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I will control you with my mind.

Big Brother 18- Overnight Recap 8/2

I will control you with my mind.
I will control you with my mind.

Good morning! I don’t have much of an intro today so let’s just jump right into the feeds:

  • 12:00am- Corey and Nicole are in bed having some sort of argument about something.
    • It sounds like Nicole was upset with him because he had made some joking comments like “stop flirting with me” or something.
    • Corey is explaining he was joking and that he likes the flirting.
    • They get over it quickly and get all cuddly.
    • Meanwhile, Paulie, Bridgette, and Michelle are in the kitchen. Paulie is talking about concerts and music.
    • Fish come on for a couple minutes.
    • Back in the bedroom Nicole is talking about how shocked she was to find out she was in the top three for America’s favorite on finale night.
    • She is also saying how shocking it is to go from spending all your time with max 16 people to suddenly seeing a whole crowd of people at the finale.
    • Fish come and go because of production talk and singing from the kitchen.
    • Z is in the kitchen with Paulie and acting all grumpy. She tells him she wants to talk at some point because there’s some stuff she’s thinking about.
    • He says they’ll find some time and then leaves.
    • Feeds switch to Natalie, Michelle, and Bridgette in the bathroom talking about stinky fruit.
  • 12:30am- Paulie and Bridgette are in the kitchen spraying ants and Bridgette keeps screaming.
    • Paulie starts acting like the spray bottle is a sword and makes sound effects as he’s spraying them.
    • Victor and Paulie go outside to play pool and are talking about who they trust to win HOH.
    • Victor says only him and Paulie and Paulie says he also trusts Corey and James.
    • Paulie is glad the guys are asleep right now so that by the time they wake up later in the night the girls will all be asleep so they’ll have a chance to talk without them around.
    • In the bathroom, Michelle, Z, and Day are talking.
    • Z is saying she wished Paul would have chosen her to go on the block. Why on earth is that something you would wish for??
    • Z is venting about Bridgette constantly asking her if she’s okay and playing nurse with her.
    • Day is telling them the reasoning that Paul gave her for putting her on the block and clearly doesn’t believe any of it.
    • She doesn’t understand why Natalie or Victor didn’t go up and wonders what Paul is scared of.Untitled
    • Day said she is staying out of the way so she doesn’t stir things up and change the “plan” to get Bridgette out.
    • You can hear the guys yelling outside and Michelle thinks its the camera crew behind the walls.
  • 1:00am- Day is still talking about how she doesn’t understand what’s going on and how things aren’t adding up….she has got to figure out she’s the target soon..she’s not dumb.
    • Conversation shifts to Bridgette and Z is saying she feels like Bridgette is just tolerating her because she is close to Paulie and right now Bridgette trusts Paulie.
    • In the backyard, Paulie, Paul, and Victor are talking.
    • Victor is saying people are nice to him because they know that he could win a comp at any given moment.
    • Paul is warning Victor that once the girls figure out that they guys have a thing going they are going to pull Victor and try to tell him what’s going on.
    • Paul tells him to act dumb and like he has no idea when that happens.
    • Victor says he feels like they have two pawns to use, Bridgette and Natalie.
    • He says Natalie should just be on the block every week.
  • 1:30am- All cams are in the backyard and Paul is announcing that when he cums he yells fuck.
    • Feeds switch to the bathroom where Natalie and Day are explaining to Michelle what happens when you get a pap smear.
    • Michelle apparently has never had one and is terrified.
    • She said she’s never worn a tampon or been fingered because it scares her.
    • They are telling her that foreplay is important and she thinks she wouldn’t like it. Apparently she had a bad experience in the hospital and that is why she’s scared of it.
    • Now they’re all agreeing that they are scared of getting a mammogram.
    • Michelle is asking what kind of diseases they check for “down there” and Natalie points out that she wouldn’t have anything anyway since she’s on the show.
    • Sorry guys, I’ll find something else to report on now…
  • 2:00am- Outside, Paulie is telling Victor stories of when he and Cody would travel and crash on Franks couch.
    • They’re discussing whether or not people might hold grudges about things after the game.
    • He’s talking about how after Cody got out he didn’t look at his tweets and comments and things for a really long time and his dad was the one who sifted through them all and deleted the negative ones.
    • Victor and Paul start pretending to wrestle for some reason and then Paulie joins in.Untitled
    • Fish come on for a while and when they come back Paul and Paulie are talking about future game play.
    • Paul says if Bridgette doesn’t win HOH next week she goes home (hasn’t he said this like 20 times?)
    • They plan to put up Z and Nicole up, tell Bridgette they are going to backdoor Michelle, but then really backdoor Bridgette.
    • It’s good to have a plan but they seem to be very confident they’ll be in power next week.
    • Victor comes back and they are talking about how they’re all playing stupid with Day and just telling her “they’re going with the plan”.
  • 2:30am- Paulie is joking about leaving the game and opening a male strip club
    • They are all working out in the backyard
    • In the bathroom, Natalie, Michelle, Z and Day are talking about how lucky they are to have beaten out everyone in the audition process and to get in the house.
    • They’re talking about the process and the videos that they submitted. Apparently production doesn’t like this because now all cams are on the guys working out.
    • When the cams come back to the bathroom they are talking about dating apps.
    • Day says she has a hard time using dating apps and can’t bring herself to hold conversations with guys that try to talk to her.
    • She says she’s not over the father of her daughter.
    • They are bitching about their exes and how they hate when guys like other girls pictures on fb or instagram.
  • 3:00am- Girls are still talking about guys, Paul and Paulie are still working out and talking about random stuff.
    • This continues for a while….
    • Around 3:30 the girls conversation breaks up and Z and Natalie go outside.
    • The guys are telling them how scary they look with the face masks.
    • Natalie is inspecting Paul’s fangs and says that must be the other twist, that all the guys are vampires.
    • Paul is mocking girls taking selfies:Untitled
    • Random conversations about snapchat, tinder, and tattoos.
  • 4:45am- Paulie and Z are alone outside talking.
    • Z just wanted to know where Paulie’s head is at.
    • He is saying that he was pushing for Day to go up because he knows that she’s coming for him.
    • He says it doesn’t have to be this week but he is definitely threatened by her.
    • Z says she just wants to be on the same page and Paulie says he feels like they are and he doesn’t care either way how the vote goes this week.
    • Z says she’s fine if he wants to get Day out but personally she really wants Bridgette out because she doesn’t like her.
    • Paul comes back outside and conversation breaks up.
    • The rest of the night is pretty much just random conversation.

That’s all for now! Check back later for updates!


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  1. Avatar
    Angel (11 comments)

    Good job on the re-cap Amy as always! This house is so stale. There is a clear gender divide and the lazy ladies lounge, laugh and live in the shadow of last weeks game. Someone needs to fly a plane over the backyard with the message: Wake up bitches you’re all getting CHOPPED and SCREWED!
    _love wings

  2. Avatar

    I really hope Bridget wins this week’s HOH days she will be safe and she can make her our moves but she will have to play safe and listen to Paulie(oh god I hate him) to get I’d of Nicole or Michelle but after listen to the feeds and this week of listen where Paulie’s head at Nicole will be the target so I hope she wins this week my favorite girl in the house

  3. Avatar

    Day wants to get out showmances..who is in the biggest showmance? Paulie and Paul.
    Wake up Day and do something!

    • Avatar
      Angel (11 comments)

      Yes Paulie and Paul are having a weird showmance. Friendship is cute but it’s delusional to compare themselves anything to the iconic Derrick and Cody Bromance. More like
      Geppetto and Pinocchio.

    • Avatar

      Everyone talks about getting rid of showmances but I don’t see the big deal. they don’t have anymore power than any other alliance. Paulie and Paul for example. Alliance is alliance whether it’s showmance or not. Showmances only get power if they have others aligned with them Liz and Austin had power only because they also had Julia!! That made 3. Julia and Liz were never going to flip. Amanda and pizza boy had Andy. Being a showmance is nothing without others. Showmances just can’t be hidden!!

  4. danmtruth

    If Bridget wins Paulie will be all over her Saying how he was the one to save her
    Interesting to hear Corey tell the cameras that he is holding back That he wil
    win a comp when he needs too. So many people delude themselves into thinking this
    If it is a quiz or memorize comp it might favor Bridget or Michelle
    seeing that no one will go after Paulie i would like to see Victor and his over the top laugh go Zzzz and her cant pass a mirror go Corey male version of Zzz go Michelle and her mean girl desperate for attention go Paul loud mouth look at me i’m outrageous hipster wanabe gone

  5. Amberchelly

    LOL Amy! (on the first caption of the post. #loveit)

  6. Elaine
    Elaine (2449 comments)

    Corey says things to Nic jokingly and she jumps all over it with her shrill, whiny voice. I thought the twits half of the Austwits were bad last season; Nic is quickly filling the void. Yikes!

  7. Shivani33

    Nicole IS the void with a whiny voice. Where are the Lauren Bacall voices? There’s way too much Kartrashian nasal “cuteness” in the cast, and my mute button is suffering from overwork and exhaustion. I’m waiting for Paul to do a household poll called “what do you scream out when you come?” Having watched Wil Heuser’s season 18 spoofs, his Michelle intro was of her reciting a long list of things that she fears. So I’m thinking her Come Poll answer would be, ” I don’t scream out anything. I’ m afraid to come.” If Paul asked Nicole the Come Poll question, she’d scream out, ” Pauullll! How dare you!!?!” Paul would say, “oh! So you scream out my name, huh?” Then Nicole would run to Corey and have a 6 hour meltdown blaming him for thinking that she’s crushing on Paul.

  8. JD

    Day was always smart figuring things out. She must be in denial because this “cast” does not lie/act well. The plan for getting her out is working because she’s not campaigning and working in votes. Just chalking it up to blind denial and long lasting effects of Paulie’s kool-aid. One sip and instant summer brain damage. Instead of The Walking Dead it’s Big Brother Dead.

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