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Big Brother 19 Confirmed For The Fall!



It has been rumored for about a week now, but The Hollywood Reporter confirmed it to be true today. Big Brother 19 is happening much sooner than we expected, and that will be just a few weeks after Big Brother 18 ends!

The big change is that it won’t air on CBS at all. No live show, no nomination episode, etc. It will take place entirely online where the live feeds already are going on. That means you’ll have to sign up to All Access (which really is a great deal considering how cheap it is), or stick around here for spoilers and results!  … and you guys thought you were going to get rid of me for the winter, hah! You’re stuck with me now.

Another positive from this? It doesn’t appear that the regular casting director is filling out the cast. I believe she will be busy handling Big Brother Canada, so that means there is a slight chance we actually may see some sort of change from the typical two step process:


a) Is this person a veteran of the show?
b) Is this person an aspiring actor or model?
(If no to either, discard application)

If you want to try out for Big Brother 19, they’re casting right now, so click on this link and good luck!

I will talk more about BB19 as I learn more information, but I don’t even know what to think about it right now.  What do you guys think about the news?

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Edit: I just realized I may have to hook up my Xbox to my computer as I haven’t been able to play since BB18 started. Or I have a reason to get a second one 🙂   Also, I’ve never blogged during school, so that should be fun.


Also, as far as those in Canada go. It does suck that you can’t access the feeds, so I’ll keep that in mind and try to be more descriptive in the posts.  I post highlights generally assuming people can turn on the feeds if they want to see.


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  1. Avatar

    That sucks we will not be able to see it on CBS I don’t think I will be able to watch on CBS All Access I will just watch spoilers and news on this website so I hope it’s good but sad it’s not on CBS

  2. Michele Ryan
    Michele Ryan (243 comments)

    I’m not going to do the CBS All Access. I’ll just work with you here Steve Beans 😉

  3. Avatar
    Paulette (1 comments)

    This sucks! Living in Canada, we can’t even have access to the CBS site. This will make them lose a ton of fans/viewers.

    • Avatar
      JennaPara (1 comments)

      agreed, I moved to Canada 7 years ago, and Until last couple years wasnt a issue. Corporate Greed is fantastic isnt it? Im greatful for these guys taking time out of their lives for this though.

    • Elaine
      Elaine (2564 comments)

      Since this new season is airing in the fall, which is “off season” they may be trying something different as a filler. Seems like the traditional CBS summer time of BB will continue and that would be season 20, as someone pointed out.

  4. Elaine
    Elaine (2564 comments)

    I am not sure I will have decompressed enough from BB18 lol. I will hang onto my feeds subscription and see what people go in the house. That will determine if I watch or not.

  5. Avatar
    Nicole (2 comments)

    This is sad. We live out in the country with junk internet service! It isn’t about money or anything, we literally do not have the option to have better service. Kind of disappointing when we are such big fans of the show!

  6. Avatar

    Woohoo!! Love it! I love BB and I will take it anyway I can get it!

  7. danmtruth

    Gives them a chance to liven things up The first season should be a bit bumpy Trying to work out the kinks of a new foremat Lets give it a chance . But let me be the first to say These HG are the worst !

  8. Amberchelly

    I’m excited for an additional season. However more curious about BB20. Since it will be the 20th season I wonder if they will ONLY do all stars or something in that arena. Hope not bc I will be trying to get on for next summer. You guys I have always expected feeds to be expensive but was relieved to see its only $7 a month. (Essentially Netflix or Hulu) I don’t think I can ever not have them now.

    • AIO_7

      For me it’s not the money; I just don’t have the time. Plus, I don’t like buy things on-line. They always seem to want to weasel too much information out of you.

      • Jannie

        Totally agree…I’m out for bb19.
        I may check in here to see how it’s going(and because I like you guys), but no live Feds for me.

  9. Avatar
    Cyn (782 comments)

    So will it be this way for all future seasons to come??

  10. VMSLAZ
    VMSLAZ (48 comments)

    Only 36% of 400 votes are excited for BB19… that is pretty damming considering the poll is on a BB fan/news website. I for one think its great, I am interested to see how they handle the episodes and I love how I wont have to deal with watching feeds only to tune into the main shows and watch how production edits the hell out of everything to fit their narrative.

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  12. Avatar
    teresa (1 comments)

    I was till I found out it was online only. I just hope they don’t change to online only for all big brothers ?

  13. Avatar

    What’s going on? I don’t know what everybody is talking about. Are they stopping the feeds or something?

  14. Avatar

    Oooh, I see now. BB 19 on Access only. I guess I’ll be watching online.

  15. Avatar
    JeNelle Dellinger (2 comments)

    I want to change my vote to not excited. The more I think about it the more bummed I get.
    I’m excited that there will be a BB19 and that its in the Fall. However- this will be the first one ever that I can’t watch. And that’s just annoying. Why can’t they at least put it on a pay channel or something???

  16. Avatar

    Has Da been campaigning, is there at least the tinyest bit of hope for her?

    • Avatar

      I hope they boot her ass on out of there! She (Day) has been a defective part of this season. Her malfunctioning ways when she appointed herself to control the voting strategy in laughable. I found her lies fraudulent to the wrong people. Now it’s backfiring on her. She needs to go home and watch Paulie’s strategy.

      • Avatar
        Cyn (782 comments)

        Nicole needs to go and not because I want her to leave personally but because she is a snake. She cowardly throws people names under the bus repeatedly and then acts terrified if she thinks it’ll get back to them. Da was playing the game for herself because that is what she signed up for. She sees how transparent some of these people are with their BS! Her only downfall is trusting Paulie is threatened by her because she’s not blinded by the foolery that goes on in the house. #teamDa I hope she has the round trip ticket and come back to shake the house up!

    • Avatar
      Cyn (782 comments)

      She’s been quiet mostly. They’re going to blindly send her packing. Won’t even keep it real with her and I think that’s foul. Bunch of followers in the house under Paulie’s regime. They may as well quit now and give him the check!!

      • Avatar

        Go Nicole!! You are watching a completely different show than I am!! I can’t think of a single person that day has not thrown under the bus!! Nicole stays pretty loyal to her real alliances until they give her reason not to. She say days game in first week!!!day made alliance with Nicole and was throwing her name under the bus at the same time. Much worse than frank ever was.,it’s just funny how we all watch the same thing but perceive things so differently. Lol

      • Avatar

        Paulie is playing the game well! Some may call it his regime other’s may call it strategy. He’s playing in the general scheme of things. He refers to what other players tell him and then he put’s it all together with organization and then precise execution. With a big bang (the vote is), and a hug good-bye all while he’s thinking… Don’t tell the door hit you in the ass! One more down.

  17. Avatar
    Cyn (782 comments)

    Trudy, we are definitely watching a different show! And you’re misinformed about who is actually playing dirty. I’ve seen your posts and you’re always taking jabs at Da! Because Nicole (snake eyes) is not loyal and is a slithering worm in disguise. She did it her original season and now this one. Even James is taking notice! Now Snake eyes is moving her way over to Natalie, throwing her name under bus! Nicole is a coward and has no loyalty with the exception of Corey. If you’re just watching the editing version on TV, well then I can understand why you’re misinformed. #TeamDa come through with that round trip ticket and shake the house up and get that grimy “snake eyes” out!

    • Avatar

      You have your opinion and I have mine. I don’t have bbad this year cause cable company is new and not carrying pop. And I never watch live feeds but I keep up and read all of jokers and others so I pretty much catch everything going on. But you don’t have right to tell me I am misinformed just because I don’t agree with you!! I do take jabs at day because I think of her the way you think of Nicole–she’s had alliance with everyone and thrown EVERYONE in the house utb. And Nicole was many people’s favorite her season and was very loyal. And only reason James has doubt about her now is because of day!! Day went after Nicole AND THEN Nicole hit back. This is forum where all can give their opinion and I respect everyone’s opinion and expect mine to be respected also. There would be no forums if we all thought alike. It’s obvious you hate Nicole but there are many who don’t feel like you do. Obviously she’s playing a better game than day cause she’s going to be there longer!! Day as usual, goes after everyone and makes deals with everyone and then stabs them in the back and she got caught again this year with it. If she lucks up and comes back she will go right back out unless she wins something which is not likely. Even if she did come back and win and put Nicole up she would not go home because ppl in house mostly like her unless she was put up against one of top men dogs. Put day and Nicole on block together and who do you think goes home??

      • Avatar
        Cyn (782 comments)

        Nicole is most definitely not playing a better game. She is just a better liar maybe. She hasn’t won anything and is only known for throwing others under the bus to protect herself. If you feel disrespected, that is your problem. Pass by my post or you can not reply. Simple! As far as hate, I don’t hate anyone. Nicole is not a good player this season nor was she in bb16. And there are PLENTY people, I’ve read on this forum who would agree with me. #teamDa come through with that round trip ticket!!!

  18. Avatar
    Cyn (782 comments)

    Nicole is most definitely not playing a better game. She is just a better liar maybe. She hasn’t won anything and is only known for throwing others under the bus to protect herself. If you feel disrespected, that is your problem. Pass by my post or you can not reply. Simple! As far as hate, I don’t hate anyone. Nicole is not a good player this season nor was she in bb16. And there are PLENTY people, I’ve read on this forum who would agree with me. #teamDa come through with that round trip ticket!!!

    • Avatar

      So if people disagree with you then they are wrong. Lol. You are taking this game personally. I didn’t say anything about being disrespected. I just said I respect everyones opinion whether I agree with them or not and expect them to treat me the same way. If they are like you and don’t- that’s no skin off my back. It’s just how I try and lead my life. I still respect your opinion even if you don’t respect mine and will continue to voice it when I want. “Opinions are like a-holes—everyone has one and they all stink!!”

      • Avatar
        Cyn (782 comments)

        Im not taking anything personal. We have differences of opinion with how the show is interpreted. I only mentioned the edited version of the show and being misinformed because a lot details are left out when it is aired live. I’m not attacking you. So please don’t feel like I am. Thanks!

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