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Big Brother 18: Overnight Recap 8/16

Good morning, everyone!  It is pretty calm in the house tonight – not a lot of drama.  Also, I’m working on the pictures to try and make them larger.  I will try very hard to have larger pictures in the next overnight.




  • 9:00 p.m. – Feeds down
  • 9:15 p.m. –
    • Paulie & Michelle in bathroom comparing fraternities/sororities at their respective schools
    • London – James asleep while Nat & Paul talk about, what else, Paulie’s scramble
  • 9:45 p.m. –
    • London – Paul sleeping and James massaging Nat’s neck/shoulder while Michelle watches.  They are chatting about going to massage school
    • Tokyo – Nicole telling Corey that she is glad he is here this season and he is telling her about watching her season and being glad when she popped out of the box
  • 10:15 p.m. –
    • London – Production tells James, Nat, & Paul to turn on the lights if they are going to talk and they reply they are going to sleep and then start talking about Dad (production); fish fill the screen briefly
    • Kitchen – Paulie making another apple pie
  • 10:30 p.m. –
    • Kitchen – Corey eats while Paulie waves his flag; they chat about the meet & greets
    • HN – Nicole sleeping in the bumper cars
  • 11:00 p.m. –
    • Kitchen – Corey & Paul still hanging out,talking about the outside and when they might lock things up; Corey asks Paulie which punishment he’d rather have between the two of them and Paul, Paul says he doesn’t mind the pie except the flag waving; Nicole up to go to DR, asks the guys if they are ready to go to bed yet
    • London – Paul making a lot of noise trying to get comfortable in bed
    • Corey saying he was hoping the backyard would open tonight and Paulie goes and opens the sliding glass door and says it isn’t going to happen.  They seem to be hanging out and waiting on Nicole to go to bed.
  • 11:15 p.m. –
    • Paulie in the bathroom
    • Nicole comes out of DR and she & Corey get some huggier hugs in the kitchen.  She gives him head massage and tells him she thought he was “freaking hot” in his punishment costume.  She asks what he thought about the photo booth thing.  She wants to know what he said (in DR?) and he won’t say.  Production finally says she’s not allowed to talk about production and she says she isn’t and laughs.
  • 11:30 p.m. –
    • They start a game of asking questions to see what the others know about them.
  • 11:35 p.m. –
    • Production tells Nicole she can’t talk about DR and she says she’s not.  Corey says they are bored because there is nothing going on.
  • 11:50 p.m. –
    • Paulie says everybody is afraid of Victor and he doesn’t expect any votes unless just a sympathy vote. They talk about the second double eviction, rewind, buy back.  They think the battle back could be instead of the buy back.  Corey says the only way they are going to continue is for them to start getting round trip and get HoH.  They are talking a lot of game with different kinds of comps they could get.
    • Paulie thinks he might have the round trip because he picked number 10 and it was actually in the tenth spot while all the others were in different spots.  He realizes he might be giving himself false hope.  He says he expects 5-0 vote.
    • Paulie says he knows he’s gone because of how Paul & Vic are treating him.  He says they were “up his ass” all the time before and now they are pretty much ignoring him, so he knows it’s over.  Paulies tells Corey & Nicole that once he’s gone, they need to target Paul instead of Victor because Vic will follow any guy.  Paul is mimicing Victor’s jokes and that’s shows how good he is at being a little manipulator.

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  1. Avatar

    At least Paulie is giving Corey and Nicole direction and gave them a really smart choice in target for Paul. Other than Paulie, Paul is the best player left in the house and he’s somehow flying under the radar. I’m really hoping Paulie has the round trip. A Paulie/ Corey vs. Paul/ Victor/ w/ James in the middle is a really interesting way to go

    • Ingodog

      Paulie was only good when things were going his way. Nobody else acted like he did when things didn’t go there way

      • Avatar

        Tiffany and Michelle both had pretty big meltdowns when they thought they were going home. Paulie might be a jerk, but he did stay true to his alliance in who he put up for eviction as HoH, and everyone was willing to kiss his ass when he was winning everything.

      • Avatar

        Adam, which is what anyone with a brain would do — until that person becomes a target, either by their own hand or their competition record. And, if someone actually has the cahones (sp?) to try to take down that person. I love when this is the most unlikely person ever who does this. Which is also why Big Cry has my respect right now.

  2. Avatar

    I am back on loving this show again. This is Big Brother.

  3. danmtruth

    Even Frank when things were stacked against him did not act like such a punk bitch like Paulie

  4. caRyn

    I thought hamsterwatch and hamstertime got their names from people calling Nicole a rat.

    • Avatar

      Andddddd…cue Trudy and the other Nicole stans to rush to her defense…

      • Caryn

        True that, Gerardo. Never cared. Bridgette was the spy and didn’t receive the name rat.

      • Shivani33

        Lol. Nicole is a co-star in Big Brother, the romance novel. Will she win Corey’s heart? Does surgery magically fix her voice? Does her foot fit into the glass slipper? Read all about it in the K-Mart Blue Light special! Only $.99!!!

      • Avatar

        Absolutely. All of the HGs get called out on their BS when they’re behaving badly or being annoying. I don’t know why Nicole fans seem to think she should be above reproach.

      • Caryn

        Very true. They need to get off the hamster wheel because they are talking in circles.

      • Mel

        Shivani33, Perfect description. Thia will be one of those times where you don’t want read the book because you’ve already seen the movie

  5. Avatar

    Paulie made the show boring when he was running the boys and demeaning the ladies, now he’s making the show boring with his bad sportsmanship.

    I would be so happy to see him out of there for good. He is a real wet blanket and has always been a humorless boring character.

    • Avatar

      I agree, I posted via fb that this season is full of sexism. The comps are ready made for the beasts and the cast of girls are subservient to the bullies. Paullie is a bad sport, and I find it funny he doesn’t want to go to a mansion and hang out with Z since he basically put her there.Not a fan of his at all…

    • Avatar

      I have never been a Paulie fan from day one, because I always found him arrogant and cocky, but even I find myself disappointed in his behavior this week. Being the brother of a former Big Brother runner-up, you would think he would have a little more respect for the game than to go around refusing to do tasks (even though he eventually relented and baked the pies) and threatening to leave the Jury House if he’s evicted. By the way, didn’t his brother literally get kicked in the butt by a machine multiple times per day as a result of a similar competition? But Paulie can’t handle baking a few pies? What else does he have going on to keep him busy in that house?

      Paulie can try to make up any lame excuse he wants as to why he supposedly couldn’t handle a stint in the jury house, but we all know it’s simply his ego. He thought he had this game in the bag, the tide shifted, and he simply cannot handle being outplayed. Grow up dude, it’s not that serious!

  6. Avatar

    If Paul doesn’t go before Nicole and Corey then he will win this game (unless James starts playing the game and winning comps.) Paul is manipulating his side of the house, and him and victor are the only ones with some competition wins. Final three predictions: Paul, Victor, James. If so the end will be a title fight, and very interesting.

  7. Shivani33

    Julie Chen said yesterday on her Talk show that there won’t be another Battle back this Season. I didn’t see it, but heard about it from someone who was watching The Talk. I still think somebody is coming back into the game on Friday, just via a different set-up. Thursday can’t come soon enough. And Friday better not be one long advertisement for the add-on show. If yesterday’s backyard Ziggy fair is shown Friday, is whoever goes to jury Thursday digitally removed from it to keep things sequential? Just saying. I’ve had enough of Mr. Pie Scuzz.

  8. Shivani33

    From jokers, houseguests talking about a comp with Mr. Pectacular, not yet shown.

  9. Avatar

    I soooo want that fake Nat to go home soon ! she is using poor James , and he is so oblivious to it. She said in the HOH room during the big spat that she “loved James, he has shown me how to trust a man”…. I really wanted to barf on that one !

    • AIO_7

      Do you really expect true love in a contained, captive, environment? Get over it; she has (friend zone) feelings for James and is doing her best to keep James from falling in love with her.

      • Avatar

        AIO 7, I hate to say it but I’m afraid poor James is about to get his feelings hurt. Why does he fall so hard so fast? I think he’s a good man & he’ll make somebody a good husband some day but just not Natalie.

      • Avatar

        I don’t know if this is what motivates James, but loneliness can be a powerful motivator. It sucks.

    • Avatar

      In a sense, James is also using Natalie. I’m sure he actually likes her, but he’s admitted several times that standing by “his girl” in the game is what America wants to see, and that’s what he cares most about in the game. I think Natalie cares about James (maybe just in a platonic sense), and if she’s using their friendship to advance herself in the game, it’s not much different than him using their friendship to pander to America. They just have different ends, but both use each other as means to get there.

    • Avatar

      Mosses. Be careful what you say here or people will jump all over you because you don’t agree with the majority. They love Natalie and think she’s great and they hate Nicole and call her a rat. If you disagree they can get a little personal

      • Mel

        Everyone likes to debate over their opinions. It’s fun. My mom kind of likes nicole (she does thinks she’s a whiny hypocrite in the game whose a little penis hungry) but she says that she thinks she seems lika a really good person probably outside of it. She still likes the” no cussing, girl next door” image she got on 16. I don’t agree with, well, most of what you say buy you go right ahead and keep loving Nicole. You’re entitled to your opinion. I mean, it’s not like I’ve taken my mom out to the wood shed and beat the s**t her or anything.

  10. Avatar

    What happened to the overnights being actually overnight?

    • Avatar

      Im not quite sure, most of the good game talk happens between 12am and 4 or 5am bb time. Its disappointing because i cant watch overnight when im working. Its well written but this was posted at about 130am bb time. If anybody sees that anything interesting happens let me know!

    • Colby

      Amy left to go back to work and Steve is on vacation.
      Once he returns the overnights will probably return to normal, especially since it seem that is when a lot of the exciting stuff happens.

      • Avatar

        Pamela is the new overnight recap. I dont think it has much to do with steve being on vacation. I think pamela is doing a great job with her posts, i just wish they lasted throughout the night.

      • Colby

        In the meantime, the commenters here are doing a pretty good job of filling in the highlights.

      • Colby

        OK. Got thumbs down on the last comment, so let me rephrase that.
        In the meantime, some who follow the feeds late at night make comments here that helps fill in some of the overnight highlights.

      • Avatar

        @Colby, it sounded just fine the first time you wrote it. We all comment throughoutthe day & night to keep each other informed just as you said & that works just fine for us.

    • Avatar

      Mell. Calling her penis hungry is inappropriate as they have not even kissed. That would be appropriate for z but not Nicole I don’t even think Nicole kissed Hayden in the show until jury although maybe once and they had much more serious feelings for one another than Corey and Nicole. They both liked one another from the beginning and became fast friends and they cuddle and talk and have fun together. Both have said they were great friends but would see what happened when they got out of the house

      • caRyn

        Trudy – Nicole and Corey kiss frequently. They show them kissing on BBAD. Just fyi. Nicole said last night on BBAD that she and Hayden didn’t even sleep in the same bed on their season together. She said she cuddled with Hayden once (or maybe twice) but it wasn’t anything inappropriate.

      • nkogneetow

        You must have missed the night that they were rustling under the covers and panting heavily. When they came up for air, they were both a little flushed. I’m not saying it was full on sex but a little heavy petting maybe. Deal with hit Trudy 🙂

      • Avatar

        NK. I asked if anyone had seen them kiss. You can imagine all you want that you can’t see.

  11. Mel

    The eviction weeks for finale date will need to line up. I’m always wrong when I guess but I thought the jury buyback may not be set in stone. Maybe a juror would come back if ticket doesn’t get used and no jury buyback comp if ticket does get used.
    On Friday, they could air the jury comp (if there is one-that would give Paulina the same overnight wait that tiffany got) with a short segment of party/comp from last night. If there is no jury comp, then air alot of clips from party/comp and some clips of this weeks punishment stuff.
    They could have the ticket used and a jury buyback if another DE is planned so I’m thinking this comment was a waste now.

  12. Avatar

    I’m rooting for Pablo to win.

  13. AIO_7

    I’ve been depressed for the last two days; I find myself worrying about Aunt Grandma.

    • Avatar

      Hi honey, this is aunt grandma. Don’t you worry yourself about me because I’m just fine & dandy. I’m baking apple pies right now. Now tell me sweetie, why are you worried about me?

    • Avatar

      Aunt grandma would probably be livid if she could see Paulie’s behavior if there really is an aunt-grandma with cancer. I hope he looks back at the show & see how he made himself look like such an asson nnational television.
      I’ll bet he’s going to say it was all strategy.

    • caRyn

      Maybe he was going to say grandaunt. If this aunt or grandmother exist I wonder if her social media or phone is blowing up. Paulie put her on blast.

  14. JD

    I miss the overnight updates as well. I went to Jokers but felt like I was cheating on BB Junkies and it wasn’t as interesting. Now I feel cheap lol

  15. JD

    According to Jokers (I know I went back. Feeling a little like Z) They said that production knows which envelope has the ticket and Paulie and Corey don’t have it. This is why the Friday show. There will be a battle back with Jury. There are so many rumors about does he doesn’t he. I won’t count Paulie out until tickets are done and no buy back. When I know he’s in jury or out self evict (he won’t it’s tantrum talk) then I can rest and watch the rest of the house battle it out.

    • Avatar

      @JD, I think Friday’s show is going to be so they can announce season 19 coming on so quickly after season 18 & about it being online only.

      • JD

        @Ann that would make sense. I know it would be a good time to talk about Fall season, show some highlights of the party maybe even show a little jury house. Just seen production pull some possible shady things. We shall seemail what happens.

      • Avatar

        @JD, I’m just hoping like hell whatever it is, Paulie does not get to come back in the house.

    • Mel

      I think show has planned for 2 scenarios .(unless they cheated and have been switching envelopes while bags are in storage rm-but I won’t go there) they’ve always known who has the ticket because their numbered but they couldn’t have known if the person that had the ticket was going to be evicted during those four weeks. They can’t even be a hundred percent that Paulie is leaving. That’s why I thought jury comp might hinge on if ticket is used. They could do both and just have to have another DE. That’s gonna turn bb into a revolving door this year tho!

  16. nkogneetow

    @Pamela: 11pm- It was only Corey and Paulie in the kitchen talking, not Paul. He was sleeping. 🙂

  17. Avatar

    I hope paulie gets back in the house and gets out one of those 2 victor or paul them the house is even !!!!

    • AIO_7

      ****** BIZARRO WORLD ALERT ******

    • Avatar

      @Glenda, I hope like hell Paulie does NOT get his cry-baby, sore loser ass back in the house. He needs to go & I wish he wasn’t going to be on the jury. Thank God there will be others to go in after him so that they can let the ones that are already there know what a wuss Paulie is & all he has done because I’ll bet you he’s going to try to taint the jury. He does not want Paul, Vic, James or Nat to win.

      • Avatar

        I’m not that worried about Paulie being on the jury because I feel like Day and Bridgette will be there to neutralize his BS. And of course, several of the yet to be determined jury members are also privy to Paulie’s pissy behavior, so I doubt anyone other than Z and Corey (if he goes to jury) will even take him seriously. So my only concern at this point is getting him out of the BB house and making sure he STAYS out.

  18. Shivani33

    Paulie and Michelle in BR said that they were surprised that they didn’t get a chance at the fair to talk to Frank or Bronte. Also, Paul heard something yesterday about water ( he wasn’t supposed to hear) and speculated about a Wall comp. Remembering that comp a few years ago. Jury members and houseguests were on moving planks and lots of water hit them. The last jury member standing got back in the house and the last houseguest standing became HoH. There’s been house gossip about what different people won yesterday. Some prizes and some punishments like more have-not time, and someone got a game advantage, from what Michelle described.

  19. Avatar

    I still don’t see why they want Paulie out. His game is over. Get Corey out and break up a showmance.

    • Avatar

      They need to stick to the plan & get Paulie out & then go after Corey.
      Omg, what if by some dumb luck Corey gets the care package this week, he won’t be eligible to go on the block will he if he’s Co-HOH. Then again, what if he wins HOH & then turns around & gets the care package too? Can that happen, I mean is that a possibility?

      • Avatar

        Shit, I’m working myself up into a frenzy. Now I’m thinking about all of these “what ifs”

      • Avatar

        I was thinking about that too Ann. I would think that if the person who wins HOH is also the person who wins the ACP, they would give the ACP to the person with the second highest amount of votes. Otherwise, it would basically just be a regular HOH and this “twist” would serve no purpose (they’ve already had several twists turn out to be busts this season, which is why I’m nervous that this round trip crap isn’t over yet…).

      • Mel

        That’s why I’ve been voting for vic. He can’t play in hoh but Paul can.

      • Avatar

        Our 60 votes day going to Corey but doubt he will win. But even if he did it would not help unless Nicole won hoh. Then they could get someone on other side out otherwise if Corey hoh and anyone but Nicole other hoh, Nicole gets put up and Corey puts someone else up. Numbers are there to vote out Nicole. UNLESS person hoh next to Corey plays smart and they get together and put up two from other side and that flips house again,, that would be exciting. Real big move. It could still be done without Nicole and Corey being an hoh but would take big balls to put up two other than Nicole and Corey. That would flip house also don’t think this house smart enough to do big move like that

      • Colby

        The others have no reason to want to flip the house again at this point. They are all safe as long as Corey and Nicole are bigger targets ahead of them.

      • Avatar

        Colby. Their reason for flipping would be to get out powerful players like victor or Paul because they have greatest chance of winning right now. Get rid of one of them is like flipping on Paulie. Take out big target!! At this point everyone worried about themslves and getting out Corey or Nicole helps nobody’s game. They pull still have the numbers.

      • Colby

        I absolutely agree with you that are bigger threats. But Corey also proved himself to be a comp threat during DE. So once Corey is gone I think the others should take the first shot they get at getting Victor and Paul out instead of just handing it to them like they were to Paulie.
        I know everyone wants Nicole out, but I just don’t see her as that big of a threat without her boys. She is not very good at comps, but she could be a vote to help them get the bigger threats out, and easily voted out later. I am a Nicole fan, but I have resigned myself to the fact that she is not going to win.

      • Avatar

        Colby I knew Nicole had no chance of winning and didn’t think she’d get into finals. She has worked hard not to be threat. She has won nothing but I think she threw some comps. Not saying she would have won any but she could have done better than she did. That was strategy.

  20. Avatar

    @Gerardo, this round trip crap worries me too. This is the last chance to have it right? If Paulie don’t have it, can we finally be at peace about it & put it to rest right???

    • Avatar

      I BELIEVE this is the final week that the round trip ticket is in play. Julie originally said that the round trip ticket would expire after four weeks… This is the fourth week that the ticket has been in play (Week 1: Frank, Week 2: Day, Week 3: Z/Bridgette, Week 4: Paulie or Corey). But for some reason, I’m having a hard time believing CBS will just let this twist go to waste like that, especially after the Roadkill twist was such a huge dud.

      By the way, I actually think the Roadkill was a great idea, but it was ruined because every single winner basically announced to the house that they won (I think Tiffany didn’t, but it was obvious based on who she nominated). I think BB should bring it back but next time they need to make a stipulation that the winner CANNOT disclose that they won. That’s what they did when Jeff “won” the coup d’etat, and it worked out exactly as they planned.

      • Colby

        Well, here’s a thought!
        What if Paulie doesn’t have it, so they have everyone else open their envelopes, and whomever has RT gets to choose (or has to, depending on how they look at it) one of the jury members to return.

        Probably not, but I’m with you on having a hard time believing that CBS will just let this twist go to waste, especially if it is true that there is not another battle back.

      • caRyn

        Tiffany did say she won. I think it was Corey that had a hard time believing that she did.

      • Avatar

        Oh you’re right @caryn, I forgot about that! See, they ALL totally ruined the roadkill twist because none of them could keep their mouths closed. CBS needs to make that against the rules next time.

    • Mel

      Last week Julie said “august 18th.” I’m not trying to be the pooper at the party but we all know he has a very high chance of coming back during a jury comp. Even without the rt, we may not be done with him yet.

  21. Avatar

    If someone from jury gets to come back I hope Day wins.

  22. JD

    The thing about BB is everyone is going to have their favorites and defend themselves to the death. That’s great! If it was otherwise we would just be going with the house. The majority of people here to have their favorite and their villian. That’s why we are here we can talk about who we like and hate in common. There are a few who are completely opposite of those views we have here. That’s fine it’s an open blog and nobody is excluded. However it seems the ones that claim we make it personal are the ones who make it personal. Just as you have the right to disagree with who we choose as our favorite we have the right to disagree with who you choose.. If it’s upsetting find something blog that agrees with you. You’re welcome here whoever you like but don’t say we attack people for having a different opinion. We’re all here to have a good time. This is a fun group of people not mean.

    • Avatar

      Absolutely right JD. I don’t mind at all that people have their favorites, but some people (especially Nicole fans) seem to get way up in their feelings anytime someone makes a critical comment about their favorite. I like Paul and Vic, but you don’t see me getting outraged and rushing in and writing a dissertation every time criticizes one of them. Hell, half of the time I agree with the criticisms, because although I like them both, I also acknowledge that they’re both flawed and can be obnoxious and annoying at times. But regardless, it’s all in good fun. A lot of the jokes people make here are funny, and I enjoy reading and responding to them even if they’re about one of my favorites.

      Oh and just for the record, I personally don’t dislike Nicole at all. If anything I’m just indifferent towards her (as I’ve said in my previous posts). I have nothing against her– it’s her fans that can be a little annoying at times.

    • Colby

      It is fine to voice a different opinion, but I have seen disparaging things said here sometimes that have been directed at the commenter, not the comments themselves. That is not OK even if it is done in a passive/aggressive manor, like basically saying ‘I think you are an idiot, but I love you anyway’. None of it should be taken to a personal level.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Okay, I’ll admit that after reading over some of my comments sometimes, they come off a little mean. But it wasn’t deliberate though….well, not most of the time 😉

  23. Avatar

    I Don’t want Paulo or core ro leave
    … please bb.

  24. JD

    See what happens with nothing is going on in the house. We turn on each other. Can’t we just all get along now. As James says this is just a game. In a few weeks most of us won’t be chatting until next summer for seaon 19. So let’s all move on and just talk about the show. No personal barbs. We wouldn’t want Papa & Mama Beans see that we couldn’t get along while they were gone. EVERYONE is free to talk game about anyone they like or dislike. So let’s just enjoy talking about the game aspect. That sounded bossy. Didn’t mean it to sound that way.

  25. JD

    True about Paulie. If he was truly into Z and wanting to continue something he would be fine going to Jury. Then he could see his girl and get money for Aunt Grandma. He’s spewing anything he can. He needed to think of what to say. He’s not strategic thinking. I don’t think ever thought to far ahead. Things fell into place for him. The trouble came when he got over confident and took credit and acted like a king. His minions got riled up and over threw the King and his thrown. It was off with his head! We will find out Thursday if he gets a reprieve by the Queen of CBS when she opens that envelope. We will all be waiting and watching with our pitchforks and torches!

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