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Big Brother 18- Veto Results

Stategizing for the veto comp

Hello again! I’m back and veto has not been played yet so we’re in the clear! I will be around to keep you informed! Players have been picked for the veto and they are:


Bridgette, Tiffany, Paul, Bronte, Paulie, and Natalie

They are speculating that it will be the giant dice combination where they are inside the dice and they have to roll it around and come up with a certain number when they get back to the start.

  • 4:15pm- Feeds are down! Time for the veto competition!
  • 6:30pm- Feeds still down
  • 6:40pm- Feeds are back. The veto players are covered in paint and glitter so I don’t think this was the dice competition.
    • Bridgette won the power of veto.
    • It sounds like she also won food from Outback Steakhouse for her team.
    • Apparently Bridgette got hurt during the comp but it sounds like she’s fine.
    • Turns out she ended up needing to get her ankle wrapped and now has crutches.Untitled

Check back for updates.


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  1. Avatar

    When will they be done with this team & roadkill crap? Its time to start playing Big Brother the regular way so that each person has to fight for their own safety & not an entire team. This throwing comps bit is for the birds.

    • nkogneetow

      Bronchitis mentioned in the HOH Room last night, that the team thing should be over in 2 weeks. Maybe they are waiting until the house gets down to a certain number.

      • Avatar

        If Frank is still there at that time they are going to have hell getting him out because he’ll make it close to the end if not all the way by winning comps like he did in season 14.

  2. Avatar

    I just Hope that Finally this Season the Girls do the right thing & stick together& get the Boys out!!! They already out number them peskie Boys★★★Those Boys who Totally think that they can pull the Girl’s strings all the way to the Finals, NOT!!! They just Need to keep Voting out Boys & they will themselves Go All the Way to the Finals!!!★★★+I Sooo Hope Paul goes this week, Frank goes next week so & so on leaving James as the last Boy standing of course★★★ That’s My Dream Team All Girls running the Show with All the Boys gone & then the Girls start the real comps to the end with a Girl Big Brother Second Place $50,000 Winner + a $500,000 Girl Winner too!!!♥♥♥
    Angel Luscious♡

    • Avatar

      That would be nice but we have a bunch of lunckyhead women in the house who cant seem to think for themselves. With the exception of Da, they cant seem to make a decision without the ok from a man. The
      women claim to have these all girl alliances but as soon as they get through with a meeting some of them scatter like roaches running to tell one of the men. I wouldn’t mind women winning all 3 prizes at the end but Im not so sure its got a snowballs chance in hell of it happening.

  3. Avatar

    I would love to see an All Star cast with women like Janelle, Bridgett, Rachel, Danielle (sp) and any other strong women players against Dan, Derrick, Ian, Will, Boogie etc. In other words all the best players all at one time against each other. Imagine the strategies, plots etc. With all of them being formidable opponents I think it would be fascinating to watch. I guess I’m just tired of these immature dunderheads who can’t strategize their way out of a paper bag. I know they’ve done All Stars before but they’ve only had one or two good players return…I’m talking all the best ones at once. Oh to dream 🙂

  4. Jannie

    Great. Might as well,say that Frank won the POV,
    Will Gidget take Bronchitis down? Or will Frank/Paulie convince her to keep norms the same.

    • nkogneetow

      Last night Frank was in the HOH telling The Bobbleheads that if any of them win, they should leave the noms the same (he wants to make sure V2 goes). When he left, Gidget and Natural Nat told Bronchitis that if either of them win, they will take her down. If that happens, the POV ceremony should be interesting because Frank the Snake won’t have time to tell her who to put up in Bronc’s place. Not to mention he’ll be pissed because she did it without consulting him.

  5. Avatar

    I think Fran gets to replace Bronte …roadkill winner …right?

    • nkogneetow

      Yes, I think that he picks the replacement RK nom, but I can’t remember whether the HOH can take her down or not. I think she can, but not sure.

      • Avatar

        Veto winner should be able to take any one down.

      • Jannie

        Pretty sure that Bridgitte can take anyone down, but she can only name the replacement for Paul or Van2.0. The RK winner names the replacement for Bronchitis. Even though I am no fan of Bronchitis, would love to see Bridgitte go against Frank.

      • Avatar

        Veto winner can take any one of the 3 noms down but if she takes down the roadkill winner’s nom the roadkill winner has to put up a renom.
        Im feeling a little sorry for Tif.

  6. Jannie

    Read on Jokers that Zaki is calling the spy girls “THOTS”(That Ho Over There). Seriously? Sounds like she’s a jealous girl. She wants Natural Nat gone asap. Could it be that she is afraid that her boy Paulie might be interested? Maybe Zaki needs to go…i don’t see Natalie acting like a ho in any way at all.

  7. danmtruth

    I believe that the RK names both nom at the same time in the DR just in case the original gets pulled So thats a few days back . We all know how things change from day to day. So whet was Frank the snakes head two days ago when he made the noms

  8. danmtruth

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  9. Elaine

    With Tiff’s paranoid q-tip strategizing in the bathroom, I flashbacked to Van and her Skittles. So if Bronte comes down, won’t Frank put up Nat? Guess the plan is still to get Tiff out, so it won’t matter.

  10. Jannie

    I think James and Day know that Frank won the RK. And have even discussed telling Bridgitte.
    Do it, do it, do it!

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