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Big Brother 18- Overnight Recap 8/1

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Just hangin around in the Big Brother house

Just hangin around in the Big Brother house

Hey everyone! I have to ask…how on earth is it August already?!? I feel like the summer just started. Lucky for the bb crew, they get an extra month of summer! Let’s see what happened last night:

  • 12:00am- Victor, Paul, and Corey are in the HOH room talking about what happens when you when the lottery.
    • Feeds switch to the kitchen where Michelle and Bridgette are talking and smoothing over their relationship.Untitled
    • They both apologized for everything that’s happened between them and acknowledge that BB wouldn’t put people in the house that are compatible and they understand that they are different people.
    • Then they start talking about having gas problems and that it is part of the big brother experience.
    • We have quite a lot of people having issues with their stomach lately…
    • Bridgette says that Frank said it was no different for him.
    • Michelle is explaining to Bridgette how awesome the live feeds are and telling her about different websites that talk about big brother. (Hey, where’s the BBJ shoutout?!)
    • Bridgette is talking about how lucky she is to be in the house because she applied on a whim because it sounded fun.
    • She says she fan girled over the medic that helped her and gets yelled at for talking about production.
    • Their conversation breaks up and Michelle goes to the have not room while Natalie and Bridgette head into the storage room for snacks.
  • 12:30am- Paulie goes into the have not room where Michelle and Nicole are getting ready to sleep.
    • He says he’s going to get a snack and then come back to go to sleep and mentions how he’s excited he gets to sleep in between Nicole and Michelle.
    • Feeds switch back to the kitchen where Paul sneaks up behind Natalie and pulls her chair back scaring her:Untitled
    • Back in the have not room we have Nicole and Corey cuddling in a bumper car, Z picking at her eyelashes, and Michelle is cracking jokes.
    • Paulie comes back and gives Z a pickle and she says “Hey babe, I missed you” then proceeds to wink at him and take a bite out of her pickle.Untitled
    • The camera man zooms in on the pickle….
    • Paulie and Z get into a conversation about nipples and shortly after Z, Michelle, Corey, and Nicole go to sleep.
    • In the kitchen Natalie suggests that the girls and guys swap clothing and Natalie starts impersonating Paul as a girl, dancing around and singing.
    • Then Paul starts copying’s pretty funny lol
    • Natalie says then he’ll suddenly turn into a demon when he gets his period and this is Paul acting out that lovely scenario:Untitled
  • 1:00am- Nicole comes into the kitchen and she and Paul start playing a game where they have to make funny comments at each other and try not to laugh.
    • Natalie is trying to show Nicole how to do it but starts laughing at everything she says.
    • They’re taking turns trying to beat Paul but laugh instantly every time.
    • Meanwhile, Z has gone into the bathroom with Paulie. He plays around and tickles her and then lifts up the blanket she’s under and she freaks out because apparently she wasn’t wearing a shirt and now America has seen her boobs.
    • Paulie is shocked and asks why she didn’t tell him.
    • She is whining and Paul is trying to reassure her. Honestly I don’t think the cameras picked it up at all.
    • She goes to the bedroom to sulk for a little bit while everyone else is still in the kitchen playing the laughing game.
  • 1:30am- All cams in the kitchen watching the laughing game. They are trying to find someone who can beat Paul.
    • Paulie starts on some weird detailed dirty talk about Paul’s beard and his balls. Paul is trying really hard not to laugh but succeeds.
    • On Paulie’s next turn he just stares at Paul and farts and they both laugh at the same time.
    • The game continues for a while and then Natalie and Bridgette move to the living room where they are laying on the floor with their legs against the wall to try and alleviate Natalie’s gas pain.
  • 2:00am- Nurse Bridgette is explaining to Natalie what gas pains feel like and how it happens and is trying to help Natalie get rid of it.
    • Bridgette leaves and Z replaces her with a new technique…rocking back and forth on hands and knees:Untitled
    • Naturally, everyone is laughing at them.
    • Fish come on for a while and when they return Victor is going up behind people and making fly sounds in their ears.
  • 2:30am- Z and Bridgette are talking in the living room about people being crazy during full moons.
    • Paulie, Paul, and James are in the backyard playing pool and talking about who to evict after Day.
    • They are saying if Bridgette doesn’t win HOH next week then she’s not useful to them anymore and they will get her out and if she does win they can use her to take a shot at someone other than the three of them.
    • They are discussing what to do with the information they got from Frank, Day, and Bridgette about Nicole.
    • They agree that they are not her target right now but once they pick off the people she wants out they’ll be in danger.
    • Paul thinks Nicole is the biggest threat of all the girls even though he likes her the most.
    • He thinks they need to take that shot when the opportunity comes. Paulie says they’ll get her after Day, Bridgette, and Z are gone but Paul thinks that’s too late.
    • They are asking James if he threw OTEV because he’s hearing it from other people and James denies it and gives some story about being confused over wording.
    • Paulie points out that OTEV is half luck, half mental, and half physical…hmm something’s not adding up here.
  • 3:00am- Paulie is talking about how Victor found out about the fake guys alliance that was made up a few weeks ago and apparently wanted to make it a real thing.
    • Corey apparently agreed and wanted to name it The Executives and each guy would have a different position (ceo, vice president, treasurer…)
    • They are talking about how Victor is too cocky and overly confident both about the game and also about his future outside of the game.
    • Paulie is telling them how casting directors of non-reality TV shows don’t work with people from reality shows.
    • Z joins them and they stop talking about anything intersting.
  • 3:30am- All cams are in the backyard and they’re still playing pool and talking about random things.
    • They are discussing past America’s favorite winners.
    • After a while they go inside for showers and snacks.
    • We have a mixture of random conversation, chewing, and silence for quite a while.
    • Around 4:30 the randomness moves up to the HOH room.
    • James talks about what it’s like to be a jury member on finale night.

That’s about it for now! Check back later for updates!


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