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Big Brother 18 Remaining TV Schedule



7 more episodes. That’s it. The entire summer of blogging has come down to 7 more episodes on CBS, and one of them is probably a garbage fluff episode that nobody cares about (just being honest).  It’s been a fantastic summer, and despite everyone complaining, it’s been a pretty good season. The direction of the house changed on a near weekly basis, and big moves were actually made.  While Victor was saved twice by competitions to re-enter the house, doing so shook up the house.

I am not going to analyze the season too much here, but I wonder if the reality of being evicted allowed Victor to not take things for granted. Him nominating and keeping such a big personality like Paulie on the block was impressive. It’s not something you really see on other seasons very often, especially the way it was done. Most people like to wait for double evictions or blindsides to get out the big personalities to prevent listening to them for the week, but not Victor.

Enough of that, let’s show the rest of the season…. (stolen from my buddy at BBN)

  • Wed, Sept 7th – 8/7c – PoV
  • Thurs, Sept 8th – 9/8c – Eviction
  • Sun, Sept 11th – 8/7c – HoH/Nominations
  • Tues, Sept 13th – 8/7c – Fast Fwd Eviction (taped on Monday)
  • Wed, Sept 14th – 8/7c – Live Eviction
  • Fri, Sept 16th – 8/7c – Fluff stuff talking about season
  • Wed, Sept 21st – 9:30 PM ET – Live, 90-min Finale

And that’s it. After that, and in the words of Bill Belichick “We’re off to Big Brother: Over the Top”.


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  1. Avatar

    that doesn’t seem like enough evictions to get us to the F2?

  2. Avatar

    Did anything worth mentioning happen on BBAD last night?

  3. Avatar

    ok i feel dumb. what is a fast forward eviction?

  4. Avatar

    It is getting very interesting. I guess it always does at the end, tho. At this point it is almost anybody’s game. I do think that Nicole would have the hardest tine getting votes from the jury of mostly women.

      • g8trgrl4life

        I don’t usually disagree with you Franko, but this time I may. Those women really want to see a woman win, since it’s been a while since a woman won and they may cast their vote on that alone. Sad to say.

      • Avatar

        g8rebel4life, you may be right about that. It has been quite a while since a female has won. It’s just going to be a bitter jury, in my humble opinion. The girls didn’t play a smart game and let the guys vote them out. Who knows what they will do when they really get down to making a decision.

      • Avatar

        ****Damn auto correct that was spose to be g8trgrl4life.
        Sorry your name for butchered.

    • Alda

      Franco,I agree.The girls won’t vote for Nicole.But,I’m afraid the guys might.

      • Avatar

        Alda, the only thing is that there are already 4 girls in the jury house and it seems there will five. When it comes to voting, the girls are going to have THE POWER as to who wins this season.

    • Avatar

      I agree, Franko. Those women want a girl to win, but I think they want any woman BUT Nicole! I would be very surprised if she got the votes to win.

  5. Jannie

    Not in agreement at all that “it’s been a pretty good season.” In the top two of worst seasons ever, and I’ve been watching from the start.
    And it has nothing to do with twists or the direction of the house. It was all about THE AWFUL, AWFUL personalities of the people that were playing(wait, were they?). Most were there to lay in the backyard, get in a showmance, shout out their social media accounts, and I can honestly say that every single female that was cast this year is an embarrassment to my gender…except for maybe mama day. The whining and crying and jealousy and meanness…they were disgusting.
    You can thumb me down for disagreeing with stevebeans, but I remember him mentioning more than usual during this summer that the feeds were so boring he had to walk away.
    So here is our choice, viewers. I have let CBS know both on the phone(when I called to cancel live feeds after a week), and on line that they are losing their viewers over 40 because their cast no longer includes people over 35. I don’t know why, maybe new casting/ production people…whatever the reason, I miss a cast from ages 25-65. AND people who are fans and have actually watched the show consistently over a few years. A lot of the commenters here are over 40, and I have heard this complaint repeatedly.
    I know, stevebeans, that you are trying to put a good face on this season in preparation for the fall blog, but as a 50 year old female the entire season was, for the most part, stupid. We all know that they are casting more and more people who don’t even watch the show…just pretty dumb faces.
    I know I am not alone. This is my 4th year here, and a lot of the people(NKogNeeTow, Colby, Ann, Sandraftsm, etc my old friends) don’t seem to be as interested either. It’s the dumbing down of Big Brother…it’s getting worse every year and it’s sad, because it was always a show I looked so forward to watching every summer.
    Just watch pretty dumb animal abusing Corey win it all….ughhhh.

      • Jannie

        Thanks, Ann.
        I so appreciate everything stevebeans does on this blog so that we can all keep up with the show and every summer it has been such a treat to come back and reconnect with everyone. Thanks, steve, love your work and the community you have here. But this year the casting was just awful. And I’m afraid that is going to be the case in the future unless we speak out. Maybe some from CBS read this and will go back to the days when the cast was age diverse, knew the show, and had to work for luxuries like food, the hot tub and pool table.
        Maybe I’m just getting too old for this show… 🙁

    • Avatar

      Could not agree more Jannie!

    • Avatar

      I am (how do I say this) welllllllll over 40 and I too have been watching since almost the beginning. I started on season 2. I think this has been very entertaining. I guess it’s because I am constantly amazed at people – how they think they are all that and running the show when they really aren’t (Paulie, Frank, DaVonne), watching people’s insecurities (James, Z, Paul and Paulie), etc.

      I wish Big Brother would reinstate the rule that they are not allowed to tell people who is being evicted. It might seem mean, but I much prefer the blindsides, like on Survivor. It just makes for better TV and let’s face it, these people should know what they signed up for.

      But, all in all, I think it’s been a good summer. Some very sad situations, but if you weren’t watching the live feeds, I think it would come across as a good season.

      Although I hear you about putting older people in, it doesn’t really matter as they are always either voted out early or just used until they aren’t convenient to the people who are using them.

  6. Clangley

    It has definitely been a roller coaster ride this season. We never knew for sure who’d be leaving, who was going on the block and who the real targets were most of the time bc they flip flopped so many times in the house. If Vic makes it to final 2 and doesn’t win I’ll be shocked. That man has played a dang good game. He’s one of the best players ever on BB in my opinion. I’m anxious to see how it all plays out.

  7. Alda

    Did anyone see the post from a woman on one of the sites that said she has connections with someone who works for production or CBS and was told they have it worked out for Nicole,Corey and James in the final three?Of course people were cracking up that she doesn’t know anything.But,she said “mark my words on finale night That it’s true.”I seriously hope it’s not true.I wou;d never watch another season.

    • Renee

      Seems like lots of people want to say they have inside information just to get attention themselves. Just like Meech slipping in “I’m Dan Geeshling’s cousin-in-law” like that was so important. She had one good week of playing and the rest of the time she slept and ate. Dan would have been ashamed to have his name attached to her. No one wants to hear their shout-outs to their fans when the feeds are on. To me, that’s a major turn off. When any of them do, I turn it off and watch something else.

    • Avatar

      If it does come down to those 3, I will be totally done with BB until next summer because I don’t want to see any one of them win. I’ve already cut way way back on watching as it is.

    • Avatar

      I believe Nicole, Corey, and James will be the final three. It was disgusting to read Nicole’s comments last night about nicorey’s strategy to reel James in.
      Though Vic and Paul no longer like Natalie, they should have paid attention to Nicole’s desire to get Natalie out instead of James.
      Vic should have gone with his gut to get James out because once Natalie is voted out, James will believe that nicorey’ blindsided Vic.
      I had hoped Vic and Paul would be in the final two, but they are sealing their evictions by blindly following the desires of nicorey.
      At this point, I am so disappointed in these HGs that I no longer care who wins.

      • Avatar

        Yep, I totally agree. Vic is making the mistake of believing other people are as loyal as he is. This is one of many reasons he is not “one of the best”. He is only thinking 5 minutes ahead, he isn’t thinking the game all the way thru.

  8. Shivani33

    Nicole issued a warning shot to Corey and told him that she might need to cut him and keep James so that she can win the $500,000. He replied that he didn’t want to talk about it for now, and that they’d deal with it later.

    • Avatar

      It would be great if Corey cut Nicole first by sticking with Vic and Paul

      • Shivani33

        Well, Nicole did offend him when she said it. At first, he said that he’d never speak to her again if she does this. Then he amended it somewhat to being unnecessary to discuss for now. He didn’t like her verbalizing that to him. He might decide to use it against her. If he cuts her, most of the jury would warm up to him considerably for having made a strategic move at long last.

  9. Avatar

    This is the first year I turned off BBAD after a few weeks due to the boring, inane, self centered contestants. I really couldn’t stand to be with them and wanting to be close to the contestants is the real point of the whole show/live feeds.

    I’m going to place this year far down the list due to its boring cast.

    • Avatar

      I didn’t like Nicole the last season and I don’t like her this season. She tells people what to do and she just wants to use and abuse people. No wonder why she’s getting a bad rep this season. I think Paul and James should take the final two spots.

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