Untitled
  • 1:00am- Nicole comes into the kitchen and she and Paul start playing a game where they have to make funny comments at each other and try not to laugh.
    • Natalie is trying to show Nicole how to do it but starts laughing at everything she says.
    • They’re taking turns trying to beat Paul but laugh instantly every time.
    • Meanwhile, Z has gone into the bathroom with Paulie. He plays around and tickles her and then lifts up the blanket she’s under and she freaks out because apparently she wasn’t wearing a shirt and now America has seen her boobs.
    • Paulie is shocked and asks why she didn’t tell him.
    • She is whining and Paul is trying to reassure her. Honestly I don’t think the cameras picked it up at all.
    • She goes to the bedroom to sulk for a little bit while everyone else is still in the kitchen playing the laughing game.
  • 1:30am- All cams in the kitchen watching the laughing game. They are trying to find someone who can beat Paul.
    • Paulie starts on some weird detailed dirty talk about Paul’s beard and his balls. Paul is trying really hard not to laugh but succeeds.
    • On Paulie’s next turn he just stares at Paul and farts and they both laugh at the same time.
    • The game continues for a while and then Natalie and Bridgette move to the living room where they are laying on the floor with their legs against the wall to try and alleviate Natalie’s gas pain.
  • 2:00am- Nurse Bridgette is explaining to Natalie what gas pains feel like and how it happens and is trying to help Natalie get rid of it.
    • Bridgette leaves and Z replaces her with a new technique…rocking back and forth on hands and knees:Untitled
    • Naturally, everyone is laughing at them.
    • Fish come on for a while and when they return Victor is going up behind people and making fly sounds in their ears.
  • 2:30am- Z and Bridgette are talking in the living room about people being crazy during full moons.
    • Paulie, Paul, and James are in the backyard playing pool and talking about who to evict after Day.
    • They are saying if Bridgette doesn’t win HOH next week then she’s not useful to them anymore and they will get her out and if she does win they can use her to take a shot at someone other than the three of them.
    • They are discussing what to do with the information they got from Frank, Day, and Bridgette about Nicole.
    • They agree that they are not her target right now but once they pick off the people she wants out they’ll be in danger.
    • Paul thinks Nicole is the biggest threat of all the girls even though he likes her the most.
    • He thinks they need to take that shot when the opportunity comes. Paulie says they’ll get her after Day, Bridgette, and Z are gone but Paul thinks that’s too late.
    • They are asking James if he threw OTEV because he’s hearing it from other people and James denies it and gives some story about being confused over wording.
    • Paulie points out that OTEV is half luck, half mental, and half physical…hmm something’s not adding up here.
  • 3:00am- Paulie is talking about how Victor found out about the fake guys alliance that was made up a few weeks ago and apparently wanted to make it a real thing.
    • Corey apparently agreed and wanted to name it The Executives and each guy would have a different position (ceo, vice president, treasurer…)
    • They are talking about how Victor is too cocky and overly confident both about the game and also about his future outside of the game.
    • Paulie is telling them how casting directors of non-reality TV shows don’t work with people from reality shows.
    • Z joins them and they stop talking about anything intersting.
  • 3:30am- All cams are in the backyard and they’re still playing pool and talking about random things.
    • They are discussing past America’s favorite winners.
    • After a while they go inside for showers and snacks.
    • We have a mixture of random conversation, chewing, and silence for quite a while.
    • Around 4:30 the randomness moves up to the HOH room.
    • James talks about what it’s like to be a jury member on finale night.

That’s about it for now! Check back later for updates!


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  1. Has Da figured out she is gonna be back doored

    • She knows she’s going up but she thinks Bridgette is the target.

      • I can not figure out how I feel about this move. I really wanted Day to go further, but see how Bridget could be good for Paulie to keep…. since he’s making the decisions and all. At this point in the game, I’m disappointed in both James and Nicole for being boring and the showmances. But I’d like to think they’d make some big moves here soon. So I think DaVonne could be good for James’ game. I really don’t care to watch/keep Michelle, Corey or Z. Corey would maybe be completely different if he is indeed not taking his ADD meds. More motivated and less blah…. So basically I’m just rambling thoughts. I’m new to posting and have no real strategic insight into the game. LOL. I just like to watch and want it to be interesting. I got sucked in on YouTube the other day watching the “Top BB Moments” type stuff and was reminded of all the ups and downs of Season 14 (I think?) with Dan, Boogie, Ian, Britney, Danielle, Shane…. Frank too? Anyhow that was a way more interesting summer!!

      • Colby

        She has been told that Bridgette is the target, but I’m not sure she believes that. She just has no proof otherwise.

  2. I hope she has the round trip and comes right back in the house and exposes Paulie…I so hate him. He is so cocky. Acts like he has already won

    • Yes! I agree. Send Day out this week but only if she has a round trip! Haha! Then that would be awesome and stir up some of the crap that’s been brewing. Light a fire under their behinds. Do SOMETHING!! lol. That’s the only scenario I’d be happy with if Day is indeed the replacement nominee. Or Bridgette to be sent out and have a round trip.

      • Somebody have the roundtrip soon. Because this is really getting boring. showmances, voting with the house, blah blah. Come on BB mix it up a little. Need more excitement. More than 1 or 2 people on edge

  3. So sad to see Day going home. Even worst after 18 seasons this show proves people are still driven by rascism. Paul is the bitch and Paulie the master…. Now push for the darkies to leave because they lose every comp and somehow are a big threat! Lmao

    • Angel I agree with you. Now push for the darkies to leave because they lose every comp and somehow are a big threat! Lmao. There is no other reason that I can see they want Da gone

      • Day may loose comps but she is smart as to how the game works. She sees through the bull I think. Maybe they notice that too? I don’t think so though. They just keep mentioning “drama”! Stupid excuse in my book!

      • Them wanting Da out has nothing to do with her being black. Da is a threat. She started out playing too hard too fast, making alliances with everybody, trying to play both sides of the house & lying & running her mouth & she got caught. Frank called her out on some lies, she made big mistakes & she put a huge target on her back. I think even if she was green with purple poke a dots, she would still be a threat after all she’s done. This one can’t be blamed on being black.

      • Elaine

        Well said Ann. At this point Day is a threat to those that have the power to make the nom decisions. It is up to each of the HGs voting to keep her or not. If enough of those eight HGs feel like Day can help further their games, than they can vote to keep her.

      • Da is a threat and the showmances aren’t Ann. She is not the only liar in the house either. But yeah let’s just act like Da is a threat and she lied. all others are not…Just saying

      • Painter1

        Days biggest mistake was orchestrating the “keep Tiffany move” which instantly bit her in the a$$. Than Frank called her out and the house caught on to what she was doing.

      • If they were racist wouldn’t they have gotten rid of the minorities (including James) first? Or were them voting out white people just them working so people wouldn’t know they’re racist?

        The showmance’s are a threat but they’re also the ones in power that’s why they’re not going right now, and hasn’t one of the African American players been kept around as ling as she has because she’s in said showmance?

        This has more to do with them getting rid of the women in the house than any racism you want to accuse them of.

        Da’Vonne is going home because she stirs sh-t up and doesn’t have anyone in power that has her back. Frank went home last week for the same reason.

      • They want Day gone because she’s one of the few girls actually playing the game that they don’t control. So she is a threat.
        Bridgette- she will owe them because they are going to save her
        Nicole- will vote with corey
        Z- being manipulated by Paulie
        Nat- will do whatever James says
        Michelle- she’s a fan girl but I don’t really think she’s playing this game

      • Katheryn, Da got caught up in her lies & called out on them. She played too hard too soon & she put that target on her back. If I was in the house, I’d want her out too. Everybody in the house has lied but Da got caught & called out. They don’t trust her & rightfully so. Truth be told, non of them can be trusted. So I guess next week if Nat, Bridgette , Nicole or James is evicted, will it be because of them being
        Latin, Asian, White or whatever their ethnicity happens to be?

    • Elaine

      So I assume that you think Day deserves to win because she is black? If that is the case, give her the check now.

      • Elaine I think Da will lose because she is black. And does not have a fighting chance in a house of only 2 blacks. So don’t get it twisted.

      • Da played herself. She put herself in this position running her mouth.

      • So Ann, DA is the only one that played herself really. I could have sworn Nicole has done the same things but is not a target. Still hidden racism

      • Yeah me hating Da and wan thing her out has nothing to do with her being Black god what’s with the people here I just think she can’t win comps and she pretty much buried herself in this mess telling James she wants the showmances gone while he is in a showmance and also she is soooo differ cult to trust like she says other thing and a other one too about a final 7 or a final 5 back and forth and also I hate floaters in this season,man I hate them also I will be rooting for Bridget to win HOH this week I hope she does.she is my favorite girl in this Big Brother I don’t understand why people hate her I like her and I find Michelle annoying and Z and Nicole have to go but this week and week after if Bridget wins HOH(God I hope so)then Nicole goes home

      • No Katheryn, Da’Vonne will lose AND she’s black, the two have nothing to do with one another. Not everything is a race war, there isn’t racism around every corner. If Da’Vonne had played a better game she’d stick around longer, same with Frank, Tiffany, Bronte etc.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Katheryn, Da will not lose because she is Black. If she loses, it will be because she was out played…whether it was by a good player or a bad one. Why the hell must everything come down to racism? It that’s the way you feel about the game, then maybe you shouldn’t watch it. Wheel of Fortune might be more your speed. Now enough with the racism PLEASE. This is a friendly board so far…drama free. We’d like to keep it that way. Not that your comments aren’t welcome, everyone’s is. It’s just that we don’t promote or condone racism here.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Angel and Katheryn, please don’t bring that crap here. We may not like the players or the way they play, but we never bring up race or politics (current election). I’ve been on this board a few years and we’ve only had 1 or 2 race trolls trying to bait the board. If that is the way you feel, fine, just kindly keep those thoughts to yourself. There are other places on the internet for it. We try to keep this board as drama free as possible. Thanks.

      • @/nkogneetow “Race Troll” please do yourself a favor and go play in traffic. It’s a public site. Unlike the bbhouse you don’t have the luxury of dictating what I choose to post. You’ve been on here for years, now it’s time for you to get your life. Have a lovely day!
        _love wings

      • Hopefully everyone will just scroll past those dumbass comments like the ones Angel & Katheryn keep insisting on trying to taint our conversations with. Ignore that crap. We don’t need unnecessary drama here.

      • @Ann what’s with the disrespect? My comments were orginally directed at players in the game. If you don’t share my opinion that’s awesome. I don’t need an amen corner. I welcome opposition. In the future when you see a post from ANGEL take your own shitty advice, bask in your ignorance and keep scrolling dog face.
        _love wings

  4. I hope Day goes off!!! She knows she doesn’t have a fighting chance so she just has to do it! Also, I hate the mad black woman stigma ppl put on. Like people aren’t supposed to get mad or irritated.

  5. Alda

    Paulie might be attractive on the outside but he is ugly on the inside.I have lost respect for him big time.

  6. Maybe if James tells Nicole PP can’t be trusted and broker a deal between day and Nicole she can stay. But James would have to play in order for da to be saved at all.

    • James is not gonna play. Gonna go with house up until house gets rid of him too

      • NKogNeeTow

        Exactly! James is so afraid that if he goes against the house, they will go after his precious Natalie. He’s playing for Natalie now, more than he is his daughter. I’m so tired of their cute little love affair playing out on TV, that I no longer care if either one of them goes either. They need to stop playing slap and tickle and start playing Big Brother.

    • Elaine

      James puts his finger in the air to see which way the wind is blowing and that is decision of alliance for the day. If the folks floating or straddling the fence banded together, then there would be more of a shot for all of them. Unfortunately that takes “a big move” (according to James) and they are unwilling or unable to do that.

    • Nicole cant be trusted. She’s going to run straight to Corey & Paulie spilling her guts, ratting them out.

  7. Jannie

    I read on Jokers this morning that Paulie and Zzzzz had quite the encounter this morning in the bumper cars…you know, the same disgusting moves by Austin and Liz last year. Under the blankets, lots of hand moving and lots of moaning.
    Yuck, yuck, yuck. We all know that Paulie is using Zzzz, she’s an idiot for foiling for it, and I can’t wait until she realizes that she is being used. She doesn’t seem like the type of girl who takes being played very well. Their parents must be so proud.

  8. Ann the race motive is a referring to the 18 seasons of consistency. Age and appearance are also factors. It’s a social experiment and from what I’ve obeserved not much has changed. Besides that Day is smart but her pending eviction is not soely based on her game play or lack thereof. Paul is clearly not comfortable with backstabbing her but is spineless and goes along with the Cock’s plan. Overall this house is weak and this season boring. Day made mistakes but even if she did everything perfectly her skin tone makes her a target. Z is next.

    • Elaine

      If you are so offended than don’t watch.

      • Who said anything about being offended????Calling a spade a spade and if you offended by others opinions then don’t read them

      • I’ never said I was offend but you seem to be bothered my thoughts. if you can’t handle my comments, don’t read! That’s why it’s called an opinion. I’ve followed this game a long time and will continue to. I don’t mind calling things how I see it. Hit like or unlike and move on with your life.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Okay, can we move on from the racial issue. This conversation is turning this board into something else. Let’s just stick to keeping it Big Brother friendly. The racial issues is something that everyone is never going to agree upon. Up until today, that wasn’t something we had to worry about….sort of a safe zone. Can we ALL just get back to who we like and don’t like and the sucky game they are all playing?

      Okay now….pass the drinks 🙂

    • NKogNeeTow

      Zzz should be next! And so should Nicole! And so should Natalie! And so should Corey! Hell, I want half the house gone!

  9. Omg!!! Everything these days is blamed on racism. This has nothing to do with her race! She is a loud mouth schemer and has gone behind everyone’s back in the house making deals with them and because she has such a loud mouth and can’t keep it shut it has caught up with her. She is really worse than frank. She acts like she’s your best friend and then goes against you and does it with lots of lies. There is nobody that throws ppl utb like day does. She poisons other people’s mind with the lies she tells about them and to others about them she even tried to get z on the block and I case it got back to her told z she did it just to see what Paul would say. She’s tried to get between z and Paulie and Corey and Nichole. And James and nat. She’s gone after Nicole since day one telling all kinds of lies about things she’s said while acting as if they were besties. Nicole caught on pretty fast and hasn’t trusted her and has wanted her out. The big frank, day, Nicole thing was no big deal. Nicole told frank before hoh comp they were going after him so he would not be so surprised and hurt when it happened and that day started it( all true) giving him warning he was going up. He told day and Nicole got in trouble for telling the truth!! Now day going around crying that if they are putting her on block to kick her out to give her the decentcy of letting her know ahead of time so she can prepare herself and not look like a fool. That’s what Nicole was doing with frank and got in trouble and criticized for doing it. All of you who think race has anything to do with day going out need to get a grip and open your eyes and see that it’s her actions and personality getting her out not her color.

    • Again, Trudy, you seriously think she is the only schemer and liar. WOW

      • No she’s not the only one doing that but she has done it with everyone and it has caught up with her. If she has shown real loyalty to anyone it might have been different but she didn’t. That’s why frank is gone now because he made too many deals with too many people too soon and got caught. Day has been worse than frank. Frank did have some loyalty and day doesn’t. They all lie but most do it to protect themselves and day does it to throw others utb. Big difference in my mind. Just my opinion

      • Colby

        Of course she isn’t the only one who has schemed and lied. They are all trying to win a game, and that is what has to happen to win. She just played too hard too fast and got caught. Her scheming threatened multiple people’s games, not just one or two at a time. It has nothing to do with race.
        I have not seen even a little bit of evidence of racism in that house. The only evidence of racism I have seen at all is the race card being thrown here in the comments.
        And as far as Zzz…she has done nothing but float on Paulie’s coat tail this entire game, but now has become a burden to him with her jealous, demanding, high school game playing, diva actions. Is he using her – YES. Do I agree with it – NO. But it has nothing to do with her being black.

    • Let’s just act like racism doesn’t exist…News flash …I don’t have to pull the race card because I am both. I am just calling a spade a spade. It is what it is

      • I voted for person that I didn’t want to win one of the better baskets and had nothing to do with someone I liked. In fact my votes went to person I didn’t like in the game it was not Natalie. Next votes will go for my favorite player. This basket didn’t matter at all to me. Not sure how everyone else felt

      • This reply was for AIO 7

      • Racism does exist and always will to some extinct but there has been no racism in this house that I have noticed at all. You didn’t have to play the race card as you say but you did and the problem is that you have no facts or actions or anything to back your statements up. It’s an opinion but based on no facts. Anyone can call a spade a spade as you say but just throwing out that getting out day is racism with nothing to back it up is sickening and only shows racism on your part. Where are your facts or examples that there has been any racism displayed in the house this season?? Throwing that out without examples is rediculous and you are not going to get away with a statement like that!!

      • Well I’m black & I don’t see what’s happening to Da as having to do with racism. It has everything to do with how she played her game & probably played herself right on out the BB house.
        True enough we do have to deal with racism & it does & always will exist but Da is going on the block because of her own doings, not because she’s black.

    • NKogNeeTow

      I agree with her race having nothing to do with it. I disagree about her starting everything. If you go back and watch earlier episodes, Nicole lined up with Frank against Da first. In the beginning Da and Nic were friends until Frank started getting into Nic’s ear. I’m a Da fan and not ashamed to admit it, but I think she could have played a lot better this time. As Vets, they BOTH have made BIG mistakes in this game. And they will both pay for it. I was pulling for the Vets in the beginning. Now, just about everyone in the house gets on my nerves, so I don’t know who I want to win. Hopefully by the end of the game, one of them will impress me enough for me to root for. As of now, not so much.

  10. AIO_7

    I would like to personally thank America for awarding Mary Ann (that’s Natalie, for those of you who might not be familiar with Gilligan’s Island) with the first Care Package. This is proof positive to me that Mary Ann is clearly in line to win America’s Favorite Player (if not the whole game).

  11. danmtruth

    DA has used every thing she has . Look how she used emotion to turn things on Frank Not that it was hard to show Frank as a creep. But DA did turn conversations around to make him look worse than he was.
    At the start you had the 4 vets but you also had the 2 half vets in Paulie and Tiff. While people painted Tiff with the crazy brush of her sister Vannasea . No one said Paulie was a hybred of his brother and Derrick
    I read another thred saying it was disrespectful to compare Paulie to Derrick. I agree Derrick played a much more masterful game . Never being put on the block Not needing to win a comp till the last few shows
    This is a different house with different HG . The house dynamic is very different Paulie is doing a nice job keeping his plan moving ahead. My biggest problem is him always talking about people 3 to 4 weeks out to be eliminated
    Watching the Canadian version . Their seems to be two distinct sides with a third smaller group moving between Thing are more interesting to me More strategies very little house votes That is what is missing here. Pick a side and go for it

  12. Elaine

    Day is a grown woman who made a decision to go on this racist show, not once but twice.

    • AIO_7

      I think that they were saying “racism” when Marcellus offed himself in season 3, too.

      • Lol!! He could have won the game!! Didn’t he do it to save the cute little blonde southern girl from Georgia that was his good friend?? Been so long that I forgot?

    • No one said the show was racist. Let’s use logical its a social experiment and yes race, age, physical appearance and sexual orientation are factors. Its also a game, you’re lucky if you are chosen but if you are any race other white, overweight, not so easy on the eye or older don’t expect to win. No one is crying about it, just stating the darn facts.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Please…LET IT GO!

        Why don’t we all place bets on whether we think Da can save herself or not? I’m hoping she will. I want to see her go after The Godfather and Nicole with a vengence! I think she might be the only one who is bold enough to go after Paulie… if she realizes that he’s the mastermind (along with Nic) to get her out. She trust him and that has been her biggest downfall at the moment.

        Now see how I steered that to game talk 🙂

    • NKogNeeTow

      Let it go Elaine. Let’s get back to rainbows and puppy dogs 🙂

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