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Big Brother 18 – Veto Comp Results; Live Feed Updates

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Had a night off during the veto competition, so I don’t know exactly when the feeds returned, but they’re back, and we have the first veto winner of the Big Brother 18 season:


Mr Crazybeard Bigasstattoo won the veto and will most certainly take himself off, although he wasn’t the target of the week to begin with. It’s still safer than sorry, so I don’t blame him. There are rumors Frank won the competition that put Paul on the block to begin with, so he will likely have the power to do the re-nom this week. It sounds like he’s going to put a girl on the block – like Michelle – to hopefully secure Jozea’s exit.


So, it’s Friday night, time to settle in with some feed updates. Let’s see if there is any post-veto drama going on….

  • 8:40pm – Vanessa … errr, Tiffany is downstairs chatting with Michelle and James about various things.  On the other feed, Frank is upstairs in the HoH room trying to keep Paulie calm. He is telling him not to even bother packing this week.
    • Speaking of Paulie, he’s back on the couch with Zak. I guess he gave up on Bronte, which is smart because she showed absolutely 0 interest in him
      bigbrother18 2016-06-24 23-42-04
    • Most of the newbies are down in the bedroom feeling very confident about the week. Jozea thinks the group inside the bedroom run the house and they have the numbers.  Thursday night should be interesting.
    • Paul is insisting Sunday is going to be a live eviction. I thought he was a fan?
    • There is a little drama brewing tonight. There was a little house meeting with the noobs, and Jozea is really pushing how they own the house. Natalie and Bronte are in the room but just trying to stay out of any drama.
  • 9:30pm – Paulie is re-telling the story to Tiffany. I guess Jozea is telling everyone that if they go against the house, because the house has the majority, they’re going to be the target. Joz is going to push for Paulie’s exit.  Tiffany is confirming he is safe.
    • Paulie is talking about how Natalie is flirting her way through the house. Pretending she doesn’t know how to work out when she clearly does
    • Meanwhile, Frank is in the bathroom with Paul making him feel a bit more comfortable, or at least trying. He’s clearly just working him.  Frank is smooth
  • 10:00pm – Political talk with Michelle, Natalie and Jozea in one room with Frank, James and a few others chatting in the bedoom. The slight bit of tension in the house has faded for now
    • Zak said “point, blank, and period”.  I think that was about the 5th time I’ve heard someone say that in the last 24 hours
    • I can’t decide which conversation is more boring right now. The one with Tiff/Paulie/Jamies or the one with Victor, Britt, and Jak. The latter is having a conversation about social media and dating. Sounds like something you’d hear 40 year olds talking about. They’re bitching about how frustrating it is.
  • 10:30pm – Done with the Victor room and now we’re in the living room with Joz, Paul and Bronte. Bronte is doing some weird workout, and Paul has his ass in the air.
    • Day and Jak are in the bedroom chatting about various stuff. They said they wish the feeds were on for the first week so we could have seen the real Jozea. If it’s worse than the current Joz, it must be pretty damn annoying
  • 11:00pm – Need to get up early, have some stuff to do tomorrow afternoon, so I will be shutting this down as the feeds are a bit slow right now. Recap tomorrow!



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  1. Elaine

    Jozea has got to go! He has not stopped running his mouth about how “we” are running the house. And he has one target (supposedly). He is holding forum with James and Day in the room, blabbering about how BB works…hey dodo, four of the housemates are vets to the game. I always believe that the first person out should be the most annoying, playing-too-hard…..this week Jozea!! C’mon house vote!

    • Avatar

      Especially for someone who is already on the block. Like keep it cool, lay low, talk about how Paulie would be better at comps. Don’t go being a pushy, loud mouth, bossy pants! I really hope to see him gone! I don’t want to listen to him all summer!

    • Avatar

      Seriously! There are not many of these people who have ever watched BB! Vets have had to explain how veto works, how live eviction goes, who some of the most well known and memorable players are, basically, the whole game, some didn’t even know Frankie and Arianna are siblings! Seriously production, you could at least cast people who have heard of the game!

    • Avatar

      I think if they are going to cast people who don’t know the show they should make them watch a “best of” special that explains the rules, terminology, and maybe even a bit of strategy, using examples from previous seasons. The show is way more entertaining with people trying to play, instead of worrying about their image or trying to get famous.

    • Jenny M

      Sure wish bossy pants would put ON some pants.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Poor Josiah, he doesn’t realize that the only thing he runs in the house is his mouth. He brings to mind that old saying “It’s better to be thought a fool, then speak and leave no doubt”.

  2. Avatar

    Hi can you help me out why are some people wearing dog suits and others wearing nothing but a card board covering up the male and female parts

  3. Avatar

    Why is every other word out of Paul’s mouth the “f” word.

  4. Alda

    I have never seen such a group of foul mouth houseguests.They talk and act like they are fresh off the streets.Have they ever warched BB?I hope I can make it through this season without puking.This is not what I waited a year for,that’s for sure!

  5. Avatar

    Seriously.. Paul wins POV. Curse him! He is annoying af.. I hate that long beard of his. Victor should be the replacement nominee!!

  6. Avatar

    I hate to break it to you but Jozea has to go home tonight! Victor will be the replacement nominee. He is a womanizer

    • NKogNeeTow

      I was ready for him to go when he spit that wine into Paulie’s mouth last night…and I wasn’t to fond of Paulie for choosing it either. I would have preferred him choosing the lap dance. At least that would have been funny. That bird feeding thing was just NASTY!

  7. Avatar

    Cursing is nasty no matter what year it is. It is used to get more attention. They need to get over themselves.

  8. Jenny M

    “Bronte is doing some weird workout, and Paul has his ass in the air.”
    That is one spectacular sentence.

  9. Boo

    I’m glad that the old fat guy left first. Who wants to watch that all summer? Puke. No thanks.

    Boo Bitches.

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